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Counter-Strike Source Zombie Mod Gameplay on Zm Corps map on ElitE HunterZ Server

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css zombie mod gameplay on zm_corps map https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/v3.elite-hunterz.info:27045/ IP: v3.elite-hunterz.info:27045 STEAM PROFILE: https://steamcommunity.com/id/escapeyankoocro/ Game: Counter-Strike Source Map: zm_corps_v9_edited Server: Zombie Hunting V3 by ElitE HunterZ |All Weapons|Rank|Respawn| Mod: Zombie Slots: 60 Server Location: Germany Slots Used while recording: 60 players Map Size: 26 MB Map Creator: High video quality 720p HD
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Text Comments (24)
Al-Dawg (2 months ago)
Yo long time no see! It's AwesomeGamer922
Al-Dawg (2 months ago)
+By. Yankoo why?
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Cro server is off
Al-Dawg (2 months ago)
+By. Yankoo nice to see you too man! I don't know where I was! I was just Making videos just like you! I don't where is the zombie escape cro server I don't see it! Come check out my youtube channel!
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Wow man i cant belive ;) nice to see yoi and where you was ?
DJUX Official Channel TV (2 months ago)
Krmaca bre konza 😀😀😀
karim nabi (2 months ago)
Fatima López (2 months ago)
Vaggelis Krapis (2 months ago)
Do some people still playing css ? Tf. By the way always liked ur video Comment by . Porto
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Yes they still play it :) tnx
Emile (2 months ago)
Hey its me eaten by zms at 1:13 :D
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
XxxABOOD Xxx (2 months ago)
You amazing dude
cook100tea (2 months ago)
nice video and nice server :D
Adil Rahlaoui (2 months ago)
Whats your fps yankoo ?
Adil Rahlaoui (2 months ago)
+By. Yankoo nice fps :)
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Around 70-120
Adil Rahlaoui (2 months ago)
Nice bro i love this channel !!!!!! ;)
Rodrigo Rejopachi (2 months ago)
good bro :D me like you videos
ronaldo luarca (2 months ago)
great video...... :D
Css Bhoping-2- (2 months ago)
yanko being inside this map is bad u shoud stay outside
By. Yankoo (2 months ago)
Pedro Willian (2 months ago)
Its v34?
Css Bhoping-2- (2 months ago)
Pedro Willian its steam version

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