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DSP Effects in CS:GO - Comparison clips

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Warning! Boring video, but useful for reference. 0:17 - Knife swipe 1:34 - Glock fire 2:45 - SSG08 fire See all of my videos about DSP below: DSP for CS:GO - https://youtu.be/wlIgW9t-5zg HL1 VS CS:GO - https://youtu.be/yEwH-XMZ5KE All CS:GO DSP compared - https://youtu.be/gKRLmtDpFUk Louder version to make DSP more obvious - https://youtu.be/F_m5qu0Xihs Other boring-but-useful videos you may find boringly interesting:
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Text Comments (86)
Maroki06 (3 months ago)
i still found this interesting
Nice information.
和Muski (3 months ago)
cofpro (4 months ago)
hey i wonder if anyone had problem with wrong sound at wrong place ? for example i triggered the tunnel large sound on inferno somehow but that echo sound was everywhere where i go until i found another spot to trigger the normal sound ?
TheDrunkenRebel (4 months ago)
this is some of the best asmr videos i can ever recall watching. awesome!
The Fake Police (4 months ago)
this is more interesting than i thought
sriram ravanam (4 months ago)
I thought you were done with DSP ?
Nvm you get money anyways ;)
Alexandre Kuritza (4 months ago)
3Klik, I think is a terrible ideia say : "I wouldn't suggest watching this" Why would anyone say that for their own videos??? You literally spend time to say "hey here's my video!" "eh, don't watch it" What the fuck??? I'm not a "maper" but I like CSGO's curiosity themes and hearing this is kinda a... "Oh this video is not for you go watch something else..." But I want to watch! and its kinda like a guy that ought not to be here... Dont do that in the future ok?
willis936 (4 months ago)
I think a graph of volume over time for each clip would be more useful than a VU meter hanging off of the side. The graph line could change color as time passes to show what the current volume is. The graphs could be split up for each individual clip and the volume over time profiles of each DSP effect could be compared as a simple metric.
Agent G (4 months ago)
I was expecting sound effects from dark syde phil in csgo.
sleepy mutant (4 months ago)
Not boring to me :D
Fernando Zigunov (4 months ago)
Redeye (4 months ago)
I can't stop watching...
Barry B Benson (4 months ago)
"Big 3" with glock 👌
Nixzidoo (4 months ago)
manzero134gd (4 months ago)
More relaxing than any rainfall or nature sound.
Richard (4 months ago)
This video would of been much better if in the middle of the video the name was "ear rape" and it was all the guns playing at the same time on maximum volume, or the csgo mainscreen music.
Unoriginal Name (4 months ago)
My kind of ASMR
aldo s (4 months ago)
Why is weirdo3 not weird?
MrCounterMax (4 months ago)
Do you mind switching to Vegas 15? I've migrated from 14 - 15, apart from having a better interface, is much more stable
darsirious (4 months ago)
i don't know why but i find this very amusing
SolarMoth (4 months ago)
ahhhh slashing my favorite, a new 3kliks classic
I'm not a map maker but it's actually pretty cool.
Martin Pecherskyy (4 months ago)
i suggest adding more of a pause between each effect as it can take a while for you to process and decide if you like the effect if youre looking for one
Miner Guy (4 months ago)
kinda weird how he never talked about the fact that grenade tinnitus like the flash and explosive nades is its own dsp, or that some other source games have L O A D S of dsp types like gmod
TheKingreddragon (4 months ago)
3kliksphilip: "this is the boring video i suggest you don't watch it" me: Fuck you, im going to watch it... me later: Man, this was a boring video... stupid 3kliksphilip uploading a boring video, 2kliksphilip would never do that.
CrazyChainsaw Dude (4 months ago)
I like the part when he presses m1
TDC (4 months ago)
This is a comment to all of you not understanding, his point of this is to show you the weapon sounds and how the echo fades in with the gun shot. He's trying to show you the difference in different compression of the sound to make it clear to you guys. Some people hear stuff different at different decibels.
TDC (4 months ago)
This is mainly for Mappers and anyone really interested in what valve is doing lol Skins!!! Sounds!! Nothing else
Windmilley (4 months ago)
omg this improved by rank i'm now silver 2
NAME (4 months ago)
Robert Stegmann (4 months ago)
What do you mean boring?
Yako YT (4 months ago)
i think i will update now my map with echo
Keaton [nommin] (4 months ago)
Commander Rex328 (4 months ago)
*W E I R D O 3*
SilentLlamas (4 months ago)
i like having my maps with huge echo. i believe chamber large is the best one
William Woods (4 months ago)
What pointless content
Emi S (4 months ago)
The Narrator (4 months ago)
I could tell the difference on my phone
Vinny (4 months ago)
*shoosh shweesh swoosh*
LORD MANOK (4 months ago)
Hey i noticed the reverb on dust 2 too I love the usp-s reverb
Pr0 G4M3r127 (4 months ago)
I love your videos <3
qSlaw (4 months ago)
xenon73 (4 months ago)
3 fucking videos xD
Süleyman Kenar (4 months ago)
"I wouldn't suggest watching this unless you're a map maker..." Well I'm not a map maker also listening from notebook speaker but definetly going to watch this.
RandomIndianer (4 months ago)
Süleyman Kenar same
snow 2405 (4 months ago)
"This is the boring one" -has the most views out off all 3 videos
Matt Ward (4 months ago)
snow 2405 now it has the least
Chubbson (4 months ago)
Flifi (4 months ago)
Black out (4 months ago)
Yuval (4 months ago)
I think I am dreaming, can someone shoot me in the head to be sure?
Fness gaming (4 months ago)
o0SkilledBro0o Wierdo 3
o0SkilledBro0o (4 months ago)
You guys forgot to ask: Angry hornet room or weirdo 3?
Yuval (4 months ago)
Nikos A. I like more the pro-90
Nikos A. (4 months ago)
Yuval what about a rekt 9 mate?
Yuval (4 months ago)
Nikos A. well,do you at least have swag-seven?
Everyday Gerald (4 months ago)
Great video as always, Phlip
Jens H (4 months ago)
Weirdo 1?
brzii (4 months ago)
Dhiman Adhikari (4 months ago)
Doesn't matter, I play with volume 0
Deforestation Nation (4 months ago)
I’ll still watch even if I don’t understand the video :/
NotaNeSport (4 months ago)
This is more interesting than it should be.
real name (4 months ago)
Obito Uchiha (4 months ago)
LucarioFukr (4 months ago)
Edvinas Maleckas (4 months ago)
no u
Jakarian Studios (4 months ago)
De_spacito2 is the best CSGO map
mem7md (4 months ago)
dame tu spacito
somebode (4 months ago)
ok (4 months ago)
Hyperma (4 months ago)
JimmJam (4 months ago)
bodek (4 months ago)
Phoenix (4 months ago)
Veyran (4 months ago)
DC1204 (4 months ago)
Nemesis (4 months ago)
Another one
Volian0 (4 months ago)
why is this Unlisted?
TheCatOfWar (4 months ago)
RIP angry bee

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