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Mojo Reacts - Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

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Text Comments (853)
WatchMojo.com (5 months ago)
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kevin davis (4 months ago)
What a dufus review. Just stop talking
Erik Whittla (5 months ago)
Erik Whittla (5 months ago)
the heck are you guys talking about? They're not plotting to kill Rick and Michonne. The were plotting to kill Negan. How on earth do you get them plotting to kill Rick?
stringTheory80 (5 months ago)
Dixon Polixni couldn't have said it better myself
stringTheory80 (5 months ago)
WatchMojo.com these dudes are obviously haters Walking Dead is still the shit
liquidnick (15 days ago)
glad to see some honest opinions. TWD used to be a great show, now it’s just there to make money. horrible writing and boring characters make for an unwatchable mess. i literally don’t know who watches it anymore. You need to be at least partially lobotomized to genuinely enjoy it.
Diamonds Fan FTW (17 days ago)
I want spinoffs and guest stars like law and order
The finale was really the moment they confirmed that Carl had been bitten when he was on the ground
Mandy (4 months ago)
The glue and heart of the show is the group's family bond so this whole over throwing rick thing will kill the show forever unfortunately:(
Kasey (4 months ago)
Agreed that season 9 should be the last!
Gj Martel (4 months ago)
7:54 100% agree
arnig (4 months ago)
Eugene should died
KillerFrank (4 months ago)
I agree, this whole season was lacking that special magic the last season had. I mean, for crying out loud, the first few episodes were so choppy and so poorly edited that half the time I didn't know even know what the characters were supposed to be doing. This was supposed to be the season where a big war happened, and yet I felt hardly any suspense like I did the previous season. Let's hope season 9 is better.
g velfarms (4 months ago)
Wow. Are you all the same people who ran the polls before the 2016 election?
Arpit Sahu (4 months ago)
They are going to kill negan not Rick
Ryan Cochran (4 months ago)
3 guys that clearly don’t like or understand THE best show on cable reviewing one of the bests seasons...yeah I’m not going to waste my time with this trash
Tamil Palami (4 months ago)
I Love this show still because it has many great episode since season 6 . Its really difficult to see that this show struggles in season 7 and 8 . This is because of killing of main characters such as Glenn and Carl . But truly this season 8 finale is really awesome because they had already shown rick sitting under the tree with injury in episode 9 and they just mixed all in finale . They just kept a really great twist that Eugene is really a hero. But when they show Maggie ,Daryl ,Jesus, as bad guys it some what messed up. But this finale was really awesome for me. I am going to continue watching because I think they are really improving. I just think that they will just improve everything in season 9 . Up to now this is my beat show ever. Do any one agree with me.
Tamil Palami (4 months ago)
Any one read my comment pls reply and say about your views.
Samuel Nicholson (4 months ago)
I don't get the hate on the finale the only legit complaint is that their maybe should have been a bigger battle. Just because Jesus didn't wan't to kill innocent workers it doesn't mean he's opposed to killing Negan. It would have jut being recycling the same story all over again if they did kill Negan (as someone else stated) this gives us something new and I am telling you that his next arc is amazing and I can't wait to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan act it out. Also I don't have a problem with Morgans back and forth mental state because it reflects real life you people just wanted him to instantly get out of it but drug addicts and alcoholics caan get better then relapse it's the same thing.
Manuel Olvera (4 months ago)
Who doesn’t like Morgan?
Ava Gentry (4 months ago)
@WatchMojo.....you people are idiots.
Stone S (4 months ago)
This show is dead.
I gotta say, it doesn't make much sense Jesus is in that meeting, but I believe it was made to sound more ominous than it really is. Truth is they're probably just going to try to kill Negan. Simple as that. That could create interesting tension between Rick and Maggie (who have become leaders 1a and 1b). I think inner tension is definitely an interesting plot, even if it does not completely make sense charcater wise (they were going this way the whole time with Maggie though. Even though honestly Daryl makes no sense now). I actually like the last third of the season, which is something that has not happened since late season 6. TWD has suffered from having not perspective cure or Nirvana, or it just being successive Red Herrings. They need some kind of goal. The chopper in the finale could provide that. They definitely have to refocus on Carol and Daryl, I'm more attached to that savior prisoner guy who made amends by now then to theses guys.
Oblivion (4 months ago)
That's the thing about shit shows, it's fun making fun of them. The issue is though, that apparently either you can't talk about it because "why you're even watching", or you can't talk because you stopped watching it for being shit. And youtubers can't even be honest about it because they have a stupid public to catter to. Kind of tough.
Golgotha_Mythos69 (5 months ago)
Whisperers are coming. It's stupid to think Maggie was plotting to *kill* anyone there. She's going to "unchain" Negan so that "Rick will see", that's it. Agreed, the writing has gotten horrendous. Not gonna stop watching though.
David Black (5 months ago)
It makes sense. Negan tortured Daryl, and a brotherly bond might not be enough to hold him back. Maggie only had a mutual respect for Rick, so thats not enough to hold her back, not to mention we have seen her turn a new leaf in the book of moderately mentaly unwell since Glenn died... The only one in the room that doesnt make sense is Jesus...
jakixs (5 months ago)
Each season since 4 got worse and worse. But 8 takes the cake. Way to much mouthing, and doing stupid shit that makes no sense at all. 2 years of a build up to be over in less than 10 minutes. This season could of been over at episode 10-12. Dont even remember most of em really and thats whats scary. Its becoming forgettable
SLAV (5 months ago)
Offcourse we're still in after 8 seasons cant stop now
Dr. WhoLeo (5 months ago)
Oh come on you'll be back for season 9 and review it just to make some cash by hating on it. If you guys hate the walking dead don't bother reviewing it. That simple -.-
Dan Hughes (5 months ago)
Let’s see if that guy in the fedoras doing this show in October
Just Nikki Simply human (5 months ago)
Morgan is a bad character, you're fuckin dumb as fuck
Just Nikki Simply human (5 months ago)
Rick Grimes 2020
Just Nikki Simply human (5 months ago)
People are so fickle, jump off the wtd to fear. Just enjoy both and stop following the herd of haters
Tyler Langley (5 months ago)
What do y’all expect from a TV show that has 8 days for each episode? New set design every 6 episodes? Battle of the Bastards had more of a budget than TWDs entire season. Can you who don’t enjoy it for what it is, just stop watching it. The worst part of TWD is all the YouTube hipsters claiming they hated TWD before it was cool to. If you want the show to stop, then stop watching it. You’re what’s wrong with America: “Because I don’t enjoy something, I’m gonna ruminate over it and say it shouldn’t be available to anyone.” What a surprise, someone with a fedora has opinions that just reflect the opinions of the people around him.
Tomo Zvornik (5 months ago)
best final ending for me wood be that Negan kill all of them
Rman Nayr (5 months ago)
The Finale was Good! And Season 8 was better than Season 7!
Tarik Lemghari (5 months ago)
You guys are idiots..i had to say it sorry
marky8887 (5 months ago)
The finale was terrible.. Walking dead is going down hill.
JoniR360 (5 months ago)
Can anyone say what would have happened if Negan was played by another actor but Jeffrey Dean Morgan? IMHO, JDM was brilliant as Negan, but writers and showrunner were too mediocre for the task
Myth gaming (5 months ago)
Nicholas Snyder (5 months ago)
Fear of TWD is AT LEAST on par with TWD especially since TWD been spreading it thin, I can't believe the host of WatchMojo just said it was terrible yet season 4 is here and no end in sight. People who bash Fear simply aren't zombie fans...
Blake Goodson (5 months ago)
Should had killed off Negan I'm tired of the character and I know from writing 101 there gonna try to redeem him which sucks idc what's happens in the comics Carl dying just to keep that guy alive such a dum decision I hoping the rating drop even more LOL.
Bunbun doe (5 months ago)
Fear has gotten a lot better. I stopped watching for a while and recently picked it back up. But the thing about TV shows is, you're either a fan or your not. You can't be a "fair weather fan" where you're like, "oh it's good right now so I'll watch it. Oh it didn't go in the direction I wanted to so it's stupid now." That's kinda bullcrap. And Maggie isn't talking about killing Rick. Just Negan. Which I understand. Jesus follows her because she's a better leader than Gregory, which is explanation enough as to why he's there. It's still a good show. Don't give up on it.
Mark Thompson (5 months ago)
Walking dead is soooooo bad. Braindead morons keep watching this shit too....wtf is wrong with you people ffs.
Barrythe Speedster (5 months ago)
Jesus is a ninja i was raging when he didn't disarm negan
Kyle Sanford (5 months ago)
I would have been more satisfied if Negan actually shot Gabriel in the head, when he had the gun to his head! And also if Daryl would have become friends with Dwight after he tried to save them from the Saviors. And possibly kill off Eugene or Tara in the process.
Nadia N (5 months ago)
I loved the season finale!! Fucking loved it, though, hate how they went through all that shit of wars, fights, blood, death, and threatening to kill the villain, yet, he ends up saving his life. Like, wtf, rick!!!! Wtf?!?!?! Don’t care if it’s for Carl! You’re in the real world, no time to make peace when there’s gonna be other people wanting to kill others! Come onnnnn
wes d (5 months ago)
I was a superfan since season 1 ep.1. They lost me at season 4.5. Ive been trudging through this mess of a show since then and that was so long ago. "Disgusting character development"is being generous.
Heart92a (5 months ago)
One of the stupidest things in this show is how Negan gets emotional whenever CORAL is mentioned...
maceomaceo11 (5 months ago)
Maggie, Jesus and Daryl weren't talking about Rick. They were talking about Negan.
Chatzoglakis (5 months ago)
How the fuck every season the same people have the same problems with the show, but still watching? Take a break and stop crying about it on social media etc. Plus you made many mistakes throughout the talk. If you remember daryl and rick argued about the dynamites, and seems daryl didn't forgive rick about that. Plus FTWD is fucking gorgeous. You complain about TWD having so many characters, when FTWD have countables. Get your shit together mojo.
Y'all have no idea what you are talking about Maggie isn't trying to kill Rick and michone it's more like showing Rick and michone it can work with negans death instead of keeping him alive
grip longhaggen (5 months ago)
Its basically the non funny znation at this point and instead of having a person of caliber as frank darabont make and develop this show with quality instead now kirkman is the producer and (tom savini jr ) as the other they shouldve just done it from the start instead of building a good solid show then breaking it down over this time as ftwd i enjoyed how it described the down fall of civilization and was kinda hoping they would hover around that awhile but no it went from (dead people getting up to military comes in to help to boom madmax time era over night
Mari (5 months ago)
All of the constant moral flip flopping some of these characters go through on TWD is getting old and annoying. It's like at first, they don't want to hurt people, then they want to, then they don't, and then they do and start losing their minds because of it. Just stop with that already!
Jason Plays (5 months ago)
Wonder if they even read the comics
Michael Briganti (5 months ago)
they should have ended the series after that last episode. every character had closure. i feel the story wrapped up nicely even though it was dragging on this last season. I think this is the best ending they are going to get at this point because the show progressing means the shows death. Like carl is gone, his legacy lives on and we as the audience can see how the rest of their lives will live out. we dont need to see anymore.
Gary A (5 months ago)
Never heard so much crap from mojo. This season has totally reinvigorated twd, and ftwd is also improving by the season. Seems it’s in twd’s make up to never satisfy all the people any of the time
TheAnimeloverist (5 months ago)
I'd have to watch FTWD from the third season, or I'm going to be completely lost. TWD is starting to become boring and mundane to me, I may or may not eventually stop watching the show.
Fernando Angeles Soto (5 months ago)
They forgot the helicopter.
tulipchic34 (5 months ago)
I think we just need to forget last season. A horrible mess
Petar Matovina (5 months ago)
Jesus was in the lineup when Negan came to Hiltop didn't he? Negan killed a kid in that lineup that's why he want's him dead. Correct me if I'm wrong!
Korelon (5 months ago)
This episode talked as much about TWD as TWD itself. Basically, nothing.
Aaron Warren (5 months ago)
Just some advice. If you want to make respectable review of a tv show. Make sure you choose people who actually like the show and don't shit on it the whole time. It's the trendy thing to shit on this show. Kind of like Rick and Morty
Aaron Warren (5 months ago)
FTWD season 3 was good and season 4 premier was better than all of season 8 of TWD
Lukiesmyther1 (5 months ago)
I like the show I don't agree with these guys at all
Lukiesmyther1 (5 months ago)
And Maggie doesn't become a bad guy she just wants negan dead
Lukiesmyther1 (5 months ago)
They want it to be not like the comics at all
Jamie Brown (5 months ago)
There won’t be a “civil war”. 🤦🏼‍♀️ They would never have Rick and Darryl trying to actually kill each other or turn either into a “villain”. Same with Maggie & Jesus. Maggie just wants them to prove to Rick (and Michonne) that the decision to keep Negan alive was the wrong choice. It’s Negan they all want dead...and I’m not even sure Jesus is certain of that, he’s just always going to follow Maggie’s lead over Rick’s... Keep in mind, NONE of those characters know WHY he did what he did. Rick, Michonne, & Negan are the only ones who were able to read the letters from Carl & they are the only reason that Negan is still alive at all... 🤷‍♀️
dawson valgardson (5 months ago)
I'll give it another shot
Pizza Boy (5 months ago)
Haven't watched an episode of season 8 yet, but someone please tell me they kill this mf at the end that's all I wanna know
Atsard- Dali (5 months ago)
I’m out..
King Mandela (5 months ago)
Lol, everybody talks about how bad the show is but when that season finale hit they in love
Tucker Paddock (5 months ago)
No emotional impact... idk about y’all but the Maggie scene was sad af
Bigwheel (5 months ago)
I really only continue to watch it anymore is because I've dedicated so much time up to this point lol Furthermore, I am surprised it hasn't turned into another lost type series. But it kind of feels the same as Lost became to be.
therealrickytan (5 months ago)
Lol. They talk about the show like people who look at their phones during the show and only look up when something loud happens. Smh. Didn’t connect Rick sparing Negan with Carl at all.
Macadu (5 months ago)
RIck Sanchez (5 months ago)
Rosita was over Abe , she even tried to take Megan out herself last season so by now she knows her place.
Roman N. Martinez (5 months ago)
These opinions are garbage lol but whatever. Opinions are opinions. 🤷‍♂️
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
You said, “ I’ll give it one more shot” once again,,, your not worthy of this show, please stop watching
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
4) “I gave it a chance, but I’m gone, I’m out” honestly, what did you expect???
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
2) Maggie,Daryl and Jesus are NOT planning to “murder” rick and michonne, they think that they were wrong for saving negan and are planning to kill negan,
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
1)fear isn’t terrible, far from it actualy
Ellis Price (5 months ago)
Please, stop making any videos on the walking dead, you people are not worthy of this masterpiece, you have no right to discuss twd or ftwd, if you don’t like the shows then don’t watch it,
Martin Francis (5 months ago)
Second comment: I thought the finale was decent overall. I was amazed there wasn't a double episode to wrap up so many storylines and characters. But they did a good job overall. For me the big twist was ruined simply by seeing a thumbnail on youtube that said..Eugene sabotages saviors weapons. That gave away the only surprise. I'm off now to tell the youtuber poster that.
Martin Francis (5 months ago)
I believe the show can be saved but replacing Scott Gimple with Angela Kang is like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. New writers are badly needed. Also there are far too many pointless characters still alive. Get back to 7 or 8 people you root for.
Solo OutlawZ (5 months ago)
The walking dead got much better in the second half of season 8 and also the Morgan switch over was brilliant but Im just hoping the whispers are bad ass and totally roothless
jacob oberwanowicz (5 months ago)
Am i the only one who realized how extremely biased these questions were and that they only invoked negative responses
mylifesone miracle (5 months ago)
So because I thought ur statements on this topic were asinine I would be justified in making one sweeping comment like, watchmojo talks is hosted by a knuckle-dragging twat and shouldn't be watched by anyone. Even if I have not nor will not watch any other episode? My point is, if you give something a chance, watch a few episodes, can't get into it whatever, ur just not a fan, then by all means say so. That's ur prerogative. But don't say you don't watch something and finish the sentence with a derogatory opinion about the subject matter You Don't Even Watch!
Aubrey Greer (5 months ago)
If you don't watch FTWD, then how do you know it's terrible? Season 3 was an amazing season. Whoever this guy is needs to be fired because he is making a questionably professional company look even less professional.
RanchKing (5 months ago)
People talk about how bad the show is yet they are still watching on SEASON 8!
drhoads08 (5 months ago)
If Maggie and Daryl (or anyone) cared so much, why not just have shot Negan at the tree and be like "Sorry Rick"... Show makes no sense.
Karen Fahel (5 months ago)
Thank you for addressing one of the 2 things that ticked me off about the finale: the "civil war" including Jesus. That makes no sense. The other thing was the Deus Ex Machina of the stained glass windows randomly hanging from trees...just so that Rick could have a shard of glass to cut Negan with. As soon as I saw those windows I turned to my husband & said, "well...THAT'S random!"
Tinashe Chingosho (5 months ago)
Season 8 has been awesome. I don't care what anyone else says. Its been definitely one of my favorite, so action packed. Yes, they were a few boring episodes, which is always the case in every season in that there'll be the one off episode.
Dayne Insayne (5 months ago)
I wonder how many people are still bitching about Glenn and Carl dying.
David F. Connor (5 months ago)
Jesus is Maggie's right hand, he will follow her anywhere...
Khishorth Sritharan (5 months ago)
If your "OUT" then get "OUT"!! Stop complaining if you don't like the show and stfu and stop watching damn!!
Khishorth Sritharan (5 months ago)
FTWD is terrible??? Judging from what season 1?! Clearly these guys haven't seen the last half of season 2. and especially all of Season 3, which I'd say was better than the last few seasons of TWD!
kriptic slayer (5 months ago)
Again fucking trash and dont realize the story
NorthwestMexTV✔ (5 months ago)
The season finale was 🔥🔥🔥
Kazai (5 months ago)
This is a review and not a reaction.
VeganMukbanger (5 months ago)
shows been trash since season 4
Ryan Carter (5 months ago)
I liked the episode, I’m sick of seeing YouTube channels and websites latching onto this whole ‘the walking dead sucks now’ thing. Some people still love it, this whole thing is just a desperate attempt for views. Stick to top tens and also find a better host if you are going to do stuff like this, oh my god.
toomuchtime (5 months ago)
If you guys want more evidence that that rick is going to die then you probably voted for trump

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