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Interview with a Cheater

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A cheater came to me with his story. He showed me a few things, I asked him a few questions and we collaborated on this video to show you a perspective you might otherwise have never seen. Entertainingly, it appears that a lot of cheats and exploits leak out of rivalries between different cheat makers who are trying to expose / sabotate their rivals! 0:00 - Intro 2:16 - How did he start, what are the basics? 3:50 - What's so fun about cheating? 6:08 - What does a cheater want from CS:GO's future? 6:47 - Trust Factor? 7:07 - CS:GO's Anti-cheat methods? 8:44 - What he can do with cheats 10:32 - How many pros does he think hack? 10:51 - Who will give up in the cheat armsrace first? Does cheating help Valve at all? 12:00 - Whoops Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (4901)
Daniel Engelhard (21 hours ago)
3:17 why yes phillip you were correct
Kasper Laustsen (1 day ago)
I hate cheaters but HvH sounds so fun hope they add it since it can remove cheaters from mm
The One (1 day ago)
Simon_M1 (1 day ago)
Cheating is really easy to get addicted to.
SaSSolino (2 days ago)
hvh is fine, everything else is excuses
Shaarvesh Rao (2 days ago)
6.04 pissed me off....u don't need cheats to understand people u can do it ur self unless ur too retarded to understand ...like how u think the pro players get there
Shaarvesh Rao (2 days ago)
Cheating is cheating and people who decide to cheat must be banned no matter what
MaName Cheff (2 days ago)
It’s was FLUSHA!!!
Shripad Agashe (2 days ago)
where can i get hacks
Henstar (2 days ago)
The old stack up strat is the greatest anticheat.
An0verWatch (2 days ago)
Most hackers I deal with is from China :)
adil (2 days ago)
zues beta omegalul
Devil Dog (2 days ago)
Ian song (2 days ago)
Mattcs used to cheat in csgo.
LazyMan 03 (3 days ago)
1:14 $1337
Lokesh Kumar (3 days ago)
Sometimes i play csgo and opponents are not hacking. Feels Good Man.
Lord Boostian. (3 days ago)
One time I was fighting a cheater on the enemy team and the cheaters team mates took turns team killing him so non got baned and the cheaters couldn't play
High Desert Piper (3 days ago)
As much as cheaters may be "helping" valve find bugs or keep valve on their toes. They are killing the game they are "helping". No straight player wants to play with cheaters. And if you run into them often you'll just stop playing.
PsychoticDainer (3 days ago)
Battle eye had indeed banned me and im definetely no cheater😂
jack cayman (4 days ago)
I used to hvh alot of tf2 Was fun but I eventually stopped because the cheat was discontinued after everyone else was shitting on it
Ethan Guidroz (4 days ago)
I went into this prepared to be mad but honestly incredably interesting and insightful.
FluffyWolf (4 days ago)
Even though I hate cheating in competitive games, I will admit it's fun when there are no real consequences to me (i.e. Roblox exploits were pretty fun, but now most of them are patched.)
Josh (4 days ago)
the disconnect thing was part of aimware which was patched
OpticalOsiris (4 days ago)
You can’t spinbot in MM anymore; vacnet detects it and sends it straight to Overwatch
OpticalOsiris (4 days ago)
I have been in numerous games where spinbotters/legit hackers have gotten vac banned or convicted mid-game.
KingRSH Gaming (4 days ago)
HvH? ;)
Wez (4 days ago)
I wish the U.S. arrested hackers...
Jesse Ford (5 days ago)
unfortunately cheats have been around since forever. also unfortunately as you progress your comp level, you begin to see more and more people hacking because they just naturally suck balls at the game. that sense of progression has been slapped into so many hackers the game is unfair more than half of the time its played. seriously if all people do is sit around and code cheats (since even before source) than valve needs to stand the fuck up already and start innovating ways to slap these hackers around. the fact a whole server can be manipulated this late into vac development is a fucking joke.
ッSwifty (5 days ago)
I personally enjoyed cheating in this game and soon enough it will be easy to bypass the vac system.
Dack Janiels (5 days ago)
People "legit cheat" because they want people people to think they're better than they really are and I'm pretty sure most cheaters are like that. Make a gamemode for cheaters? Are you actually shitting me? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.
Hyper Clutch (5 days ago)
I'm sorry I like your videos but this is all bs cheating needs to be stopped it ruins the game for everyone else trying to play legit
213423 134242 (5 days ago)
Battle eye is basically malware. It can steal files from your pc and upload it to there server. There is no checks and balances with this they can take anything on your pc.
Second Blackjack (6 days ago)
TL;DR Client-side skin manipulation and separately Ranked HvH servers with monthly subscriptions. Valve pls give ):
Equinσx (6 days ago)
I tried cheating once... within a day i was so bord i actively tried to get banned
Reuben Houghton (6 days ago)
This is a great video. Well done
MARUKU (6 days ago)
After 1K+ hours i started cheating, cuz the game was not fun any more. now im spending my days on hack servers : community is way less toxic in we are having genuine fun, instead of playing our lives. tl;dr : cheating is more fun than legit playing.
Sharath Guddad (6 days ago)
I think the solution for hacking and cheating should be considered to entire team like banning the other players for 15 days for supporting the hacker to play in the competitive match. Then they would consider kicking the hacker instead of playing with him\them.
Shot Dominance (7 days ago)
Thanks Kanye, very cool!
bouch (7 days ago)
sure his fucking friend bought the cheats seems legit
WatarouDesiderus (7 days ago)
If valve lets this happen then more power to hackers. Its up to valve to do what is necessary to prevent this like blizzard has done. They are also responsible for keeping these people happy as well.
Alex (7 days ago)
I love how VAC doesn't ban blatant cheaters but when I play around with cheats in a private lobby with my friend and get banned :/
Smokey Robinson (7 days ago)
Yeah thank god for the hacking community or else there might be more scammers? Someone send this to a psychologist. They could learn a ton from the mental gymnastics these guys use to maintain their delusional sense of superiority.
DiamondAviation (8 days ago)
I hate VAC, since I was randomly banned since I glitched in the ground and my character started to freak out in unturned, so now I have a VAC ban on my profile which as really hurt me from getting into DAYZ roleplay whitelist servers
Crazedtech (8 days ago)
I personally think cheaters should limit their cheating to offline or private games, or ask valve to allow for the creation of private servers where this is allowed
christian908 (9 days ago)
Why is it Valve's responsibility to cater to cheaters now? What an entitled jerk. Join a community server god.
Coolaid Man (9 days ago)
Imagine if valve makes a game mode for only Cheaters and fucking vacs them all
James Sawley (10 days ago)
Cool but he glorified hacking so much and made it seem noble.
FairPlay (10 days ago)
if ur cheating, get ban if ur legit, you wont get banned that's a simple balance of video games history
Condor (10 days ago)
1:39 "you can hide them i want to be known please" wow phil
crismar Rivera (11 days ago)
i Like how this comment Section Thinks Csgo is dead LMAO!! Just because they got banned for cheating/Their gambling sites Wont Withdraw or their favorite youtubers Has no sponsors Anymore CUNTS!!
Hun Lepto (11 days ago)
I remember cheaters in CS 1.6. They were far bigger risks, since they could unban themselves or give any player an amx_destroy, which completely destroyed the game, you had to reinstall it.
Chubbtacular (13 days ago)
This is actually really interesting and paints cheaters in a new light
LKP Design (14 days ago)
As a semipro for 10 years, its sad to see where this game goes.. - mm is so broken so its so hard for new players to actually enjoy the game.
DoJo - Gaming and more (10 days ago)
actually it has gotten a lot better since they implemented machine learning techniques (to detect cheaters) and Trust factor MM. recently most of my matches are really thight games with players of similar skill on both sides. Sometimes there is an smurf or two...but after all it has gotten better
Anchor Bait (14 days ago)
I'm a cheater. I cheated on my last girlfriend again and again after we broke up, I even cheated on her a month before we started dating.
Battlestarlava (4 days ago)
Did you use wallhacks
THEMARIOGUY (15 days ago)
OK, now i understand hackers more TY
szarvacska (15 days ago)
I got banned 6 times from paladicks already lul
szarvacska (15 days ago)
For hard aimbotting
The Meta (15 days ago)
Would it still be scumbaggy to WH but ONLY after you died (and you will not tell any information to your mates)?
Alexander Moreau (15 days ago)
I like this guy, he seems pretty cool. there are definitely shitty cheaters out there that just want to ruin it for legit players but this dude is just doing his thing.
DonDays (16 days ago)
ahre (17 days ago)
* joins ranked * -hvh? * starts spinbotting * -FBI OPEN UP
Andrew Grindstaff (17 days ago)
hvh would be really fun
lucky (17 days ago)
hvh is fun in wingman but it's better in unsecured servers so you won't get banned with cheaper cheats or even free, I use free cheats sometimes instead of using my bameware dump I got from my friend and I can get a config that's like 1/4 as good as my dump
earth star (18 days ago)
All the 12 y/o kids in the comment section trying to find any excuse to justify their shitty morals...
BRAKKIES _ VEVO (18 days ago)
I'd rather have some innocent players be caught in the crossfire, than allowing hackers to roam free and hack as they please. Csgo is ridiculously easy to cheat on. Csgo needs an anti cheat like BattleEye that can scan files or check for injectors and .dll files. These innocent players can always email valve if something goes wrong.
das gud (19 days ago)
would H v H servers basically be pay to win, since you need to pay money for better cheats? like if you agree
Cap'n (19 days ago)
AlessFD (19 days ago)
DukeoftheAges (19 days ago)
Giving cheaters their own space or progression is the equivalent of letting muslim or communist terrorists have their own country to do whatever they want. Its fucking silly and idiotic.
Philip Lipp (19 days ago)
Now i do have a question: When i play with a group of friends, a message pops up for them telling them that i have a low trust factor(idk how its called exactly), even tho i have never cheated before. I have been in a few games with cheaters in my lobby, though i didnt know that they were hacking. Later i got a message telling me that someone from my previous games got vac banned and that my trust factor was adjusted. Is that why im not ‚trustworthy‘?
Battlestarlava (19 days ago)
Premade servers specifically for hacks would be interesting
Tyler Lemieux (19 days ago)
he says he wishes valve would give them their own game mode to hvh in, i say if theyre willing to drop hundreds of dollars into monthly cheat subs and new accounts, how about they just buy their own fucking servers? they can call it cheatshack
Wymog Highlights (20 days ago)
Why don't we be like South Korea and making hacking literally illegal.
Raymond (20 days ago)
This completely changed my view on this topic. I understand now, thank you cheater if you read. It's almost like we need cheaters to keep the game's progression healthy.
snuffeldjuret (21 days ago)
If you enjoy playing with cheats in csgo, wouldn't it be better to play a game that actually gives you the game play you want? Like, a game where you can read the heat signatures of the enemies etc?
Milomand99 (21 days ago)
_The wrong program at the wrong time can make all the dif-er-rence in the wo-rld_
Scott Telting (22 days ago)
if i was a hacker i would just have fun i would try not to ruin the game
Daniel Keem (23 days ago)
Cuz this game is dead shit and legit cheating will always be a thing in this game
Pyroo (23 days ago)
yes for him it might be fun to figure out how the game works, how to program the cheats, but thast the minority. Most ppl just buy the cheats. And guess who they buy it from? ... so yea all cheaters are the same
Fappy Penguin (23 days ago)
Its actually funny that gold nova hackers or worse exists, for example when i smurf, it's funny how some gold nova 1s be playing like shit running randomly and stuff but then call you a hacker once they notice youre a good player and suddenly their timing is just undeniable, you literally wont be able to do anything and their hit boxes would be so weird, sometimes i even get prefired when i jiggle peek since it's very uncommon on gold nova even when i sometimes fake peek while other times id be smurfing on gold nova 4 and theyre much much easier.
Cheeki Breeki (23 days ago)
I usually use some private cheats to see who's cheating (walls/tracking through walls) and tell my teammates to report the guy. (p.s i don't use cheats to gain any advantage in MM. Just using them to see who's hacking or not)
fireflame ft (24 days ago)
I don't even play csgo ( 1.6 masterrace here :^] ) but this was very interesting and hilarious at some points.
Piece Of Dirt (24 days ago)
Making cheats “himself”, uses Zeus
Whale FX (24 days ago)
Mathias Lui (24 days ago)
the rank changer doesnt work for queuing. it just shows your rank differently
Byched (25 days ago)
Ryan 9000 (25 days ago)
"Most cheaters dont like to use hacks against legit honest players" hah xD
Adi Uber (25 days ago)
true story ....all on this business from Steam the big cheater thats why dont play this shit anymore
William Lloyd (25 days ago)
This guy you interviewed is delusional
serpathius (26 days ago)
I have 4 years of service and thousands of hours. Definitely not helping my trust factor.
Sam Gibby (26 days ago)
so dumb, why should valve add a HVH game mode, just stop cheating and get skills!
Yaning Li (27 days ago)
aimware 1 tap skeet
Warden -Dead Ahead- (27 days ago)
I would say something but the entire world gonna blast me with the same point and over and over again. Its like they don’t want others statements and want everyone to agree with their statement kinda.
_ _ (28 days ago)
i'd hire all these dudes to fine tune and calibrate my drones at my robotics facility... if i had one :[
Gmod Locus (28 days ago)
for hvh servers i think it should be a gamemode- like will you buy armor or spinbot? but of course toned down
_ _ (28 days ago)
real recognize real
Martron7 (29 days ago)
Andere for those who want to expierience a hvh game without owning hacks, there could be a Gamemode added with cl_drawothermodels 2 permanently on!
AI (29 days ago)
I helped developed a private color based aimbot that hasn't been detected by ow (that I know of), and impossible to detect by vac(0 hooking/injection) in its 4 years of existing. and I know there are more out there that are not determinable. When testing our bot and discussing the humanness we realized there is almost definitely a 100% chance of being matched (even on esea, if not especially) with one or more cheaters every match of which you could never tell the difference. I also think it's more likely than this guy realizes the odds of pros cheating is not as low as he thinks, whatsoever. I'm mostly confident nearly every team has at least 1 token, and most of them don't use vac-undetectable (color) bots.

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