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Flash Animation - Counter-Strike 1.6 - de_dust (Zombie Server)

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Counter-Strike 1.6 Flash Animation Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLonLx2sHveC9akCY_kyPGagLlGAnop4DP Subscribe my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-rUYHnEOSX_cpAJHGxQ6A?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (165)
林淑琦 (3 hours ago)
fucking edgers
Leart Paul (12 hours ago)
This is so neat! Nice job!
Ibnziyad Tariq (14 hours ago)
zombie escape = noob mode
Bang Tri (21 hours ago)
2:50 Eisai Haramasukoi
sabila ahmad (1 day ago)
Omg, how long is that
sasha 3334 (1 day ago)
DimasHardStyle (2 days ago)
lol sorpack server i love that server made me flashback about this is server
Galaxy Milkyway (2 days ago)
Oh Camper camper
Jargaltuya Happy (2 days ago)
Zombies vs counter CT the zombie rush🤢🤢😇
Alexander Gabriel (3 days ago)
Cool😁 bbut the zombies are not dying
Troy Velasco (3 days ago)
Keep it up and I'll sub
M.Hafiz Imanullah (3 days ago)
Like crisis action sound human wiener
M.Hafiz Imanullah (3 days ago)
Baby dance!?!?
No. lσlιρρσl (3 days ago)
I miss that zombie server
Can someone tell me what does zombies (?) say when they firs spawn 0:16
Tamama (3 days ago)
That is Chinese,means "we are their slaves " I don't know why it uses the Chinese sound box.
Mary Membrebe (4 days ago)
*Stupid Zombies Trying To Get The Last Guy*
Just Zack (4 days ago)
I thought this was made like 10 years ago, man I'm really happy people still make this stuff
Deeptanshu Bhardwaj (4 days ago)
brotherhood zombie server? xD
Nathan Lee (5 days ago)
Always that one smart guy who hides.
Phyllis Cooper (5 days ago)
Tuấn Hoàng Anh (5 days ago)
sopack sever china?
Raivis Skutels (5 days ago)
Good animation cs,1.6
Like Wagon (6 days ago)
2:29 You're last one, complete the mission.
ghost gaming (6 days ago)
My dude you forgot the pro zombie killer the one guy who will not die and just rekt every zombie and will be the last one standing with a base with about 5 other people and just hold out until the time runs out
Fimau (7 days ago)
Unrealistic af... no little kid screaming "FUCKING NOOB" or the teamplay...
Luck Me (7 days ago)
LoL this good video :)GOOD LIKE)I human
Fionne Base (7 days ago)
i dont like it
Daiki LOL :v (7 days ago)
Luda Isakova (7 days ago)
Master Garden Morato (8 days ago)
Cool! New video
WEAZZY - Game Channel (8 days ago)
Evan Radityatama (8 days ago)
wait ithing zombie win is human win
Evan Radityatama (8 days ago)
cool but why human win
shubham (7 days ago)
Evan Radityatama time
Evan Pradipta (9 days ago)
Good red
-_CraZyK_- [BS] (9 days ago)
Nice brothers :)
andri subandi (9 days ago)
tak bagus .
Twixx Feelinqs (9 days ago)
LOL good job I was laughing so bad😅😅😅😂😂😂
Mihael Pavic (9 days ago)
AzureBullet (9 days ago)
This is sorpack right...i really miss that one.
Lukas Crozoe (9 days ago)
So True..
GamingWithFrancis !! (9 days ago)
Gg that's the best animation that I see gg m8 😄
Ronald Chipe (9 days ago)
here are nexon zombies are good game and good animation
Justa (9 days ago)
Oh god Im getting the nostalgia feels when back then there were cs 1.6 stick animation This brought me back, Thanks!
Lukáš Andrenko (9 days ago)
Next: Human Coming Up Next: Zombie
tu gfa (9 days ago)
KevinZone (9 days ago)
I MISS THIS SERVER ALOT. i know this is sorpack server xD Rip server :(
dj. AnXx (9 days ago)
I miss cs 1.6 but all the server are dead, proud to be a DsK player
Sơn Lê (10 days ago)
Nice video VN điểm danh đê
TheWarrior Project (10 days ago)
very bad
GAMING SANS (10 days ago)
1:12 lol
Long Gaming (10 days ago)
CSO :)
ujuj127 (10 days ago)
haha!! so lovely !! its remine me i play zombiemod in cs:sources ,time past 8years ,the sound ,the movement.
CALEB magbanua (10 days ago)
he got spotted
D3rpy B34n (3 days ago)
How old are you?
CALEB magbanua (10 days ago)
the red one is hiding
CALEB magbanua (10 days ago)
dude that blue guy is afk
Under Games (10 days ago)
Make a CSS and CS:GO one also make the zombies less derpier except the alpha
miguelete quero (10 days ago)
1:12 cuando quieres conseguir el amor de ella
*Islam Orazbek* (10 days ago)
*GREAT!!! NICE!!!*
Nezaket Gülden (10 days ago)
Program name
Franco Rodri (10 days ago)
Good Job!,Smooth Animation...And the most Important It really represents the Zombie Servers of the Counter-Strike 1.6 ah...the Nostalgia when Counter-Strike: 1.6 Was with so much Players and so much Zombie Servers,You got my Like and My Subscription. Please do More of Those Animations.
TheSasGaming (10 days ago)
owhh man ol days in zombies server such good day. i remember im always playing that zombies 4 darkness server......
Muhammed Ali Karasoylu (11 days ago)
thats real xd
Yiğit Kolçak (7 days ago)
Muhammed Ali Karasoylu ne oynardık be
Tomass Tereščenko (11 days ago)
fucking nice Animation
Tobbit (11 days ago)
Why is this so true
킹블 (11 days ago)
Good ㅋㅋ
I love counter strike 1.6 Zombie servers
RAZAK GM RAZAK GM (12 days ago)
yusuf talha (12 days ago)
fener,dmeee eh
gayguy AFK (12 days ago)
Nice one but could be more nice if You would add effects and shadows.
Justin Mueden (12 days ago)
Why is it hard to kill zombies in counter strike? :/
Justin Mueden (3 days ago)
Tamama ok ._.
Tamama (3 days ago)
They can envelope if their anger points get there(In some mod).
Tamama (3 days ago)
Or maybe more,I guess.
Justin Mueden (3 days ago)
Tamama I shot them a thousand times
Tamama (3 days ago)
They had hundreds more health points than you....maybe.
van hai (12 days ago)
im think that not fair
pKez (12 days ago)
えいさいーーーーはらますこいーーーーーーーーー 2:49
Gaming Zone (9 days ago)
エイサイ~ ハラマスコイ~ ♪
carlos balmori (12 days ago)
Oyuncu1 Ege (12 days ago)
Its a Counter Strike Nexon Zombies but stickman edition!
wolf LIGHTNING light (13 days ago)
wait how do they fly?
Emircan Usanmaz (13 days ago)
leon0124 el pro (13 days ago)
Mister 32111 (13 days ago)
so funny
Pond' NG (13 days ago)
กำลังจะชนะอยู่แล้ว อีกวิเดียวเป็นซอมบี้หมด -.,-
THEHAVKERKILLER 666 (13 days ago)
Por fin ganan los humanos
PJ (13 days ago)
Still better than ROS
Chomik Chomikowski (14 days ago)
WEILEMENT (14 days ago)
Good video
WEILEMENT (14 days ago)
Ez-VeeR's Channel (12 days ago)
KitanoV PrO (14 days ago)
Nice zombie 😅😅
gamepoie Kramer!23 (14 days ago)
Cool song
Endie (14 days ago)
pretty legit.. zombies cant die by an m4a1 or ak? and m4a1 can kill a zombie.. SEEMS LEGIT RIGHT
Vauxhall Astra (10 days ago)
Endie no se pide permiso si ya lo que tiene en la comisaría general de mi amigo mio y siempre me puedes pasar una teñida de mi mayor número uno de los mejores jugadores del juicio
Thi Quynh Nhu Phan (14 days ago)
nice but the speed for that zombie isn't very good (at 1:53)
Krist Frag (14 days ago)
dang nostalgic sorpack back in the days
Tushee Erdenebulgan (15 days ago)
HowToLoonatic (15 days ago)
2:33 fucking accurate LOLLLLL
sze seng leong (15 days ago)
2018 counter strike at the end one red stickman have survival!!!!!
ИᎥяvαиα Johnny (15 days ago)
I don’t like this because it does not take that many shots to kill a zombie
D3rpy B34n (3 days ago)
In CS 1.6 it did... You'd just keep spraying and the only thing on your side was them being slowed down.
Diego GD (15 days ago)
Suva Line (15 days ago)
But some sad the Zombies are operpowered
Suva Line (15 days ago)
Very good job bro... Nice to see your vids again 💖
Hadi Anjar (15 days ago)
Nice vidio bro

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