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Glock Buff? P250 Nerf? Aimpunch Update!

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The CS:GO Pistols rework continues with an important update of small changes that together change the very nature of the game itself. Is the Glock Buffed, and is the P250 Nerfed to Death? How does aimpunch factor in, and why was aimpunch drastically reduced? I do a Live Stream on Twitch every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/warowl Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thewarowl
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Text Comments (1737)
Cosmico Andromeda (3 days ago)
But but... the P250 was always good... even whit this update :(
0:42 can anyone see a glock
AzDh (1 month ago)
1:27 i see what you did there
Medical Melvin (1 month ago)
MF be looking like scarce
Hariharan Nair V.C (1 month ago)
I want them to buff the R8 to a one shot headshot only,costing 850 with high accuracy and it should not be able to spam shots. A few seconds between shots may balance it out. That's my opinion anyway. Edit:I read this again and added punctuation.
Soviet Stalin (2 months ago)
Is the p2shitty actually going to be nerfed to be even more shitty?? Fookin hell nate
Shuraja CS:GO (2 months ago)
ItzPropPlop (3 months ago)
The P250 Nerf is ok for me, 300 for 1 tapping people is bad
timabreu (3 months ago)
they should have buffed the reserve ammo for the P250 after removing it's 1tap on helmets... 2 reloads is not enough imo
Colin Townsend (3 months ago)
Really nothing about the F*cking Five Seven?
TheMeMeS (4 months ago)
old p250 was way better, didnt ruin the game at all
Rambo gamer (5 months ago)
Purity fbi (5 months ago)
Wait...is valve actually Balancing the games?
asdasd asdad (5 months ago)
finally ... i couldnt play the glock so useless even round 1 it was -.-
Caius Nair (5 months ago)
P250 is dead. In some rare situations, it can beat the Glock
Булбаsaur (5 months ago)
The bizon is great, my only problem is that it doesn't do any damage
Spetsnaz Hunter (5 months ago)
Now the glock is better than usp.
Stephen Whitemore (5 months ago)
They should just remove aim punch.
Minebro (6 months ago)
glock is nerfed not buffed
gamersteamvalve (6 months ago)
They make the pistol damage like m4 and before update pistol are the best damage and you can watch how valve treats csgo
MrJloa (6 months ago)
Pff... P250 on pistol rounds? U gotta be kidding me. Usp for life dude. The only edshot machine for pistol rounds. P250 is shit now. RiP.
Glen BT (6 months ago)
Best update to the game!!!!
b888 (6 months ago)
Did u get married?!
Alexander Ruplitsch (7 months ago)
Is that the starcraft terran theme i hear here? You should make some sc videos ;)
Denk Boi (7 months ago)
"So we two have to change" soo,you have 1 subscriber,or 1 viewer?
Emerson Biggons (7 months ago)
hates things that make it hard to aim or recover from... hmmm.. OH you mean flashbangs but you like those so WTF hypocrite!!! I'm trolling. but for real, that is ass backwards
iChronicDemonic (7 months ago)
I still buy p250 as a sidearm when I'm awping it's still ok
Burning Elsen (7 months ago)
Did I hear "The Orb of Dreamers" in this? Good choice of music.
Plox (8 months ago)
Now they just have to nerf the 5-7 to 20 bullets back up and no 1 hit.
Plox (8 months ago)
"What cost $300 that does higher damage now against unarmored players" A nade ?
Yan Wang (8 months ago)
p250 was my nigga bruh :(
jamesen (8 months ago)
I am the glock-meister now, LOL.
Spooky Fox (8 months ago)
P250, Noooooooooooooooooooo
Cloгох Вleacн (8 months ago)
so the p250 is a failed usp
Nina Satragno (8 months ago)
Starcraft terran music? Nice choice.
Chris (8 months ago)
p250 is totally useless now it needs a small nerf
Chris (8 months ago)
nevermind but i liked it better as a eco weap
Yodahmoda (8 months ago)
now just remove tagging = perfect game
Esos_ Erik (8 months ago)
why is there so much sc2 game music as background music ? :D
Ne, oder? (8 months ago)
Bizon hahahaha
Boril Gatev (8 months ago)
I thought he do3snt advertise betting sites
Mr Rman (8 months ago)
p250 wa better fore me , cuz thats was a pistol betwin pistols and desert eagle , requirs a bit of strafe and aim , and also usefull in others round then the pistol rounvd ( the tech9 isn't really a pistol , the five 7 is a kinda second weapon , was really less skiled then the p250 and the cz give u 100 DOLAR soo, my favorite pistol is gone :(
Jason Mycroft (8 months ago)
So flashbangs need to go.
Rykiniafan1 (8 months ago)
"what costs 300$ that does higher damage against unarmored players?" ... i know! an he grenade! :D yes i didnt include the now in the quote it woldve ruined the joke
Carry-er ♥ (8 months ago)
I love how he uses StarCraft 2 music lol
Poncherello777 (8 months ago)
I dig the starcraft music! You still play it?
Gaben Newell (8 months ago)
Have Fun.
piers brown (9 months ago)
War Owl, please do a video on glock burst fire
Kaspar Lall (9 months ago)
tappa tappa kappa kappa
Marlon Oswald (9 months ago)
now the USP is officially better than the p250. Btw the 5-7 and tec-9 are still broken af.
Kentucky Fried Children (9 months ago)
welp... there goes the only advantage thw ct's had :^(
Riley Jones (9 months ago)
Hit the nostalgia dead on with that littlebigplanet music.
Alex Tran (9 months ago)
Tec-9 is on t-side which is the aggressive side, thats why the running accuracy is good, it would be stupid if it was like the new 5-7 because rushes wouldnt work with the tec-9 then
VoiD (9 months ago)
awww, shit, I didn't knew that they nerfed the p250. It was my most favorable weapon on Pistol Rouns and further rounds. Argh, fuck, thanks that you did this video, well... I just need to move to Five-Seven and Tec-9 now, since it has been nerfed. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! >:|
R Y S J (9 months ago)
It's a $300 gun. It already serves its purpose just by being so powerful in the crucial pistol round. It's accuracy is fine as it is now.
Doughnut (9 months ago)
I saw the glock next to you, and the P250 on top of the red box
Steven Truong (9 months ago)
is p250 still good
Lil Alfred (9 months ago)
Nice music you got there, dirty terran! ahahah
Mcskittelybiscuts (9 months ago)
the glock is op
Orson Neville (9 months ago)
i dont undrstand why warowl has only 1 mil subs......hes one of the best youtubers in the world......he deserves more subs than pewdiepie
Rubafix989 (9 months ago)
Who is this guy already?
Andrea (9 months ago)
hope everything is ok in your life, some of your viewers do care about your life too :)
ferna2294 (9 months ago)
Counter Strike: Pistol Offensive.
Shit first with rec 9 then the p250 then I bet the usps
Fuck I just started using p250 alot
Rædine Tainmoun (9 months ago)
I once got an ace with a bison. And then they said unto the player, bi son, the lord and the holy mother. Amen.
ottos123 cqryzkq (9 months ago)
The op p250 was my favorite gun
黃庭駿 (9 months ago)
i dont like this update now in eco round i will never choose a p250 to face a armored opponent seriously i never think p250 is over powerful ,cause its a both side weapon. not just CT, you can buy it in T side too unlike tec-9 and when you taken a headshot by p250 in close range,dont complain it cause you can do it too the thing that really matter is that why your opponent get your head instead you take him down with a headshot i believe that in this situation,your weapon can get a one hit kill with headshot too.Yet,you just didnt get it its not p250s fail is your fail right now we probably wont see p250 in battlefield what a poor guy ,be abandoned just like pp-bizon
Refreshed Mind (9 months ago)
The glock's bullets have become fatter and more complient. (Imagine a cat with an eating disorder) The P250 now fires flachette ammunition; and power of the blade is all in the stance. (Sucks against armour, but slices through air and exposed flesh like a knife)
varun2835 (9 months ago)
You might not be dead but your channel is
FRANCISCSGO GG (9 months ago)
Izuna Uchiha (9 months ago)
Make an update video
rwb4now (9 months ago)
what is that music
Hernandez Alfredo (9 months ago)
hey warowl, the lost is lost between us, i need you to make non cs:go videos or i cannot promise my return, gl
Mr. Smiley (9 months ago)
m....my p250 i..is dead
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXeGyHOLYXc Watch CSGO Pistol Round Ace Subscribe to my channel
hyrp dyrp (9 months ago)
They finally made a new update will make inotorious stop crying about the p250
George West (9 months ago)
I once 1v5 clutched on faceit with a p250 after the update and now i shout IT ISNT A NERF!!!
luis castro (9 months ago)
love that sc2 music!
Stefen Ya (9 months ago)
was gonna throw a like anyway but the starcraft music made me like instantly
Cornelius (9 months ago)
Didn't miss you Brent coz u already won a place in my FPS devoted heart, keep it up my man!
splinte111 (9 months ago)
I thinks it's fair to buff the glock. The CT side always had the edge with the silenced pistol being very good resulting in no need to buy another weapon and instead focusing on armor/kit whilst the T had to make a choice between better fire power or armor.
HRUSUKESH PARIDA (9 months ago)
Pls drop me any skin
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Zerpthederp (9 months ago)
Were did you got that scarce shirt
Servine (9 months ago)
Dino Derp (9 months ago)
i think the deagle needs better accuracy on the first shot but on the second shot is shit even mid range so that only skilled players can use the deagle and so that we dont have to WISH that it hits on the head.
Sun Blaze (9 months ago)
Sun Blaze (9 months ago)
I want p250 one shot headshots back
mrcload gaming (9 months ago)
XD why does he have a random pistol on a table? Look at the bottom left
Scott Telting (9 months ago)
why is there a big glock in the backround
Cr1mson (9 months ago)
WarOwl using starcraft soundtrack haha
Speck Streifen (9 months ago)
Senks 4 updäte.
chiRal123 (9 months ago)
WarOwl I know you read all your comments. I wanted to tell you that you have the best csgo content. You've greatly assisted me in improving. Keep up the great work!
Tech Phibian (9 months ago)
Andrew Sayman (9 months ago)
I missed you.
SuTard (9 months ago)
You are right about bringing it back. Me and a random queue brought it back from 14-2. To 14-16 . I recorded my game winning kill
Dinoshaw (9 months ago)
3:32 the ting goes skurah
Stone Rock (9 months ago)
R8 is crying
el negro (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that tought that P250 was op and used it?
sak 2014#Szowa (9 months ago)
Starcraft2 song in background lol
Chivokroy (9 months ago)
I can't tell whose voice I like more: yours or Morgan Freeman's....

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