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bhop_mine 100tick

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nofail 4:30~ 100 aa
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Text Comments (27)
korv med bröd (5 years ago)
det går inte :(
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
Aimerrrrrr (5 years ago)
This guy, is the reason why i'm now into glitch hop, dat last song is fucking amazing.
grim8777 (5 years ago)
hey what mouse do you use? mine is getting pretty worn out and i was thinking of getting a new one soon, just curious to see what other surf/bhoppers use.
ryu (5 years ago)
Can you get mint to do this map sideways? And record?
Miu Amaha (5 years ago)
( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)
Miu Amaha (6 years ago)
Warcraftian (6 years ago)
Do you play on mantis clan?
kokoro (6 years ago)
plz tell wot programm and ingame settings do u use 4 ur movies? nice run tho.
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
cmoorecm63 (6 years ago)
My favorite easy-med map.
mokujin sjölin (6 years ago)
Nice run /hoover
51Hacker (6 years ago)
ride142 (6 years ago)
nice run! I have a small penis!
Varien (6 years ago)
Nice :P
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
0:00 - 1:57 Teknian - Boombox 1:57 - 2:35 Teknian - Guns 2:35 - 3:12 Flatmate - Hot Ball (Vexisle Remix) 3:12 - 4:35 Kursa - Machinate
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
almost 3 years
Varien (6 years ago)
How long have you been bhopping?
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
its 4 songs :)
AzoNe (6 years ago)
loool uploaded on my birthday :D
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
You obviously aren't good if you think this is a script, lol.i don't go more than 700 speed anywhere in the whole map
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
Please, get good.
pgoeslol (6 years ago)
nice (:
natster1994 (6 years ago)
Must of been a lot harder on timescale 1.337 u see wat I did der
tim9202 (6 years ago)
redlion HD (6 years ago)
Miu Amaha (6 years ago)

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