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CS GO - Rank Distribution Update Explained! Why Did You Derank?

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Today's video will hopefully clear up the confusion and properly explain CS:GO's new rank distribution system. Sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/3ycoz3/csgo_rank_distribution_after_they_update_the/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/3xe7py/has_anybody_noticed_the_change_in_the_rank_system/cy3x3pj My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet Music By: https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic
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Text Comments (5183)
DminorEPICdude (1 year ago)
I used to rule the world (Gold Nova Master) Seas would rise when I gave the word Now in the morning I sleep alone Sweep the streets I used to own (Play with trash Silvers)
megatont (1 year ago)
I got deranked on a win. (I wasnt bottom frag)
HotScottGG (1 year ago)
I fucking went from god damn MGE to mother fucking shit ass Silver fucking 1!
Fat Faith IN JESUS (1 year ago)
EconomicUplift (1 year ago)
I only dropped from LE to MG2 and I got back to LE in 2 months, but all my friends went from MG1 to SE and never got back up.
Eyorakci16 (1 year ago)
how the fuck are there less silver 1 then global
Courageux Yekti (1 year ago)
thats why i got silver 1 when i just got my rank and i got my e=rank in 2017 AAAH STUPID UPDATE!!
avgnfan26 (1 year ago)
My friend who started playing in past 6 months or so was SEM on his first rank, so it really is because you're just new.
Courageux Yekti (1 year ago)
u sure? u think the first time u got a rank a rank it was silver one huh??? WELL I GUESS NOT!
avgnfan26 (1 year ago)
No that's just because you're new
Rige (1 year ago)
i lose two games 16 14 and first game i had 70 points 30 kills and second game 90 points 35 frag and 16 fuking 14 and derank mge fuck this
BearNiceGaming (1 year ago)
ive played 12 games and i won them all but when i won the 12th game i got deranked WTF
Realbek (1 year ago)
Bro I got a 9 win streak and no rank up
Ic3Break4r (2 years ago)
Hi,use code:denisel on CSGOatse for 1$^^
Noa (2 years ago)
Wait u lost subs? Werent u at 1,000,000 subs?
Sp1c3 (2 years ago)
got 4 win streak.... still at silver elite master :/
SlyAsianTie (1 year ago)
Sp1c3 You rank up from MVPS, and rounds won.
Sp1c3 (2 years ago)
meanwhile.....Gaben sits on his special chair designed for his ass and eats more cheeseburgers
za (2 years ago)
4 win streak is easy as fuck you wont rank up with 4 win streaks i got 15 win streak to rank up to mg
bohemiangrove (2 years ago)
what a fucking clickbait, you still didnt explain why people get deranked, or you said nothing about how the system works, you just talk about a update. faggot
CraZe (2 years ago)
I was gn2 and i deranked to silver 3 but got back my real rank a few months later! About 2-3 months
Lizl cs (2 years ago)
Gn4 to s2 OMFG
Bird (2 years ago)
I was global elite and I played one mission won it and it said I was silver 2, haven't played since.
RaiserGT (2 years ago)
here my story six months ago : I was gold Nova 3, got kicked deranked, went Nova 2, wifi services had to close unknowingly for a while deranked went Gold Nova 1, lost to a comp and deranked to silver master elite. WTF VALVE!!!!
g0dlen (2 years ago)
7 months later i still encounter people that say "im silver elite master but before the update i was GN4." its been 7 months, your NOT gn4 anymore, so dont tell people you are
Pushparaj Shettigar (2 years ago)
kakacarrot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
William Zhu (2 years ago)
Rank system in a nutshell: Win or derank, idgaf how many kills you get
William Zhu (2 years ago)
I shouldn't even be in silver elite right now... Mainly because of teammates who are ass at the game and were only carried to win games
Anthony M. (2 years ago)
It's retarded. I have won 5 games in a row top fragging. And got a kid to Silver 2. Now today I was playing on Mirage with the same kid and another friend. I carried my team with 37 kills while the kid got like 9 kills. We won and he got ranked up to Silver 3. Mathis update is terrible.
Jesus Kvistus (2 years ago)
I didnt play csgo at the time this updated happend . when i went back i played a game because my rank was gone so i needed to win 1. i did that in the first game and i went from Dmg - Gn1
HARBISTON (2 years ago)
started playing GO on November 2015, (played alot 1.6 before that) and reached my first rank SEM on the first 10 wins, when update game i was by that time GN3 and from now on I am DMG. tbh i dont believe people losing 2 game and deranking from dmg to gn3 probably u didn't deserve it, i had several deranks but now im back on DMG and i keep climbing. also i dont believe these 15 win streak and no rank up stuff, i had games like this: LOSE, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, TIE, WIN, WIN. and got upranked
Kong TDM (2 years ago)
I just got a seven day cooldown.
Lucas (2 years ago)
Well you're off now
The Playyou (2 years ago)
Was GN2 before update then once I got on the next day I was unranked
pulpnonfiction (2 years ago)
Yeah no, I gave up. This shit was fucking cancer.
Retrogaming Passion (2 years ago)
this is why I stopped playing for the rank itself and I just enjoy the match I'm playing at the moment... I just try the best to win and nothing more.
Substitute (2 years ago)
was losing match 15-4 brought it back and won de-ranked -_-
Lightning (2 years ago)
#plays 57 to show off his full blue skin
Gonzalo (2 years ago)
I was nova 3, now I am dmg with 110 wins xD
Kuningas Rotta (2 years ago)
i was dmg then i was mg2 then i am gn2
firekiller (2 years ago)
Gold nove 2 to sliver 4 fuck
Sarge07 (2 years ago)
yea i was LE d ranks to nova 4 and then took 7 consecutive top frag wins to get me mg1 i was freaking out lol
AnemicApe (2 years ago)
Lem to g1
matukas (2 years ago)
į was le now im almost lem
Saur o (2 years ago)
I was Eagle now I am Nova 2... I was on a super long win streak as well last time I played
Phantom Dancer (2 years ago)
Now its better cause u actually know how good you are.Its not all about the picture of your rank.
Alexander Jimenez (2 years ago)
I was deranked from silver elite master to silver 1 not cool and I won 6 matches in a row and I'm still silver 1
billieguitar (2 years ago)
*puts on nerd glasses* actually its supposed to be a bell curve, not a pyramid mmph
KritzKram (2 years ago)
I was gn3 and am now silver 2... Its really not fun to play with people that dont the game at all. Im constantly being screamed at in matchmaking cuz i have over 800 hours and i am still silver 2 but no one in the silver bracket realizes that so many people were deranked soo much
cry pls (2 years ago)
Then I get called shit on a silver game against a smurf when I just started playing CS. :PPPPPPPP
Itz BladeZ (2 years ago)
I was gn2 now I'm s1
Jonathan Not Tsogt (2 years ago)
The ranking update just changes the whole perspective of the game it doesn't matter if your a good rank it matters about how much you know about game knowledge and your skill
Mr Robot (2 years ago)
what the heck i come back after 3 months i lost my rank it said i need to won a 1 to get ranked i played i won the game and i got down ranked with 6 ranks from MGE ( double AK ) To Gold nova 1 Like WTF !!!
Gunterino (2 years ago)
Is this temporary? because if this goes on for any longer that two weeks, I fucking quit. I used to be LEM and now MGE.
Walker Is that you (2 years ago)
Mg1 to s4.... Killing myself shortly
Kashmir Duchien (2 years ago)
6 month ago I stoped playing the game because I was bored. When I quit I was Guardian. Now that I am playing again I see that i'm not ranked anymore (I can understand this). I played a competitive match and I Swear I did 48-8 with 2 bots on our side we won 16 rounds on 2 and I had 6 little stars. I thought I would have been like nova 3 or 4 But I'm Silver 3... I really don't understand why.. now it's my 9th victory in a row w nearly the same score And Nothing changes. So my question Is: Does Someone have a solution to this ? Because It's really not fun to play vs guys that are the same level as easy bots. Many people de-ranked 2/3 ranks I de-ranked 9 ranks....
Denation (2 years ago)
Best update!! u beet to save u rank
CrAZy bg (2 years ago)
Supreme to LE, not too bad. My smurf goes from MG1 to SE . 😂😂
Jeff jay (2 years ago)
there is so many deranking peoplw now its not funny i won 8 in a row then lost 1 an bam deranked to silver 3 from gn1
Pqrk (2 years ago)
i was gn4 now im silver 2
Ten Koleś (2 years ago)
SCREW THIS UPDATE! I had gold nova 3 and i felt to elite silver. I played hard and i won about 7 competetives and i got elite silver. Then i lost ONE competetive and i got deranked back to elite silver. Then i won about TEN competetives and no rank up, i lost one again and i felt to fucking silver 4! Then i tried hard and guess what... SILVER 3!
Valkain (2 years ago)
I was MG and now I am Silver IV! I get fucking paired with potatoes that belong in silver and I lose all the time to fucking people that were obviously higher than me before the update! Silver is NOT by any means balanced now. Smurfs are at an all time high! This time with their actual accounts! Maybe I didn't belong in the MGs but Silver fucking IV!?
ItsRubix (2 years ago)
I was LE and I didn't play for 3 months cuz 2busyplayin'payday after a long time (half a year) of only csgo, I come back and am unranked. So I am like: yh whatever I don't give a fuck I guess I will be back in my rank next game: next: I got placed with novas (nova 1,2) we won. but i got placed in nova 2 rip in pepperonies: rank. 2015-2016
SantiUruGames (2 years ago)
i was Ak and in 5 streak, now im nova. not that much.
f1ash (2 years ago)
I started in Silver Elite Master. No smurf XD!
Botanisk (2 years ago)
I was almost almost fucking almost out of silver but no but fucking noooooooooo fuck this game
emilele (2 years ago)
Victor Mcvic (2 years ago)
I was MGE then I went all the way down to MG now after a month of fighting I'm MGE again :D
Wall Hacks (2 years ago)
God i hate the new update i was Gold Nova Master and now Silver 3 and hasnt been promoting ever since and i won 16 Games already
Sebastian Chacon (2 years ago)
i was mge and got unranked and soon after that i got my rank back mge and after that i got unranked again and i got my rank back after the updae and i was gn2 explaine pls
Not so sorry Canadian (2 years ago)
I was MG1 and now I'm Silver Elite... I'm stuck with people who 1. Started playing 1-4 weeks ago or 2. People who are toxic smurfs. No challenge or just unfair no in between
Broken Laughs (2 years ago)
I was SEM now I am stuck at Silver 1 and I have been top fragger on over 5 games in a row, still no rank up already won over 10 games... WHY!
Boufey (2 years ago)
ive won 7 rounds in a row and i havent been ranked yet after being deranked 5 times!
STORMY (2 years ago)
I won 27 in a row when gn4 then lose 1 game and de rank to gn3
NFSKing (2 years ago)
Lammet (2 years ago)
I can't rank up:(
Evan Meyer (2 years ago)
GN4 and now silver 2...
ShiFtya (2 years ago)
Was supreme, now I'm GE :")
YetAnotherHollow (2 years ago)
I was nova 3, but when i reloged on I was nova 2, then ,due to shitty team mates, I deranked to silver 3. I literally always top frag in all of my matches, and won four in a row with at leat 90 score and still didn't rank up. GG.
Alin Ionut.F (2 years ago)
SMFC with 9 wins in a row and 1 loss = MGE GG FUCKING VALVE !
SteelOdin (2 years ago)
I was just about to become gold nova and then I became silver 1 I haven't seen temporary cooldown in weeks
jxk46 (2 years ago)
Yah what a great update that made a few people leave CS:GO like me
A Baller (2 years ago)
I deranked when we won by 10 and I top fragged xD
Seb Thorpe (2 years ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/filezikator please report him, he scammed me out of my p250 and gut knife
Pizza Time (2 years ago)
I was MG2, won 3 matches in a row, lost one match, MG1.... I quit until they fix this shit.
Dennis VanemanBorja (2 years ago)
Was mge now gn3
Crazyraz (2 years ago)
Nova 3 -> Silver elite master ( I was on that rank gn3 for 6 mounts because i was playing casual for fun ) I fucking hate the new update my games i play they are pure cancer. i can't find good people only kids they screaming to buy AWP or auto-sniper and they die 25 seconds latter. Then you hear noob team and trash talk. I was gold nova 3 and i was Derank to silver elite master on one account and my second account gold nova 1. I'm sure on lower ranks they are very bad people.
lou (2 years ago)
Fucking gold nova 3 to silver 1. I quit comp until they fix this.
Teodor (2 years ago)
i was lem, and i ranked to supreme lol am i the only one who did'nt derank yet ?
Moondog32! (2 years ago)
why i get ever fucking time smurfers?
Linus Lindberg (2 years ago)
I was mg2 now im nova 2: play against silver elites like 50% of matches, its too easy: whent 16-3 the like 3 days ago (havent played since then)
Rap God (2 years ago)
GG i was LE and i didnt play for a month.Then i came back and played 1 game i won with 1st place 30-11 6 mvps and i deranked to fucking GN2.HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE,plus i hadl ike 5 win streak
miso (2 years ago)
MG2 --> S5 (SEM) Goddammit. I'm not going to go off and say that I'm the best player, rather, far from it. However, I'm not going to say that it was all my fault. But there is some shit that makes me boil. Every single time I queue up with room for one random, the random that comes into the game is some jackshit cumslut that doesn't listen to the team, intentionally loses, or is a general asshole. For example, I had a game where we could have won if that one random had their sound on. On the very very lucky streaks that I get where I obtain more than 2 wins in a row, I got nothing. Then that whole random shit goes down, and I'm down another rank. Like I said before, I'm not the best, but I'm definitely not the worst. I love CS:GO to death, but there are some people out there that need to get their shit checked.
Mister Z (2 years ago)
was nova 1 before patch after having csgo for 2 weeks,and now after the patch i'm still nova 1...i wonder what my rank would be before the update
Mister Z (2 years ago)
+Dante Perez (i got alot better)
SuperMJ Gaming (2 years ago)
i was mge, now nova 3! yeah. so many retards lol
Hector Parkin (2 years ago)
Nigga please i was on a five winstreak , 2 ties after that and then one loss derank from mge nice
Dartrix (2 years ago)
i was nova 2,i win 10 in a row and lost 1 and still nova 2 ..
Im Bucks (2 years ago)
Fuck this shit I was SE now I'm silver 3. I sold all my skins and I'm 100% quitting
Vlad Mihailov (2 years ago)
I was like: wow finaly I get rank 3 and I can play competitive and I got like silver elite, then bang, the new update, dude, this is really crap, I don't even know how it feels to be like silver elite, cause I draw one game then BOOM!! like I am silver 4, I hv a friend he was DMG, now he is freaking Gn2
tommy tong (2 years ago)
nova4 deranked to silver 2 ;) thanks
awes saad (2 years ago)
i was LEM now mg2 ... GG
Buttersaemmel (2 years ago)
i was GN4. but since the update i can't uprank even if i win alot in a row. and as soon as i lose 1 match, i derank. but because this happens to nearly everyone i'm GN1 now and play with people that was DMG before or with people that are Silver 4 at the moment. so either i have to play against people that are way better than me or against people that are "new" to the game. nice balance.... at least smurfs have a easier life now. why don't we make a more special system? every one deranks to silver 1 and you can only uprank if you win 1000 times. as soon as you lose 1 match you derank to silver 1 again. with this system Global Elite is really something special and impressive! but for real: maybe it's something more impressive now to be Global Elite but....it isn't good because it is more unbalanced now
sleepfreedannyb (2 years ago)
I was mg2, didn't play for a month and a bit and decided to play a game, we won but I was deranked to SEM. Rip rank 2k16
VrotHeadShotas (2 years ago)
From DMG to Gold 4 Now all f*c*in* competitive mach i have about 10 mvp and they can't give for me mg1
FetusDad (2 years ago)
I won 7 games in a row and didn't rank up.
flex447 (2 years ago)
still global 😊
Metalurgica Moldova (2 years ago)
Well i was mg2 and now im fucking se...Did the same happened to you guys ?!
VostoK (2 years ago)
When someone asks me my rank, I say: *Ex-MGE, actual Nova 2*

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