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Half-Life:Uncertainty Principle - VNN Reviews

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we are reviewing the Half Life 2 : Episode 2 Mod, Uncertainty Principle. This mod is honestly one of the best I've played in a while, but not without its flaws. Will I recommend it, or just say pass it by? Mod Download : http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/uncertainty-principle/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nintendo News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZxOEoO7GKlAqRJJl3bGxag Follow Me On Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor
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Text Comments (300)
Kebab Remover (3 months ago)
Ah come on Tyler, you don't absolutely love defense segmentes in valve games? Because i do
Someone (5 months ago)
that voice crack near the end tho
Don Dan (8 months ago)
Forgot to mention it is a coop game where you play along side Keem Star
TyrannoWright (11 months ago)
What is with resistance members wearing HEV suits? Was there more than one suit preserved from the Black Mesa incident? Or is it just lazy mod designing?
ZoomlessDude (1 year ago)
I played it and I was astonished how lengthy it was. Very well made.
DexterousCobra (1 year ago)
Why are you carrying Keemstar everywhere?
KoreanKebab (1 year ago)
i just got and i can't wait to play it!!!!
TheLazyWanderer (1 year ago)
Seriously now. How the fuck did you get the mod to appear on Steam?
RomeroFanboy (1 year ago)
Lol, this mod sucks my friend had this he said framedrop was the worst in this game. LAGG
Khalil Mokhtar (2 years ago)
Hi, can you please do opposing force 2 mod review please and thanks
taonyaanzu (2 years ago)
why you were carrying the gnome lal the time?
TrickyJawa (2 years ago)
tyler, why dont you review the citizen mod?
melc311 (2 years ago)
the medkits are given to the player  via item_dynamic_resuply . Basically it will give medkits in crates when the player is low on hp , batteries when lower than 30% and ammo and grenades when needed .
It's short, but it's good. I thought that it had a handful of problems (mostly nitpicks) but it's great for what it is, especially for a first attempt at a story based mod.
Generic Medic (2 years ago)
Ah, he gave it a "You should play it" out of ten. That's a pretty good score.
JamesBondBLHK100 (2 years ago)
Why do you always bring Gnome Chompski in this video? XD
Foggovor (2 years ago)
I am loving the mod reviews!
Morgan Segon-Fisher (2 years ago)
Review Cinematic mod
darkfire321000 (2 years ago)
if you can, try to find and play a working version of the human error mod, if not, smod outbreak would be nice
Wicket Ewok (2 years ago)
The jalopy part was 2 minutes and that's what "shined" about it?
Wicket Ewok (2 years ago)
How do I play it???
Pine Jew (2 years ago)
Full playthrough pl0x
review the half-life 1 mod point of view
Austinitsua (2 years ago)
do Portal Stories: Mel
Mr. Darkness (2 years ago)
Hey Tyler, maybe you should actually start doing the mod reviews? Thats a pretty neat idea I think, especially if these mods are being actively updated.
Francis52 (2 years ago)
Well it looked like a fantastic mod until you showed the 3:07 footage Really a shame
david lopez (2 years ago)
Please play underhell amazing mod holy shit and long game
Krebora (2 years ago)
Your a resistance member with a HEV suit gg combine.
Machinator (2 years ago)
I checked out some of the other reviews of the mod. Most people seemed to like the driving sections but a couple noted that the way you're meant to drive isn't always clear. They also noted that some of the combat feels disproportionate in terms of where you end up fighting enemies. Ie; Almost no enemies for a while and then an army of zombies. I would have liked to see more resistance members fighting alongside you rather than playing alone almost the whole mod, seeing as how you're a resistance member. I'd give it an 8.5/10.
Tanyn Sansom (2 years ago)
Review some goldsrc mods
Renato Lopes (2 years ago)
Hey! At least he review mods that people didn't played. Thanks, Tyler!
Renato Lopes (2 years ago)
wait it came a few days ago.... reasonable...
TheBigH (2 years ago)
REVIEW UNDERHELL! REVIEW UNDERHELL!!!!! REVIEW UNDERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elijah Potter (2 years ago)
Contrats on 100k subs! Make sure to show us your silver play button too. Maybe your parents will change their mind about YouTube after seeing it, but that could be a long shot.
Fred Brown (2 years ago)
Veden (2 years ago)
I hope your parents don't see your other video (the donate one).
Irakli Bogveradze (2 years ago)
you better review underhell instead of 2 hours map pack or im gonna... im gonna... cry...
Dementia (2 years ago)
Grats on 100k boiii!
Why the fuck is he carrying that garden gnome around???
Valvechief75 (2 years ago)
100,000 subs guys vnn has 100,000 subs :D
Survival Theory (2 years ago)
100,000 thousands subscriber!!!
Dec_bot (2 years ago)
Do a review of Portal Stories: Mel. It's on Steam as a free mod for Portal 2 and its amazing.
Mikkel Jørgensen (2 years ago)
Good to see the Patreon doing well man! Hope this all works out for you. I'll sign up as a patron later (y)
DaBlaze (2 years ago)
It's awesome your spreading Half Life mods to masses, but how is this "Valve News?" Wouldn't it make more sense to upload this on VNN2?
Agenta 1999 (2 years ago)
If you are going to do a mod review, i would HIGHLY recommend reviewing Minerva: Metastasis, Half Life 2: Update, and Portal Stories: Mel
The Timelords (2 years ago)
Here comes your Silver Play Button!
AJSCATMAN (2 years ago)
Tyler, have you ever showcased / played a half life 2 mod called Transmissions Element 120?
Alexander Pogodin (2 years ago)
+Valve News Network short, but awesome mod you can talk about is Transmissions: Element 120, it actually got Green Lit on Steam some time ago. :D
сода (2 years ago)
dat gnome doe
MAGIK MANN (2 years ago)
Love these reviews keep going
Nikolas Gilfanov (2 years ago)
You should show Research and Development. I would like to know what it is like before I spend time downloading it.
Slippery Sandals (2 years ago)
Almost to 100k! As lord Gaben I will give you the Sword of Valve, you will be able to spawn half off sales on anything you touch with this sword.
ethics (2 years ago)
Will you do Half Life 1 mods?
DgRCAD (2 years ago)
The only thing I hate about watching people play mods with gnomes. THEY TAKE THE FREAKING GNOME WITH THEM THROUGH THE WHOLE GAME!!!! ITS EVIL AND RUINS EVERYONES EXPERIENCE!!!!
KylethePokéDude (2 years ago)
I think that source engine glitch with the viruses applies to left 4 dead 2 because after I played on a custom server my steam account got hijacked.
BadassFreeman (2 years ago)
I kind of liked the mod, but had some odd stuff. Like enemies suddenly appearing on your ass every now and then, that was annoying. Seriously, I kept watching my back like a paranoid psychopath because of it.
TurtleGalaxies (2 years ago)
JJ Warner (2 years ago)
+GaBeN Newell GabeN Newell... Gabe Newell Newell?
Slippery Sandals (2 years ago)
Florian (2 years ago)
Try out the Opposing Force 2 mod. The developement stopped a while ago, but the team released all contend they had and it is fun to play. I can't wait for the day they continue developing that cool mod :D
Demon Cleaner (2 years ago)
What's with the gnome?
Boston Strong (2 years ago)
Here are some other very well made mods you should review: Underhell Zombie Panic Source No More Room in Hell Portal Stories Combine Destiny Combine Combat  The mods are outstanding, you won't be disappointed.
Boston Strong (2 years ago)
+Cridone It's a mod for Half Life 2 Ep 2. It has a few chapters, voice actors and a very good story line. It takes a lot to complete it. Now we are waiting for a new chapter to come.
Boston Strong (2 years ago)
+lampenpam Yes. 
lampenpam (2 years ago)
+Skrubby Cupcake I have played tons of HL2 mods but never heard of COmbine Destiny and Combine Combat. Are those singpleplayer?
Galko655e (2 years ago)
To Tyler I challenge you to make review of Crack life(HL mod),IF you think you can handle it.
Dune Jumper (2 years ago)
Are you going to review some older mods? Since Source mods don't come out frequently anymore, there aren't a lot of reviews to be done on newer releases.
Locationary (2 years ago)
@valve news network is it possible for some one to mod a storyline with content from half life, portal and l4d has anyone done this? I mean couldn't Gerry's mod be used some way to do this could make a great story #valve news network
Gianni Cerutti (2 years ago)
stuck in the room with the crane, hints?
Digiquo (2 years ago)
Search the mod forums, not here.
Bruno Santos (2 years ago)
Suggestion: Games that "became" Portal (Narbacular Drop) and Portal 2 (Tag - The Power Of Paint). Both were projects from Digipen students, and the students were hired by Valve to make the Portal games
ruls (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me how to install it on Half life 2 non steam version?
melc311 (2 years ago)
+xXRulesXx Basically put the maps textures and models needed into the hl2 folder where they should be and play the maps via console . If you cant even play maps on cracked half life 2 , then pirating games isn't for you and you should buy episode 2 . Its ways easier this way
Username Taken (2 years ago)
+Random doggie Dude, It types out with letters and numbers "BUY THE DAMN GAME"
Joeyy (2 years ago)
+RastlaHD I see what you did there :) * Inserts Lenny Face*
Random doggie (2 years ago)
dont woork
Joeyy (2 years ago)
+NomNomNom XD
Definitive Dubs (2 years ago)
I think you should call this a "mod spotlight" instead of a review.
Digiquo (2 years ago)
It was more of a review. He talked about the pros and cons of the mod after playing through it all. A spotlight would be more like doing a let's play on only like the first 10 minutes of the mod.
VexerGaming (2 years ago)
Face reveal when you reach 100k?
Lex Betty (2 years ago)
+WarriorDan It's an inside joke.
Aperturee (2 years ago)
+Valve News Network Oh yes.
+Valve News Network Why Club Penguin? Has nothing really to do with what you normally do, and it would kinda seem out of place, in my opinion.
VexerGaming (2 years ago)
Cool, thanks for replying +Valve News Netork , good to see you still read the comments unlike some other youtubers. Kepp up the good work :-)
Valve News Network (2 years ago)
+TheEpicBritish Just watch a livestream, I show my face a lot on those :-) I'm thinking of playing Club Penguin on 100k
Womble - TC (2 years ago)
Please, please PLEASE do Mission improbable, Its very good and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I asked this about a year ago in one of your streams and you read it out. My face at that time :D
Svetoslav Tsanev (2 years ago)
My vote for a mod review goes to Episode 2: Offshore - it's a Russian mod IIRC.
CRCG Central (2 years ago)
whats the song in the background? i know its from half life but i canny find it.
Liam McLain (2 years ago)
Is the uncertainty principal heisenberg?
Random doggie (2 years ago)
thanks! Ill check it out definitely!
Random doggie (2 years ago)
+Random doggie just beaten it , no regards!
Skoldiber (2 years ago)
Is there a playlist of source mods like this for Half life 2 and Portal? I want to get into some of these mods but don't know where to find them :P (playing Mels story after i re-complete portal 2)
Dennis Meow (2 years ago)
I like how you're careing the gnome all the time
lem0n (2 years ago)
valvetime does reviews too
Mikle Talalaevskiy (2 years ago)
Thank you Tylor, I wouldn't have found it if not for you.
FeedTheAlex (2 years ago)
Half life? More like no life! HAHAHA
Slippery Sandals (2 years ago)
Ty Sayahi (2 years ago)
Doc Ca (2 years ago)
STILL ALIVE AND WANT YOU GONE'S COMPOSER MADE A 3RD SONG ABOUT PORTAL: YOU WOULDN'T KNOW https://soundcloud.com/jonathancoulton/you-wouldnt-know
Rapier Divine (2 years ago)
I'm the best ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
boo_ (2 years ago)
Does it work for Source 2013?
_Mootin (2 years ago)
Do a review for half life mod: hazardous course
ruls (2 years ago)
Why are you carrying a gnome?
Song8ird (2 years ago)
+Tardis Guy That's too bad:(  How far did you get with him anyway?
Flin Dangle (2 years ago)
+xXRulesXx youd just leave the poor guy behind? you monster
Dementia (2 years ago)
+xXRulesXx Cuz gnome=swag
Random doggie (2 years ago)
+xXRulesXx i carried this gnom because of him all game and nothing happen at the end .. me and the gnome fly away under the sun set :D
Tardis Guy (2 years ago)
+Portalmaster36 That's cruel. Still, at least you persevered. I got so fed up of the gnome I emptied my SMG into it before Gravity Gunning it out of sight. It does mean I'll have to take the wretched thing all the way through thee entire game again to get the achievement though.
ruls (2 years ago)
can someone tell me how to make a hl2 custom campaign?
dinu mazur (2 years ago)
finally i found , youtube chanel about half life mods
CrazyKosai (2 years ago)
somehow doesn't work for me
Benjamin Jackson (2 years ago)
Gnome is love gnome is life
Taras Palczynski (2 years ago)
Review Portal Stories: Mel
Fraple (2 years ago)
I am so happy he made it to $500 on patron for a sec I was scared that his YouTube would stop for some reason.
ch1rurg (2 years ago)
Ive seen my friend playing Portal Stories: Mel but I'm not gonna ask him if it's good, 'cos he's a noob. So.... If you could review it that would be nice. Thanks!
Nazareno Gonzalez (2 years ago)
i haven't played the mod, but everyone say is a master peace.
OnionChoppingNinja (2 years ago)
who needs valve to make Half Life 3 anyway? C'mon guys and gals, we can do it! If Valve refuses to make a HL3, we just make it ourself! We got the tools to do it. and the first generation of Valve employees were mostly modders hired by valve to make Half Life! If they can do it in the mid 90s we can certainly do it right now!
nosiyboy850 (2 years ago)
why were you carrying that gnome?
Khagan (2 years ago)
that fucking garden gnome
Simok1234 (2 years ago)
Why are you carrying that gnome everywhere???
Slaughterrific (2 years ago)
your jump cuts are so unnatural sometimes. For someone with almost 100k get better at that :p
Digiquo (2 years ago)
Like he said, he will sometimes get interrupted by his parents, and that pretty much ruins the recordings. So he saves what he can and starts over from there. Probably saves him a good deal of time. Hopefully he can move out soon, and then that won't be an issue.
Boster (2 years ago)
Is it me or we are seeing even less and less of HL2 based mods? I remember back in 2009-2011 that on Moddb, it was like a flood of mods from HL2/ep.1/ep.2 I guess after HL3 (maybe) we will witness another boom when it comes to number of projects, I think.
Boster (2 years ago)
Hey man, thanks for that info. That was really informative and let us hope that with new version, we will witness another boom of mod projects.  And that the history of current version wont repeat.
TZK203 (2 years ago)
+Boster17503 I can give you some background as to why the... HL2 mod scene is rather dead--not truly dead, mind you; there will always be someone releasing a mod occasionally, both good, bad, and in the middle, but it's dying right now. Why? Because many of us are waiting for Source 2's Hammer Editor--I used the Hammer Editor for over 3 fucking years, and I hated its shortcomings, because while they may be inconvenient if you test your map once or twice, they become very, very wasteful and consequential as you start testing your map hundreds of times over. Those shortcomings are a huge time waster, drain you of your willpower to keep going with your map, and are just... frustrating. You need to have a good amount of patience for this, and while I had it initially when I was new to this stuff and excited to learn about the capabilities of Hammer, now, after all these years, where learning something new is as rare as finding $20 on the street, Hammer's shortcomings and archaic design have finally caught up to me. In today's software contexts, it's a horrible piece of software, and I hope Valve really takes their time to make its version 2 a whole lot better and less irritating. Until then, though, many of us are in the mindset of "if they (Valve) are actively developing another version of Hammer (as is evidenced by the presence of the Dota Workshop Alpha Tools) that is going to be a lot better than the current Hammer Editor, is it really worth it making maps now when, sooner or later, a new version of Hammer will come out? Also, is it worth wasting my time continuing to develop maps for Hammer when I could switch over to Unreal Engine 4 and see what I've been missing out on (okay, well, this last sentence is mostly my personal thought, but the previous sentences are probably shared by more than a few Hammer community members). Namely, what I'm talking about when I am talking about Hammer's shortcomings is (1) the long-ass amount of time it takes to compile a map; (2) the lack of any real-time light editor in the viewports; (3) numerous bugs that lead to crashes midway into your mapmaking project--and you forgot to save your map, mind you (frustrating as fuck); and (4) I could list more of its shortcomings and lacking of features, but as I said: the lack of good features, a powerful toolset, etc. discourage me from using it anymore--it's not fun anymore after realizing how much more... smooth it is to make a map in the newest Unreal Engine (Unreal Engine 4), for example. While we're at it, I would like to heavily state with utmost intent that Unreal Engine 4's development toolkits for level designers bring so much more to the table, remove so many of the inconveniences that plague older level editors, ESPECIALLY Hammer, and introduce many powerful features that really help in making sure our creative visions are not just visions, but realities. Not to mention, the people over at Epic Games, whoever they are, are constantly updating their developer toolsets and fixing bugs, glitches, improving toolset performance, and removing unnecessary steps to do something, but best of all: they add new features to the damn thing based on community feedback. Now, Valve may be known for listening to their communities on their games (well, most of their games, that is), but up until the announcement of Source 2 and the release of the Dota Workshop Alpha Tools, Valve did not make one tangible quality-of-life improvement to Hammer in over 10 years... 10 years! No, switching over to the Orange Box is not considered an "update" to me, because Hammer remained the exact same piece of crap that it was since 2005. Okay, I'll bite: maybe in 2005, it was considered good software, but now, in 2015, I'd like to watch it burn to ashes. Hell, even Gabe Newell said how fucked up and shitty their tools are for making Source games, remarking on how "painful" and "difficult" it was to get things to a functional state of being--a functional prototype. He reassured us that they're making great strides to make sure that creating community-made content is as easy as possible, and I still believe him--I believe Valve is trying their utmost to fix their shitty toolsets; however, I have a strong belief that once Source 2 has an actual, legitimate, multi-game-developing Hammer Editor 2.0, that Valve will just completely forget about it, and history will repeat itself. I'm hoping I'm wrong. I'm sorry if I dragged into a bit of personal territory, but my distaste for Valve's modmaking level design tool is rather strong, now more than ever. Unreal Engine 4 has shown me that powerful, efficient, and "beautiful" development software is possible. Valve likes to advertise that they hire the best and brightest to work on and create their games and tools. I sincerely hope they make something even better than what Unreal Engine 4 has right now, because if they can't... well, I wouldn't know what would happen, so I'll stay out of that territory. That's my piece. It's more of an essay, but I think it covers your question a little bit, I think, and a whole lot more.
Nutritious Bag Circles (2 years ago)
play Day Hard...BEST MOD
ThatNormalBunny (2 years ago)
God damn it Tyler, I thought this was a Half Life game announcement officially made by Valve :O Also you dont like waiting for the game to do its shit while you kill a shit ton of enemies. ... ... ... Then dont play Destiny ^_^
RSmith2112 (2 years ago)
Sounds like a fun mod. I'll have to try it out. Also I'd like to see more reviews of not just mods, but full games as well.
GeniusGT (2 years ago)
Do one of Synergy or MINERVA (this one got the modder hired at Valve).
GeniusGT (2 years ago)
+Lucius Zakk Fair enough.
Username Taken (2 years ago)
He wouldn't have much to talk about in Synergy, simply because it's Half-Life Coop mode. Now, I played MINERVA and I think it would be a really cool mod to show off in the VNN channel.
Speed Wagon (2 years ago)
Did kirby just swallow Dr House?

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