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Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream

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Text Comments (26742)
Sniper Gunner (4 minutes ago)
This is so stupid not your video the people that think it's funny to try to get other people arrested or even killed I can't even bro
Hugo Stiglitz (18 minutes ago)
I feel worst for Whiteboy because he had weed in his house and they illegally arrested him for it. I think he eventually beat it in court but he still got taken in and had to go to court all because of some faggot kid on the internet.
Eric Peterson (37 minutes ago)
$1.00 donated by F The Police 😂😂😂
miamiwax (46 minutes ago)
How can they get your address?
SFOD Clan (53 minutes ago)
American are so stupid,
ganp (53 minutes ago)
top 10 youtubers who have Swoooooooorn
Wolf Night (54 minutes ago)
Good Thing I don't have those games an anyways I don't like those games at all 😐😐😐😶😶😶
666 (55 minutes ago)
I Am A Swat. I Also Don't Swat Other People. *TRUST ME*
Alexya (1 hour ago)
0:39 That's how to give heart attack and send a sensitive human to hostpital.
Bendy Girl (2 hours ago)
Ooo omg 0:35
Bendy Girl (2 hours ago)
JarheadPlaying (3 hours ago)
"Welcome to the States, maggot."
natetube (3 hours ago)
Why the cops arrest them they just playing video games
magical potato (4 hours ago)
This is so fucked up
Iveth Vigil (4 hours ago)
Hands on the grawnd sed the 🐖
TheBurstingWolf (5 hours ago)
and why don't you post the link of the disc so we can analyze it
TheBurstingWolf (5 hours ago)
and why only streamers
TheBurstingWolf (5 hours ago)
these are literaly fake thats nut these are pranks and who fell for that those is dumb
Fabian Ortiz (6 hours ago)
0:37 when ur mom tells u not to something but u still do it
Bilet V (6 hours ago)
i hate screaming swaters. they are screaming all at once like dumb and you can`t understand what they are screaming, but if you don`t understand then they only scream more.
guy with no iq (7 hours ago)
The youtubers with a surprise SWAT was released for false arrest.
Lewisyeung (7 hours ago)
MrHundredScopes (7 hours ago)
Damn... nerds are dicks
Wiser (7 hours ago)
murrica is fucked
Willy Wonka (9 hours ago)
Get a life you dicks
Craig Stalmer (11 hours ago)
On a positive side some cops understand what happens.
Craig Stalmer (11 hours ago)
I wonder if lets say that happens and the innocent gamer jumps up and the cops shoot him dead. Is the one that did the Swatting now responsible or are the police at fault?
Dr Insanity (13 hours ago)
Reasonable brits <3
Dr Insanity (13 hours ago)
fuck police are paranoid as fuck. Schizophrenic society responding to its own fuck ups.
Erick Alvarez (13 hours ago)
How come none of these white kids with thrown a beating by these cops oh yeah that's right because they're white
Hunter Gomersall (13 hours ago)
Did that last guy seriously keep playing the game when the cops came in....
sonor1981 (13 hours ago)
Trigger happy as fuck
Dustin Black (13 hours ago)
People do this think it's a big joke until one of those asshole cops shoots someone for holding a remote this is so dumb
Nashiro Mations (14 hours ago)
They didnt use incognito mode Oh wait that only works on the FBI...
Abhishek Choudhary (14 hours ago)
I don't know why police are trying to catch this steamers ...?
Doskoi Panda (14 hours ago)
I wonder if it ever got to the point where the Streamers ended up persuading the Copps to start live streaming...
Riley Buntin (15 hours ago)
Man,you know i was thinking about streaming when i get older,but on the other side there is people with no life waisting police on steamers sooooo idk
Sylvia Ha (15 hours ago)
How come youtubers got swat on live stream
Stylish Music (15 hours ago)
i would like to know the reasoning behind all of why they got swatted.
GreatSavageLevel (16 hours ago)
Probably all of them are acting
Richie Play's (16 hours ago)
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Gary Maher (16 hours ago)
WTF is wrong with people? Somebody could be in a life or death situation across town and the police are being sent somewhere they aren't needed. Get a fucking life.
brokenupbeat (16 hours ago)
If you call the police you're a snitch and a bitch.
Officer Flat Foot (15 hours ago)
brokenupbeat snitches get stiches 😠😠
DMGaming (17 hours ago)
they swatted a child? thats terrible
SonGoku9850 (17 hours ago)
the thing that really gets me mad is that tey cuff them for no reason
GalaxyPlayz ™ (17 hours ago)
the last one...at least they were chill and didnt freaking like throw them to the ground and point a gun at them right?
FEOre 0011 (17 hours ago)
What kind of crazed mother fucker would do this shit
Robert Lineback (17 hours ago)
People who do this should be the ones being arrested!
Silver Cloud (17 hours ago)
I can't believe people prank call police;; tf man they ain't the people who have shit ton of time to get along with your stupid ass prank
Whoever donate their money and their name was f the police........bad timing
Neon Donuts (18 hours ago)
lol the title of the vid tho. i was thinking of very popular gamers getting hit with a fly swatter by their parents
erik let's play (18 hours ago)
6:01 In America FBI OPEN UP In germany polizei aufmachen
Jordan Nichols (19 hours ago)
Caden Smith (21 hours ago)
allen liu (22 hours ago)
I am questioning how do they get their address
How are these ass hats who swat not found and arrested?
Justin Frost (23 hours ago)
How is this a thing :S wtf
Foreign Forces (23 hours ago)
The second guy was wearing a FWC shirt. Wooo Future War Cult
nasean taylor (1 day ago)
Doug Chin (1 day ago)
0:32 Wow there swat people, no need to scream a lot
tjs1012 (1 day ago)
I've always wanted to be a streamer, and I was planning to... but now I don't want to 😂😂😂
Ignux (1 day ago)
people should not do this its not funny couse people have to pay sometimes
Mert'in hesabı (1 day ago)
police : but your hands behind ! counter strike : bomb has been planted police : ??????????
King Slay (1 day ago)
mugman 123 (1 day ago)
Insane just insane
enlses (1 day ago)
Nice cc...colorful...you must be an happy fella Nice song but singer sounds like he needs a sudafed
Yataginsu Redznya (1 day ago)
Dang I feel guilty on my self when I got *Censored* and *Censored* man it was scary
ElAlexDelLoquendo (1 day ago)
The police is very crazy.
the alaskan (1 day ago)
this is why SWAT never has time to go after drug dealers.people who falsely report should goto jail
Mr. Travel (1 day ago)
Holy shit!
Ghostedly (1 day ago)
gamerz zone (1 day ago)
ahmed ben (1 day ago)
i never ever lose my farther's money but if you didnt then get a ps4 and cool things xbox or any gaming things its all about the money that you saved for
Diana Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Oh wow
Deplorable Me (1 day ago)
My respect for law enforcement lessens every day.
The Gamer (1 day ago)
Erm wtf just happend
jeena Esser (1 day ago)
American cops r so unnecessary and clueless for the wrong reasons
Cheese King (12 hours ago)
jeena Esser No, you are, in the u.s we have the second amendment, so it normal for police to be like this. They scream to intimidate the suspect so they don’t do anything stupid, handcuffing is for their safety, it’s called being detained. They also didn’t show the fake police calls that would have explained everything a lot better.
Jheferson Alterado (1 day ago)
Because they hack to many game haha lol
Jaryen McCoy (1 day ago)
FBI, OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!
GOLDEN (1 day ago)
Holly shit I got swatted in school
Jonathan Brown (1 day ago)
Muska Meeran (1 day ago)
ピカデリーTV (1 day ago)
Why the police came?
- ''But the truth of the matter is that Quine's preoccupation with ontology is a result of his taking empiricism for granted.'' - ''You real life irra right now blood. Imma find you and beat yo ass if you keep it up.'' I love watching 2 intellectuals discuss philosophy.
TeZOcatlipoca (1 day ago)
7:20 that girl is a WIZARD!!!
Nick does vlogs (1 day ago)
d4ggs X-4920 (1 day ago)
i hate these pranks, hope these fucking retarded shitfucks go to HELL
Gian Requilme (1 day ago)
"Bomb has been planted"
tech pro center (1 day ago)
sub me 35 i will sub back
Tomin Kurisunkal (1 day ago)
The guy telling the police to sit down
NONAME (1 day ago)
but why this happned huh
Nat- o (1 day ago)
I hate how kids on streams do all they can to "prank" cops and streamers. Also, people hating on cops is just wrong. cops make sure your house is not being broken into every night. they think they are SOOO COOL but its just annoying and pisses the streamer and the cops off.
David Kamer (1 day ago)
this is why I want a bolted concrete front door. Just ask them what they want and explain so you don't risk your life. paranoid ikr, but this is crazy and people have died.
David Kamer (1 day ago)
not to mention here they probably will shoot your dog...
Daniel Weissman (1 day ago)
I love when the cops know what's happening after they're inside the house. Fucking gold
10:45 best part
Gaurav Reddy (1 day ago)
00:53 bomb has been planted 😂😂😂
Don't CRY ! (1 day ago)
se faire arrêter en jouant a minecraft ha ha !
Happy Gilmore (1 day ago)
I feel so bad for those kids :(((

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