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$60 Pontiac Fiero 1987 Transformed into a Lamborghini Reventon

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It was a 1987 Pontiac Fiero that cost $60 and it was Transformed into a Almost Identical Lamborghini Reventon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Faded - Sara Farell Copy Rights: [Merlin] FUGA Aggregation QLR Recordings
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Text Comments (301)
MindDezign (7 hours ago)
Awesome work awesome video kick ass build pure talent
Ronald Major (1 day ago)
Now that is awesome
LA drake us (1 day ago)
that's nice as fuck, but I would put my own name and logo on it
MeanMuggin79 (1 day ago)
you know how heavy this shit would be.😂
Bradley Franklin (2 days ago)
Terrible music choice for a car build vid.... Just saying.... Other than that cool build
Jorge Perez (3 days ago)
It's funny because it really looks like an actual Lamborghini but when you punch it probably sounds like a Ford escort. Great job though.
the midsizegiant (3 days ago)
Thats a aventador based lambo
Jiaen Guo (3 days ago)
I MEAN itz good enough(dont take it to a car show)
Sissy Girl (4 days ago)
It's great if you had a shop but most people buy them.
Edgard Serrano (4 days ago)
One question . This is not legal right , making your own lambo i mean what about patents laws . It would be horrible getting sue by Lamborghini ( Volkswagen) for making and designing your own lambo
Atikah Zul (5 days ago)
Galaxy 133742 (5 days ago)
Ricer’s car.
Marcus Martin (6 days ago)
98% of these lames have never seen one in real life. I have a real one & I think you did a damn good job
titaso91X Ramirez (6 days ago)
It was great to see it but the last 4 photo you try to fool me but you miss some parts and it was not the same, sorry but you should put the last finish then the last fake 2 photo
Thunder 101 (7 days ago)
Clickbait,least 3 photos were from the real one.reporting this fake peace of crap
CODY STEBNER (7 days ago)
that things is so heavy that motor would need 3000 hp to make it kinda fast lol. good fab tho
Thecrazeecow (8 days ago)
You ruined it congratumalations
Anonymous User (10 days ago)
Transformed into a fake piece of crap!
Kyle Kallies (10 days ago)
Dam that’s a shit ton of metal work
SirWegro (11 days ago)
Mr. Grey (11 days ago)
Looks more like a new model car. Nice job!!!
damavox (11 days ago)
Total cost?
Danny Frisby (11 days ago)
As far as homemade replicas go, that's very impressive.
cinnamon j (11 days ago)
negative comments??? what??? this is unreal outstanding great stuff!! love it.
Steve Silvas (12 days ago)
I had a 1986 Fiero Limited... It was a cool looking car Jet Black & Gold Graffics Leather Brown Interior... Rode like a go cart.. I tired everything to soften the ride... Monroe Street Shocks.. Softer Ride Tires.. Still Too Rough...Got Rid Of It.. Bought A 87 Monte Carlo SS..
matt liggitt (12 days ago)
Can you turn my 99 cavalier into a Porsche?
Julian Gärtner (13 days ago)
arent the last fiew pics stock reventóns?
Scott Zastrow (13 days ago)
Did you ever finish the car??? After your aerial shot you switch to showing various photos of the actual Lamborghini Reventon.
Rohana ramli (14 days ago)
wow so creative
TERMINATOR sfx (15 days ago)
That clearly wasn't the finished car.
Twitter Account (16 days ago)
Lamborghini Fiero!
Matthew Noell (18 days ago)
Awesome metal work. You have a gift and an eye for detail. How does it drive?
Raymond Collier (19 days ago)
Thats amazing.nice work
Bear (20 days ago)
If you believe this then go abased but this guy at the end just takes pictures of REAL lamborghinis
Member Cup (22 days ago)
Sir start your own car company right now
SpartanX360 (22 days ago)
It's more like Lamborghini fiero, but all metal chassis? Why not fiberglass? Yeah I know it's expensive to make.. but what if the purists heat that engine like "Wtf is that engine? "
Alex Zander (23 days ago)
Without the music this would have been a good video
Mousy Pluta Prestige (23 days ago)
You CAN polish a turd! How deep are your pockets?
john lennon james (24 days ago)
I think its Bullshit.
Kharis Jones (24 days ago)
Nice but this one sound like a ice cream truck....
SuperMarioLoganParody (24 days ago)
Amir Hart (25 days ago)
Tony Beard (26 days ago)
Looking great 👍🏼
Rick Allen (27 days ago)
I call bullshit on that
Eyclipse (27 days ago)
1st picture: Pontiac 2nd: picture: literally a real Lamborghini frame
Official Trapper (28 days ago)
The rappers has a lot of explaining to do 😂
SIR-CASSIAN (29 days ago)
Isaac Clarke (29 days ago)
Not sure if that’s the same car at the end......you just skipped over the paint process, interior fit and finish, wheel mounting and Lamborghini badge placement......it’s only interesting when you show all of it...not piece....good job anyway
FR34 (26 days ago)
Isaac Clarke Those r from real lambos
Kevin Hida (29 days ago)
BleSs520! sol kid (29 days ago)
HOLLY SHIT!!!😊..but how much did it cost to build
Pickle lama Stick (30 days ago)
So fake
Dimitris M Papadakis (1 month ago)
Okay, so on the outside it looks like a lambo. Now how do you register this car? What happens to insurance?
Human Being (1 month ago)
I hate seeing a fiero that's been screwed with, but this project is pretty cool. I do understand how a lot of people hate the whole copy a lambo idea and I kind of do too, but a when you're not super rich, a fiero made into a lambo is a good idea. I do like the fact that if you kept fiero suspension and used a Chevy 350 like other comments said, parts will be easier to buy than Lambo parts.
Hector Trejo (1 month ago)
Okay googled it... $3000
Hector Trejo (1 month ago)
Fuck imagine how much the lights cost tho.... $1000 each
The Great Devine (1 month ago)
World's luckiest car. Looks great. Please do another
Urban camper guy (1 month ago)
Did he also stretch the chassi? My dad owned a Fiero, the lambo Wheels are further apart, compared to a short chassi Fiero..
Jason Gorman (1 month ago)
Fraud video. Cars at the end are real and not this replica kit car.
Fernando Hernandez (1 month ago)
I'm more surprised you can get a 60$ car
Bruce Lee (1 month ago)
This doesn't look like a ordered and bought kit car.Someboy actually made bracing and metal panels and frame work by hand.
Wat games (1 month ago)
Bruce Lee no shit
sneakerhead_young (1 month ago)
Awesome. How much was it?
HellzRazor666 (1 month ago)
Ramon Stewart (1 month ago)
170hp lambo💪
Sloan Technologies (1 month ago)
Wow. That is some incredible work.
Jacek Bancyr (1 month ago)
just 60$ wth
Juan sauceda (1 month ago)
Tommy Reusse (1 month ago)
lmao just why
jack T (1 month ago)
Probably built better not all plastic
Andres Miguel (1 month ago)
how can I get in touch with that guy I love his jod.
Wat games (1 month ago)
Andres Miguel job*
carl jay (1 month ago)
I wanted to watch .. but the f****** music
TheDopedemon69 (1 month ago)
daskarman (1 month ago)
Look at that ! The work that went in to it omg Labor of love Awesome !
Rodrigo Vargas (1 month ago)
Awesome 👏👏👌👌👍👍✌✌😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱😳😱🙀😱😳🙀😱😳🙀😱😳🙀😱😳😍😍😍😻😻😻🙈
Waleed Binhamid (1 month ago)
Name of song
cesar palafox (1 month ago)
sad we lost another fiero they shouldve use a wack bmw but it turned out pretty nice good work but how come they dont show the finished car cus that is not it at the end
Robert Shaffer (1 month ago)
Ton of work in that one, excellent job!
Lammas GoldenSheep (1 month ago)
But can you transform lamborghini look like 60 pontiac. hmmm :D
Lammas GoldenSheep (2 days ago)
i just want to see him / her to do that. i bet he or she cant make it... :D
Jiaen Guo (3 days ago)
Why the hell would u wanna do dat?
Wat games (1 month ago)
Lammas GoldenSheep omg 😂🤣
Merica Audit’Ster (1 month ago)
Nice but the last real! Lambo’s at the end are sweet
se7ensnakes (1 month ago)
If i had the resources to this type of work...I would not have tried to emulate any existing car. What I would have done is to do my own design.
se7ensnakes (30 days ago)
Harry Canary (1 month ago)
se7ensnakes coulda woulda shoulda ! Talk is cheap...
Eddie Blackford (1 month ago)
I had a poor man's fiero: the Nissan Pulsar
ROMEO 69 (1 month ago)
What was the overall price
Brian Weir (1 month ago)
Great looking conversion. Screw the trolls and haters.
Robert (1 month ago)
I think the last picture is a real one.
Wat games (1 month ago)
Marc no shit
Anonymous Chosen (1 month ago)
Could've been done without the music lol.
Wat games (1 month ago)
Anonymous Chosen easy solution.....turn ur sound off
Tony Marzano (1 month ago)
Would of liked to see a countach made out of it, from one classic to another, but super awesome.
LSX 2015 (1 month ago)
That is so retarded..
Angela Shafer (1 month ago)
my dad had one of those when I was a kid....i thought it was soooooo cool...😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣wish it would of been the lambo....
SILLY SALMON (1 month ago)
Pro 18 (1 month ago)
Joshua Connor (1 month ago)
There are people who think that can build cars and then there are people that really build cars awesome video
Wat games (1 month ago)
Joshua Connor then there are people that think they can English (there are people who think ——>THAT<—— can build cars)
the hotwheels hunter (1 month ago)
Wow awesome
AsapLueiii144k (1 month ago)
That shit is ugly.
Rocket Ish (1 month ago)
alan bruckner (1 month ago)
Mad Skills, well done
Indy Custom Made (1 month ago)
Wow people are arguing about if it is real or fake pictures. The car still looks great and I would take it with crooked fenders. 99% of the people out there would never know.
thatkyleguy 1 (2 days ago)
Yea I don't buy this. Those pics at the end are of a real Lamborghini.
Jiaen Guo (3 days ago)
ITz a lamborghini
Gianni Wogboy (8 days ago)
thatkyleguy 1 ummm that isn’t a Ferrari it’s a lambo
thatkyleguy 1 (1 month ago)
Gary Chance damn right I could, ask my wife
Gazza31112 , (1 month ago)
thatkyleguy 1 could you be more wrong if you tried?
Holly Beeler (1 month ago)
How do you register the vehicle?
FR34 (26 days ago)
Holly Beeler A fiero.
The Fanatic! (1 month ago)
Those pics at the end are definitely not the car he built, you can’t take a Pontiac and turn it into a Lamborghini, like this one, they all look obvious fake
The Fanatic! (1 month ago)
Wat games alright bud, why would he show the reference pics AFTER, smart one? He never showed us the complete finished product instead he just put a pic of a Lamborghini, go back and look at the pics of while he was making it, it looks nothing like a ream lambo. And I’m the dumbass?
Wat games (1 month ago)
The Fanatic! It’s the reference pictures dumbass
N E W E L V I S . (1 month ago)
KenPlays (1 month ago)
Pontiac looked better.

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