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Should S1mple Be Allowed to Play? AI Training for CSGO, COD Pro Girlfriend Cheats with Team Owner

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Girls are crazy Do Your Esports Betting with ArcaneBet!: https://welcome.arcanebet.com/csgo-news/ 00:10 - Updates on GetSupremacy the AI Training Tool! 2:05 - S1mple Stands In for Mousesports... Unfair? 2:21 - Mouz Styko Eye Surgery Went Well! 4:02 - New EU Lineup Built by HS and Fox! 5:06 - Smooya to BIG 5:40 - Esports Segment - FaZe Zoomaa Girlfriend Cheats on Him 7:19 - Gamerz Winning Team Joins Fnatic Academy! 8:01 - Spunj Back to CSGO? GetSupremacy: https://getsupremacy.com/beta/ Mr. Ulletical Map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243702660 Dekay's Tweet: https://twitter.com/NWDeKay/status/984450953033039872 My Discord: https://discord.gg/q43EKsn My instagram!: https://www.instagram.com/jakelucky14 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Legitrsgiving My Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=159315592&token=UhYpFj6X MY STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/legitrsgiving/ Common Sources: http://www.dust2.us/ http://www.hltv.org/
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Text Comments (177)
Imaktarul (5 months ago)
I’m early for this video but late for school
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
lol nooo
steven van der Velde (5 months ago)
Any EU players trying to form a team? I'm Global in mm and rank C in esea.
Lucas (5 months ago)
"Is there a certified good CS:GO team?" Yes, FaZe
Arkhi Jan Amor (5 months ago)
other esports news please! on a side note, ZooMa should burn those two alive kappa xD
tanner fox (5 months ago)
Although cs>cod BEGONE THOT
Blue Behemoth (5 months ago)
I read somewhere that styko got lasik to fix his eyesight
Anupam Sah (5 months ago)
Yess I am very optimistic about https://getsupremacy.com/beta/ and their team behind it. Although the current version is a bit buggy but its okay. Looking forward seeing new teams using this AI to train their skills :D
Aki K (5 months ago)
Jake, SPUNJ has a sticker, if you don't know already, Renegades qualified in Cologne 2015
Rexxar Gaming (5 months ago)
BiG want to stay national and not get smooya he wont leave epsilon if a Team has Been made around him with tsack Robin cosmeen surreal and some random other UK player
Rexxar Gaming (5 months ago)
And plus that UK Team is not Bad lost 2:1 against mousesports
Rexxar Gaming (5 months ago)
Penta sports not penta gaming
Connor Howitt (5 months ago)
Well I’m sorry that simple is a good player but it’s not like mousesports are going to pic a much worse player
Jaffa (5 months ago)
That hair doesn't even look that bad lol :D
Tomas Fonseca (5 months ago)
5th is most likely to be mutiris
Tristan Cheung (5 months ago)
Astralis is not struggling in ECS or ESL lmao
Hydz (5 months ago)
spunj is my dad
GeoRg_J (5 months ago)
-pro -cod pick one
Dishonored -Ghost- (5 months ago)
Something to note Jake, -> Justin -Kos didn’t know she was still with him they were drinking and she said she wasn’t with him anymore. Just so you are aware cheating is shitty and terrible but he shouldn’t be held accountable for not knowing.
Floxiiik (5 months ago)
I rly want to know if I can get vac'd for this AI training bot?
Golden FotR (5 months ago)
Damn I expected better from Kosdff
nadeau 15 (5 months ago)
Yess please have that random esport news segment love it
Hyperus (5 months ago)
NO WAY, like 3 weeks ago i thought about this with the AI and it seemed perfect, i will try GetSupremacy out, already downloaded. I am going for ESEA Rank G right now, so i take any training i can get
A Random Guy (5 months ago)
I think broadening your variety of news by covering more general eSports news is nice.
Jake (5 months ago)
FaZe ZooMaa : Nice to know org owners banging girlfriends. HAHAHAHAH I AM DYING Also congrats to FaZe for winning CWL and next is FaceIT Major #FAZE UP!
Andrew Lamb (5 months ago)
Some random news is bad I like it
lucasmac15 (5 months ago)
I’m cool with a story or two every now and then about general esports but I wouldn’t watch it if it got to the point where half the stories were esports in general and not csgo
Not Light (5 months ago)
*Good movie. See our work when you have time ! :)*
hapmis (5 months ago)
I already miss the title cards
Matej Šipoš (5 months ago)
2:05 How much Jake?
YY (5 months ago)
I like it how he doesn't like other youtubers to earn money but will get gambling sponsors himself
Sinipunainen (5 months ago)
That "What a rat"
bianco5 (5 months ago)
Styko did a lasik surgery so he wont use eye glasses anymore, it was clarified by mouz's twitter
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
ah thanks for the update :D
Slagg Magoo (5 months ago)
Cod news and more?
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
haha coming soon!
Cooper Schutt (5 months ago)
I don't really understand how or at the very least the premise of ai teaching you, a lot of cs is game sense (I think the best way to get that is from playing a lot and watching pros) and aiming, give a bot incredible aim how can you get better if you get hs everytime they peak a corner, but this is all speculation and I have no idea how the app works just a weird idea in my opinion
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
This is a big reason why I am superrr excited to see them as they progress and develop, certainly won't be a simple process
SmallVilleTM (5 months ago)
Wooow man, yhou are actually reporting something like that. Funny thing is you calling it a esport news, girl cheating on her boyfriend, is not a esport news, hell its not any kind of news that needs to be reported.
SmallVilleTM (5 months ago)
Then plesae explain to me how does girlfriend cheating on her boyfirend qualify as esport news ?
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
I completely disagree
Thomas Hurrell (5 months ago)
FNC.a has already smashed wind and rain 16-2 btw
Thomas Hurrell (5 months ago)
"Git supremacy" lul
Thomas Hurrell (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More I know, but you butchered saying it
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
it's the name! haha
Martijn Schrama (5 months ago)
Jake, have you played LoL? I saw u comment in a few LoL vids. For example: https://youtu.be/BZ9rr-6FYxY
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
I love LoL ARAMs so ya i do play from time to time :D
TheBodyOnPC (5 months ago)
The fact that the Renegades winning an asian minor is an 'if' just shows how horrible Renegades in a global context
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
interesting perspective
TheBodyOnPC (5 months ago)
Leagues often have made rules to prevent the issue of s1mple you are talking about. Everytime fans get mad because they want to see their favorite player play.
Hockey the actual god (5 months ago)
Thedawgplays (5 months ago)
"CSGO News and MORE"
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
hahaha I can't tell if you're being sarcastic but thank you man :D
Frederik Carl (5 months ago)
you say astralis is struggling but still they are winning so many games atm?
Frederik Carl (5 months ago)
yea but i get you and i love your content :) and again a good video keep going :D
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Just a lot of teams with inconsistent results would've been better said by me
Coco (5 months ago)
quite interesting info for you: Team Liquid partnered with SAP, they will provide AI-training for Liquid and also data analysis... just saying, its already public knowledge ;)
Coco (5 months ago)
Coco (5 months ago)
I actually dont have twitter haha, I just know this cause I`m an SAP employee... but here you go anyway https://news.sap.com/sap-announces-first-collaboration-in-esports-and-becomes-the-official-innovation-partner-of-team-liquid/
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Link please? dm me on twitter if you get the time :p
sokrey (5 months ago)
s1mple needs a better team , poor guy carrying every single game he plays. he really needs a much better team.
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Imerence (5 months ago)
It's Spun-jay
Imerence (5 months ago)
You forgot faceit integration.
8Bitbanana peel (5 months ago)
SpunJ is the was the Styko of Renegades, please no
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
haha rude but partially true
3r1k B (5 months ago)
Sprout said Innocent stays with them and is not going to move to the new team!
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
oh SHOOOTTTT i didn't see this thank you
Syncrenize 7 (5 months ago)
Astralis is struggeling? thay are 13-1 in ECS and 14-8 in EPL
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
I guess until we see LAN results we won't know who is actually consistent but touche
PerfectInSight (5 months ago)
I feel like Jake is forgetting that Mousesports is second in the world right now.
Žiga Ademovič (5 months ago)
Vp is the worst team in the world rn
Žiga Ademovič (5 months ago)
Vp is the worst team in the world rn
i like that purple (cover?),and btw i maybe cant go to see your stream today bcause im sick rn.
Obvious Lee (5 months ago)
2:39 Says "not too bad for Virtus pro" but shows the score of 16-3 xD
Obvious Lee (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More hahahah.. I get your point xD
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
hahaha map 1 wasn't tooo bad :/ i was trying to be nice lol
vladik rakuts (5 months ago)
Dota 2 not league bots
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
you are correct :p my bad my memory fails me
aryTurns (5 months ago)
IMO I think they can't be situational when it comes to stand ins, and yeah, it is a bit overkill to snag the best player in the world atm as a stand in, he DOES meet all the requirements for that, since Na'Vi themselves did not qualify. If any team needed a stand in, I dont know the exact rules and fine print, but as they stated on stream, he isn't affiliated with any of teams who qualified, and his own team did not qualify, so he was allowed. I don't think it should come down to "Well, you can play with anyone else who currently isn't in the league. Oh, wait, you want s1mple? Yeah....that would make it unfair. Just choose someone else" Honestly, if you were to point fingers as to why this happened, look at his teammates....theyre the one's that got knocked out of the league by both gambit and godsent.
Ragnar Lodbrok (5 months ago)
feels sad man for the guy cant trust anyone anymore
bringsik100 (5 months ago)
maybe. it's time for him to get a boyfriend . well. maybe it will works . yes. I repeat : BOYFRIEND
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
:/ ikr
Emil Tikk (5 months ago)
5:13 What a rat
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Filip Ratkajec (5 months ago)
Astralis isnt struggeling. Please get your facts true, otherwise you arent legitimate news.
Ryan Winters (5 months ago)
Hmm surprised to hear you talk about a cod pro. But I'm definitely happy cause I follow cod as much as csgo
star_vance (5 months ago)
csgo news............ talking about cod
raptor133 (5 months ago)
hair is back
Marika Perkins (5 months ago)
Great Vids
Gorog (5 months ago)
think stand-ins are ok as long as they are only used if a player cant play (because of a eye surgery or something like that).
Str3x (5 months ago)
U cant get a vac ban for GetSupremacy am i right?
Britannio (5 months ago)
no you can't
Let 'er Rip (5 months ago)
You should never believe grillz.
Victor Schmidt (5 months ago)
Yeah Astralis is struggeling in ECS and ESL....
Theolito Caramba (5 months ago)
I like that COD news par, please continue doing those
Monkii (5 months ago)
Of course simple is a better aimer than Styko, but at all I wouldn’t say it’s fair or unfair. Simple has a complete other role in NaVi than styko in mouz, so they needed to change a bit (for example the ct side on train). As chrisJ said in his stream yesterday, they didn’t have the time to practice. CS pro matches are more than just based on good aiming. It’s based on teamplay and strats. I don’t think stand-ins are unfair in any kind on those high-level matches.
SupValyx (5 months ago)
I actually want a Blackiimov
That One Person (5 months ago)
Who doesn't? They look so damn sexy.
Mr. polite (5 months ago)
00:10 - Updates on GetSupremacy the AI Training Tool! 2:05 - S1mple Stands In for Mousesports... Unfair? 2:21 - Mouz Styko Eye Surgery Went Well! 4:02 - New EU Lineup Built by HS and Fox! 5:06 - Smooya to BIG 5:40 - Esports Segment - FaZe Zoomaa Girlfriend Cheats on Him 7:19 - Gamerz Winning Team Joins Fnatic Academy! 8:01 - Spunj Back to CSGO?
LackOfSanity (5 months ago)
CSGO Plus incoming.
TryZoid (5 months ago)
Oh also maybe -styko +s1mple Styko goes to shoxie's team
TryZoid (5 months ago)
When your gf cucked you and possibly your future company
Hehsna Ensnna (5 months ago)
Lol bots suck u meant dota2
Saim Faisel (5 months ago)
The title cards are gone ;(
Mitsark Glock (5 months ago)
Have those extra news
Lend Van Den Berge (5 months ago)
You should probably include esports news but you should devide it to csgo news or esports news not, 4minutes csgo news, a minute esports news, a minute csgo newa and 4 minutes esports news, you should make it so its 5 minutes this, 5 minutes that, devide the video into csgo/esports :D
Ryan (5 months ago)
Spunj stickers already are a thing fuck face
Ryan (5 months ago)
I will attack you
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
you are not a very nice guy are ya?
xBlackFlame99 (5 months ago)
hoes will be hoes and will never change
A4R R4A (5 months ago)
Get s1mple on a better team now.
tanner fox (5 months ago)
He belongs on faze kick xzizt or mousesports kick sunny
Ternedo (5 months ago)
A4R R4A yeah. Maybe mousesports can be permanent
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
ExEz (5 months ago)
yeah other esports is still good news so yh why not?
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
heck yesss
Owl (5 months ago)
every livestream its like 3 am :(
lord champa (5 months ago)
Heart me plz
lord champa (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
what else you want my lord
Edward LV (5 months ago)
How can it not be fair? S1mple isn't in the same league. I wouldn't play with someone who is playing in the same league and has a chance to throw to avoid more opponents!
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
it only becomes unfair if a bunch of teams start exploiting it
zubz isamazing (5 months ago)
I'm pretty sure ksdff is the owner right ?
Edisqn (5 months ago)
When will you stream again?
XXX313 (5 months ago)
Pin this, swear your vids are great !
Edisqn (5 months ago)
Its me again
N0vice (5 months ago)
what language is it written in? my best bet is python with a port to C++ or something like that.
bringsik100 (5 months ago)
can python do that?
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
I do not know that info unfortunately haha
XXX313 (5 months ago)
Pin this if you want your hair to grow back fast! Jk xD looks great
Christoffer Roepstorff (5 months ago)
Jake, Astralis is not struggeling they are in the top 4 atm
TheBodyOnPC (5 months ago)
according to HLTV. The problem with the rankings right now is that there has not been any tier 1 tournaments for more than a month. Next up is Dreamhack 18th april. After a couple the rankings will get better.
LandonTM lul (5 months ago)
Maybe do non cs news at the end. Call it like the Esport News segment. Just a thought.
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Ode Valkamo (5 months ago)
Cod news now xD?
beehop (5 months ago)
other esports news yeah!!! moore!!!
Kamel, K (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More that wasn't news that's personal shit. Esports yes, fucking TMZ style gossip is a no no for me. And honestly you're better than that.
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
Joey Book (5 months ago)
FYI the girl told the owner they broke up. So if anything the owner was also lied to in the situation
Aniq (5 months ago)
nope.their previous tweets are fishy af.the owner even said in a joking manner that 'cant call it a home wreck if they are not married' last month.its fucked up people knew something was up between them.
TryZoid (5 months ago)
Joey Book he got cucked
Stanny David (5 months ago)
zooma's gf is a gold digger for sure
FirstName LastName (5 months ago)
Time heals all :O :D
swagalicios (5 months ago)
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
MerquriFTW (5 months ago)
I say you should have the random esports segment at the end as this is still an csgo news channel, but I i'd love it to stay + esports news is back!!!
Jake Lucky (5 months ago)
ooo that's a good idea!
Ode Valkamo (5 months ago)
S1mple being a god again :-)
Ode Valkamo (5 months ago)
Quasar TG (5 months ago)
He's always been a god
Ode Valkamo (5 months ago)
sunny's twitter
Žiga Ademovič (5 months ago)
Ode Valkamo where was it posted?
Ode Valkamo (5 months ago)
CSGO News and More did you see the voice comms by simple and oskar that sunny posted about the inferno runboost they did. It was hilarious

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