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CSGO - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_NY_marathon_p2

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom NY marathon map Helicopter way + Sewer CS:GO ZE Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhvh3mrO_qy9nve9WMzi4ga Previous CSGO Video: https://youtu.be/lxALiAAGuAA MAPPER Creator of the map: ?? SERVER First part GFL (0:00) Last part GGEASY (5:14) SKINS USED Karambit | Slaughter PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram Popular videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwKF962A9VUhpzRRZ1EXwZOU1ixz7ouIF Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/axonek3
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Text Comments (55)
mahony police (2 months ago)
Tell me how to select these boots, vacuum cleaner and use them?)
Mike Miller (2 months ago)
I saw chicken run I click like. Simple.
Kenji Ladica (4 months ago)
zombie are coming
Ra1na (4 months ago)
Keep it up! I love to watch your videos:)
Gamers Bone (4 months ago)
Nice useful video.thank you so much for the video.
naimi temmar (5 months ago)
yes me too
OneNear No (5 months ago)
Santa, anime girl and halo are running from zombie? I LIKE IT!!!!!
Sau Gmr (5 months ago)
console command beofre play CSGO ZE? Please
Regular Homo (5 months ago)
The second ending sounds like a russian server,then does it means that you're russian?
Virmil Colastre (5 months ago)
Csgo zombie
Kristoff Miguel Villena (6 months ago)
I played this ver. Of cs:s and (i dont know if this map is the same or different)there was a barricade also the escape hellicopter in front also an a emergency door (i forgot the map but it looks like it)
Agadir (6 months ago)
join there Zm
Cyklone GoO (6 months ago)
Nathan Gaming (6 months ago)
How do i join zombie escape mod?
thx bud
Wooden Crap (5 months ago)
Uhh open the game click on play and theres browse community server click that and search zombie and press enter next,join any server that you like (I recommend gfl server) Youre welcome
lol at 0:25 , he try to get the special item
Eric Aguilar (6 months ago)
axonek how can I connect to a zombie escape because I want to play it but I have not tried to get in but nose please tell me
axonek3 (6 months ago)
Its a normal server. Check out my steam group to find the ips/how to play its in the description.
Eric Aguilar (6 months ago)
axonek como me puedo conectar a un escape de zombis porque yo quiero jugarlo pero nose eh intentado meterme pero nose por favor dime
Alisson Saunier (6 months ago)
Hello :)
axonek3 (6 months ago)
Yo, Alisson Silva :/)
D35TR0Y3R (6 months ago)
How to find this?
axonek3 (6 months ago)
Its a normal server. Check out my steam group to find the ips/how to join its in the description.
Jano Smokes (6 months ago)
GO TO 50 BEBY <3
Mac (6 months ago)
Ayee, Back at it again with a video :)
japierdole378 (6 months ago)
Best video Like !!!! 😃
Márcia Gomes (6 months ago)
viewmodel? fov x y z
Naharo Walak (6 months ago)
1:50 he is riding a chicken while escaping the zombies What a professional indeed
sk8rdnn Rosales (6 months ago)
Emmm ip?
sk8rdnn Rosales (6 months ago)
axonek3 grax
axonek3 (6 months ago)
Zenkavolt ! (6 months ago)
Wana hear a joke? Read more
Techno Darkness (6 months ago)
What for items for?
Wooden Crap (5 months ago)
To give advantage if you pick em
Kasss You (6 months ago)
Sebi Ro :v (6 months ago)
Nice and like
Tirell Buxton (6 months ago)
Duvan Buitrago (6 months ago)
new video, ohh yeahh!!!
Md Muliarthaaa (6 months ago)
Hadiman Diman (6 months ago)
There Is Ninja Turtle
Aliphe Cardozo Vaz (6 months ago)
Amo estes vídeos de escape dos zumbis! Continue!
Thalys Natanael (5 months ago)
Acompanho este canal e o Game Reviews.
Alisson Saunier (6 months ago)
Aliphe Cardozo Vaz Eu tbm (achava que eu era o único br que acompanhava ele) xD
Vinture Troll (6 months ago)
Road to 50k subscriber
Mize_ Daryl (6 months ago)
Was i early????
Dark Rp (6 months ago)
How it feels to chew five meems!
Jeanfrank Wanderlay (6 months ago)
Good video bro!!! :v
Duvan Buitrago (6 months ago)
toca que le comentes en ingles
Eric Łèđêšmâ (6 months ago)
Jeanfrank Wanderlay no te va a entender xdd
DRG CSAPAT (6 months ago)
You are the big shit
Djz j12 (6 months ago)
I love your zombie vids keep it up
Salvador Padilla (6 months ago)

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