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A Better Demo Viewer for CS GO

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Thanks to Switz for talking and sharing Rewind with me. Check it out here: http://rewind.site As a Youtuber I've spent far too long wrestling with the in-game demo system. It's refreshing (and impressive) to see somebody go to such lengths to improve on the feature. Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (836)
Mališa Jevremović (2 days ago)
This looks promising.
FluePeakツ (2 days ago)
Imma give this a try
Fade (2 days ago)
Virre must be happy.
Bollibompa (2 days ago)
DMCA from valve incoming.
Erik Zeber (2 days ago)
This is an interesting approach probably based on a very old approach people have taken to cheat though called bsp parsing still interesting to see someone investing the time into it to make it display textures. I've got stuff related to it I could share on interest I guess.
USK Ahm3d (3 days ago)
Shifty49 (3 days ago)
TastyTarco (3 days ago)
hey Phillip i like your videos and i can tell u put a lot effort in it, but the quality to view ratio isn't the best. i want to suggest using more games rather than just csgo. but its just my opinion
Mr Rman (3 days ago)
Am i the only one thats can't switch anymore from a person to an other ?
Paying for some third-party product that had to be in-game for some time now? nah. Nice sellout kliks
f1re (4 days ago)
we can use it to watch our own demos right?
Alfred Rejiran (4 days ago)
ItzNoafire (4 days ago)
My demo viewer is bugged and I can't like move rounds to rounds or change the speed or anything else. It's suck when I click on any button... Annoy me since the beginning
ElvenMan (5 days ago)
inb4 Valve does a better job, and it's free... probably in like 10 years.
Yuppi (5 days ago)
I'm almost certain this is the only motivation that makes Valve to update the demo UI. Even more, I'm pretty sure this makes Valve to update it. Not the happiest thing but I don't think Valve cares much about updating these things unless there's competition. But now that there is, they'll quickly update and show that it was the questio of prioritizing rather than resources. Beats me why such a visible and impactful (free advertisement) feature has been ignored for so long despite video makers voicing out their concerns and everybody acknowledging the UI is rubbish.
Xmans___ (5 days ago)
anyone have issue corrupt replay download? how to fix it?
Free Minds (5 days ago)
Valve give a shit.. its the true. 😐
Raq Coon (5 days ago)
Don't think a lot of people know this, but I think I found out that CSGO has (or maybe had, since I tested this last year) a secret matchmaking feature: if you don't use your microphone during the game at all, or at least enough, you'll get paired with teams without microphones.
LordJohannibus :} (4 days ago)
That ain't true. I never talk through my mic, but still get loads of people that (judging by their very weird sounds that come from them) play in like the middle of a sandstorm or something. I think you just got lucky.
Unrelated question, how do I buy and equip items in the almost heaven crisis?
AkisGFX (5 days ago)
Hi Philip, my name is Akis and i have found a big glitch if you type sv_cheats 1 ent_fire !self addoutput "modelscale -1.5" in for example aim_botz you will get aimbot, not kidding please fix valve -Akis
Empuz :D (6 days ago)
2:32 I would rather have a one time purchase or a monthly fee like in a way that you could choose
EloTGstase (6 days ago)
can you analazie the fances in overpass conector.
Dooge (6 days ago)
Panorama ui will fix everything
Wav3yZaba (6 days ago)
If this program could export camera pov easily my life would be great
TheCaolanTV (7 days ago)
Could you do a video on NVIDEA geforce Vsync. There is a new option called Fast and i was wondering how it holds up with the old settings
J Attitude (7 days ago)
Better overwatch instruktions. 4 new overwatchers. In the beginning of a case there can be a short walk trough of the most used commands that are used from top overwatchers. And maybe a rekommendation of what to look for. And a posibilety to watch from the others point of view (POV).
Piano Covers Man (7 days ago)
I just watched veXXSie’s latest video and it’s making me sad, is there anyway you could get back in contact with her or maybe help her financially. Maybe if you took one of those deals you usually refuse to, you could hugely help her out? It’s awful that she’s been put into this scenario but I’d hope that us, as your community, can help her to get through this. Maybe you could do a video explaining her situation and set up a fund me or patreon or something?
ThatGamerBlue (7 days ago)
Hopefully it'll get cracked in about 3 hours after release
W.Roark (7 days ago)
Hey Philip I was wondering if you could explain in a video about run boosting like why does counter strike launch a player when jumping on a running players head
Fat (7 days ago)
it's probably because source engine is old af
chua Subscribe (7 days ago)
Hey 3kliksphilip try to kick the soccer to the bomb it moves!
TheOnlyRealCO (7 days ago)
Off topic but I can't wait to see if your going to do a bully hunter video
quinxx12 (7 days ago)
Another thing that I always wanted is a way to expand the radar while watching tournament matches, maybe by opening it in a new window of your browser. I mean it's the place where the interesting stuff happens.
bob ross (7 days ago)
3 kilks Phillip when you inspect the gloves the fingers clip each other in the middle please fix
Jackson Bodra (7 days ago)
this is AMAZING. how come their their thinking is so UNIQUE ? i wish i could think like that.
Hayari Mizuhara (7 days ago)
when it will start to be downloadable ? when !? wheeeenn!? I really want to have this ! =D
GAY Null (7 days ago)
The whole source engine leaked.. Why not use it?
zombi (7 days ago)
community > valve
RangerG12 (7 days ago)
watched the video a day ago, got a notification day later saying you've uploaded a new video :// Youtube?
Ko'dak Balk (7 days ago)
where is vexxsie? is she alright?
PelaajaW (7 days ago)
Free is better
Timo DerHubschrauber (7 days ago)
carb har harb car (8 days ago)
Jesus philip you're on a roll, you've released so many videos so fast. It's fantastic!
Youtube Subs (8 days ago)
monthly fee LMAO
Q (8 days ago)
Cant imagine valve being happy about them selling something like this. Not saying they will take it down, they will probably just make their own demo viewer much better, making this obsolete.
RotiiK _ (8 days ago)
If they could get HLAE working with it, it's something I'd even pay for!
SibaNL (8 days ago)
When your demo viewer is so bad that others create a better.
Gynx (8 days ago)
So this guy who made this site made a better job at making a demo reviewing tool than Valve themselves... Well I can't say I'm surprised by this at all.
irlrp (8 days ago)
I don't know how it will stand, if Valve disagrees with this ?
GundyGunner (8 days ago)
can you use mirv commands on it? If so this would help video editors a lot. Wouldn't need to use HLAE anymore.
Perry (8 days ago)
So this is just a ad?
Wakil (8 days ago)
Just use Plays.tv it’s better
firendable (8 days ago)
So basically you download the demo to your pc? That is nothing new
Anarama (8 days ago)
I just have one question. When I review demos, I pretty much only look at the overview of the map, to work out positioning and such. (Im trying to assemble a team) EDIT: oh okay, i didnt get to that part yet im sorry EDIT 2: Well, nevermind. If its payed then I wont be able to do anything with it. I still think its bullshit that its almost required in CSGO to use outside software not developed by valve to achieve good matchmaking, and even demos with this. Its like a DLC, you have to pay to play without cheaters.
Mr Lagzy (8 days ago)
quite embarrassing for Valve that A third party has to develop such a tool - which VALVE should make themselves!
Orçun Altundağ (8 days ago)
This is impressive. But going non-Source is worst idea ever.
thejikusheki (8 days ago)
this mother of invention came like 10 years too late? i still think its NICE
hvass8370 (8 days ago)
1000 hours of work.....And valve sues you for copyright
385 habeebee (8 days ago)
Who cares? CS:GO is a dead game LUL
G Vulture (8 days ago)
I bet if Switz tried Valve would hire him to add this to work alongside the CSGO client
Krul_Śilvera (8 days ago)
*small monthly fee* All eastern countries immediatly close the video as $5 is what you get paid per day
Digadogup (8 days ago)
why didn't he just maker a whole new game that was better then csgo?
Depp TiMe (8 days ago)
Holy shit this guy is a genius.
Here come Panorama UI
R O S (8 days ago)
this guy is gonna get a job at valve
The Joker (8 days ago)
When will this game get an actual map or weapon update?
The Joker (8 days ago)
When will there be an actual big update?
Pommes_Peter (8 days ago)
Its weird that valve doesnt manage to add a replay system like in dota, which is arguably really good.
hamstoo (8 days ago)
if only this were made with tf2 in mind as well, if you can stomach putting in the billions of hours to import every hat, cosmetic and weapon. not to mention taunts and different class specific animations.
Midlow (8 days ago)
>paid -- no thanks
FranzJ (8 days ago)
Hype this looks amazing
asfR 1 (8 days ago)
everything is better than valves shit LOLOL
Armin Muminovic (8 days ago)
This is amazing.
FireFly_ KF (8 days ago)
Why I cant download the demo~Someone know How to fix it :(
Agent Delta (8 days ago)
could this demo viewer be adapted for tf2?
Jeyer Lulz (8 days ago)
The gameplay looks like CS Promod! :O
BananaGaming (8 days ago)
That's impressive, and if Valve think so too, they'll most likely hire or partner up with the guys behind the service.
Agar. Light (6 days ago)
BananaGaming hello
0x0 (8 days ago)
Tallent hunting is how they found Kim Swift from a university to conceptualize and design Portal around Narbacular Drop
These guys are talented, that's for sure. But considering that this is written from scratch means that if Valve wanted to use this they would have to integrate another engine into their own. Now, considering the state of Sorse I don't think this option is plausible, as it would just make it even more of a spaghetti code mess than it already is. Maybe hire all 3 of the developers and make them rework the current demo system.
gst800 (8 days ago)
Atleast csgo has a demo viewer, alot of new fps games don't.
noyeahno (8 days ago)
how one guy can do more than whole paid professional team of devs. Fuck Valve honestly.
The Damn Train (8 days ago)
Rly 5 dollars per month for a demo viewer i dont even use it that much
Ataraxia (8 days ago)
inb4 cease & desist
iquityoutube (8 days ago)
I don't ever watch demos besides my own and people who i suspected for cheating and whenever i try to analyze my gameplay it's a big annoyance for me, this guy has put what looks like a lot of effort to essentially completely recreate CSGO outside of source and this seems as if valve could benefit off of this in a lot of ways, it's like finding out about VLC Media Player after using Windows Media Player for 2 years.
Why monthly? Monthly payments, no matter how small, is counter-productive and dumb in my opinion. Why not just one full payment of 5, 10, or even 15 dollars or MORE?
Voice Muted (8 days ago)
I tried the demo viewer in CS:S, it crashes if you use the Goto Tick feature. The old version doesn’t crash though.
bens (8 days ago)
This can't be legal. He is selling a product that uses Valve assets.
I am sure that Valve will buy this project a few months later
Clickbait Central (8 days ago)
Valve should work with them
Infinite Ouya (8 days ago)
does free roam work in it?
素材の味 (8 days ago)
Why doesn’t valve do this?
S1L3nT (8 days ago)
csgo is dying ... 8% of players got out on the last month lol csgo will die before the end of 2019 99%
PET SEMEN! (8 days ago)
Wow. How's this even possible?
Dawn Ripper (8 days ago)
U da real MVP! YESTERDAY I WAS GETTING 0 FPS ON DE_DUST2.BSP while viewing a sick frag I recorded. Thanks!
G4M3R GUY! (8 days ago)
tell the creators to release on steam for more support
Aced (8 days ago)
shame on you valve, shame on you
Scott Mumby (8 days ago)
This Is a Lifesaver
Mew [Jacob] (8 days ago)
Get this man a job at Valve and make him work on the official one! Haha
K!llsw!tch (8 days ago)
Not crazy about a subscription fee, but I would totally be willing to pay a decently priced 1-time purchase. Either way, I'm glad to see someone make improvements that would take Valve years.
Justin S. (8 days ago)
I would NEVER pay a monthly subscription fee. One time payment only, please.
Rainbow Dashie (8 days ago)
This is a must indeed

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