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Top 6 CS:GO Scams Caught On Video (30 000$+ Stolen)

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Text Comments (865)
Baked Cow (34 minutes ago)
How dumb u gotta be
I hate scamers sooo much
fr3j (6 hours ago)
Khaos is a fucking idiot, how can you be scammed like that. He didnt even get scammed, he just gave his items away.
PeterCaptainObvious (14 hours ago)
Anyone know what happened at 4:21?
Fusi0nZ (1 day ago)
Nick is an ass, he really deserved it for blaming the guy who was supposed to get it.
Abdul Hadi (2 days ago)
s1mple boy got scammed coz he is S I M P L E
Fire_DRAGON 123 (2 days ago)
3 ads wth
Sh4r3cat (4 days ago)
This is No Scam ...
Family Guy Delvinacht (9 days ago)
The guard is a hassle I welcome
my name is jeff (9 days ago)
1:23 duude U scamm urself idiot! Pay attention better next time noob
Last one is such an idiot piece of shit
koko1323 (11 days ago)
Thief From Outsiders (11 days ago)
R.I.P these guys.
У симпла таковой дерьмовый британский, фу бля
cam0rra_ (11 days ago)
biggest idiot on steam
The first dude is an idiot
Haypay! (12 days ago)
Пиздец у Симпла ударение...
h1 (16 days ago)
All these dumbasses deserve to lose their items, if they are too stupid to understand what they are trading or receiving, they didn’t deserve, or shouldn’t have brought them in the first place.
fossa fossa (16 days ago)
Читбанед на превью ахахаха
Delor STD (16 days ago)
ахуели чб хватать,не на том уровне пендосы
alpIN (17 days ago)
First one isn’t a scam the person just wanted his all items and the fucking stupid streamer gave them to him that isn’t compelitely a scam.
iTropicalGT (17 days ago)
Steven Truong (18 days ago)
Where’s steam confirmation?
я от Алермо (19 days ago)
Чит баннед блячччччяяяяя
Rodnenkiy (19 days ago)
хах,тупые ебанашки дауны,дудки проглядеть бы каждое,они будто дауны
3:02 is a fake. He recorded a video where he said it was a joke after the "SCAM"
TerroREX7331 (19 days ago)
3:00 that was rofl
plbster (19 days ago)
don't know much about csgo but specifically how much are these people loosing
FANCH (19 days ago)
1:44 , не ну-ка это нужно быть таким долбаёбом что бы не увидеть азимов посреди ширпа
Tomas Novak (19 days ago)
Low IQ
XRUDE (20 days ago)
Зачем ты читбааннеда воткнул на превью даун
TheBestMagaBets (20 days ago)
Hexed Hero (21 days ago)
How are those scams tho, that’s just people being retarded and not paying attention to what they’re trading.
FISH# Mr.RectoR (21 days ago)
i got scammed 1's i know how it feels
Karthiik kumar (21 days ago)
Gg last one :(
Yotaku (22 days ago)
The_Ipodcrazy (22 days ago)
Bruh the guy in the forst clip is so dumb you knwo you have to accept on mobile first roght?
Steven Iwanto (24 days ago)
thats why 7 day trade banned hahaha and steam confirmation mobile
humanoide tf (24 days ago)
Oh God, these guys are very stupid.
Coldey (24 days ago)
Khaos is too fuckin dumb
Tanker Necla (26 days ago)
idiots xD
Fee4ka 6lym (26 days ago)
kimsen (27 days ago)
3:20 is fake though
Fee4ka 6lym (26 days ago)
you stupid? im russian, he played last this time sans this dlore, its not a fake
Ocean Man (27 days ago)
I was cringing so hard
ツSnacK (28 days ago)
Sage Moore (29 days ago)
That first guy was actually an idiot
Randy Gaming (1 month ago)
this is where slow internet helps
Harun Korlat (1 month ago)
What about email accept ???? How does that work xD xD
SourcE_VFX (1 month ago)
f to pay respects
Srác Egy (1 month ago)
they deserve
scylla019 (1 month ago)
These aren’t scams, these are legitimate trades. You have to press the check box, press accept, then a box comes up to say you are gifting it away and u have to acknowledge.
Pietro Drei (1 month ago)
I feel bad for people that lose everything I don't care about people that lose one item but losing everything is just painful. And maybe all theyr life savings might have been thrown down the drain.
神話Myth (1 month ago)
Most of these were just not checking the trade like idiots, who doesn’t check the trade like that’s all scamming is.
dupphy (1 month ago)
so summit lost 0.005% of his monthly salary. why should he even care?
TEMZ3aSy (1 month ago)
This is not scamming these people are just realy dumb
Xernious (1 month ago)
losing $80 isnt so bad now
Najj's (1 month ago)
Xernious my ass
Kartexx (1 month ago)
what happened at the csgo lotto website one.
Lenny play games (1 month ago)
the first guy is retarded
iDhrubo (1 month ago)
And thats why you check what you trade, people, or just get mobile auth
Ambrose To (1 month ago)
the first 1 is actually not scammmed he is so dumb
Ambrose To (1 month ago)
yea they are 2 stupid to be a human
The King (2 months ago)
This is why u should never go to every site like skinhub or something
Chris L (2 months ago)
NONE of these are scams. Its morons who actually play this crap sitting there not reading or paying attention to what their doing and GIVING their shit away.
Kexmonster (2 months ago)
The first 4 clips are not scams, they are people beeing unobservant and trading away their items after having accepted the proposed trade. Nick Bunyun and the last dude actually got scammed (although Nick was also just beeing unobservant tbh)
scammer is not stupid the scamed people is stupid because his really trustibg him
WC (2 months ago)
so more dumb dumb
STARZ ANONYM (2 months ago)
Blinky (2 months ago)
I got scammed 17 dollars that i worked for and i was 10
Rainbow Games (2 months ago)
How do they not see has if they are blind
DK (2 months ago)
People try to scam me out of my pubg items all the time LOL XD
HAHAexe (2 months ago)
Oh man
Zixaw (2 months ago)
thats why i like steam guard
hydranoid627 (2 months ago)
the people in this are just stupid people with a lot of money
essa bu shahab (2 months ago)
first one is fake and you don't need to be a detective to find that out
fast level up in Steam - https://goo.gl/CJN3DC
Patryk 17052002 (3 months ago)
Go download Steam Guard App
Azmie4444 Azmie (3 months ago)
SCAM is for loser that cant even get a purple in vanguard case . Cmon reply me back losers hiding in comment . Wait no they just stupid cuz they dont check it tiwce Haha try to get me down by fixing my typo twice Stop scrolling already
Moshu (3 months ago)
Ultimu era Roman ma hahaha. Ultimate is romanian
loading? (3 months ago)
rip first guy
Andrei Nk (3 months ago)
TheHe4vy (3 months ago)
The khaos dude he retarded
Rycane (3 months ago)
fucking idiots
BeanMarioCow (3 months ago)
*t h i s i s h a r d t o w a t c h*
RABBITTK ch. (3 months ago)
alper ülken (3 months ago)
Sondaki adama üzüldüm laa
Clover (3 months ago)
that’s why valve has 2-step authentication 🤔
#EinGaming (3 months ago)
The First just deserved that!
ItsOnlyJake (3 months ago)
Jackson Sparks (3 months ago)
That first guy was retarded.
Nicklaus Tan (3 months ago)
The one where the layout said the dlore wad worth $0... damm that look like it hurt him real bad
smwavnxc (3 months ago)
These people are plain idiots.
Alexander Heusmann (3 months ago)
Ivano Kusanovic (3 months ago)
this guy what streaming is so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid he cant even paste trade url
Ivano Kusanovic (3 months ago)
he isn't, they my bad
Paradox ToxTutor (3 months ago)
people are so fucking stupid jesus christ
883Neatdems (3 months ago)
The guy around 10:00 is fucking retarded
Funny Moments (3 months ago)
Omgg this guy from 1:13 he don't see rest in peace dlore
Ilie Gheorghisor (3 months ago)
Mike Dave (3 months ago)

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