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Counter-Strike Online 2 [Counter-Strike Source Mod]

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English Version: Another Video sampling a fantastic MOD made for our little old but forever remembered Counter-Strike Source. This MOD win in bringing Counter-Strike Online 2 last made by Nexon for a "free" version and the ability to play without having to be always connected to the Internet without having to spend hours or even money to have something "good "an online game, this MOD contains some welcome arms of the original CSO2 and of course the classic weapons of CS itself: Source but with a refurbishment. Recalling that the mod contains bugs and can sometimes even take a random crashes! All credits for "Lynx9810" by pratilhar this fantastic MOD - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn53gwhp1GmrC_zmvF6SWQg Links: Client (Full Game): http://sh.st/2EXVq Useful links: Blog - csomania.blogspot.com Facebook - facebook.com/CSOManiaOfficial Steam - steamcommunity.com/groups/csomaniaofficial Versão Portuguesa: Mais um Video amostrando um fantástico MOD feito para o nosso velhinho mas para sempre relembrado Counter-Strike Source. Este MOD conquiste em trazer o ultimo Counter-Strike Online 2 feito pelo Nexon para uma versão "grátis" e que da possibilidade de se jogar sem ter que estar sempre conectado via Internet e sem ter que gastar horas ou mesmo dinheiro para ter algo "bom" num jogo online, este MOD contem algumas armas vindas do original CSO2 e claro as armas clássicas do próprio CS:Source porem com uma remodelação. Relembrando que o mod contem bugs e por vezes pode até mesmo dar um crashes aleatórios! Todos os créditos para "Lynx9810" por pratilhar este fantastico MOD - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn53gwhp1GmrC_zmvF6SWQg Endereços: Cliente (Jogo Completo): http://sh.st/2EXVq Links úteis: Blog - csomania.blogspot.com Facebook - facebook.com/CSOManiaOfficial Steam - steamcommunity.com/groups/csomaniaofficial
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Text Comments (80)
sazlifin (1 month ago)
How to change a character female to male.. i don't like
TheGamingDu999 (2 months ago)
This mod is perfect, I love this mod :) +1 like
Venom -Dono (2 months ago)
Is it free?
Venom -Dono (2 months ago)
darklegended gaming thank you.
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
Ofc this is free
darklegended gaming (2 months ago)
Akuseru -Kun lmao this made me laugh
Hey Unikitty (3 months ago)
how to change chinese language?
soufiane bennani (5 months ago)
Link Of The HUD Only Pleeeeease :D
Pan Janek (6 months ago)
Fuck, can u help me. Still crashing at explodes.
Pratik Lenka (6 months ago)
Not standard game playing
sgt_sas1905 (6 months ago)
how to install it? it keeps crashing when i load cstrike.exe
Marcus ? (7 months ago)
lan ?
vi7ya (10 months ago)
how to buy knives
AzoOz Mnsor (11 months ago)
i wan t graphic mod
艾穹 (11 months ago)
duc thanh nguyen (1 year ago)
OMG I'm looking forward to this!!
RareGhost MvP (1 year ago)
Can I play online with this game ?
Gunga CSOMania (1 year ago)
If you have some people with that same CSS yeah you can.
how to install it?
PAJO (1 year ago)
yuri sounds like hentai girls
Panzermann11 (1 year ago)
Hope he/she adds GSG9 (aka Victor) playermodel in the next update.
Lastix 1337 (1 year ago)
кто от анимэна?
Не ждал вас здесь узреть. Я задумывался я одинешенек здесь русский подписанный на CSO каналы
Toxa Braz (4 months ago)
а ссылка эта работает?
vi7ya (10 months ago)
ну-ка и я
Wolk 296 (11 months ago)
Alex Mobile APP (1 year ago)
Kim Sama (1 year ago)
I downloaded it and it works fine, sadly I can only get up to 50 fps
JIM Bolen (1 year ago)
lynx´s link is down and this one doesnt start ... any tips ?
Enes Levent (1 year ago)
Reagan Awang Anyoi (1 year ago)
awak hebat
sarim usmani (1 year ago)
my download is not working :(
нахуй иди
Juan Flores (1 year ago)
that's not cs
darklegended gaming (3 months ago)
it is btw but not the original one
darklegended gaming (3 months ago)
Juan Flores u sure that's not cs lol
Juan Flores (1 year ago)
that's not fair😐
meu error nao encontrando na blibioteca quando eu bota os arquivos entro no jogo e da error nao encontrando na blibioteca de vinculo ? wtf
Rafael Luna (1 year ago)
DILMINHA GUERRERA o game funciona sem precisar aplicar dentro da pasta do CS Source
AdiL (1 year ago)
wtf that girl her sound like porn
Top Trash (1 year ago)
AdiL osFi makes makes no sense but eh not really
Layon29 (1 year ago)
Steven Andreas (1 year ago)
is it necessary to have the original CS Source before installing the mod? Thank you 😄
Edgar Ordoñez (1 year ago)
Edgar Ordoñez (1 year ago)
really not necessary
PAJO (1 year ago)
Trap Somflak (1 year ago)
please highly compressed
Trap Somflak (1 year ago)
please highly compressed
SulleN (1 year ago)
Maps pls
Miguel Vasquez (1 year ago)
Leonardo Teran (1 year ago)
Amigo sube el link de la descarga del mod a mediafire o mega por favor y por cierto buen video
Nekro Mancer (1 year ago)
Anyone knows how to change the "JackyNL" nickname. I can't find any game file :'v
Nekro Mancer (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot mate =)
go in console type "name (whatever you want)"
.::BB::.Skill93 ツ (1 year ago)
This is good :D
Muh Rafly (1 year ago)
Please Fix Adfly Download
Повстанец (1 year ago)
And which version I must download?
Marcel Bordei (1 year ago)
wtf china
Marco Moraes (1 year ago)
Gunga você sabe como faz pra jogar em LAN esse CS. Tipo, quero instalar pra jogar na lanhouse mas não sei se vai funcionar em lan?
Rafael Luna (1 year ago)
Marco Moraes, o grande problema é que não se dá para saber exatamente o que foi modificado da versão original. Esses caras montam os mods e esquecem do servidor srcds.exe. Todas as modificações tem de ser feitas nele também...
ArkaGod (1 year ago)
baixa o CS 1.6, q eh melhor q esse dae kkkk
Savage Gui (2 years ago)
its a working version ?
Erick Castro (2 years ago)
It operates the online mode this mod?
Breezoz (2 years ago)
14:11 Got rekt xd
Adolf Hitler (2 years ago)
PAJO (2 years ago)
who is creator of this mod?
Lucas Rivas! (2 years ago)
there is a whole facebook development page for this, i love it!
kRYSISS EZ (2 years ago)
plzzz zombie mode T///T
JOTA (2 years ago)
Tech nician (2 years ago)
And mode maybe Zombie & Gost Zombie Z & Zombie sinario & Gost teeam &..
Tech nician (2 years ago)
Luxury Watch (2 years ago)
Kevin Jonathan (2 years ago)
https://m.facebook.com/groups/1782052655385487?tsid=0.8488896451890469&source=typeahead the group of the mod which included updates
Patrick Mantovani (2 years ago)
OMG, Awesome. Works with online mode?
Professional Play (2 years ago)
make more often on Css
Icarus wind (2 years ago)
is it a skin
Trigger_b0y (2 years ago)
CaraDePapel ! (2 years ago)
wtf xd
FilipeFutNews (2 years ago)
continua assim
Fancilly Sauce (2 years ago)
Oh wow i never thought that any1 would wanna copy out cso2 its good maybe i should change my gaming to this

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