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Youtube is hard. Expectation vs reality.

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Making videos is harder than you think... booze is expensive. Contact: Twitter.com/Mundizor songs used in order of apperence: mario kart double dash - shine thief mario kart double dah - bob-omb battle
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Text Comments (18)
BroBot McMuffin (22 days ago)
Just found your channel, never stop making videos. I guarantee that you will get tons of subs later on, your video quality is incredible.
MisterViking (1 month ago)
Nibba I am the 11k sub lol lol xxxd kill me
Ziper (1 month ago)
You deserve more views
Cul Cät (2 months ago)
But when do we get a discord
gamer steven (2 months ago)
ахах смищно однако не понятно
TheBlackPhanther Gamer (3 months ago)
MarkLi (3 months ago)
best video ever lol
twomad (4 months ago)
and here we observe the most original video on earth
Mundizor (4 months ago)
twomad we can't all be geniuses. Ima step it up. 😁
the 13 old bullied fag (4 months ago)
I really wanted to do that something like that too then this shit comes out
the 13 old bullied fag (4 months ago)
Mundizor xddd
Mundizor (4 months ago)
CreeperFisterHD XD do it. Im pretty sure im not the first one to make something like this either.
zhika (4 months ago)
Light (4 months ago)
i never ask for this
Lucas ;3 (4 months ago)
Zool Smith (4 months ago)
very true
silensiAAA (4 months ago)
Diler Galeb (4 months ago)

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