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HOW should I troll scammers next time? LET ME KNOW!!! ❤ Gambling Codes + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com ❤ Sponsor: http://www.csgohunt.com profile of the scammer: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197964564615 outro song: foreign forest - heart stained wrist icy https://youtu.be/bYscN5KLW6c Support my channel and use my codes on gambling sites! (more codes can be found on http://mattcs.com) ► My site! - http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter! - http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap Let me know if you have ever trolled a scammer and how you did it ;)
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Text Comments (1644)
Syniical (23 hours ago)
keep cancelling trades
Vanimy Army (2 days ago)
He isn’t from Switzerland he is from Serbia his name is Marvin he is pussy scamer he is also banned
xxxtentacion (5 days ago)
You sipping on that lean?
mincref gamplai (8 days ago)
Heavy from tf2?
Tomasciuc Cosmin (17 days ago)
He sound like Arnold!
Im not 16 im 18, wow big difference man gj
Beldon Wong (23 days ago)
TheOperPL (24 days ago)
Ian McMillan (1 month ago)
No that’s his voice u can tell XD
Rafael20051 (1 month ago)
Man that was kinda sad at the end
Boti (1 month ago)
i think the scammer is russian or hungarian
Måsen ` (1 month ago)
Thats not a voice changer
Komko Dachi (1 month ago)
Lol i hope its not his real voice cuz he sonds like the troll in witcher 3 xD
chinese man (1 month ago)
Tan Vo (1 month ago)
My country is totaly not learn english bứt i learn by myselft to tell You is i like to watch your video (Mỹ english dont to gôd so dont be má if I wrong)
I C Y G A M E R (1 month ago)
MattSeesAss IS my steam profile C:
Triz Networks (2 months ago)
when you said that you know that guy is a scammer from that time he was wanting to leave the call 🤣
Bentian Misimi (2 months ago)
I dont think he used a voice changer
LetMe GuideMe (2 months ago)
Guy is from Serbia
ItsYaBoiLars (2 months ago)
voice changer
Bot Noob (2 months ago)
U re playing valve dm? U re fucking bad ass boy.
ProLab (2 months ago)
Voice changer
Wind East (2 months ago)
He is using a voice changer
Ultimate Gamer (2 months ago)
He looked legit
KassStrole (2 months ago)
He is obviously using a voice changer, At some points of the video i heard a couple of auto tunes in his mic and knowing that there are some "Glitches" within the voice changer.
Ben je Nederlands?
Bram e (2 months ago)
Youre intro!
JustDavid (2 months ago)
36 years old GET A LIFE PLEASE
Veiger Main (2 months ago)
sounds like thanos :))
-Kygo- 4Ever (2 months ago)
multiple vac ban?
Vanja Davidovic (2 months ago)
Look dude i know one youtuber with that voice Pichwise
Gewoon Boef (2 months ago)
Dus gy zyt van nl lekker man
buddyroar (2 months ago)
16 and 18 no difference to me
Jack8Tv (2 months ago)
Vidi se po glasu da je srbin neki matori hahah. Kolko jadno
Rocky Ryder Wilson (3 months ago)
You are the best!!! I love your troll!!! Nice roll man! Appreciate for your act thought this scumbag didn't tell anything.
AdanGamer TV (3 months ago)
How to bhop I try and it's not work
Ace Gang (3 months ago)
Haha i live realy in the netherlands 😂
FaNaTiCo 來 (3 months ago)
he is nit scammer i thing
Zaki Zaki (3 months ago)
Blok Games (3 months ago)
Keep talking dutch wile the scammer talks
AcidicSynergy -Im bad (3 months ago)
I felt bad for the man cause he.saound like kind person
malcolm the husky (3 months ago)
when i heard his voice i hear anomaly :I
George Cooke (3 months ago)
Voice is real I think 👻
MotorDog365 (3 months ago)
you had no way of confirming if he was a scammer. Don't make the assumptions if you don't have proof. If this person gets banned and they AREN'T a scammer you could be hurting them a lot. PLease stop making these videos and accusing people of crimes they may not have commited.
NiKoLoZ pLaYz (3 months ago)
its voice changer i have voice changer like that LoL :DD
Furukake (3 months ago)
A romanian guy did a video with that scammer
TheGamingFate #1 (3 months ago)
can i have knife :)
[NWO] MVP (3 months ago)
I fuckin ❤️ you
Ares-YT (3 months ago)
I lost 40$ to that fucker,he's from Serbia...
Lessy (3 months ago)
I think the guy is using a voice changer cuz i've seen this kinda Voice changers in other videos
Jochem Bos (3 months ago)
Nederlander 💪
Rokas Jankauskas (3 months ago)
0:00 music?
S υ ρ я ι м є (3 months ago)
I just got trolled with the sound of steam message xD
oLukey (3 months ago)
He sounds like Diddle's voice changer 😂😂
LimeXx (3 months ago)
Troll the next with just saying hello and yes and see his reaction
Counter Blood (4 months ago)
Mattcs you shit first of all someone is not scammer if you think he is scammer you are supid someone is like the kid but this guy is not how do you know
i never play csgo but i play halo 5 but i subscroob
Diogo Mesquita (4 months ago)
to be fully honest with you, i dont think that old man was a scammer
HALAXKEBAB (4 months ago)
Andrej Thiseus (4 months ago)
He is using a voice changer, BUT! He is absolutely a grown man, this ain’t no teenager.
Betim Hetemi (4 months ago)
Im from switzerland and i can tell you that switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world just wanted to say that
Arnaldo Van der ven (4 months ago)
Matt ik wist niet dta je nl was haha, je bent voorreal mijn hero
Adeed Hafeez (4 months ago)
PSC (4 months ago)
Your vids r so funny, u earned a sub
Ali Abdullah (4 months ago)
If his syeam rep was not banned and he was offering u 300 why did u not do it to just kinda prove that not everyone is scammer
lala lulu (4 months ago)
Er ist ist auf der Schweiz
jiijcool (5 months ago)
Pot sa jur că-i român :)
Azan Akram (5 months ago)
Troll as if u r insane xD
FairPlay (5 months ago)
Show to troll scammers : 1. Report them
D Animator (5 months ago)
Ahahahahahahaha die gast is dom XD
Wesley Hooper (5 months ago)
DavidIsGaming (5 months ago)
i dont think he is scamming lol
Amorseful (5 months ago)
that intro is sick
Valero Coomans (5 months ago)
Ik ben ook nederlands XD
Rifka Hernoto (5 months ago)
Subtly drop hints that you know he’s a scammer without him realizing it..thats a challenge i think lol
IIgnas VVeryga (5 months ago)
100% voice changer
Filip Jovanovic (5 months ago)
he is from serbia xDD
Unsubscribe (5 months ago)
How u gonna know that he is scamming for sure..I never traded yet I give money to frnd he gets them for me..I'm New to cs like 2 months
Pro Gamer (5 months ago)
Favourite game is roblox csgo and real csgo
ponozciik (5 months ago)
that guy sounds like my president (miloš zeman)
PukZa DK (5 months ago)
Can i Got ur karambit for 2 $
CaptnFox Track (5 months ago)
Pretend that a crap skin is a what he wants on your skreen or Have a voice changer/Different accent #hottotrollscammers
unafroid (5 months ago)
9:37 ghost ct player <3
Best Diys&Hacks (5 months ago)
Skai (5 months ago)
Scammers sound really nice... shit...
[BWC]Rexigo (5 months ago)
how you know he scams
Bram (5 months ago)
No_soUL (5 months ago)
His voice seems legit but it lags a bit sometimes.
Jayycob (6 months ago)
hes sounds so trust-able, i would hand over my skins like that
Zeus Android (6 months ago)
Bro this is an serbian ytber
EXALTEDGRUX (6 months ago)
too longintro
MatoGamesLP (6 months ago)
6:13 :D :D :D :D
scleuse (6 months ago)
Hes Russian. He said "AVEPE" instead of AWP
RoyalQlan (6 months ago)
NICE VID MEN!! Ik ben ook nl
Fox FX (6 months ago)
pretend you have bad english
Bisbouras (6 months ago)
Sometimes men play good
Luxas (6 months ago)
All he's saying *Relax* *you can not relax*
רועי כהן (6 months ago)
karem hake (6 months ago)
Voice changer
Mousa Murry (6 months ago)
How do we know tht guy was a scammer?

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