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Half-Life: Threewave - Valve's Unreleased Game

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the unknown unreleased game, 3Wave. What started as a popular CTF Quake mod back in the mid nineties, ended up being one of the most broken leaks in Valve's history. Sources : https://www.bluesnews.com/archives/sept96-5.html http://www.quakewiki.net/archives/voretimes.planetquake.gamespy.com/ Amazing thanks to PistonMiner : http://steamcommunity.com/id/PistonMiner/ And also Jackathan! Check out the channel better than mine, Electra News Network : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQIFa59irH3NAAPA1l9LnyA Download 3Wave Mod for Half-Life - http://www.mediafire.com/download/2o3u80r22be2njv/Half+Life+3Wave+CTF.rar Drag the two folders into the root of your Half-Life 1 installation, then restart Steam. If you want a higher FOV, hit your "~" key and type "default_fov 120 before joining ANY game. My server will be running for a week, however if it remains popular I will keep it up longer.
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Text Comments (1125)
think differently (24 days ago)
W mods Download ?
*THREE* wave
Nagito Komaeda (2 months ago)
Mr.FeeFee (2 months ago)
Where was Onewave and Twowave?
Griffin Bowling (4 months ago)
You should post a version on Steam Greenlight so we can enjoy it later as a direct install to Half Life. Plus I'm too lazy to look through these ancient "folders" you speak of... wtf is this shit.
Smiley 42 (6 months ago)
INK 1233 (6 months ago)
Hl3 CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adrián Benítez (7 months ago)
SilverStone (8 months ago)
We know that valves inability to count to 3 will eventually be there demise, so it's good to get these games there too bullheaded to realise out there
PfunkNH (8 months ago)
CounterStrike started as a mod...
Philippinoy (8 months ago)
Mann power??
Firstaid223 (8 months ago)
God, do Valve even make games anymore?
Mr Nasa !!!!!! (8 months ago)
Server Dead
ExtraMerc (8 months ago)
Any VALVe game including 3 is fake.
Dejan Mojsovski (8 months ago)
Counter strike was actually just a half life mod...
fat glob globson (8 months ago)
CannibalClark (8 months ago)
if you took out the "wave" in the name of the game it will make more sense.
sonicj Polygon (8 months ago)
so quake was the original online shooter game?
AnAverageVeiwer (8 months ago)
Oh! Cool! Half life three! Oh wait 😒
PianoPerry (8 months ago)
I like Mann power mode.
kilo (9 months ago)
Passtime is literally what Threewave is described as
danner253 (9 months ago)
3?! A S C E N D E D
Nick Rff (9 months ago)
Nice job You should change the title into sth else though like “We resurrected valves game yards yada yada” Because this is what you technically did
Samuel Kennedy (9 months ago)
Someone needs to make Half Life: Threewave: Source
Pen (9 months ago)
3wave is fucking 2fort confirmed 2fort is ctf and also there is a number in the name
phood (9 months ago)
quake isnt even that broken then csgo
Half-Life : Threesome
Valve should hire you to make old games and release them.
La VoS es DeuS (9 months ago)
4:44 this is half life 3...........................wave
La VoS es DeuS (9 months ago)
omfg i played 3 wave on quake 2 for years... it was my first multiplayer experience
snugs (9 months ago)
The only game related to VALVe to ever have a ''Three'' in the title.
Kamabo Co. (9 months ago)
Comments: 75% - "It was cancelled because three was in the name." 24% - Regular comments 1% - These comments which list the types of comments.
Sparnage pl (10 months ago)
Now, we've got Portal Bridge Constructor.
The Interesting Nobody (11 months ago)
Half-Life 3 - *No* Ricochet 2 the Card Game - *Yes*
Dook (1 year ago)
steam - No haxs Mediafire - I will find your home..and i will end your life A.K.A MEDIAFIRE FUCKING SUCKS
Albenation (1 year ago)
Dude vnn get a job at VALVE AND WORK ON HALF LIFE 3
Ash The Juice Knight (1 year ago)
Wow thanks, this is actually impressive!
OMNI (1 year ago)
tf i was born on 7/26/97
Flintaco (1 year ago)
The Wolf (1 year ago)
Anyone playing 3wave?...
BFGFANATIC (1 year ago)
Agitating Skeleton (1 year ago)
I'm hosting a server for this right now! Go play it!
MSTVD (1 year ago)
End music?
s0m3guy (1 year ago)
ayyyyyy vietnamese
a_zombie_kyle (1 year ago)
you now its sad that the community has to finish games valve gave up on cause all they do is make excuses to not finish them
Trax Nitro (1 year ago)
All we need now is online multiplayer for this.
Benjamin Seebold (1 year ago)
We got a shitty card game instead of this?
Lunatic (1 year ago)
TF2 game mode "MannPower". Seems near, seems legit!
Matt Muto (1 year ago)
This looks amazing. Could it work over LAN?
Edward Wood (1 year ago)
Valve never released it because it had three in the name.
next up game half life: the fitness gram pacer test is a multi sta{ I ate it sorry
Daeslender JDJM (1 year ago)
Gabe Newel created 128 accounts to dislike this video.
Boris Sitnikoff (1 year ago)
Half-Life is essentially Quake with an actual story.
Lazaro Aguilar (1 year ago)
Does anyone still play? Would love to have a go!
Vinh Khang Nguyen (1 year ago)
how you find in vietnames fpt sever ???? valve news ???
StrongAdel (1 year ago)
Half-Life: Threewave has Half-Life: Three in it Half-Life 3 confirmed
Hanro50 (1 year ago)
I've got the Source version of halflive death match...
Michael Opnv (1 year ago)
It doesn't work for me
Poorly (1 year ago)
Billy Reynolds (1 year ago)
Has anyone tried to port it to HL2?
Majin (1 year ago)
T HM (1 year ago)
how do you install it?
TIITAN (1 year ago)
Id? I'm pretty sure it's I D as in Identification, but I could be wrong.
wooden hoe (1 year ago)
is it for half life source?
Nojus Novikas (1 year ago)
we need half-life 4
RAGING D**K (1 year ago)
can anybody help me out its almost a year and i still cant find any remnants of wmods i have spent a lot of time looking for and no one has talked about it from what i can see
Blank Blank (1 year ago)
Ugh no more servers
Gabor Csonka (1 year ago)
i like is
Gabor Csonka (1 year ago)
2017............ hello ,,,, nice fund some old history off half life
Kampy187 (1 year ago)
Pretty cool.
Valve had a Hard time getting through The 3rd Wave.
FelixFTW (1 year ago)
How come I load up the server browser and there's a single server with 166 ping? There used to be a server called FRAG LIKE IT'S 1999! which was pretty cool but now there are almost no servers. Anyone have a server I can join? I was born at the very end of the 1990s and I would very much like to experience what FPS's were like back then. I would play CS 1.6 more if I didn't join a random server every time I press an unbound button.
HazyMan (1 year ago)
How did you increase the FOV in Threewave? Please let me know
Moved (1 year ago)
Whats the ending music
Mr. Rotundus (1 year ago)
Absolute madman
Assassin of Power (1 year ago)
Wow some more classics for me to play
Blank Blank (1 year ago)
why .rar
clodietheclodoe (1 year ago)
Do you need half-life 1 or sven co-op to play it
G-Boy (1 year ago)
IgnitionDJ (1 year ago)
Damn that is amazing. Thank you and your mate for putting this out.
Jack Doe (1 year ago)
TF AND CS started as mods...
Nonexistanthuman (1 year ago)
is the server still up?
Furry Watermelon (1 year ago)
I think i might have a screen shot of the original
supervegito2277 (2 years ago)
Counter strike was a mod too...?
MrEggNog99 (2 years ago)
Too bad I dont have anything for .rar files...
MrBlaktoe (2 years ago)
Man I remember playing 3wave back in the day. What a time. So many great shooters were born between 96 and the early 00s. The memories...
John Clark (2 years ago)
I ran some of the most popular quake servers on the internet. Some history, qtest and q1 server admins didn't get on message boards we were too busy moding and playing to write up what we were doing. If you were lucky to be on ICQ or IRC outside of quake chat then we would talk to you. We took the standard dm mode that came in qtest and started hacking immediately, textures, hex editing values. But when quakec arrived went crazy and made tons of different modes, most of which you see now. but there were lots you don't, which is too bad. The problem was that you could break quake quite easy, so to keep our servers up we had to make small mods in the morning when nobody was playing. The original ctf, which has been forgotten, before Zoid took all the credit, was from other mods that we made in the community. It used the keys for flags, and there was no hook. It was a modification of the keep away mod where one person would run around with the key and if they got killed it would drop. I ran 3 servers on different pentium 75 laptops, one DM, one coop, and one ctf. Mine was the first to combine the keys and the teleport train for the hook, and it was busy 24x7. We had runes moded when dm mode came out, it was an easy mod. Some people liked them some didn't. Zoid bundled what we were developing and branded it 3wave and put in some new models but it certainly wasn't the first ctf. This pissed a bunch of people off, but once id backed him, there was no going back to the truth. There was a big uproar that you still see today how people hate him and what he did. Anyway...the mysterious folder you found wmods was just "working mods". Most modders had those back in the day on our servers... server admins hardly ever released the code. The stuff you found is no mystery. There was a progression that went something like: quake 1, quake ctf, quakeworld, quakeworld ctf, many iterations thunderwalker, allstar, expansion packs, halflife....half life was just a mod that came out about the same time as quake 2. These blatant attempts at commercialization what the community was doing pissed us off. We had done the crowbar model in quake 1 and the different guns were all being contributed by different people. Community maps were being taken and massaged into games and the original authors forgotten. To add insult to injury id and valve modified the code so that games could not be backward compatible. It was a travesty to have to give up old maps just because we didn't have access to the source code. The server browser and quakec got broke every time they updated and it was a cat and mouse game of them screwing things up and us fixing them for our players. Until finally they got tired of us crying and did away with quakec and rode off on their uppity high horse. Anyway I digress. Halflife CTF and Counterstrike came out shortly after half life was released, because lots of us found the code valve did for lots of quake functions was quite a bit better. id really wanted a short leash on things. CTF on halflife was really just a port of things from quake that people had done, and counterstrike was nothing more than come cool gun models at first. Quake 2 ran horrible on most peoples machines, many of us were investing our college loans into new hardware. Lots of us got married and pissed off so we quit holding lan parties, shut down our servers and moved on with our lives. So in the end these mods like the free version of counterstrike and halflife ctf all but disappeared from the internet.
kikkpod (2 years ago)
I could never manage to get this running due to some bugs, where is the video you said you would make on it? I heard you got a dedicated server , wouldn't wanna waste it.
Michael Hallett (2 years ago)
I'm going to try this on xash3d
Mgaak (2 years ago)
Slow clap man, really.
UltimateSauce (2 years ago)
is there any EU servers around?
Vietnam (2 years ago)
Wow....magnificent job M8. I'm really impressed that You searched for this mod for such a long time and You finally found it. And off course congratulations for making this mod playable.
grafimir Gmr (2 years ago)
Valve liked it so much they decided to make a game based of it. Only to stop for some reason. Guess they tough only one tribute to the original game was enough.
grafimir Gmr (2 years ago)
4:47 You know, that reminds me... Not all Source games are as good as the original GoldSource ones, these days. I miss the good old days...
Hunter Ziegelmann (2 years ago)
reminds me of red faction 2 with how the deathmatch gameplay looks
GarbagePal (2 years ago)
So basically,the precursor to mannpower.
GarbagePal (2 years ago)
Oh shit, nvm he said it in the video.
Artyom Fomin (2 years ago)
i got it working on xash3d engine, but no servers were found
TacticalBananas (2 years ago)
Congrats sir. You just made history, blew my mind, and brought a unreleased game from the trash bin of video games. What's next, hl2:ep4? Lol
slap_my_hand (2 years ago)
Threewave.... this reminds me of..... something......
TehMondasianSpartan (2 years ago)
Half-Life 3 (wave) confirmed
FrostBittn (2 years ago)
Does anyone know where I can find the wmods folder? If it's even on the internet

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