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KINGDOM HEARTS III – E3 2018 Pirates of the Caribbean Trailer

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Find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3: https://sqex.link/kingdd37e4 Hurry and Pre-Order your KINGDOM HEARTS III Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figure Bundle before they’re all sold out! Supplies are limited! XB1 - http://sqex.link/KH3XB1DBA PS4 - http://sqex.link/KH3PS4DBA “The light is gathering together Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose.” Originally aired at PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase, this action-packed trailer reveals that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will revisit Pirates of the Caribbean world with KINGDOM HEARTS III! Check out the new combat styles, underwater battles, and new Keyblade transformations as our heroes continue their perilous adventure. KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019. Be sure to follow us to keep up to date with everything Kingdom Hearts related: Twitter - https://twitter.com/KingdomHearts Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kingdomhearts Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KingdomHearts YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/KingdomHearts
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Text Comments (11824)
crossgatezombie (1 hour ago)
I was really hoping this would come out around Christmas, would make a great gift and good to play Christmas morning
Nicholas Atkins (4 hours ago)
Some evidence of noctus in kh3?
Edward Seeber (9 hours ago)
I find myself coming back to these new trailers more & more. This game really is coming out amazing 😊
heartr2 (22 hours ago)
Has anyone else besides me realize that Johnny Depp is voicing Jack in this trailer? Cuz I'm freaking out about it in excitement!! :)
Lunk 64 (23 hours ago)
Kingdom Hearts Ultimate - Everyone is Here!
Firestar1992 (1 day ago)
I hope we get to see Axel and Kairi contribute to the story with their keyblades. I've been waiting for Kairi to actually DO something pretty much the entire series--the most we got was around the end of KH2. And Axel is just plain awesome and he has one of the coolest keyblades ever.
Ishi Doc (1 day ago)
Big fan of the kh series and the game looks good and all... But were are the sound effects XD
Morvens Laporte (1 day ago)
So we’re going to act like the guy far right isn’t Jon Snow ?
Blue Man (1 day ago)
My childhood game is finally on xbox
OH MY GOD!! This reminds me of assassin's creed black flag!!! And sora's dress reminds me of connor's captain dress from assassin's creed 3!
- GrieferkingLP - (1 day ago)
Please Kingdom Hearts for Nintendo Switch
Zenthral (2 days ago)
This and the Last Of Us sequel will keep us busy for a hot minute, while we’re all still dreaming of a third Half-Life...
Zenthral (2 days ago)
I want some hi-res Cloud and Sephiroth.
Zelda's Nobody (3 days ago)
Does anyone else notice Riku didn't speak in the last trailer, too? Does that mean he's getting a new voice actor?
Angela Zaplotinsky (1 day ago)
I doubt it
William Games & more (3 days ago)
I really hope for the Olympic coliseum world we fight the wind titan, Lava titan, ice titan and rock titan
SCORPIONX 2007 (3 days ago)
It would be cool if in the toy story world they made sora a play arts kai figure
Gran troll (3 days ago)
The Gamers (4 days ago)
Who wants to bet that Ubisoft helped with the ship combat :)
Ju' (4 days ago)
Jack Sparrow est quand même le seul pirate au monde à utiliser son bateau sur du sable 😐😂
Omnis Lacrima (4 days ago)
Worms have 5 hearts
Iman Malts (4 days ago)
The old one looked Umm idk Now toons have the old one
Iman Malts (4 days ago)
This looks realistic
ajhs (4 days ago)
Para qué consolas está disponible?
Gamelover254 (5 days ago)
It’s amazing how much they improved since 0.2!!! Look at the difference in the models and hair, it looks so much better!!! Compare Kairie’s hair from 0.2 to now. It looks like actual hair!!!
Lycanroc Lewdy 143 (5 days ago)
Can you make lion king come back in kh3??? please? or The fox and the hound?
kenan rockmore (5 days ago)
This one is gonna be so Dope i cant wait till it comes out
DarkFairy (5 days ago)
Now give us Agrabah, Atlantis and New Orleans and I will suck you dick Nomura
izuku memedoriya (5 days ago)
Well if Oda really sell one piece to Disney we will get Luffy and Sora side by side
Nicole Ziege (5 days ago)
Angela Zaplotinsky (5 days ago)
All aboard the hype train to kingdom hearts 3
peter luong (6 days ago)
CHU CHU!!! all aboard the feels train first stopping at memory lane!!
Angela Zaplotinsky (5 days ago)
Can i have some sea salt ice cream?
If this game comes someday to steam, be prepared for 100 gb! This has a lot of things it seems. It would be a dream if square Enix brings the decisión to bring KH to pc via steam like final fantasy series.
HLGToys (7 days ago)
Nobody realized it but we lost some great voice actors over the KH series. I enjoyed the fact many big time celebrities voiced characters in KH1 and they were great. KH2 some were replaced kinda disappointed whoever voiced squall and ansem seeker of darkness didn't return. I prefer Mandy Moore as Aerith than the other one; I wonder if she will reprise her role as rapuznel. After BBS or 3D we lost Christopher Lee and Leonard Nimoy RIP to those legendary actors. They didn't even bring back Hayden. I MEAN COME ON THE ORIGINAL DESTINY ISLAND TRIO. Nothing against the new voice actress but she was great as Xion and I felt like they did a good job distinguishing the two even though they had a connection between sora and kairi, they were seperate entities.
Crows ANeko (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/XeR9jpuHK0A It is great to see any KH3 trailer as a kh fan. But guys you know, it is not coming soon, so I catch the time to make some speedpaint videos of my favourite game in the series - KH358/2 days. Please take a look! it might not good enough but I wanna gain more support from those who love KH too!
Alexis Dominguez (7 days ago)
deberían de hacer un juego para ps4 solo de piratas del caribe no creen?
Arslan Malik (8 days ago)
2002 kh1 and 2019 kh3
Clutch Spawn (8 days ago)
After how long we’ve had to wait this game better look flawless and by god it looks SO fucking good
Pharoah M (8 days ago)
This should be illegal on how good this game is going to be
egaliseur (8 days ago)
damn Sora fidna get cucked by Axel 🔥👍🏻
A LP (9 days ago)
This is gonna be the best kingdom hearts so far
gamer gamer (9 days ago)
Didn’t axel die
Patrick Mahoney (9 days ago)
I suggest playing and/or watching the cutscenes of Dream Drop Distance as that game explains.
gamer gamer (9 days ago)
I say herk dies
Punchman (9 days ago)
I'd love to see Brad Bird's Tomorrowland make an appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game one day. Just sayin'.
23gameoverlord (9 days ago)
.....if this is legit, i'm going to fucking loose it! i'm going to spend SO MUCH TIME in this world!
GranAutor (10 days ago)
Gaston MUST be in this game. The best Disney villain deserves to stay in at least one game. Do not disappoint me. He should have been in Kingdom Hearts 2.
Patrick Mahoney (10 days ago)
Considering that Beast's Castle is very unlikely to return, Gaston would also be very unlikely to appear. Besides, he already appeared in Union Cross.
Kevin Mares (10 days ago)
Fck, I need a PS4 RIGHT NOW!
CrazyGamerGirl 97 (9 days ago)
Same! I only have a PS3 sadly
Tronix Unova (10 days ago)
Now this is an improvment
Æ (10 days ago)
Im so hyped i hope i dont die before playing this game :(
Braswell Unleashed (10 days ago)
Don't try and steal Sora's girl Axel...I'll rip your heart out and turn u back into a nobody.
Omar Portillo (10 days ago)
question: can axel/lea and kairi be related, since they are both from the same world and theyboth have red hair?? O.o
TheTechCguy (11 days ago)
I guess this means it's back to Destiny Islands considering the fact that this movie is now being referenced.
Caminator 26 (11 days ago)
I just cried a bit. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
Mr. username (12 days ago)
You guys are really trying to make me freak out
Splash (12 days ago)
I have been shipping Kairi and Sora for soooo long . I really hope my childhood ship sails, i was a little thrown off by how well Axel and Kairi were getting along though... I hope she loves Sora the most
Ben Cortes (12 days ago)
Splash I believe that Axel and Kairi will have a brother-sister relationship
Zaten (12 days ago)
I'm scared every ps4 is going to overheat on kingdom hearts 3, if not, it is going to be loud as hell, so you are gonna need to wear headphones.
Gabriel Rosalez (13 days ago)
HD Axel looks breathtaking!
Thomas Riveros (13 days ago)
No puedo esperar para kigndom Hearts
Diego Gomez (13 days ago)
Stupidest shit ever
CrazyGamerGirl 97 (9 days ago)
How exactly?
Ben Cortes (12 days ago)
Diego Gomez and also why did you watch this if it’s apparently “The Stupidest shit ever”?
Ben Cortes (12 days ago)
Diego Gomez Ok little kid, keeping playing your precious Call of Duty and don’t enjoy a game that millions of people have been waiting for 5 years
Matthew0337 (12 days ago)
Diego Gomez How?
Yasin Abid (14 days ago)
Lightning From FFXIII better be in this game or Riot
Yasin Abid (4 days ago)
That would be so cool
Gamelover254 (5 days ago)
I want her to meet Aqua so bad 😆
Add Me Bro (14 days ago)
uh yeah Organization XII returns and seems the only thing that's remain undefeatable is their lack sense of fashion. at least burn that black robe while in boss fight
Jeriel Peguero (14 days ago)
*Now, set your heart free*
GamingVictory (14 days ago)
Sora finally gets the raft he wanted ever since KH1 and yet he complains?
Gamelover254 (5 days ago)
I honestly think that’s a call back to how stupid a plan that even was 😂
Comedy 3000 (15 days ago)
Whoa! Donald and Goofy looks so real in this world! You can actually see his feathers sticking out.
Laura Haapala (15 days ago)
Skrew this i just want to have demyx back so i can once again hear DANCE WATER DANCE
RoxasXIII (15 days ago)
Jack still forgot....In order for Parley to be applied, both parties MUST be Pirates. Unless Luxord is a Pirate during his spare time...Parley can't technically save him.
Gamelover254 (5 days ago)
He could be considered a Pirate I suppose. I mean he does only seem to like to interfere in the pirate’s world and he does steal gold and such.
RoxasXIII (15 days ago)
Barbossa tricked her though lol. When her terms demanded the Pirates to leave the island, they accepted (Because they got what they wanted.) She also asked that they let her go. That's when Barbossa stated Parley was never actually applied. She wasn't a pirate. He just wanted his gold medallion from her. But I guess they have to make KH3 work somehow XD
binkyboy448 (15 days ago)
Elizabeth engaged in parley before she became a pirate. Besides, they're more like guidelines anyway.
TomNic (15 days ago)
Glad they remembered the sound effects this time Wait nevermind
Brent Garlick (16 days ago)
For the longest time I was disappointed this game did not come out for ps3. Now Im happy for the wait the levels look incredible.
TheGameBoyMaster (16 days ago)
Rip tom hanks:(
Ivan Silva (16 days ago)
Hey guys! Feel free to ignore this if you want. I gave up my ps4 and on waiting for kingdom hearts 3 so I could buy my wife to be a beautiful ring. Now its coming out and even though money is tight, we hope to play it together one day. Any amount helps and thank you so much! 😁 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-need-a-playstation-4-pro-for-kingdom-hearts-3-community-adventure/x/19177002#/
NinJamalam (16 days ago)
I'm confused, i am not a KH player but would like to start and understand the story line more however, why is there so many cameos with other random Disney etc cartoon characters?? I thought the world of KH was its own mystical universe type thing but then i see the characters, Sora etc in Andy from 'Toy Story' bedroom? A little confused lol
dragon flight (12 days ago)
NinJamalam let me explain. Kh does have its own universe but its universe has disney characters in it. The kh story has always been known for having disney characters and worlds. In other words its like a disney mash up. And since your new recommend playing kh 1.5 and 2.5 remix as well as kh 2.8
binkyboy448 (15 days ago)
Because it's Kingdom Hearts. It does it not only because it's too ridiculous to be ignored, but because they honest-to-god made it work. But tread lightly: playing Kingdom Hearts 3 as your first KH game is like watching Avengers 4 as your first MCU movie.
Treize HK (17 days ago)
1:23 This enemy reminds me on Ruler of the Sky by kingdom hearts 358/2. I hate this boss.
Jumbie (17 days ago)
Where is aqua though? So many unanswered questions in this series.
Matthew0337 (16 days ago)
Jumbie Did you see the Frozen trailer? https://youtu.be/gPtU_-N6dMg
Angela Zaplotinsky (16 days ago)
Patrick Mahoney (17 days ago)
She's in the Realm of Darkness.
rnnaster (17 days ago)
This game I'm psyched to play!
nun nun (17 days ago)
This game ass
SuperSmashFan3303 (3 days ago)
>subscribed to Ninja Yeah, sure thing. Go back to your Fortnite, kid.
LordHeart Online (17 days ago)
Its crazy to think that the 13 seekers from Dream Drop are the ppl revealed in these trailers! They were all just chilling there
Cunning Smile (17 days ago)
They picked '"At Worlds End'' since the Dark Seeker Saga is closing.
Loristril Akasha (17 days ago)
It would be great if Solaire from Dark Souls could be a summon.
Brandon Ott (17 days ago)
These graphics look amazing it's like the movie
daniele goffredo (18 days ago)
1:54 song?
CrazyGamerGirl 97 (9 days ago)
Don’t Think Twice
George Steviano (18 days ago)
Luxord become less handsome...
Kevin Calderón (18 days ago)
Sea of thieves? What's that?
winertocham (18 days ago)
wtf is this trash for braindead kids with no life
Patrick Mahoney (18 days ago)
Someone's desperate for attention.
MoonBanksHD (18 days ago)
winertocham that just came out of nowhere lol who hurt you?
BlueAssasinGaming (18 days ago)
J-X Run (19 days ago)
There are no sound effects ?!?!
They're doing Dead Man's Chest, and At World's End in this game, I am hoping that the next saga will introduce the High Seas, from Pirates of the Carribean, and just skip to Dead Men Tell No Tales, because God! On Stranger Tides Sucks!
Aaron Kuzela (19 days ago)
Dead Man's Chest. [the ship coming from the sand] i love it!!!!!!!!
Super Awesome Ashy (19 days ago)
I Love These Game Graphics! They Did These Graphics In Cutscenes For 3D Cutscenes For The Wii And Gamecube!
LordHeart Online (20 days ago)
Is there anyone else that is going to COMPLETELY avoid any social media when the Japanese version release to avoid early spoilers??
gmoneybags01 (2 days ago)
XO1GAMER a couple days is only 2 days lol But yeah, for the original question, I’m avoiding YouTube like the plague.
XO1GAMER (3 days ago)
Yeah, once the japanese version releases, im going on lockdown, gotta say goodbye to youtube and all socail media for a couple days
Gamelover254 (5 days ago)
Yep! As soon as Japan has the game, it’s goodbye to YouTube for a few days. In which time I will be playing 0.2 over and over and rewatching the ending cutscene 😆😆
James OG364 (20 days ago)
LordHeart Online I'm pretty sure everyone will I know for a fact I won't be on the internet the week before the Japanese version is released
Shut up and Take My Money....
Devon Bennett (20 days ago)
What if Leo and stitch come in cause if u think about it stich heart is connected to auqua terra ven and Sora are we might have 🐀 🥘
gmoneybags01 (2 days ago)
Devon Bennett Ratatouille will be a mini-game.
Sebastian (20 days ago)
Cade os BR ?
Ashley M (21 days ago)
Can’t get over how amazing axel/ lea looks!
Leondis Caver (21 days ago)
Monsters inc omg
Ray Relief (21 days ago)
Got my daily watch in 😊
Ray Relief Same bro lol
plankerton (22 days ago)
Like Smash Bros Ultimate, looks like this game is bringing back everyone from the past too
KeybladeKing (22 days ago)
Lexugar GamerHUN (22 days ago)
I hope Vaina will be in it
Lexugar GamerHUN Vanitas??
Milkyway2099 (22 days ago)
I think I've managed to piece together the beginning portion of the game based on these recent trailers. First, the cutscene between Eraqus and Xehanort, then we jump into Mt. Olympus, followed by Riku and Mickey encountering Aqua, then everyone reports back to Yen Sid, Sora goes to Radiant Garden and Twilight Town at some varying points (to get the data information from Ienzo and then go to the mansion to do something with it), then I assume that will somehow kick off a whole new quest leading to Team Sora visiting all the other worlds, officially beginning the game. There is our prologue! 😳😜😉
Milkyway2099 You’re probably right, but YenSid sends Sora to Mt Olympus to train with Hercules I think, because that’s where they were heading at the end of 2.8
*Dies from hype*
GalakStari (22 days ago)
Sora should definitely be made a Keyblade master now, if he isn’t one already! Kid’s come a long way since the first game!
GalakStari (1 day ago)
gmoneybags01 Yeah I know. I’m just saying that he’s gotten a lot stronger since Dream Drop Distance.
gmoneybags01 (1 day ago)
GalakStari Sora failed his mark of mastery exam. He almost gave his heart to darkness in DDD. After Riku saved Sora, Yensid told Sora that he must regain his power because he lost almost all of it. YenSid then sends Sora to meet Hercules so Hercules can help Sora regain strength. These events will take place in KH3.
Manny Skerret (22 days ago)
Wait hold up, I thought he was Lea now
Manny Skerret (21 days ago)
Patrick Mahoney ah
Patrick Mahoney (22 days ago)
He is. Kairi's just not used to calling him Lea yet. That or she's just teasing him.

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