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Game of Thrones Deleted Scenes - Loras and Margaery - Watch A Game of Thrones Online Free

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Watch A Game of Thrones Online Free: http://explorewesterosblog.com/watch-a-game-of-thrones-online-free/ The Production value of Game of Thrones is so great that there's often scenes shot that don't make the final cut. Here's one you should enjoy. Like us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/FollowHouseStark Follow us on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/ExploreWesteros
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nisiriti (18 days ago)
Why did they cut this scene? It's not just a nice goodbuy to Renly, it also shows the best brother and sister relationship in the series. I believe they're stonger connected even than the Stark children because they accept each others flaws, somethings Starks either deny, or don't have
Lgbt Pheonix (1 month ago)
If they keep the scene I feel like the LGBT community would have made it a big deal be cause of how the sister reacted
HunHan Pool (4 months ago)
Ağzını yediğim nasıl ağlıyo
Mariam Kalandadze (5 months ago)
A normal brother-sister relationship on GOT? Wtf
Mariam Kalandadze (2 months ago)
Alex Lawson You’re forgetting Dany and Viserys, as well as the better part of the historical Targaryen clan. Yes, the Starks are normal, but no brother/sister pair is close, except Jon and Arya. Now, since I don’t remember what else I was going to say, I’ll go ahead and tell you off for not getting a joke.
Alex Lawson (2 months ago)
There's only cercei and jaime....you dragged it
KofW (5 months ago)
Great scene. They took it out though because Loras is touching the armor with the cut through it, but Renly wasn’t wearing armor when he was killed so it made no sense.
Bethany Cook (7 months ago)
They shouldn't have cut this scene
Game of thrones back in control battle blackwater
Power Whistle (1 year ago)
Sea Nymphea (1 year ago)
they butchered loras' character as a knight and a lover devoted to renly, they ruined it by deleting this scene
average citizen (1 day ago)
and adding olyvar. in the books loras says something like ‘when the sun sets no candle can replace it’ but nooooo, lets just turns him into the token gay character, who cares about keeping him consistent
Gerard Collins (8 months ago)
Agreed. Deleting this scene was just the start of a long downward spiral for Lora's charcter.
Sea Nymphea (1 year ago)
Reministic i agree, but couldn't they just keep this one too? 😟maybe this wasn't the case back then, but they showed sam scrubbing shit for a long minute i don't think screentime was a problem
Reministic (1 year ago)
They did sort of convery his devotion to Renly in the scene where they're judging him
Gin4TheWin (1 year ago)
Sabmis (1 year ago)
This death was the most annoying one to me. It was so sneaky
nephilimgirlbooks (1 year ago)
WHY THE HELL DID THEY CUT THIS SCENE? Oh, I bet I know why actually. This many lines? For Loras Tyrell? In one episode? TOO MUCH TO ASK.
ßitchass (1 year ago)
The audio is kinda trash
Faizan M (1 year ago)
Finn jones goes from being such a good actor in this to that trash in Iron Fist smh
Musicalfantastic (9 months ago)
Yes, his talent is wasted. But he have to work.
MutantKitten (1 year ago)
i want gendry to become lord of Storm's End, wear renly's armor and wield roberts warhammer, that would be awesome.
PhebusdesTours (1 year ago)
Poor Loras, this scene is so heartbreaking and made his character realistic and touching. Why on earth did they delete it? :-(
Lynx Gaming (1 year ago)
The audio is cancer
Where's my wallet?! (2 years ago)
I wish they kept this scene. So sad 😢. One thing I'm confused about is whether Loras or Margaery is the older sibling. In the books Loras is clearly the older one, but in the show Margaery's actress looks way more mature.
nisiriti (18 days ago)
well it doesn't matter how old they look. loras is the older, marg the younger. they look that way because the real life actors are the opposite, but this has nothing to do with the series. in the show they become the characters
PhebusdesTours (1 year ago)
Yup. Natalie Dormer's 35 and Finn Jones is 29.
Golden Rose (1 year ago)
well in the show Margaery got a age lift and became like almost 10 years older. while Loras stayed the same (maybe a bit older), so she became his older sibling
Trump Aces (1 year ago)
+Where's my wallet?! Wow. In the show Loras behave like the younger one.
Where's my wallet?! (1 year ago)
+Trump Aces Nah, when they first appear in the book, Margaery is 14 and Loras is 16.
Uyanga By (2 years ago)
they shouldnt have deleted this :'(
Bo Jo (2 years ago)
I got a suspicion now that Loras might be gay or something.
average citizen (6 months ago)
What? Clearly Loras is just an absolute Bro™ to his best buddy Renly
John Smith (10 months ago)
The internet really understands sarcasm well.
Alex Davenport (1 year ago)
By the Seven, that's ridiculous. Loras Tyrell is a Godsly man. He clearly is just mourning a great king.
Bo Jo he is not those are rumors
Immagonko (1 year ago)
this actor don't fit for this role... loras in the books wasn't a gay looking stereotype
Aiste Osinskyte (1 year ago)
Actor was ok, it's sad that they made his whole storyline and dialogues about him being gay..
jasmine jazy (3 years ago)
What's the name of this movie ppl?
jasmine jazy (2 years ago)
+panos katrinakhs thanx man😊
panos katrinakhs (2 years ago)
+jasmine jazy its a movie its a series ,its name is game of thrones you should check it out its really good
Amazing Deepak (3 years ago)
Why did they delete this scene? It would have made for a nice emotional farewell to the character. Its a pity.
Reministic (1 year ago)
They did sort of show his loyalty to Renly in the scene where they're judging him
Felicity M (1 year ago)
Agree. I found it really jarring that the Tyrells got into bed with the Lannisters so soon after Renly died. Loras was so devoted to him and they were his enemies. At the time we didn't know how ambitious Margery was or how close she and Loras were, which helps to explain why he was so easily swayed. You also forget that their house would have been at risk of annihilation should they choose to back the wrong people.
Ash wells (3 years ago)
This is such a great scene. The acting is amazing and it's refreshing to see a scene that shows how loyal Loras was to Renly. HBO ruined Loras. When the sun has set no candle can replace it, lol never mind where is Olyvar >_>
TOTCD (3 years ago)
Great scene. They should do a 'Director's cut' for Game of Thrones.
Blue Sky (3 years ago)
This is an adorable and sad scene, but I understand why they cut it. Still, it's nice to get a little more colour in Loras and Renly's story.
Chichi (3 years ago)
They should have kept this scene for sure.... I always wondered why they didn't really show Loras in mourning in the show. It seems like after Renly died Loras just hopped on the next available dick (Olyvar) >_>
Catherine Thurmond (1 year ago)
Chichi Yah it made it seem like their relationship was one sided
tadabae (3 years ago)
Bangtan trash (2 months ago)
Because they’re dumb
Gerard Collins (8 months ago)
Because portraying actual love instead of just heated sex... too much to ask.
iateyursandwiches (1 year ago)
tadabae Cause D&D(the writers) are hacks!
Ary Saikali (3 years ago)
I'm crying so much ;____; Why did they delete this ugh....
mister m (3 years ago)
totally different from the books. the show is good in its own way, but is really good at fucking up so many details.
Ciriaco Maraboto (3 years ago)
whatta pussy!
lancedance2 (4 years ago)
They should have kept this. Give Loras more character then a smiling bum chaser who does nothing but walk around and get fucked with by Lannisters.
ha! gayyyyyyyy
wozzlepop (4 years ago)
I miss Renly. Loras and Renly, despite being massive bum buddies, were the two genuinely decent characters who weren't entirely deluded. And yes, Loras, he died because of you. I do admire the guy though damn. If my sister had nagged me about eating I'd have savaged her then. He just says solemly .. thank you. Qué lástima!
Meadow Peace (4 years ago)
Uh she "nagged" him about eating because she wants him to live and not follow Renly to the grave.  She was being a good sister.
JSoulstorm (4 years ago)
Amazing scene. They really should of kept it in.
Sarah L. (4 years ago)
That's so sad, I'm crying :( Why have they killed Renly? Loras and Renly loved each other!  P.S.: I know the books and that they make it after the story of the books, but this is so cruel. It's the same by Jon and Ygritte or Robb and Talisa, i think, i won't follow the show, if all people i like will die. 
IlluminatiBacca Shae went from a loved character to a bitch on an episode
IlluminatiBacca (2 years ago)
+IlluminatiBacca the whore and the dwarf
IlluminatiBacca (2 years ago)
+Sarah L. you forgot to put Shae and Tyrion
UnoriginallyInclined (4 years ago)
I think that's the strength of Martin's writing, where a lot of the time he doesn't give readers what they want. But it's not because he's a contrarian, it's just the more likely thing to happen. Being assassinated or betrayed was a common danger in the times this is based on. I think the trap a lot of fantasy authors fall into is to protect their protagonists, so it's never 'will they survive?' but 'how will they escape this time?' It takes away a lot of the realism and drama. Like Cersei says, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Every time someone like Renly makes a decision, he's flipping that coin, and having it come up in his favour every time isn't realistic.
Sarah L. (4 years ago)
Forget about it, if you don't understand it, it's not important
The7thCobweb (4 years ago)
this is a great scene, I wished they kept it.... thanks for uploading!
Ayu369Totoro (5 years ago)
ahhhh...how sweet :(

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