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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

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The cinematic trailer developed at Valve using the Source Filmmaker. The beta has provided us with great feedback, and all of the players who joined us recently have helped contribute to the development of the game. CS:GO launches on August 21st, so don't miss your chance to pre-purchase and get into the game early: http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/
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Text Comments (26588)
calzone guden (2 minutes ago)
3:27 hehe im goinn knife him 3:31 BLYEEET
NINJ A (7 hours ago)
I Watch this in 2018
samuel oliveira (10 hours ago)
Bus Spotters (11 hours ago)
Rush b cyka
Ajoo 129 (16 hours ago)
3/10 No "cyka blyat idi nahui rush b" screams
positivityquotes (16 hours ago)
If only you had a good T team
ABushInDisguise (1 day ago)
1:21 "Sorry guys, I couldn't get an AWP."
Spacedefender54 (2 days ago)
enabled cheats while getting the bomb. 1:57
PayTheWit (2 days ago)
*Houdini? Cinema 4d or 3D MAX?*
So shit game.. i have banned 3 acc, but i never usin cheats... nice anti cheat piece of shits valve!!!
Soroosh king (2 days ago)
Cs.go is perfect thank you valve now im so happy can you give me free htc vive plz?💟💟💟😃 My bithday is close and my only dream is htc vive😄😃 Valve you are super auper cool💀 Plz answer:3 Thanks to htc and valve team❤💓💟💕 With love:3
Game2Game (2 days ago)
1:37 dafuck Iron sights? Illuminati joined the server
Aurelien Neveu (3 days ago)
2018 ????!?! where i m alone ?
On CrYsiS (3 days ago)
The Last Moment is so Fuckin intense...!!
Carey Lai (3 days ago)
cyka blyat
Ngọc Khang Nguyễn (3 days ago)
a defuse with kit takes 5 seconds, the bomb only has like 3 seconds so he might not made it
Komkrit Nakpant (4 days ago)
CS HACK 2018
Rango Thresh (4 days ago)
Ivan (4 days ago)
Trailer vs reality...
ChallengerJeff (4 days ago)
I really want the c4 in this trailer looks better
Willie (4 days ago)
Whats new skins and less guns nice
Иван Хахах (4 days ago)
Заебись тема.
Ro GamingYT__ (4 days ago)
No steam
DV (4 days ago)
My main is using a bizon
DJ Randy (5 days ago)
K3 (5 days ago)
Nice nice !!!! 😯
exploding soap (5 days ago)
This is so legend
BoGGdaN (5 days ago)
Leyla Agaverdiyeva (5 days ago)
Он успел обезоружить
Infinite World (5 days ago)
accurate game of nuke
Око Саурона (5 days ago)
2:56 куда ты пошел нуб? Ты обязан был закрывать товарища
federico wiemeyer (6 days ago)
Pa cuando el hl3?
SlavonPlay (6 days ago)
Mihai Nedelea (6 days ago)
In trailer: 1:37 aim down your sights In game: nope.avi
le fantome fdp (6 days ago)
shut a fuck up
ComradeDerYT (6 days ago)
better than cso
Rusik_Gamer osu (7 days ago)
Omar Hajjar (7 days ago)
*bomb explodes* (Dead) PussySlayerSmurf: gg ez
갓비수 (7 days ago)
Very awesome video. Very nice quality.
grafimir Gmr (7 days ago)
I'm still wondering... Why is it in the game, on Nuke, it's Balkan's vs SAS but here, it's the GSG9 vs Phoenix Connexion. Honestly, I prefer the sides in the trailer but was the map using these sides on the beta? Did they change it after the trailer?
Fire Play (7 days ago)
GamingWithRaja. (7 days ago)
So no one.win?
grafimir Gmr (7 days ago)
Well, there's no clear winning side. It's up to Valve to answer but just like everything, they've left it in an annoying cliff hange
Luis Alberto Cruz (7 days ago)
The Negan (8 days ago)
Why do i want those terrorists to win so bad :/
nep nep (8 days ago)
Am i the only one in love with the backround music
Spinner Animations (8 days ago)
*The Day Valve Forgot About Tf2...*
CS Empire (9 days ago)
And the m249 silvers
CS Empire (9 days ago)
Any gun he uses the fuckind sawed off
2:02 A Stun Grenade from PUBG
Vilius Jurčiukonis (9 days ago)
1:38 i wish you could do that in the game
Eletrical (9 days ago)
how about csgo vs tf2
grafimir Gmr (8 days ago)
Different kinds of gamemodes. They are both FPS's but they play out drastically different. One is an actual tactical shooter while the other is class based one.
Wesley Snipes (10 days ago)
Mk rusları kolsuz oçlar
stan * (10 days ago)
And the third part of left 4 dead ?
SovietVegetable (10 days ago)
Bad player tbh
Gereksiz Adam (10 days ago)
Türkler burdami
XxVicente GamerXx (10 days ago)
Kushagra Panchal (10 days ago)
The steam sale version is so much better!
deonicio vandermerwe (10 days ago)
Loved it!
Nicholas Cross (10 days ago)
hey whats the easiest way to make money because i always wanted cs go but i could not get it I've been wanted this game since 2014 but i still never got it :(
calzone guden (10 days ago)
1:38 that was the most satasfying thing I've ever seen.
SUCHT EUCH ARBEIT (11 days ago)
Rush B
loay abbane (11 days ago)
cs on ps3 ?
Tom Tang (11 days ago)
False,bullets comes out from your eyes in csgo,not from your gun.
Gaman Laram (11 days ago)
Expectation: Reality: *Cyka Blyat*
Konniskatt - (11 days ago)
More than 15 years and still having the same weapons
r0ckoman (11 days ago)
"alright guys simple mission get in and get out" "hey dude what knife should i bring? this tactical one that can pierce bullet proof vest. or the one that one you can get from a gas station thats pink?" "the pink one you dumb-ass, and make sure you bring your really bright and vibrant gun so the enemy can see you" "alright alright which spot do we blow up? "that one spot thats conveniently labeled with a letter." "alright sounds good lets roll"
I like to Eat maggots (11 days ago)
Terorist-we will blow up your burgers. counter terrorist- no u won’t
GoldenRony 13 (12 days ago)
2:02 that explains where the design of the flash bang came from in PUBG
Péter Tátrai (12 days ago)
Maso84 (12 days ago)
A Lot of things you actually can't do in the real CS:GO
RevealFast (12 days ago)
Why is there 2 bombs? When 1 bomb can cause a whole team to lose the round
I love thiss
MeLlamoDani (13 days ago)
So, since it seems that noone has noticed these two mistakes in the video (or i least, i haven't seen anyone mention them): 2:24 You can hear the sound of the bouncing grenade that seconds later will appear in the video, playing again the same sound effect. 2:41 In this shot, we can see one bullet hole over the head of the terrorist, but with the new shots fired, it disappears.
Xiang Dank Meme (11 days ago)
MeLlamoDani lol ikr
Tr00per (13 days ago)
"Flashbang" *Holds up flashbang* *Waits for his team to be fucked in the ass* *Throws flashbang*
Donalds TV (13 days ago)
Кто из 2018?
NOOB ROBLOX (13 days ago)
Trailer : Aim with the M4A4 CSGO : WAIT WHY CAN'T I AIM
Technological Identity (13 days ago)
It's July 2018.. And I feel the game is pretty much broken... Too much bugs in the panorama update
I hAbe3 gAdD & aNIme (13 days ago)
1:54 When you showed your friend your bright idea
Rodriguez Jayden (14 days ago)
In trailer: Takes cutters to defuse bomb. Overall time: 1-3 seconds In game: Takes cutters to defuse bomb. Overall time: 10 seconds
LOLIPHY (14 days ago)
My favourite game of all time. But why you spent so much with that C4 and then you used a shitty low polygon one? I mean that c4 is NUTS!
World Music (14 days ago)
ебаная забава скатилась нахуй в деревенский туалет в говно , античит хуйня , банят обычных игроков которые не разу не читерили , демки глядят 1-ые голд новы , отлетают аккаунты с дорогим дропом, мда выпускают ненадобные обновы , вольво вы молодца этак содержать!! все ведь этого и ожидают от вас!!
ATX_ ERIK (14 days ago)
Traile legal
MUHAMMED TAHA VPE (15 days ago)
The bomb hees been planted!
Rated E for expand (your age)
shea Oliver (15 days ago)
you watanabe (15 days ago)
Noob team
Adam Mermida (15 days ago)
Big Boy (15 days ago)
Quick question. 2:17 Why would you buy a Negev on round 15 after losing like, 11 rounds? Your team is on a force buy. You could've dropped an AWP to the scout user and some UMPs or MP7s to the others. Oh wait. The Negev is like $1700 now and has perfect accuracy after 15 shots. It used to be $5700 and had so much recoil, but ok Valve.
It's not Negev it's the shitty one
Gamer TV (16 days ago)
But his ded
Gamer TV (16 days ago)
This terorist is Global Elite!! 2:16
Gamer TV (16 days ago)
gim (16 days ago)
oh fuck i cant wait... this game
Yuransis_Play (16 days ago)
rose antido (16 days ago)
I'll teac
rose antido (16 days ago)
I love cs go mobile but I had in mobile and original
GamerBoy XD (16 days ago)
*so epic*
. JUST STUPID Recon (16 days ago)
Bomb has been defused - counter terrorists win
Matipro XD (17 days ago)
Granade!!! 2:26 xd i LOVE CS GO im spanish

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