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So you want FREE CS:GO skins? It doesn't get any better than this! (Guide)

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If you want to get better at the game, I am your guy!: http://goo.gl/5zSR55 If you like these videos, the best way to support my channel is: http://www.patreon.com/Yellow & Subscribing to the channel... OR Read do the stuff below. ------------------------------------------------------------------- / Want a BEAST Dragon T-Shirt? Look here: http://shop.spreadshirt.com/YellowYT/ / Patreon PAGE (Most effective support method) http://www.patreon.com/Yellow / Skin donation (If you Wanna) http://goo.gl/wrWy7V / Facebook (Special Notifier & uploads) http://on.fb.me/JuybWZ / Twitter (Uploads & chatter) http://bit.ly/NUQmoM / Twitch Stream (Never really stream, my internet is bad) http://www.twitch.tv/cyellowan ------------------------------------------------------------------- My internet is REALLY bad. If you want to catch me Live regardless, get "Twitch Now" and follow. Anyways, let's work on making this Channel Absolutely awesome! With this growth and support, i'll make sure to rock on stronger than ever and make the channel go big! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in my crosshair, custom font, view model or maybe the config? It can all be found here: http://youtu.be/c7yX_2-Ecsg The video contains what you most likely are looking for. Have a nice day, and don't get beastyfied when you play!
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Text Comments (1294)
Yellow (1 year ago)
Spam on this video gets automatically removed <3! The main points of this video still hold up to this day. So go out there and play! :D
Mew Bird (1 year ago)
Spray Update: 9/10 of the lvl up rewards are now shitty sprays no one asked for.
monster (1 year ago)
I got a shadow case the hour it was released and it was worth like 7 euro but i couldnt sell it because i didnt buy a game in the last year :(
Qwert Gaming (1 year ago)
lol the video has 4k
5 -iwnl- (1 year ago)
Ethan Harris (1 year ago)
Yellow! ILY, ive been trying to find your video for SO long, this is my favorite video of all time, didnt help me out cause my inv sucks still but ILY, new sub
ELITEsuspect (1 year ago)
Thank u dude it really helped me out
Papa Filip (2 years ago)
Great video. Thanks for explaining it very clearly. Liked and subbed! :)
kazye priv acc (2 years ago)
in some guns statrak looks better than non st
XxdrumasterxX hello (2 years ago)
how do u get that aim
Moon Man (2 years ago)
this may sound stupid, but I'm a beginner. how do you get drops? do you have to play online?
Hender (2 years ago)
Well I sold one Chroma 3 case and got cheap skins I like.
iKamilEdits (2 years ago)
Hey, great Videos mate.. i really enjoyed this one
curly (2 years ago)
ak redline with a crown holo LOL this is from before they became super expensive
Aziz N (2 years ago)
I'm not crazy enough to buy a skin for 50$ +
Funny Valentine (2 years ago)
no scam
Sandu Rotaru (2 years ago)
i have an ak47 Frontside Misty : Field tested that loks factory new
Dylan Gallagher (2 years ago)
so basically this guide is get a case drop when they release and sell it, seems like common knowledge
FierceViper (2 years ago)
how do you do the fast forward to next highlight?
theSkatingZebra (2 years ago)
Wow bro youtube keeps unsubscribing me from u its annoying
I Want To Die (2 years ago)
1/10 "Not enough advice, got my dick stuck in a tractor" -IGN
Fredy (2 years ago)
Yea, Fk StatTrak
Tomas Lomonaco (2 years ago)
im pretty sure i played with u... do you remember any kuran?
Smithii (2 years ago)
Instructions not clear enough got my dick stuck in a tractor
DJBawss (2 years ago)
i was the 69th like
Fred Lockard (2 years ago)
Aquatic (2 years ago)
LOL that was funny
meyogy (2 years ago)
+1 /\ this comment
owen marks (2 years ago)
Go back to step 3
Br00dje (2 years ago)
awp skins are not all expensive, look at worm god, pit viper, safari mesh and snake skin. you can get them for less then a dollar.
Popcornflakes (2 years ago)
+gamesforlife9 i only like the hyper beast and sun in leo
Mr Steal yo Girl (2 years ago)
they are ugly as fuck
Mr Steal yo Girl (2 years ago)
they are ugly as fuck
DJBawss (2 years ago)
no snake camo ft is over 1 dollar
Popcornflakes (2 years ago)
Look at dragon lore 1000+ dollars
bubbly (2 years ago)
where u from?
bubbly (2 years ago)
Ash (2 years ago)
north korea
Fick Mich Oida (2 years ago)
So you are telling me to farm cases and sell them?
RanduMandu (2 years ago)
i look into the comment to see if the people think it legit only to find them talking about other stuff
Joshua van Akkeren (2 years ago)
xD Me too
3[L] (2 years ago)
The community market works, even if you can only use steam moneys and Volvo adds 15% to the price of everything (adding at least 2p/2¢ to it) and taking that extra money.
mOmO (2 years ago)
A FaMous YouTuber (2 years ago)
Average Gabriel (2 years ago)
HOW!?!?! 2:08
Zombie Chicken (1 year ago)
Average Gabriel his first shot he was moving so he got lucky
Average Gabriel (2 years ago)
+Toxi Click His cross hair is waay off
Levident (2 years ago)
As a fellow norwegian, I'm proud of your English skills
Oliver Lyche2 (2 years ago)
Samme her
BudgetGamerDE (2 years ago)
After I leveld up I got a P250 | Franklin (Factory New) :P
Lucas Barros (1 year ago)
I like your profile picture.
ツCobraFighter (1 year ago)
Damaging Music Beats My best drop was an AK-47 Safari mesh field tested xd
Phill Robert (2 years ago)
Lucky I got a p250 sand dune :/
Robert Kim (2 years ago)
And here's me with my mp9 storm bs
Mikat (2 years ago)
the AWP | Worm God is actually a pretty good deal, got my field tested one for 75 cents :)
Salar (2 years ago)
I prefer the Pit Viper. Worm God just looks ugly IMO.
Joseph BadMon (2 years ago)
Does anyone suggest this game I've been looking at it for a while
Josh George (1 year ago)
you mean easy to learn, hard to master
evan (1 year ago)
+Anirudh Pal how? there isnt any dlc bullshit, just skins that dont affect gameplay in any way genius
evan (2 years ago)
This is kinda late, but yes . It's fun, but also kind of complicated so if ur a cod/bf/halo player the. The change will be sorta difficult
Anirudh (2 years ago)
xox5005 (2 years ago)
Yeah great game, but is harder than it looks :P
Jdsantos_02 (2 years ago)
i have many stat trak skins even I don't play alot of multiplayer and don't open any case... why I have this skins? (sorry for my grammar)
Cata Play (2 years ago)
2160 p 4k Wtf its this ?
o k (2 years ago)
Basically, it's better than 1080p
GnomEe (2 years ago)
What mouse you using?
Anne Frank the Nazi (2 years ago)
+Missedchunkz you made my day
GnomEe (2 years ago)
Fuck you
A computer mouse
KTM Norway (2 years ago)
i just find norwegian pepole haha tøft det da
raNgeYT (2 years ago)
2:05 wtf was that mate
Jonas Larsen (2 years ago)
What do you record with?
Mads P (2 years ago)
Thank you very much :) Your helped me i've allready got myself 3 skins :) Can u send your crosshair information it looks cool :)
simple Looney (2 years ago)
i met u today
720InstaSwap (2 years ago)
who else watched this video in 4k?
i enjoyed in 480p
MainlyCarThings (2 years ago)
+720InstaSwap Too poor to afford a 4k monitor :( But can watch it in 1440p though xD
Cody Scott (2 years ago)
Bro I saw you in game!
Sharzad Sadick (2 years ago)
i was gifted csgo but im a f2p but not a bad one but will this work
EverythingCole (2 years ago)
+MagicOfTaco I have r9 380x and an i5 6500 and 8 gigs of ddr4 ram
LowNote (2 years ago)
+MagicOfTaco Specs?
EverythingCole (2 years ago)
nice! I'm new to PC gaming so my only game is csgo xD just built my PC yesterday
Botanisk (2 years ago)
God jul Yellow
Filippo Cortese (2 years ago)
my new asii is BS. looks FN XD. my vulcan is WW and looks FN. My cyrex is FT and looks FN. CS skins r brokenn XD
BGD (2 years ago)
im going to play cs go and from the drops i get im going to colect it till i got enough so far im a milioner (16 cents)
i have 500 dollar without even buying csgo myself
Nibba (2 years ago)
Bra video :D
+Dirty Rupingle eeeyyyyyy rupingle!
Son of Your Dad (2 years ago)
Holy fk. You are so awesome... You have the Ak-47 RedLine :O
Spartonio (2 years ago)
A Wild Doggo (2 years ago)
+Illuminati Notreal That sucks, I'm sorry.
Son of Your Dad (2 years ago)
I got mine scammed so i feel kinda jealous. I lost an ak47 point dissaray and redline.
Dino (2 years ago)
Promit Saha (2 years ago)
You have 999,999 views m8
Wheatley Core (2 years ago)
1 millionth view!!! I screenshotted it!
Skaterfreak 76 (2 years ago)
999,997 viewes lol
Jimbob the 1st (2 years ago)
1000000 viewer xD
Arthur Llewelyn (2 years ago)
lol! 999 998 views! so close...
Ahmad Kamal (2 years ago)
what is your crossheir?
Artin T (2 years ago)
Guys this gets you fre Cs go skins
CommandoM1 (2 years ago)
Why did you comment that?
Dogtplayz (2 years ago)
Lol he has xray look at the stats right next to overview
todorttt (2 years ago)
+Shane Martin He is showing us demo from the game lol
720InstaSwap (2 years ago)
+Shane Martin thats for spectating retard
FrostWolf3458 (2 years ago)
+Shane Martin ? He watching areplay of himself it shows xray? wut dpo u mean?
Artur Perminov (2 years ago)
You.. are.. retarded..
theopeegamer (2 years ago)
Groovy (2 years ago)
Theinvisibleninja (2 years ago)
I played with you
Bleron Mehmeti (2 years ago)
does it sti works,=n?
Sn0w CrAB (2 years ago)
You have the same ak skin and glock skin as me :)
Sn0w CrAB (2 years ago)
I'm just saying. If you don't care then don't pay attention to this comment
eat my spine (2 years ago)
Wait...did I meet you in a game? Or was it a fake? My steam is 'Zeh Burgre :o'
Yellow (2 years ago)
+TheRiskofGaming (of course lol)
Yellow (2 years ago)
+TheRiskofGaming ofc lol
OGSterling (2 years ago)
+Yellow jeg er norsk :D
eat my spine (2 years ago)
+Yellow Aww :/
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Strider Da Bowmb I got no idea.
zebarkez (2 years ago)
ohh that old voice quality, i remember those old times xD
Ebrafter (2 years ago)
dude what the hell do you use to record O_O
Ebrafter (2 years ago)
+Yellow lol
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Ebrafter Not exactly what i did. YouTube always re-render videos to lower quality. So i just did a raw 1080p quality and did a true upscaling to 4K and whoalla. Looks super crisp.
Ebrafter (2 years ago)
+Yellow damn,it must be really good to record in 4k!
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Ebrafter Dxtory, best program i have ever bought. At the time of this video though, i had yet to learn how to use it as well as i do now however.
eDonkey (2 years ago)
whats ur crosshair?
eDonkey (2 years ago)
thanks bra
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Larff Self-made, read the description.
miii (2 years ago)
FUCK! sold my one skin to 3 keys and i desired to open them cause i have good luck.................fuck this best was galil eco....rip USP-S Orion and 6 euros
El1t3xJeallyBeanz (2 years ago)
I got a galil Eco on my first ever case
Flawless (2 years ago)
Nic Kyriacou (2 years ago)
+PV-Bomberi i wouldn't complain about a pink from 3 cases. that is quite lucky
HeaDshooterZ (2 years ago)
+PV-Bomberi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
CkC (2 years ago)
how do you get that crosshair? and when you shoot how does it not move?
CkC (2 years ago)
+Yellow ok thanks :)
Yellow (2 years ago)
+casper cz This one i made myself, links in the description if you want to use it yourself. It is a static one i made cause it's what i like the most. npnp
Rickstar (2 years ago)
Almost 1 mil views damn
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Rickstar Coswello And 1337 people that doesn't actually listen. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
T8im (2 years ago)
Dude.. why would u showing a game where you using cheats?...
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Tim “T8im” Ozil And i am in combination actually sort of good, lol. That's what this channel is based around!
Yellow (2 years ago)
+Tim “T8im” Ozil It is a replay you BRICK!
Taylor (2 years ago)
+Tim Ozil I did, he's just a good player...
T8im (2 years ago)
+OnlyPCGamer954 just replay the vid..
Taylor (2 years ago)
+Tim “T8im” Ozil He's not using cheats....
Je Moeder (2 years ago)
Why 4kHD?
Je Moeder (2 years ago)
Yellow (2 years ago)
+ItzParadox Because 1080p 60 fps was not a thing when this video was released.
YaBoiDevil (2 years ago)
Yellow can u help me someone hacked my account on csgo what can I do about it coz I lost all my good skins Iv reported him and all so reported him to steam seaport to try get my guns bak any I dears ?
Yellow (2 years ago)
+xD Smiley I have made a video that will contain most of the things that you need to know in order to rescue anything that you might have possibly gotten lost. Contacting steam support is always a safe bet. https://youtu.be/ymuRjsxGtfc If you are scared of links because of it, here's the raw url info link last part thingy (just in case) /watch?v=ymuRjsxGtfc GL, and be detailed.
AbuBakr Rangila (2 years ago)
dude. What knife are you using?
Yellow (2 years ago)
+kawacha dinkdong Just a troll.
kawacha dinkdong (2 years ago)
+Yellow what did he say?
HeaDshooterZ (2 years ago)
+Yellow Did it
Yellow (2 years ago)
+SchWiTzNuSs 96 Report it for spam plz.
HeaDshooterZ (2 years ago)
+Icy frésh Fuck off you piece of fuck
Surujean Surendiran (2 years ago)
thanks bro it helped me a lot thanks:D
IGN (2 years ago)
IGN (1 year ago)
+DiederikGaming​ lol i know dumb shit, look at the publication date
DiederikGaming (1 year ago)
in the fucking discription!
IGN PDL good gaming gear doesnt help you to be super good it just helps you to be super good FASTER
Nguyễn Việt Khánh (2 years ago)
I don't have a gaming mouse :D The one I'm using is 3$, not joking. It's pretty good actually! I can use it and rekt my friend with gaming mouse
Yellow (2 years ago)
+קובי כליף False, i never get 20 ping. Lowest i get is 40, and that up to like 70-80 i am completely used to even though it overall means a lot in terms of performing better.
distante _ (3 years ago)
What did you use to record this?!
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Faze Flinstone You have to make it hook or auto-hook what games you decide to record. As well as configure the codec and such. It is a learning curve for sure.
distante _ (3 years ago)
+Yellow I have dxtory but it wont let me record it doesnt recognize any programs
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Faze Flinstone Dxtory. Best program i have ever bought.
GustN (3 years ago)
kaloian grigorov (3 years ago)
a 4k cs go Youtuber FINALLY !
Turbo banaan (2 years ago)
+Tom Utka cuz your monitor is 720p
SushiCSGO (2 years ago)
I was just acting dumb you guys are actually dumb read the other replies....
lol he meant the quality not subs :P
WreckThatTech (2 years ago)
+coolcraft 123 Are you retarded?
Cackel (2 years ago)
+Louis May He was joking if you can't read the other replies.
Ali Lau (3 years ago)
are you asking us to use an alt account (buy another CSGO copy) and accumulate crates then sell them to make money to buy skins?
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Mr. Laos Not really, but that works as well. Done that indirectly since i got 2 accounts i play on. 1 for less skilled friends and 1 for my skilled buddies.
Yuval Fidler (3 years ago)
lol im really buying this game tomorrow XD
Yde Velten (3 years ago)
Nice hax XD
FrostWolf3458 (2 years ago)
+Yde Velten troll?
Mason Wagner (3 years ago)
i like this lots of free skins :)
RedPotato (3 years ago)
how can i sell cases for 8 euros????
Tony Oles (3 years ago)
+RedPotato many cases put together
Yellow (3 years ago)
+RedPotato If a new one drops related to a new event, as i explained, it is rather easy to do.
James Done (3 years ago)
Best I've ever got is a chroma weapon case worth £3 :|
James Done (3 years ago)
Okay :)
Yellow (3 years ago)
+James Done Better than 0.3£ though?.. lol. Be at it at a new event and you will be in for a treat.
Roach6195 (3 years ago)
So "process" means: sell crates - buy cheap skins? And how do you "expand" to more expensive ones?
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Roach6195 np
Roach6195 (3 years ago)
+Yellow Tnx :D
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Roach6195 The game constantly drop more stuff, so depending on when and at what time you sell stuff, you will get more value. And thus you can just trade with the market to eventually get some more decent skins IF wanted. Nothing comes for free though, which is the nature of CS:GO. Gotta play to be in the game, lol.
N e IX u IS (3 years ago)
Dafuq??? Those enemies were DMG??? They played like drunken gold novas... Anyway, nice video
m0stack0 (3 years ago)
+JaxTheKin g no where near....
Yellow (3 years ago)
+JaxTheKin g Yeh, pretty close. More so once you get past those ranks. As i have done a very long time ago :P
Dezfy (3 years ago)
JaxTheKin g (3 years ago)
GN4-DMG=Same Thing
KNIGHTRO (3 years ago)
KNIGHTRO (3 years ago)
+Yellow Oh shit, didnt see it :P thanks.
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Knightro Read the description.
Benny Wood (3 years ago)
retarded af
Vendetta (3 years ago)
30 000th Sub! :D Congrats!
matheusgc02 (3 years ago)
I got a case while playing do you think it's worth putting on the marketplace? I think it was a chroma one
Blitzer (3 years ago)
No! haha if you need a few cents to buy something you could
Aloha Snackbar (3 years ago)
+matheusgclassen If you don't like to gamble with cases, yes. And I would only recommend gambling csgo skins if you have a disposable income.
Dark Killer (3 years ago)
General Moon (3 years ago)
Almost 30k, I've been watching your videos for a month now and for some reason I always skipped the intro, today I decided to sit through the whole video without skipping anything and I skipped a beat when I heard 'this hardcore Norwegian pc gamer'. Noen ganger falcepalmer jeg meg selv av slike grunner. 😂
Wilfred teh (3 years ago)
dude i played with you once
Iceloading (3 years ago)
hey guys, i like this video but just to inform you, if you sell 200+ items on the market, you will have to put in your Social Security Number (SS Number) which I would not recommend to do. You will know you are getting close to 200 when you get a warning stating that you have sold 150 items or more and you would have to put in your SS number. BTW this is only for people living in the U.S, in other countries im not sure how it goes. I think (dont quote me on this) Canada only needs to put in their address.
KryPToN Larry (2 years ago)
+Abhinav Tumu oh. thanks
Abhinav Tumu (2 years ago)
+KryPToN Larry its what taxpayers are identified buy
KryPToN Larry (2 years ago)
Whats an ss number? I come from the UK
Spencer (3 years ago)
+Yellow I could understand that it's an American thing, More Scammer's and Carder's there.
Yellow (3 years ago)
+The Ripe Banana Gaming Address only i think, or less was what i had to put in. It is an american only thing i think.
FireGaming (3 years ago)
So there's guns on cs go that are worth less than 50 cents, I just want any weapon other than the ones they give u lol
Yellow (3 years ago)
+FireGaming The market got anything for almost any price.
Leo Choi (3 years ago)
Well im pretty sure opening cases are the worse ideas possible.. lol cuz i failed so bad
shrimp jesus (2 years ago)
he said selling the cases not opening he gets the new random case like now the new one is chroma 3 he sells them and buys skins with it
Lil Kev (2 years ago)
+Leo Choi once i unboxed an ssg 08 blood in the water minimal wear :3
Niklas .D (3 years ago)
Niklas .D (3 years ago)
I ask u , what u got from the case
Niklas .D (3 years ago)
+CakeMen [Daniel] RUSH 100 SUBS (Dani) and
ReDsBroke (3 years ago)
i just buy csgo and i buy a couple of crates (8) and keys (8) i get a butterfly in the 3 case then a asimov in the 8 crate best game 10-10 would play until world ends
Leechy (3 years ago)
+OfficialOptical I wish I was you
Yellow (3 years ago)
+OfficialOptical Never spend another dime dude.
OfficialOptical (3 years ago)
+By “By FLY” Max I bought one key and opened a Chroma case. I got a Stattrak Karambit Doppler Phase 3 in that case. Haven't spent money on this game since. :)
LordTrazan OG (3 years ago)
bs :)
GarrenIsBased (3 years ago)
+Roy / baeble breakout i assume
Zyro (3 years ago)
What the fuck is that amazing cross hair?
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Zyro It has been working for me all the way up to Global Elite rank. Read the description if you want to test it out. I even got a rather recent video on crosshairs if you want to know of the more technical details that surround it's odd design.
Potet (3 years ago)
wat? i was just in a game against you before i watched this video LOL!!! :O
kyle mclachlan (3 years ago)
What gets me is why no one try`s to drive the prices up so the people who pay for a texture file pay more and we get more money in our steam account .
Hender (1 year ago)
kyle mclachlan It's a market place
Zvonimir Stipić (3 years ago)
how can i sell my cases?
Yellow (3 years ago)
+Zvonimir Stipić The Steam market is your friend. It can be accessed from the steam community page on steam.

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