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Interview with a Cheater

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A cheater came to me with his story. He showed me a few things, I asked him a few questions and we collaborated on this video to show you a perspective you might otherwise have never seen. Entertainingly, it appears that a lot of cheats and exploits leak out of rivalries between different cheat makers who are trying to expose / sabotate their rivals! 0:00 - Intro 2:16 - How did he start, what are the basics? 3:50 - What's so fun about cheating? 6:08 - What does a cheater want from CS:GO's future? 6:47 - Trust Factor? 7:07 - CS:GO's Anti-cheat methods? 8:44 - What he can do with cheats 10:32 - How many pros does he think hack? 10:51 - Who will give up in the cheat armsrace first? Does cheating help Valve at all? 12:00 - Whoops Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (5151)
f1r3 hunt3rz (5 hours ago)
It's still cheating though, no matter how you gloss it. And normal, honest players still are at a disadvantage.
• Broke DeP • (10 hours ago)
I've been banned by VAC before but I don't hack. I've played this game for like 4 years so I know how to aim properly specially on the head but one time when I decided to do 1 taps only, I got banned. Possibly the worst Anti-cheat
• Broke DeP • (10 hours ago)
HVH sounds like some STD crap.
MrSHURIKENCHO (13 hours ago)
While i do get SOME of the things you are talking about here - im shocked that you even included the "hack servers" bit in... Whoever thinks this is anything other than a retarded idea should jump off a bridge. NOW!
sodemo _ (16 hours ago)
The best way to fight against a cheater without using mods yourself is to get an IP puller and a booting or stressor tool
Mr Rman (23 hours ago)
Why their fps is so low ?
Nathan De Bruyn (1 day ago)
1) Make HvH, no bans for players playing here. 2) Let VAC observe these cheats. 3) Use VAC to ban all cheaters on non-HvH servers.
I Suck (1 day ago)
Maybe they should make an esports for hvh.
Chewy Tortle (2 days ago)
As a terrible but legit player, I think a competitive hvh mode would work for csgo. It would decrease the number of cheaters in legit games, and I'm all for that, even if it's only reduced by a small margin. Also these would be pretty entertaining to watch
Assassin (3 days ago)
This video is triggering me i wish i could hack just so i could play with my friends who are gold nova im silver trash :d but csgo is to precious for me to even put hacking in to mind... <3
TRIPPY_ (3 days ago)
i'm gonna stick with what i believe, cheating is ok IF you use it ONLY in PRIVATE LOCAL server WITH FRIENDS. NOT in a PUBLIC game with other PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRYING to rank up.
Mitch (4 days ago)
valve making a game mode, that will just make others buy cheats
FerVechiTV (4 days ago)
V.A.C = Valve Allows Cheats
YarksieYax (7 days ago)
Having met a few hackers in GTA Online, a lot of them just want to make more fun for themselves and will also help out other players. Some like making people angry though and I guess that's true in any game.
Boarr (7 days ago)
skeet=dog shit cheat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PDgq7zAlDo missin p bro
Mr. Raven (7 days ago)
No wonder he cheats.. that fps though..
Nika Langer (7 days ago)
3:00 it's called anti aim, and a spinbot is only a type of anti aim. Your cheat needs a resolver to resolve the fake angles
deadend51000 (7 days ago)
Im cheating quite alot in multiplayer games, especially in CoD games using aimbot/wallhack. Usually im playing normal untill i get bored of the game then im starting to cheat. I somehow like it alot to ruin people their experiences, make them mad/rage make them yelling/cursing at you. and they basicly destroying their time with me inside a game. but when people do this they show their frustration which gives me back malicious pleasure. Im hacking to be a complete asshole and ruin people their fun while i have a great time.
MasLoff (8 days ago)
Well you do play videogames to have fun, if someone thinks cheating is fun then they have every right to do it on thier own risk imo
Tom Rattle (8 days ago)
Yes, Panorama UI confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
nevermore (8 days ago)
i use a zeus triggerbot just to make people really mad that i zeus em every round
David Csiki (8 days ago)
Fun fact! The cow that allways comes in when it's about VAC, VAC-NET is from the word "vaca". It meads Cow in romanian language!
Juusto (9 days ago)
It would be really funny if valve introdused a seperate matchmaking for people who are vac banned, so they could play against only cheaters
LowBudget - (9 days ago)
you know hvh? tf2 has a thing called HACK fortress
Flurry (9 days ago)
But, theyre cheating
TFtuber453 (9 days ago)
17 fps lol.
DarkWinter (10 days ago)
I can respect hacking to make people mad but not doing it to act good.
Clickbait Hunter (11 days ago)
i am a hacker in csgo , css , cs1.6 , tf2 ,overwatch ,fortnite,pubg but not in rainbow six siege xd
puska7 pelaa (12 days ago)
ha i lost 500$ inventory due to inventory hacks
Boo Lol (13 days ago)
Lets also talk of the troll comunity ...... :(
Petty Officer Sus (13 days ago)
Zeus > all
Anton Olsson (13 days ago)
敗者--勝者 (14 days ago)
Philip, BattleEye doesn’t work. Rainbow is the prime example.
Kubi Pnner (14 days ago)
Every Cheater is a Cheater
xerxstirb (14 days ago)
An official ranked HvH game mode isn't such a bad idea. This isn't me being edgy, I'm being entirely pragmatic. In this day and age, data is king. Especially since we have machine learning. Especially since Valve has VACnet. The data from overwatch cases is flawed; it relies on humans trying to spot cheats, and if a human think it's cheating beyond a reasonable doubt, then it is added to the data. This could lead to a bunch of false positives, which means banning innocents and smart cheaters not getting punished. If you get proper hackers to write cheats and use them in a game mode against each other, it would be extremely clean data. VACnet could not only learn what an aimbot can really look like, it would also gain information about how humans play when they have wall hacks. The data would constantly be updated, all security flaws would be tested and hackers could even approach Valve with their source code without being punished. It's like a "dark side of the force" version of the "light side" overwatch system. The footage from the HvH matches could even be used to test the accuracy in which overwatchers give the best feedback, thus refining the data from the overwatch system. It's a bit like testing viruses on a virtual machine. If you know how the virus works in a safe area, you can beat it where it shouldn't be. Giving hackers a playground in CS:GO would keep the serious hackers away from competitive, would help identifying and banning script kiddie cheaters and even identify and ban highly skilled "legit" cheaters in competitive. A ranked HvH mode would even help against "statistics hacking" (Rank, Win/Loss etc.) due to hackers wanting to keep their ranks legitimate. They might be cheaters, but they have pride. I would probably have at least two modes: Ranked and Stealth. In HvH Ranked, it would be a total free for all, use whatever cheats you want to climb to the top. It would be an arms race for hackers to figure out the most advanced and broken cheats they can come up with. This would give extremely pure data to VACnet to learn about blatant cheats. Maybe even instakicking ragehackers from competitive games. In HvH Stealth, hackers could play with the stealthiest of hacks. Trying not only to win against another hacker, but to stay undetected from VACnet. It's kind of a PvPvE mode in that sense. The more games won while undetected determines your rank, if you're detected then you're reset and have to start all over, so it's really more of a ladder than a ranked game mode. They could even get badges, xp, skin drops and so on while not being paranoid about losing their account. Which in turn would mean that they might buy crate keys and give Valve their moneys. As long as they keep their external assistance in HvH. If they use their cheats in proper matches, they'll lose their account and all their HvH ranks and badges and so on. Like friendlies are a part of the community in TF2, hackers are a part of the community in CS:GO whether you like it or not. Instead of just banning them for a short while (they're just gonna buy a new account anyway) you can give them a sandbox to play in. Instead of labelling them all as "criminals", let them be anti-heros like Batman or Robin Hood. Keep the white hats, ban the black hats. Let them help create a crowdsourced anti-cheat, tailor made for CS:GO. It would be a hell of a lot better than just regular old VAC, that's for sure. If Valve is scared of letting non cheaters find out about any official HvH gamemodes, thinking it might send the wrong signals; they could just hide a button in a pixel perfect location on the home screen, have to input some combination of keystrokes on the home screen, hidden console commands or even a separate boot mode hidden somewhere within the game files. The hacker community would find it pretty soon and tell each other and the official community would be none the wiser. Let hackers fight hackers to help VACnet ban cheaters. (A more thorough video about what an HvH mode could mean for the game and how it could be structured would be interesting. Maybe some input from our interviewee or Valve would be considered? Feel free to use any and all parts of this comment for it.)
test 1 (15 days ago)
"Also, if you like hackers, don't spam the upvote. That won't help them, only 3kliksphilip."
UnknownVengeance (15 days ago)
When you talked about the buying the account and giving it back if they want. That exact thing happened to me, my email and steam were hacked. I finally found who it was, then I messaged him and told him I want my account back and he did. Though by the time I got back in my account my CSGO was vac banned because of him. I think I know why now.
simunator (15 days ago)
hvh legitimacy is like how SDA keeps a TAS archive of all speedruns
Well some Dude once explained to me that he only can enjoy Rainbow 6 Siege when he is Wallhacking...and that´s because, of cause, the most of the others are cheating too... He meant he sees that on their movement now, after he learned by him self how to act and play, so he doesn´t hack to obvious
robert henkelman (18 days ago)
i played against that cheater eek! i hate him
Jun Kohatsu (18 days ago)
Legal HvH sounds really interesting until you realize a large portion of players would turn into hacking on normal matches once they've tried what hacking feels like. You would basically be giving the whole community a hack demo.
Alex Joke (18 days ago)
i felt like browsing deepweb
RattyCZ (18 days ago)
I cheat! in mincreft i hav dyamond 64
Cheaters already have non-VAC community servers. It would be easy for them to set up an hvh mode on their own.
lolshow l9l (19 days ago)
i Probably Cheat because it was hard to me playing everyone call me shit and i bought the aimware.net
G.Zoltan (20 days ago)
Official hvh servers could be really beneficial, closely monitoring them would allow valve to improve their anti-cheat a lot more and help purge MM of the other 99% of cheaters who are just simply asshoes.
Nuno The Dude (20 days ago)
Hes a piece of shit
Heartworn Fox (20 days ago)
11:40 counter strike?
HvH sounds like HIV
JallerFalcon (21 days ago)
Sorry philip but this vid is bs. Cheaters and hackers are scum who are ruining the game for normal players. One thing was interesting however. Recently played a lot against account with lots of hours but only recently active again. Guess i know why now....
SKULL_HACKER (22 days ago)
i understand the skin cheat but skill helping :/
charlie saville (24 days ago)
And of course 1000 twats downvote.
Captain_Water _ (24 days ago)
You can backtrack up to 1 second if you use fakelatency.
Theycallmespiff (24 days ago)
In similar news Pedophiles want to be accepted as having a different sexual preference.
-NoName- (25 days ago)
So lots of these are battle of the smartest to see who coded the best cheat?
Julia Mikulic (25 days ago)
Many hackers defend themselves saying everyone's hacking but does it make better? I don't think so. And HvH? I have seen it many times and it's just dumb. But the worst is VAC, Anti cheat huh? (Sorry for my bad English Btw)
Nathaniel Singletary (25 days ago)
Battle eye kicks the shit out of everyone just because it looks at the programs you have running alongside the game you're playing. "Streaming software? Aaaaand permabanned."
payday videos (26 days ago)
I think cheating sounds fun just not in competitive
Madbros Gaming (26 days ago)
I think there should be a cs:go cheat league, or put cheaters in lobbies together, that'd make good content
Ruben Bossuyt (26 days ago)
wow what a whole community of cheaters? that actually want a hvh mode with progression system. thats just madness. these guys are obviously high as fuck
Fly (26 days ago)
Battle eyes still better than Easy Anti Cheat
lol (27 days ago)
You should have revealed their steam and facebook, so we can go to their house and burn it down.
swag (27 days ago)
I still hate Cheaters
Elijah Nelson (27 days ago)
my brother got a kicked in the middle of a game because of a "VAC authentication error" because he had cheatengine on in the background because he was cheating on "adventure capitalist" lmao. Idk what is more sad, him cheating on adventure capitalist or the fact he was kicked for it on the wrong game.
Elijah Nelson (24 days ago)
I doubt that because he barley even plays the game but knowing him, I wouldnt rule out the possibility. It was only a error and he was able to rejoin but I still think he was maybe cheating. Just because my brother is the type of guy to cheat in games like that.
Doctor Gibuz (24 days ago)
You wont get vac for cheat engine unless you connect it directly to CSGO sorry your brother is a cheater.
Kloc-18 (27 days ago)
3:18 predicting the future
Blueblizard (27 days ago)
I was a cheater in other game
Blueblizard (27 days ago)
I know how he feel
Mr. pickles (28 days ago)
China's prison hey kid wut u in for I I cheated in pubg
a blue carr (28 days ago)
my friend got vacced by battleye for using a programme that made his game open faster smh
Seval Alrik (28 days ago)
Hackers like your source for this I like, the kind that cheats, but isn't so shitty they use full-on wallhack and broken things. I really think there needs to be something to allow people to cheat, and let VAC and others monitor what all might be running, to find them in the official stuff. The best way to vaccinate something is to take a controlled, sick, or dead disease, and introduce it all. If they allowed HvH servers, and monitored them to find the programs used and things tested, it would do far better to stop hackers than just banning all of that.
Ashes Legacy (28 days ago)
I dont understand why people still support valve and keep playing csgo, MM is completly broken due to this. atleast 2 out of 10 games we will find one hacker... Disgusting corporate company...
Jayden Stevens (28 days ago)
There's just something better about hitting that shot with pure skill. My ex roommate bought cheats, I gave them a crack. It gave me absolutely no sense of achievement.
en1bra (28 days ago)
Great content!
Erik ! (30 days ago)
I hate cheaters they should slit their throats, I went against a spinbotter and aimbot for 7 rounds in a row, well for 1 or 2 they were just walling, yes I rewatched every demo
VironCS (1 month ago)
Still here in 2015
Tarium HD (1 month ago)
This is why i script
Alexander Harrington (1 month ago)
VACNet is watching you..................
Sqwirmie (1 month ago)
very very interesting. i enjoy the perspective.
nathanfranke (1 month ago)
Csgo is a free game I mean you can do what you want if your not on valve servers so if cheaters want their own gamemode make your own. Faceit has completely remade matchmaking for csgo so why can't cheaters do it by themselves? They already make up like 90% of the community
Rasmon 123 (1 month ago)
I hate the overwatch btw im not a cheater
Doctor Gibuz (1 month ago)
Rasmon 123 lmao
Chief (1 month ago)
im only about halfway in but does he not know that there are a shitton of hvh dedicated servers??
AngelXD (1 month ago)
hvh seems fun they should make custom servers like that
Prosperity Gruesome (1 month ago)
coming from a longtime cheater this is very accurate and it seems like its coming from a cheater who knows what they are talking about
koekje Bakker (1 month ago)
I know somebody who got a vac ban idk on wich game but he got it because he was derping around with cheats on his own server
Dude. I want to give him a hug (No homo)
TBoy205 (1 month ago)
Grim king (1 month ago)
cheaters name is movement
Augusto Queiroz (1 month ago)
I think there should be dedicated servers for hackers and other people to exploit the game as hard as they can.
Meteor Media (1 month ago)
Very interesting video, very insightful. But it didn't change my mind one bit. Cheaters in online competetive games are the worst. Its the dishonesty and attitude of entitlement that bugs me. Thinking that regular rules don't apply for them. I just hate them.
Meteor Media (1 month ago)
This is just wrong. The thing they call "legit" cheating is the absolute cancer of CS
lol lolson (1 month ago)
we shouldnt give cheaters anything lmao, its not a part of the game and it shouldnt be...
A Kelp Shake (1 month ago)
here’s the main difference. there’s a fine line between helping valve test exploits through cheats, and just being an asshole.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (1 month ago)
VerDen the Gey (1 month ago)
-Get Interview -Report -GG
Paws (1 month ago)
Omg the tick thing! Sometimes I’ll jump around a corner but I die and at the same time I die I teleport back. It doesn’t happen much, but it’s usually by the same person. Cheats much?
Bernardo Nunes (1 month ago)
Pasters.cc freee chitosssssssssssssss
Steakee (1 month ago)
i'm glad that (hopefully) most cheaters have morals and only fight other cheaters.
xHydra (1 month ago)
I agree with this cheayer there shoulb servers for them but if you play on normal servers vac should inject some kind of file very good hide and ban if they try to play on other accounts
XaZa (1 month ago)
I used to wallhack, not in comp or anything, but just in public servers, the only reason i did it was because i loved being called "good" or "a hacker" but its gotten boring, i still use r_drawothermodels 2 in private, though ;)
Masztufa Ä. (1 month ago)
Those hacking without the other players' knowledge and/or consent are along the lines of those who abuse exploits (exploits like killing enemy team through a wall inside their spawn in TF2, and NOT bhops or strafing). They are both assholes. However if you hack on your own server with everyone aware of that and agreeing to do that it's fine. Who am i to police what other people do that ultimately harms nobody?

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