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Telltale Games - Game of Thrones - Talia's Song - Episode 2 Credits

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Iron From Ice.
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war dawf (5 months ago)
iron from ice
큐Reyes (9 months ago)
Hierro desde el hielo
micahit olgun (1 year ago)
iron to ice 🐺🐺🐺
Paul Lowood (1 year ago)
_Iron From Ice_
Ayoosh (2 years ago)
Long live jon snow😍😿
Kaiba Yoshiteru (2 years ago)
5 downvotes from the Whitehills and Ramsay
Pig (2 years ago)
Just wow.
Sasuke Uchiha (2 years ago)
i played this game 3 times :D
William Blazkowicz (2 years ago)
Winter is coming!!
Nobody Important (2 years ago)
MorisMaSkrypty 1337 (2 years ago)
The North Remembers!
Mourning Flesh (2 years ago)
Kyle (2 years ago)
I had to look this up; I went to refill my beer mug during the credit roll, when I looked up I read 'Mojo Jojo' and all of these goofy names and thought 'wtf?!' Now that I read it's the Pets of Telltale, it makes sense. 2:30+ btw.
Shorty (2 years ago)
telltale makes the best game series walking dead was my favourite but now it is game of thrones because the drama the more action and the good voice acting
how is it comedy????????! :'(
Derek Che (3 years ago)
I love Game of Thrones.
El Torino (3 years ago)
So i read many replies but shit.. who sang this??
Carlos Morell (3 years ago)
Incredible song
TheRoso93 (3 years ago)
fuck i didn't sleep because of this awesome game, i've spent all night long playing ep 1 and 2 and now I got so fucking high hype about 3rd... pls kill me, i dont want still suffering... I need to sleep maybe...
Edward Carnby (3 years ago)
Can Hcvli (3 years ago)
o7 Ethan
TheCakeMachine (3 years ago)
This song really hits me right in the feels... <3
Thomas Bangalter (3 years ago)
Lyrics my friends?
Boran Aras Şengül (3 years ago)
Baum Emnm (3 years ago)
LegBreakingNora (3 years ago)
are there different versions by how u play i got totally other lyrics as i was play it  heres the link its really differen /watch?v=oFhSsNIXzMI
LegBreakingNora (3 years ago)
The alternativ i got is even more epic
LoganWlker (3 years ago)
I didnt know about the Forresters before the game But now they are one of my favorite!
Lucas Ownes19 (2 years ago)
+Azb10 Really, they're mentioned in the book? well i've only read up to the 3rd.
William Blazkowicz (2 years ago)
They're not in the show. Telltale usually makes they're own characters
LoganWlker (3 years ago)
Thank you all 
Ventrillo World (3 years ago)
funny I was reading this comment section today.
Shlomo Shekelberg (3 years ago)
+DavidFTW They're mentioned ONCE in the books :^)
Martina Jendruchová (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice!
Rueben Voyageur (3 years ago)
Right in the feels!
Ventrillo World (3 years ago)
TheMasterKiller2013 (3 years ago)
Iron From Ice. Let Us Take A Stand And Fight For Our Loved Ones.
Daniel Filipe (3 years ago)
voice of an angel who is the voice actress
Artrysa (3 years ago)
Iron From Ice.
sam Olive (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice.
Emir Tanhan (3 years ago)
Iron From Ice
AnonimanDA (3 years ago)
A pity that you wont be able to kill the BASTARD RAMSAY ( At least I think you can't ) . Iron from Ice
Ant Thony (3 years ago)
I cannot wait to kill whitehill, avenge Ethan, and show everyone the true strength of house forester.
Steven SU (3 years ago)
Sadly this game is connected to the serie... so ramsay won't die from the Forrester's wrath !
Fas Unio (3 years ago)
Remember! Wedding coming up.. Remember! RED Wedding Purple wedding and now the alliance wedding is coming up. Be scared
Andrea Drake (3 years ago)
Iron from ice! The North Remembers!
Fas Unio (3 years ago)
My neck is cut too deep to talk...but I remember 👾
Cemil Can Taşcı (3 years ago)
DarthCannabis (3 years ago)
Someone needs to make a metal cover of this song.
Krinovast (3 years ago)
Andrew Vo (3 years ago)
I watched this until I cried millions of tears
Edward Carnby (3 years ago)
Telltale...I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!! +Dekon 
mee too
Vladislav Kolev (3 years ago)
+TheMasterKiller2013 I disagree, I love this one but The Pines is incredibly bonechillingly beautiful
TheMasterKiller2013 (3 years ago)
This Song Is Way Better Then TWD Season 2 Episode 2 In The Pines Song.
abbas alsabbagh (3 years ago)
iron from ice 
Suma (3 years ago)
I cried when I heard this with the video
Hannah L (3 years ago)
Iron from ice
Fredrik Gustafsson (3 years ago)
Iron from ice! 
bailey Samuelson (3 years ago)
YoutuberBaris (3 years ago)
Alec Houle (3 years ago)
So sad but iron to ice
ocarineplayer (3 years ago)
in fact just the song make me cry :'(
Fas Unio (3 years ago)
Why arnt I crying? :*( I wanna cry ;/ I only feel depression..
Nicholas Clark (3 years ago)
Interesting tidbit. The song is not stagnant. Several of her lyrics are based on what options this player made. Such as the bit with ramsy. For me it was not locking eyes but "and brave Ethan's words chilled Ramsey to his bones. You shall not have her, I am lord and I protect my own"
ACurtlife (3 years ago)
Love this song, really a highlight of the episode. Such a perfect way to end it.
dwilliams02 (3 years ago)
This song was absolutely the highlight of Episode 2. Not that the episode wasn't good. I've seen some negative reviews, citing that it moved too slow or that Gared's story was too similar to Jon Snow's. Y'know what? That makes sense. Of course most new recruits would experience the same bullying/hazing as Snow did. Why is that hard to believe? Anyway, I think Episode 2 was just as strong as Episode 1, albeit in very different ways. Episode 1's quality mainly came from its awesome, fully Game of Thrones-esque twist at the end. It was necessary to have that moment take place in the first episode, as it convinced everyone that "Hey, this really is legit 'Game of Thrones' right here." Now that we're all convinced, this episode was more about playing the game. Asher and his uncle are playing the game. Rodrik and Elaena are playing the game. Mira is playing the game. The danger is that while they all claim to be on the same side, their interests may end up ruining one another's plans. That's the brilliance of this game right now. The fact that you have 4 simultaneous playable characters adds even more "Telltale" element to the already Telltale game. Not only like in "The Walking Dead" or "The Wolf Among Us" do you have to balance your decisions against the future, but you also have to balance them against the decisions you've made across the country, or across the Narrow Sea. It's truly a brilliant start to this game. It's amazing because I desperately want a conclusion at the end of every episode, and at least by the end of the season, but at the same time I don't, because I don't want this game to end. I want to kill Lord Whitehill, but I also don't want the story to finish, it needs to keep going, because its potential is so infinite.
PrehistoricWombat (3 years ago)
dunechka (3 years ago)
From ice, from ice we Forresters born to ice we all return. Father, brother, i've sworn, i've sworn to guard this rest you've earned. May kings and queens melt down their crowns up high on Aegons hill. In floods of gold i pray they drown for all the blood they spill. Men, sound the horn of winters past call starving giants forth. Urge cannibals to break their fast on wardens of the north. Eastern mages empty the veins of beasts across the sea, paint slavers bay in crimson rains to bring Ethan back to me. Snow grabbed me from my mother’s grasp to claim me as his prize, Ethan freed me from Ramsay’s clasp, the rival lords locked eyes, the rival lords locked eyes! Fight on, fight on, Ethan the brave, old gods bare steel with you. My lord, my twin, a hero’s grave. So iron grows anew, still iron grows anew!
Drew G (3 years ago)
*Mance sound the horn. As in Mance Rayder.
Jeamus (3 years ago)
This song is so epic
MijMike (3 years ago)
Prince Of Zakuul (3 years ago)
this song was one of the highlights of episode 2.
TheHereticSpot (3 years ago)
well, what can i say? Iron from ice!
Christine Snyder (2 months ago)
The Beholder 7 (1 year ago)
Iron From Ice! May they stay lit af in our hearts 😭😭😭
Night Wing (3 years ago)
Iron from Ice!!
Eden Hexvs (3 years ago)
Iron from ice
Ice from iron
katanertripple xero (3 years ago)
I took a choice .. the wrong choice over and over again and this song will remain to the end.
InvisibleMan95 (3 years ago)
Fantastic episode.
François Voron (3 years ago)
Great episode and a wonderful ending's song. Thanks for sharing :)
Hawk Enroth (3 years ago)
I need to listen to this again ... every day ... until I die ...
DaviDwithD (3 years ago)
Just finished episode 2. Great job

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