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DosBox Game Shortcuts

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Have you ever just wanted to have a shortcut to Blood, Duke3d or any other DOS game on your modern pc desktop through DosBox? I'll walk you through creating the config files and shortcuts required to do just that!
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Abrimaal (2 months ago)
Simply. Save config file from DosBox when a game is loaded in full screen. New shortcut. Paste in shortcut location: D:\path\DOSBox.exe -conf D:\path\altered.conf This is only an example. You must know the location of DOSBox and config files.
vd853 (3 months ago)
Just use D-Fend-Reloaded
First Name Last Name (4 months ago)
If only exiting the game would also exit dosbox so I would not have to type exit everytime
Saint Legna (6 months ago)
Omg thank you so much , i was losing my mind trying to get it setup kept not making config separate so i could only have one dam game on auto run
CrabbyTV (9 months ago)
Thanks dude! You really helped me!
Benja_drift (10 months ago)
i love u dude, so simple and easy, i will have a lot of fun with this
chandana vegad (10 months ago)
Sir,I have a problem. I have made a shortcut of my game using this conf method. The problem is that I have saved a conf file. Last lines were we write mount lines ,I have written the mount drive and the game new just how you thought.but now I have save this conf file and the dos box and made a install package.now while installing if I change the path the dos box will not able to find the game and conf file. Please tell me what do
Digital Palette (10 months ago)
I'm not 100% certain about the fix for your current issue. If I were to make a guess? It sounds like your setting up some sort of path to the conf/game. whenever you package DOSBOX with a game, I'm pretty sure you have to install it in the same root directory i.e. your game is in c:\games\yourgamehere then your DOSBOX would be in c:\games\yourgamehere\DOSBOX then it would simply be a matter of changing the path to your files to something that is in the same local file structure. So instead of "mount c C:\games\yourgamehere" you would put something along the lines of "mount c ..\" I appologize if that doesn't make much sense, it's really late when I'm giving this reply. I hope it works.
chandana vegad (11 months ago)
I used this technique to make cpp programme shortcuts . again THANK yo
chandana vegad (11 months ago)
Thank you very very much this vedio helped me lot
ChozoSR388 (11 months ago)
I have a question; I'm trying to modify an existing .conf file (dosbox_quake_single.conf) that has a menu system inbuilt for a game selector for a non-GOG set of DOS games. I know all of the directories for the games I want to choose from, and I have everything set up the way that I'm pretty sure it should go: _:label_ _@echo off_ _CONFIG -set "cycles=20000"_ (or w/e, if necessary) _cls_ _cd \DIRECTORY_ _GAME.exe_ _exit_ for each game. It auto-mounts C: and D: (I have some DOS games that require a CD to be in the drive) when it loads the config, changes to C:\, displays the menu and asks you to input an option. However, when I press the corresponding option, it runs straight through to the _:exit_ _exit_ option. I know 'cause I inserted a pause command into the exit subroutine, and it goes straight to that. However, there is a set of _if errorlevel_ n _goto label_ commands, so, it shouldn't just go straight to the exit subroutine, right?
Digital Palette (10 months ago)
It sounds like it doesn't know where to find the actual executable.Try using the dir command and see what files come up in the directory, if there's nothing there, or if something looks off I'd head back to the initial code and go from there. Sorry it took so long for a reply, as well.
jesse Vortex Sungte (1 year ago)
Thank for relieving frustration on how to make a mounted shortcut dos games. I recommend to set original clear graphics with less pixelated. Go dosbox options (windows batch file) in the installed directory. Select it. 1. Find "fullresolution" and "windowresolution". After you find Typed "fixed size" in both resolutions. Make sure your "fullscreen" is "fullscreen=true" on the other hand alt + enter. 2. Find "output" (just below "window resolution") type "opengl" 3. Search "scaler" ( it must be in "render" category) type "normal2x" (the least best optional you can select between "none" to "normal3x"). It works better.
Dhruv frank (1 year ago)
you just got i more subscriber
Digital Palette (1 year ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed the video!
Manomed (1 year ago)
I cant make that file cfg help
This will execute the game directly: https://github.com/es20490446e/DOS-Runner
Pietro Caciagli (1 year ago)
Thank you very much, super useful video!
Trent St Quintin (2 years ago)
Thanks heaps! This is the only guide that made sense.
Matt Metschan (2 years ago)
Hey I followed the steps but my dosbox prompt is not showing anything
Digital Palette (2 years ago)
No problem, glad to hear it worked out for ya in the end!
Matt Metschan (2 years ago)
Hey man I tried this again and it actually worked! This is way better than doing it all on one dosbox! This video after watching it a 2nd time worked! Thanks!
Matt Metschan (2 years ago)
Thanks man!
Digital Palette (2 years ago)
Fair enough man, hope it ends up working better for ya!
Matt Metschan (2 years ago)
I actually switched over to just putting all my stuff on one dosbox prompt since I think that is easie for me
M W (2 years ago)
Dude you are the man!!! I've been watching other videos on how to do this and they just confuse the hell out of you. I wish I would have found the video about six hours ago! This video was extremely helpful. Cheers!
Digital Palette (2 years ago)
+BigMaw 007 I'm glad it helped, Thanks for watching!

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