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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_death_star_escape_v4_5 - Classic Map

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CS:GO ZOMBIE ESCAPE CLASSIC DEATH STAR ESCAPE PLAYED BY SILAS ON THE EU ZEUS SERVER 25TH MARCH 2014 AT 22:10 GMT. If you would like to enable the flashlight in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you must open the console and type bind "key" "impulse 100" If you would like to mute the gunfire sound type !stopsound and if you would like to mute the map music type !stopmusic on the EU Zeus server. [PLAYLISTS AVAILABLE] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Mod/Escape http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTHrLlIhgeg5oGXFGZv_lAhrdTkN91ssE&feature=view_all Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Escape http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTHrLlIhgeg7BTcYPOylVXGGvlkNTvIf9&feature=view_all Check my channel for other ze map playlists. [GAME, MOD AND SERVER DETAILS] Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mod: Zombie Escape Map: ze_death_star_escape_v4_5 Map Size: 122MB Map Creator: FreeZe1337 Map Download: N/A Type: ze Classic Mode or Difficulty: None Host: [ZEUS] Server Name: *EU* [ZEUS] Zombie Europe Server | ZOMBIE ESCAPE | FAST DL Server Location: Europe Server IP: Slots: 45 slot Zombie Escape Server Slots Used while recording: 43 players Application: Steam In-game Status: Valve Secured Microphone Chat: Enabled I do not take any credit for the game, the music or the map that is being recorded. This game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is owned by Valve. Valve have full rights to the game. Some of the content is customly made by the community. I cannot control what is being said and what the mappers include. I do not own any in-game features, sounds, skins etc. The map ze_death_star_escape was created by FreeZe for the mod Zombie Escape and was first released on the game Counter-Strike: Source and then later ported over to the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I do not play this game illegally as a free downloaded version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. My copy was bought fresh at the Steam Store back in August 2012. The game was activated through Steam and downloaded through my Steam library. This gave me access to all the multiplayer servers available. I do not condone piracy downloading on video games especially ones as good as Counter-Strike so please do not ask me where can I download the game. The game is available to purchase on the Steam Store and requires a Steam Account and an internet connection to play online on the secure servers. [SITE DETAILS] Website: http://www.zeuszombie.com/ Steam Community Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zombie_escape_eu [OTHER INFORMATION] Resolution: 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen Video Quality: 1080P HD FPS: 30 FPS Video Advanced Ingame: Max graphics Broadband Speed: 120MB Download 10MB Upload Day: UK Tuesday Date Recorded: 25th March 2014 Time Recorded: 22:10 GMT [STEAM/YOUTUBE CONTACT DETAILS] Steam Account Name: The_Destroyer_revenge431 Steam Name: Silas Steam Community: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ApplaudTheGreat/ Played By: S.O.A.D/Castiel/Silas In-Game Names. Youtube ID: SoadY1991 Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoadY1991?feature=mhee [SOFTWARE USED] Recording Software Used: Fraps Rendered Software Used: Windows Movie Maker and Handbrake [HOW TO JOIN IN] To play Zombie Escape all you need to do is load Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, click on the internet servers tab, once that has finished click on maps, go down to ze/zm and click on the server you would like to play. You do not need to download the ze/zm mod separately. The server downloads what you need as you join. [POPULATED GLOBAL OFFENSIVE ZOMBIE ESCAPE SERVERS] cZe - Zombie Escape - France (Europe) - ZEUZ -- Zombie Escape -- Europe - sG - Zombie Escape - United States of America - SCA - Zombie Escape/ Zombie Mod - United States of America - HK - Zombie Escape - Asia - [Amok] - Zombie Escape - Asia - [PC Specifications] Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit CPU: Intel Core Ivy Bridge 3770 @ 3.40 GHz RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 667 MHz Corsair 2 x 8 GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Z77X -UP4 Monitor: Syncmaster 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Samsung Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 290 4.0GB Memory HDD 1: 932 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD 2: 932 GB Western Digital HDD 3: 932 GB Western Digital SSD: 250GB Samsung Evo Power Supply: XFX 850 W Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013 Mouse Mat: Razer Goliathus Control Keyboard: Advent [Random] ze_death ze_deathstar ze_death_star ze_death_star_escape ze_death_star_escape_v4_5 Zombies
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Text Comments (12)
TheNinjaKido (4 years ago)
SoadY1991 I have 1 question: Why you love using PP-Bizon Gun?
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
64 bullets, fast reload and fast to walk with. I'm not keen on the P90 on CSGO due to it's bulkiness, the alternative option is the Bizon. I try to use more than one weapon when I can. Negev/M249's for stationery use are way overpowered. 
NiGHtX SlASher (4 years ago)
I never find zombie servers in cs go why us that I type ze zr zm and nothing
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
Hi, check the description, I always include some IP's to some of the populated ze servers. All you need to do is add the IP to favourites in-game or open the console and type connect and the IP. You can also check gametracker for the active ze servers.
tdoytchev (4 years ago)
I finished this map only once. D:
MircaleBoy6 (4 years ago)
BTW great vid :)
MircaleBoy6 (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how to fix a counter strike go error where it won't open?
koeskss (4 years ago)
Too much Ivory in there D:
cian brady (4 years ago)
I hoppe on CSS yesterday and it was timesplitters with 9 people and the jumps b4 the room with boss it took my idiotic team 5 rounds to realise that the zombies get teleported
Torozor (4 years ago)
Angry silas nothing new o.O The sound of pleasuring 4:39
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
I was drinking Red Bull before-hand therefore I was hyperactive, excuse my shouting :). I think my team mate Ivory had a little something too.
Spanky (4 years ago)
like your playing man :)

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