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Large TF2 Jungle Update Info Leak

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recent leak of 8 private taunt videos uploaded to their official YouTube channel. Sources : https://twitter.com/ValveTime/status/919541959341035520 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHy7G7ndrUmq933tLi_nTlFlvmJKZpmAi http://www.valvetime.net/threads/thumbnails-of-new-private-team-fortress-2-videos.257895/ Music : https://macross82-99.bandcamp.com/album/a-million-miles-away My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1279)
Nott (10 months ago)
Lawdy that's a small viewmodel.
Parzival ! (10 months ago)
Well u were wrong cause there was no yeti fighting update! Jumping jacks are not fucking riding a fucking motor powered pogo shtick
Deputy Zombie (11 months ago)
I know you’re reading this ragenewb fuck You
PhantomSniperRoblox (11 months ago)
I am so excited for this update and the new taunts!!!!!
The Hous of Gamers (11 months ago)
"Sometime very soon"-VNN"Imminent"-Valvegotta love anti valve time XD
Jaden Garner (11 months ago)
2:31 "Saxton Hale did not kill the last of the Yetis" Ummmmm he OPMd it
Skye Castor (11 months ago)
i really hope they dont add the gas blast taunt, that's gross
l holliss (11 months ago)
This isn't the pyro update is it?
grumpychris (11 months ago)
This is very likely the pyro update.
CarterG4 (11 months ago)
I'm amazed at how far in advance some of this was planned, like the park shown in the old jungle map picture and whatnot.
Etoraaa (11 months ago)
Maybe the Yeti is the new boss for Halloween?
plays nightcore (11 months ago)
it is yet I park
Bytes Gaming (11 months ago)
Captain Morgan (11 months ago)
Update has... Started. Get on tf2 page and read about it. No game update yet(i) though.
Snaplock (11 months ago)
So,whens the update coming out?
grumpychris (11 months ago)
On Thursday or shortly thereafter.
mallaclaqclaq123 (11 months ago)
Valve announce the update the Jungle Inferno
legofreak88884444 (11 months ago)
SFM has dropped
Warframe Enthusiast (11 months ago)
And now it's here.
AppleDeLoop (11 months ago)
M3lgar 5 (11 months ago)
Yeti boss for Scream Fortress!!!???
ms. paulin (11 months ago)
they already say that they will make it
TX the Dorito (11 months ago)
i came
Finn Phillosa (11 months ago)
Welcome to the Jungle Inferno Update
KeK Thousand (11 months ago)
Cobalt Rat (11 months ago)
It's a yeti fighting park turned mercenary fightning park due to Hale exploding the yeti and pyro has a new jetpack.
Max Boissiere (11 months ago)
IMPORTANT http://www.teamfortress.com/jungleinferno/#
That Boy (11 months ago)
"Comes out any time soon" > Comes out next day
Adam Mills (11 months ago)
PLEASE PLEASE, new weapons please,
DV (11 months ago)
dunkie Nugg (11 months ago)
I do not care for anything right now except for the fact THAT THE JUMPING JACK IS IN THE GAME NOW YAAAAAASSSSS TIME TO HOP INTO BATTLE!!
It'sNotAirmac (11 months ago)
Well guess what?
ʙsi_egn (11 months ago)
*READ BELOW!!!!* What happened?: The opening shot is of the park, that seems abandoned. The pyro and the other mercs set up a crate full of bananas, and contact scout and spy over radio as they go inside the facilty and land in a room They see something run by, and don't know what it is. The scout slips on blood, and the spy gets scared and runs. The scout hears noises, gets scared, and finds out its Saxton Hale. He gets picked up by Saxton, as a new scene plays with soldier getting attacked. Saxton, with scout in his arms, runs through a cement walls, doing parkour, etc. It shows feet and arm shots of the Yeti attacking the sniper, pyro, and soldier. Scout and Saxton jump over a "Yeti Park" sign into an enclosure. Saxton uses scout as a weapon to hit the Yeti. *The fight goes on* Then saxton jumps off of scout mid air as a sort of launch pad, and punches the Yeti, causing gore to fly everywhere. Saxton gets a call, that reveals it was the last Yeti alive. Saxton then looks at the mercs (not all of them), and says on the phone "where am I gonna find a group who will fight eachother, as they all form together in a group and look at Hale. Saxton counts down, and shows a fight scene with red and blue mercs fighting, all with new hats, miscs, and the pyro with a jet pack. Then, it shows the blog post poster, animate of course. *TO SUM IT UP* The plan: It's going to be a 4 day blog post, where they release information every day for four days, then it gets released. They did this for the UBER Update and Spy Update. Day 1 Release: New maps, new taunts. Maps: Lazorus: KOTH Moss Rock: ATTACK/DEFEND Banana Bay: PL RACE Enclosure: PL BRAZIL: KOTH Taunts: Yeti Punch: A cardboard cut out of a Yeti appears with moving arms and a voicebox, and the mercenary that performed the taunt has their own way of punching/attacking the cutout. Yeti Smash: You turn into the yeti, do a little sort of dance, then smash your hands into the ground as you turn back to your normal state. The Dueling Banjo: The engineer plays banjo on a haybale. The Jumping Jack: A taunt that acts like the conga, but only for the engineer, where he can move around on a jack hammer (Kinda like the engineer from PVZ: GW). The Soviet Strongarm: The heavy lifts weights. The Russian Arms Race: The heavy does one-handed push ups. The Head Case: They pro pulls out a platter with a lid revealing the heavy's head as his corpse lays on the floor next to him. *I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED ON IT*
Nearfriends - TF2 (11 months ago)
BonziBUDDY (11 months ago)
Oh god, that engineer taunt... It's gonna be club penguin raids all over again
QuorthonsInferno (11 months ago)
No YETI boss, just normal tf2 as usual, just a new skin, so disappointed.
Kyle Grant (11 months ago)
Despon (11 months ago)
VNN, the brand new update video is out! https://youtu.be/YHf7e67T54Y
Jenetta Bangles (11 months ago)
Not gonna lie, the update doesn't look like it's gonna be very good. I already have a problem with the taunts but that's seperate to my issue with the update. I have no confidence in this update, hope people enjoy it anyways, even if the game is not fun anymore lol.
TheDragonfriday (11 months ago)
Still waiting for the comic...
Homeless Dave (11 months ago)
Holy shit they are doing it...
Strap (11 months ago)
this is Love and War quality, TF2 IS BACK BABY
Xavelrie (11 months ago)
I thought this game was dead. Last time i tried to play there was a grand total of 5 people.
Shen Yang (11 months ago)
Waiting for updates is the pain that only TF2 players understand
Fake Name (11 months ago)
How about waiting for food? Sorry to be a buzz kill.
ComieSinc (11 months ago)
*I can imagine the pyro fart being a taunt kill*
Ugly Bastard (11 months ago)
*A D I O S*
SoupsSB (11 months ago)
I hope they add new weapons like love and war! Like ones with unique stats
SUPER DEPRESSED (11 months ago)
banjo jumping jack and strong arm show the same place xD
GamersOnVideos (11 months ago)
Pyro using a jetpack hell naw,
JoltRob (11 months ago)
GamersOnVideos (11 months ago)
april fools is way too late the game is dead. u know it
Fran2002 (11 months ago)
Quiz Nog (11 months ago)
...y'all listen to Tatsuro Yamashita?
Just Call Me Alec (11 months ago)
The Gas Blast? Have you guys actually gone mental?
Purps (11 months ago)
Damn,I'm hyped now.
The Irish Elite (11 months ago)
does....does this mean that Valves is going to give a shit about tf2 again?
Spy (11 months ago)
I swear to god stop getting me hyped man, can't handle this
Ali Ekber Korkmaz (11 months ago)
end my suffering (11 months ago)
Well I hope the writers are writing a good short. Let's hope more programmers get hired.
The Rook (11 months ago)
Arzene (11 months ago)
I have a good feeling about this
hyun J (11 months ago)
I'm hyped
Rob McCallister (11 months ago)
a big DOTA 2 patch is coming. are you going to make a video of it?
marinesciencedude (11 months ago)
Toasted Bagel (11 months ago)
No mention of my Tom Jones resurrection theory, the fuk
KamiJoJo (11 months ago)
Pyro farting fire *All I needed in my life* xD
Lol since when did vlave make meme stuff
rutherford (11 months ago)
people losing their shit over farting but there's a guy throwing piss at people
SausageQueen (11 months ago)
Now I realize why they called it a “mammoth” update..
Natebox99 (11 months ago)
godofgaming 77 (11 months ago)
Elwis From Poland (11 months ago)
Everyone's getting hyped. And I'm just waiting for Valve to dun goof like they always do, and this update to flop just like MeetYourMatch did.
TheShadowNinja1 (11 months ago)
nice timing. the pyro update is now almost live with an sfm short.
Elwis From Poland (11 months ago)
TheShadowNinja1 Maybe. But after last year's trilogy of full of shit updates, and their last game release, which was just another Heartstone rip-off, and at the same time the biggest "FUCK YOU!" to all of their loyal fans, I really can't have any hypes or hopes to Valve anymore. How can we be sure that after a year they pretended to work hard, but in reality, they've been jerking off, putting pieces together and cover them in glue, to then serve it to us as their hard work, only for it to crumble down as soon as we got it? Yes, mosty refering to MYM update, but history likes to repeat itself. And with Valve, it's more than likely to happen again.
TheShadowNinja1 (11 months ago)
they have spent almost a year a year to polish it so it wouldn't be like meet your match. i am not getting over hyped myself but i am hopeful
RedPoisonDragon (11 months ago)
I'm so fucking happy!
Blake Nguyen (11 months ago)
Mammoths, yetis, and pyros oh my!
TheCard- -Tosser (11 months ago)
This'll be gr8. Maybe they'll finally give demo a raptor as a cosmetic.
Siddhesh Sawant (11 months ago)
Have a good day, audios
Chibi Devanam (11 months ago)
Mann vs Yeti pls make it happen
Me M (11 months ago)
U did it again valve,ty 4 the new and better updates keep it up
Order & Chaos (11 months ago)
Jumping Jack datamined? oh boi.....
Glen Dorner (11 months ago)
so glad the dueling banjo is in this update
Jim Brandon (11 months ago)
3:30 misses jarate, 3:38 misses spy
Swedish Meatball (11 months ago)
Mancom37 (11 months ago)
Who saw that spy at 3:38 ?
BH GamerZ (11 months ago)
-We have to be ready. You.....me.... the others....... there is a huge update coming from far away. -Not coming Bruce..... It's Already Here.
Phanindra Vaibhav (11 months ago)
"NoBrainsLeft" xD,I know Nonamesleft watched this video but i wonder if he noticed you said that.
R&N RailProductions (11 months ago)
And soon the wait for the heavy update will begin... Also that Saxton Hill looks more like a younger Soldier with hair and a mustache.
The Gamecrasher (11 months ago)
Waits 400 days for update, breaks arm, update gets close to releasing, REALLY!!
FoxLogic (11 months ago)
Broken arm is really bad, but a destroyed computer is just depressing. Which is what I've got-
Golden (11 months ago)
The Gamecrasher rip in peace brother
Adeveth The Dong (11 months ago)
Imagine if the Yeti was the boss in Scream Fortress.
The yeti is most likely a reference to the comic "a fate worse than chess"
This might bring me back to playing TF2 again actually.
Tyrone Jamal (11 months ago)
"Manly" pyro taunt behaviour
FD The Gaming Animator (11 months ago)
Finally an update that isnt just new hats and awful nerfs!
50 Cent Kurwa (11 months ago)
Get your wallets ready
Fenectio (11 months ago)
Can we have new weapons, pls.....pls?
Bug Buster (11 months ago)
Fenectio the hero, the legend, the myth... New Weapons Soldier was the one who had never lost his hope on TF Team giving us new weapons. Children of our children will be singing ballads about his glory!!!
Fenectio (11 months ago)
New Weapons Soldier will be pleased xD
Internet Wanderer (11 months ago)
Bug Buster good enough
Bug Buster (11 months ago)
Fenectio There will be new weapons... for pyro.
Mark - Allyn Veiermann (11 months ago)
Average Murican (11 months ago)
regarding you theory about the map Why would saxton keep a yeti when he has expressed great hatred for capering animals, i think it is more likely that Charles Darwin capered the yeti and your trying to set it free
Tyler McVicker is an ugly idiot.
Noiwex (11 months ago)
What??? Dustbowl in casual???
Jonathan Setiadi (11 months ago)
Why do I think about Jurrasic park after watching this
Pyro Pyro (11 months ago)
Jungle update... makes the boss a yeti...
BaconScout42 (11 months ago)
Donkster (11 months ago)
that backpack better not be a jumpack if it is as a soldier main i would sell my stuff and just play engi(just imagine the pyro soaring through the air and setting us on fire)

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