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UnCSO2 converted maps demonstration

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Some Counter-Strike Online 2 maps converted for Counter-Strike Source. Download and source code of the tool used: https://github.com/Ochii/UnCSO2 In this demo de_dust2, de_aztec, cs_estate, de_vertigo, dm_uprising and hs_studio are shown.
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Tuấn Trần Anh (13 days ago)
Can you teach me to do that, please!!! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010436164318
closechan1 (6 months ago)
how to you convert material iuse u tool ot extract a map but the material is missing
R7GX (6 months ago)
How to properly adjust the shadows ? Maps not have shadows :D
R7GX (6 months ago)
nice, still you can try to add an auto-partitioning of map, so that the map by size as a big city work normally. мBut it seems to me to decompile and divide by hand easier
the next step is to get the tool to make the shadows work
gazzzzzzzzzzyi (6 months ago)
Is it possible to make standalone bsp and etxt decompressors? I have already unpacked files from old version, some files are not exsist in packages anymore.
feel free to use the tool's source code to accept bsp files, as i am probably not going to do that soon
malazsia121 (6 months ago)
Material models/maps/de_dust2/de_dust2_woodbuttress01 does not support vertex format used by the mesh (maybe missing fields or mismatched vertex compression?), mesh will not be rendered. Grab a programmer! what is? maps not have textures
malazsia121 (6 months ago)
In which file does it all change?
malazsia121 you need to replace the material's shader from the cso2 version to its closest equivalent in the stock source engine (cso2brush to lightmappedgeneric, for example)
ZomboidArea (6 months ago)
It is possible to somehow make bigcity_pvp work on CSS or if not only preview this .bsp somehow?
ZomboidArea maybe the "easiest" to load bigcity_main and other large maps would be to modify the engine limits. or you could split the map somehow
R7GX (6 months ago)
When I decompile my program crashes, why ?
R7GX (6 months ago)
thanks,it`s full worked, we will wait for updates to fully convert the maps )
you should be able to load the maps now. https://github.com/Ochii/UnCSO2/releases
R7GX (6 months ago)
map load failed: not found or invalid | css, decompiling maps with bsbsource - error
R7GX (6 months ago)
thanks man,it`s work
André Felipe (6 months ago)
Can you upload the .vmf's? It does extract the map files but I cant open it ingame or unpack the bsp.
JackyNg3 (6 months ago)
Finally, I found another one who can extract the assets from CSO2 and ported them to CS:S.
JackyNg3 (6 months ago)
No, I use my own way to convert the map, you can see the date of upload of my videos. It is because I see no one focus on the conversion of CSO2's maps at that time.
thanks. do you use converted maps in your videos or did you modify the engine?

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