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FaZe Karrigan and Guardian Play CS Career Trivia | DBLTAP 1v1

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Nathan met up with FaZe Clan's Guardian and Karrigan at the ECS Season 5 Finals to test them in a 1v1 teammate career trivia challenge. Which FaZe Clan member do you think will come out victorious? Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/DBLTAPCSGO?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DBLTAPesports TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/DBLTAPesports INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/DBLTAPesports VISIT: http://www.dbltap.com
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Text Comments (53)
Arian // (1 day ago)
Pls fix microphones next time
Ivo Schärer (5 days ago)
8:22 When my parents ask why i spend so much money on weapon skins...
Wizard101duncan (6 days ago)
7:30 lmao
iSanctuary (8 days ago)
what are these questions man whats next: whats Guardian penis size : 9.7 x the mass of the whole milkyway galaxy times 20.475
StarPatrickStarBOB (8 days ago)
Guardian stomach is eating the faze logo
knifefromHeLL (9 days ago)
God this is pathetic... I couldn't get past 2 mins these questions are too retarded. Pathic ass attempt at besting betway... props to karrigan and guardian for staying for the full thing.
Need to get a better mic or something. Background noise is terrible.
Paul Thomasen (11 days ago)
Karrigan seems like such a cool teammate
Predrag Radovanovic (12 days ago)
Question:In what year Karrigan was 8th? Karrigan: It was in 1.6 Guardian: Yeah, obviously. THUG LIFE
xeN Highlights (2 days ago)
Freaze TV (12 days ago)
can u buy csgo for pls?:https://steamcommunity.com/id/NewFreaze
Filip Matulay (13 days ago)
Those 2 are so funny 😂❤️❤️
James Keegan (13 days ago)
5:18 how is this a slap in the face?
George F (15 days ago)
Honestly can't get enough of the Guardian and Karrigan! Keep doing what your doing DBLTAP!
RonnyWho (16 days ago)
that beard does not look good bro
dilaN (16 days ago)
Good content
Bradley Firby (16 days ago)
Love karrigan, please do more stuff with him, he makes things funny
jet (17 days ago)
DBLTAP pumpin great content. Nathan has great chemistry with all pro players, probably best content coming out at the moment. keep it up boooooyyyyyyyiiiiiizzzzz
beatsnextdoor (17 days ago)
2:08 "Yeah obviously" LMFAO
Brian M (17 days ago)
Dude I fucking Love the Outro "Do you love Nips, No I'm not talking about Ninja In Pyjamas."
Lo Renz (17 days ago)
I really enjoy this content! Great work!
Mac Array (17 days ago)
Karrigan is always joking. Guardian is always smiling. Great duo.
Pancake (17 days ago)
I'm not gay but if I was a girl guardians smile would make me love him forever just like I do now
stringer115 (17 days ago)
Karrigan starladder comments im crying
WTF is this shit karrigan had much easier questions
Loon * (17 days ago)
6:55 LMAO
Kurt Pallesen (17 days ago)
karrigan is great
Alex Y (17 days ago)
Guardian's right, those questions were way easier for Karrigan
The Originals (17 days ago)
Oh baby i was waiting for this.
HansEinar Fuglum (17 days ago)
Ok guardians question: What was kerrigans headprecentage during the second half of the first playoff game kerrigan palyed for faze at a major? Question for Kerrigan: What team did gurdian play for before faze?
George F (15 days ago)
LOL right!?
Luke Luke (16 days ago)
Armadyl OW (17 days ago)
Mark Buan (18 days ago)
guardian is lowkey goofy hahahaha you can’t tell when hes mocking u or not
Patricio Muñoz Ramos (18 days ago)
Great content keep it up
Rolilasx (18 days ago)
Reuploading shit & outdated videos wont help this channel
Žiga Ademovič (19 days ago)
Why does the fat guy make it so cringey
N Yawk (12 days ago)
Stop hating on ur fellow slovak
floppyspatula (17 days ago)
Purple Tomatoes (18 days ago)
Poketale what the fuck is this an actual funny comment on youtube. Do these even exist
Poketale (18 days ago)
Žiga Ademovič which one???
Rafael Muller (19 days ago)
Karrigan may not be the best fragger, but man he does know a lot!
Dhawal Kumar (12 days ago)
Yeah that's why he is an IGL. He also found some badass smokes too
Luka TheKostic (17 days ago)
The guy is a fucking brain and a half
eLisTig (18 days ago)
Rafael Muller thats why he is the brain of the team ;)
AMAR TRIPATHY (19 days ago)
Just ask 2 qs feom my side... 1.How they manage to win with stand ins??? 2.When is Olof coming back?? Anyway when Olof is back again they will simply lose Better not to expect from these people 😂😂😂😂
Shang Hsuan Ku (9 hours ago)
Hmm he's back now be we'll jut wait n see >:)
Astro (1 day ago)
We will see my brown slave.
jaap ten dijk (17 days ago)
Patti The Bandit They're not strat-heavy anyway
Patti The Bandit (18 days ago)
They manage to win with stand ins because they have an amazing core of star players. It's not that hard to have a stand-in as it might sound. Ofc it's not the same as having olof but it def isn't a huge hit.
1 tap and chill (19 days ago)

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