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Top 5 Players You Hate in CS:GO Match Making.

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Disclaimer: In no way have I covered all the different types of players people hate in CSGO Match Making. This list is based off of my opinion specifically referring to my experiences in Valve's CS:GO Match Making service. 🐔 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nomicro4u 💰 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Nomicro4u
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Text Comments (6128)
Thot Slayer (5 days ago)
The first day I got csgo I was getting completely shit on because I wasn’t playing perfectly. The funny thing is they were silver 2.
Eonymia (11 days ago)
Smurfs: "bUt I wAnT tO pLaY wItH mY fRiEnD." Go play on community hosted servers, you fuck.
GASTRO GAMING (15 days ago)
DSVerified (18 days ago)
I only hate russians, sometimes smurfs.
ExTinquish _Frzn (22 days ago)
5 more reasons to get esea or faceit subscriptions
Bandit (22 days ago)
But don't you cheat too 🤔on your tenaciouslea account or whatever
Gilleee (24 days ago)
I enjoy playing with cheaters i also cheat to.
Ashton (25 days ago)
When you buy auto on last round for shits and giggles while carrying your team but they still votekick you
ATVER Gaming (28 days ago)
The guy who is linuentinant rank 23 but was killed by a Coroporal rank 8. Based on a true story (I am Coroporal rank 8 and I don't have any second account)
Kyle Orate (28 days ago)
6. Lenny face spammer The piece of shit who'd always make edgy hitler nazi gay jokes while constantly spamming lenny faces in chat on every kill
Dylan Wilson (29 days ago)
Is it weird that all the asshole guys sound exactly the same
frostbite (1 month ago)
Just played with some russian players and to my surprise they were pretty chill
ProtoGamma (1 month ago)
The people that blast shitty music into their mics meaning that the rest of the team will just stop communicating. Also there was a mach, where there were a team of four players in a party and me, where they afkd the first 5 rounds then were not communicating, which triggered me a bit too much, which made them insta kick me and I lost a rank.
gamer24x (1 month ago)
1 to 5 The Turkish fucks, joining your lobby with a flag that shows you're not Turkish(for me, the Italian flag) and start talking gibberish, like fucking at least English, just to fucking ruin your game with Turkish gibberish in both vc and text chat
krekire (1 month ago)
My brother is a toxic/backseat gamer type, who also rages at the fuckin game. So fucking annoying, and he completely forgets about the team based part.
mc bad robot voice (1 month ago)
That guy who blasts music over voice chat is in every game I play
Raw Noob (1 month ago)
The guy who thinks he knows more than you and actually f*cks up play the most
KinqX0X (1 month ago)
The most I hate, The people who say go to b, and say you didn’t go and you did and they say that you’re a noob and you’ve got more skills than them, but he’s so toxic and he doesn’t know how to play.
B1SQ1T (1 month ago)
Why buy cheats? Just buy skins. BECAUSE SKIN2WIN
Othmane Eddery (1 month ago)
Thats true still in 2018
DeVi0uS (1 month ago)
I wanted animation
Katt1N (1 month ago)
"If their plan fails they will never accept responsibility" Then you show a clip of his plan working and you getting the entry, and then the rest of the team refusing to push further. And YOU were the biggest baiter of all of them, you did not do anything for your team that round. You got given everything you could ask for that round, you just failed to use it to your advantage.
Eric Silver (1 month ago)
Katt1N uh huh
Katt1N (1 month ago)
Edit: He even called you out on baiting hahahah, he was 100% correct.
crisdebo0723 (1 month ago)
Ok ok. I like csgo it’s great. But the community makes the overwatch community look great.
M&R [] (1 month ago)
and thats why i only have 4 wins with 100 hrs on my account.
Eric Silver (1 month ago)
M&R [] actually?
Thee Crenubyx (1 month ago)
My top 5 1: People who leave their mic on and probably have a Tesla Coil beside their setup 2: People that move in front of your LoF 3: People who don't drop 4: Teamkillers 5: Silver Asian Tryhard (they act like they're better than you even though they are Silver II)
Fox YT (1 month ago)
if this was based on faceit it would only be 1 players u hate on faceit and it would be everyone cuz if u make 1 mistake or dont clutch u will get kicked reported and called noob even tho u have 50 kills and they have 2
ALINN (1 month ago)
The people who feel have "voice enabled 0" in 5v5 comp
ALINN (1 month ago)
The type of player i hate the most is definitely the toxic player, Even if you're nice to them they're peices of shits, Thats when i become the "griefer" ;)
Bexspace (1 month ago)
Russians should have dedicated servers. I don't really fucking care, but I hate them. They are the most toxic community out there and ruin every single game with their AZBUKA and russian language. In most cases they don't even try to speak english. Speak ENGLISH you russian faggot so I can understand you.
Danax (1 month ago)
He forgot most russians
angry bullfrog (1 month ago)
nice disco dodge ball music
Kieran Englefield (1 month ago)
You ever hear about those hackers who make their own hacks and do HvH where two teams of hackers do a hack off now that should be a competitive sport
Phanta Gaming (1 month ago)
"harassment is not a game" - bully hunter 97
Flex Tape (1 month ago)
My list:5 hacker 4wall hack 3 fecking mic spammer kid 2bad teammate 1:TEC9 USER
PelaajaW (1 month ago)
you forgot the ruski shit
Vsus (1 month ago)
*Girl kissing faggot* me: wut
Galaxy Guy (2 months ago)
Hence why I don’t play the game anymore. It’s gone to shit lmao
Alex Sheehan (2 months ago)
I got kicked for making the not wait in spawn so someone could take it later.
the one guy who is ear raping i hate them the MOST
Dairy is not juice (2 months ago)
The noob with a scar 20
Aviation Unlimited (2 months ago)
hmm many people hate russians but when you know the language it can be funny
Waffle (2 months ago)
I hate when I have 2 cheaters that are queued together on my team since I can't kick em
Śhīøñ (2 months ago)
Number 1 should be the russian
Ved Pardhi (2 months ago)
I hate the ones who ask every game "any Pinoy???" I fucking hate them
theminute man (2 months ago)
If someone is just spinning really fast in spawn, does that mean they're spinbotting?
Squidward Tentacles (2 months ago)
Russians are all of 5<3
Ignas Užupis (3 months ago)
well, csgo is technicaly dead... But ok
Ignas Užupis (1 month ago)
ye... ok
Eric Silver (1 month ago)
Ignas Užupis I didn't know a dead game had hundreds of thousands of active players an d many dedicated streamers but ok
Obi-wan Kenobi (3 months ago)
What is that jungle map
Danqus (3 months ago)
what map is he playing on?
SlowGaming Tr (3 months ago)
1. the guy who buys an awp when there is already 2 guys with awp (and dies without getting any kills)
Infamous black coat (3 months ago)
What is a Smurf in CS?
NotDIOsKidGiorno (3 months ago)
"Gg EZ" is the type i hate.
Liam Koshowski (3 months ago)
What is that song in the background
Rory CHAMP (3 months ago)
toxic is worst than hacker
street (3 months ago)
I was in a game once eh, and the smurfs on the other team nonstopped ranted how we were bad.. so i stated "they feel the need to point out an abvious fact we understand and agreed to even but feels the need to still rub it in becuase of his failed social skills" They went dead silent for the rest of the game.
Adolf Hitler (3 months ago)
Somewhere has to be russian micspammers
Nuzzer (3 months ago)
*S M U R F S* Smurfing is disgusting and just shows how bad you are.
BLAZE (3 months ago)
_My list of annoying playertypes..._ 5: Girl gamers that keep on trying to make it so damn clear that they're girls, and use it as an excuse for getting killed. I do not mind girl gamers at all but I've met a few that keeps on centering themselves all the time because they're girls and believe that they need a different treatment because of that. For example, I once had one on my team who kept on buying AWPs on eco rounds, didn't stick with the rest of my team, and tried to make her own strategies. She kept using the argument that she was a girl and that we should accept her actions because of her gender. 4:That guy who tries to votekick you if you fail to complete the team objective. Whether you're a counter terrorist failing to defuse the bomb as the last standing player or if you can't find the bomb amongst your dead teammates being a terrorist. Either way there's always that guy who tries to kick you due to a simple mistake. 3:Higher ranked players that can simply not accept failure. I'm not the most experienced player myself being only Gold Nova Master. QOnce upon a time I was playing with my friend who happens to be a Supreme. This meant I was going up against much better players yet I was trashtalked and called hacker and smurf for killing one of them once. In order to reach higher ranks, you need to go through victories and losses. Yet still some still rage over dying to a less experienced player a single time. 2:MIC spammers that probably has their speakers right next to their computer as they max the volume and play some weird soundtrack that possibly sounds decent but sounds absolutely horrible in game through their MIC. Yeah I can mute them, but I think they should consider stopping the music themselves. as not all people likes to listen to loud music when trying to talk with each other during a match. Plus the music won't give us any benefit what so ever, it's loud, it distracts and it often sounds terrible. 1:People that denies when you try to kick a legit hacker on your team. Hackers are most likely players who've completely given up on trying to improve at games, and therefore tries to ruin others' game experiences. Some people still insist on keeping them on your team as an advantage even though they know that the competitive match victory will be reset if the hacker is eventually VAC banned.
Game Reviewer (3 months ago)
After watching this video i just found out im the backseat gamer since the only thing im good at is giving my teammates enemy positions and all that and i feel anoyued when they act as if i didnt say anything at all
Or the 15 year olds who say "SPEAK ENGLISH YOU FUCKING FAGGOT" Not everyone knows English
Chaitanya Negi (4 months ago)
The only players i hate are kids... They juat dunno how to play themselves but screams on us
Triangle_God (4 months ago)
Backseat toxic smurf
The automatic sniper
DA_FK (4 months ago)
I gave up on csgo now I only play for fun.
OCUgamer (4 months ago)
Russians that go like this : p1: RUSSKKIII p2: DA p3: DA p4: DA BLYAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hornbyhenry (4 months ago)
Number 1 for me is the ‘My friends and I will vote kick you cause we feel like it’ guy
Maddoag1 (4 months ago)
Fucking cheaters and toxic people who keep saying what are you doing bitch and then i ace the round and he says meh and the guy when i suggest somthing he says shut up kid
CrossbyIsToasty (4 months ago)
Top 5 players I hate in CSGO matchmaking: 5. Myself. 4. Myself. 3. Myself. 2. My dog. 1. Myself. Hope this helps!
The Clorax (4 months ago)
Map removed? I'm fairly new to CS
Daniel Glean (4 months ago)
I literally just had a game where we were already winning but 3 of my teammates left for no reason so we lost
FoXTroT (4 months ago)
You forgot one, the guy that kicks other players because he thinks they are noob even if it was the first round and the dude died first
Mr VoltaZ (4 months ago)
Dude how about Russians and Polish?:D
Sketchybacon (4 months ago)
DoXy DoXy (4 months ago)
Taccine (4 months ago)
1. people who tell me to stfu because i'm a kid when i actually give valid info 2. cunts 3. people who dont listen 4. autonoobs 5. retards
CV-KETEL31 (4 months ago)
Top 5 players i hate? My team. (Yes, including myself)
Darkis (4 months ago)
TaN1nO (4 months ago)
tf is that crosshair
VeNN (4 months ago)
If u play on Asian servers: *chinese people on team and shout when you do the slightest thing wrong*
Try2BeDerp (4 months ago)
You forgot the ruski that talks russian and thinks everyone knows russian smh
The KebabRemover 28 (4 months ago)
Guys with fucking 5 kills in 13/12 situation playing at team leader.
crismar Rivera (4 months ago)
1 Russian 2 Russian 3 Russian 4 Russian 5 Russian
iRaiden (4 months ago)
Logic:if you are better than someone you are a cheater,if you rage you are a kid,if you have 60-70 hours you cant review your opinion on steam about cs go(i am not talking about me,i have 700 hours)if you aim at the head and you miss because the hitboxes are broken you are a noob
iRaiden (4 months ago)
1:smurfs 2:smurfs 3:smurfs 4:smurfs 5:cheaters 6:trollers 7:people who kill because you didnt drop them 8:you lose the first round and an enemy already says:noobs,ez 9:when someone says that you suck when he is carried by you 10:17-26 years old persons that comment about his team,that they have 12 years old,and he is carried by those 12 years old kiddos,but still comments 11:group persons that are trolling and they are kicking you for not doing a clutch when you carry them 12:persons that kick you for not clutching or for beeing a little anoying when you carry them
trifan alex (4 months ago)
The most player/players i hate is a premade team who kick you on the first round.
DefaultyDhrubo (4 months ago)
I don't hate russians, but if they dont know english ATLEAST play in russian servers or dont solo queue and have a full team of russians
Jerry TheLenny (4 months ago)
not to mention but that crosshair is for noobs
Nigger Tom (4 months ago)
the one using a p90
DeathDragon7050 (4 months ago)
The guy who gives advice is not a bad player, he’s helping the team and if you would listen to him you would probably get the job done
Fuck U (4 months ago)
in our server....Indian=Russian
theXDkidoflol (5 months ago)
I find cheating fine... on one occasion. Hack V Hack. Where two teams both all cheat, so it’s cheaters against cheaters.
Thomas GG (5 months ago)
Heartworn Fox (5 months ago)
I hate those people who are too good and never let the new players learn
Philip Hanhurst (5 months ago)
I have a bind to call everyone a hacker. To get the other team salty. Even works when we're losing.
Janah (5 months ago)
Janah (5 months ago)
#backseat gamer , everyone is a genius csgo player when they are dead = reason i stopped playing cs go match making for good.
Michael Patasin (5 months ago)
You forgot one thing the tbag guy
Назар Яремус (5 months ago)
Hate smurfs the most, cause can't punish them
Brendon Urie (5 months ago)
The people who tell you CLUTCH THIS OR YOU WILL GET KICKED
GAY Null (5 months ago)
i am 1#

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