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Counter-Strike:BreakThrough Edition Trailer

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2011.11 Coming Soon.
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Text Comments (22)
edmir pamukovic (5 years ago)
This Game Have Virus.. But is pretty good..wao you are good player!
Zholenz Gaming (5 years ago)
Download Link : /watch?v=CVufgYunSiI
Zholenz Gaming (5 years ago)
Song: Requiem for a Dream
Jason Chang (5 years ago)
what background music called
lolipowpow (6 years ago)
no english version?
レグ (6 years ago)
Revozport (6 years ago)
i mean dis game is a crack u get fucking free shit like all the weapons in the game :D
Sari EXOG (6 years ago)
give link plz
レグ (6 years ago)
You Mean What?
レグ (6 years ago)
@MrTomsmy 用錯帳號了。。 1.就是DJB 2.繁體中文我們會弄 3.太....我知道
レグ (6 years ago)
@happyxx123 謝謝您!
happyxx123 (6 years ago)
變了 (6 years ago)
@MrTomsmy 1.就是DJB 2.繁體中文我們會弄 3.太....我知道
ken3003322 (6 years ago)
@n3ph223172 wow
陳正賢 (6 years ago)
總覺得1:06那裏是DJB的NST 還有要做就做繁體中文的 我可不要簡體中文喔 還有你的宣傳片太.......了= =
レグ (6 years ago)
@ken3003322 BTE沒有防盜密碼
レグ (6 years ago)
@p122108615dd FB皆有詳細說明
kouki0617 (6 years ago)
ken3003322 (6 years ago)
cs bte防盜密碼coming soon
隙間之夢 (7 years ago)
Thomas Yeung (7 years ago)
gtavc2007(流星雨) (7 years ago)
頭香 +支持

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