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$60 Pontiac Fiero 1987 Transformed into a Lamborghini Reventon

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It was a 1987 Pontiac Fiero that cost $60 and it was Transformed into a Almost Identical Lamborghini Reventon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Faded - Sara Farell Copy Rights: [Merlin] FUGA Aggregation QLR Recordings Donations are always welcome (To help me continue making YouTube Videos) Donate via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ValentinoRR
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Valentino Ramsaransing (2 months ago)
Donations are always welcome (To help me continue making YouTube Videos) Donate via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ValentinoRR
Terry Hurt (1 month ago)
Valentino Ramsaransing hey
Sam Malone (1 month ago)
Azdrtdog (1 month ago)
Wow was that a carbon fiber body with light weight composite structure? I bet those 11” Fiero brakes are going to make that thing stop on a dime and give 5 cents change.
REGROY1913 (2 months ago)
Beautiful work.
Samuel Jones (2 months ago)
i just cant believe all the effort to make this car out of steel, i cant imagine it being fast, I just cant imagine putting that much effort into a car and then it drives worse than the original pontiac. It's like "i'll buy a car from the 80's rebuild it to look like 2015 be less safe than a 1960s car and as fast as one from the 30s. and you can imagine that steel going everywhere in an accident it llooks like a lambo on the outside but its a death trap on the inside. What a talented craftsman though however I think that with the same amount of effort you could build a car designed to be fast rather than turd polishing.
XEZ (2 months ago)
I can't afford a Lamborghini.....so what? Let's make one
That was a really, really good job. The finished car looked excellent.
BEAST MODE (3 months ago)
$60? might as well just given it to you for free
Thunderbyrd (3 months ago)
This guy has mad fab skills.
bill bixby (3 months ago)
This video is awfully fimiliar. Like SUPER fimiliar. How it goes from a fiero to a full tube chasis in a different room. With no transition. And a hint of look home cheaply it was made and somwone might be tempted to do in for you for just 20k or somwthing or we can use a BMW 760 or Lambo V12 engine for just 15k more.
CecilDaBomb1117 (3 months ago)
I just want a normal fiero
100forks (3 months ago)
Those that can; DO. Those that can't; criticize those that can. Any fool with money can buy a Lamborghini. Only a genius craftsman can do what you did to that Fiero.
Joseph Hedgecock (3 months ago)
Wow this is the best lambo replica ive ever seen
Aditya Rao (3 months ago)
I'm at a loss for words.
Elijah Pajarillo (3 months ago)
This mans though
kodi wood (3 months ago)
people are amazing
Moon Shadow (3 months ago)
But, it’s real?
Moon Shadow (3 months ago)
It kinda looks FAKE
Kealoha Kanakawai'i (3 months ago)
SWEET. Who would ever thought that the car is actually a Pontiac. I wouldn't tell. I wish I could build me a car like that. AWESOME.
Karen Skultety (3 months ago)
My boyfriend had a Fiero back in the 70's. Such a cool car.
Phillip Lopez (3 months ago)
Anthony Blue (3 months ago)
not the same car at the end of the video....nice try
homero simpson recargado (3 months ago)
I don't know it Rick
King Lords (3 months ago)
Why not drive the stinkin thing ?
jacksrandomadventures (3 months ago)
so if he is such a great builder why didnt he just build a frame and put a decent motor in it .. and not even worry about the pos fiero
gucci bape (3 months ago)
all you're vids are fake
Mastermind Matt (3 months ago)
Hah Reventon is my favorite Lamborghini
s c (3 months ago)
maybe when you get it done you can show real pictures of it finished.. and not use pictures of real Lambos.. seriously that ruined the video
alhalhalal1 (3 months ago)
Ya put lipstick on a pig...its still a pig.
Chris Scott (3 months ago)
I would pay them to do this for my first car
BLACK LION (3 months ago)
I GOT A 2002 KIA RIO WHATS UP?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
yo mama (3 months ago)
Lol wtf
A K (3 months ago)
Now take a Reventon and turn it into a Fiero
spokezman Aaron (3 months ago)
Why a fiero?
Ramiro Duran (4 months ago)
i can get more chicks in the Fiero than you can get in the Lamborghini you geek
M H (4 months ago)
You cannot polish a turd.
Fabby _ (4 months ago)
Cars that transform into replicas of other cars...are they legal on the road? Also,if they are legal...will it be registered as the base car or the car it replicates?
Mr. Toad Amphibius (3 months ago)
Iketani S13 "it will be registered as a COPYCAT! 😄✌
jollygamerguy (4 months ago)
Such bullshit
jollygamerguy (4 months ago)
Starbuck 777 (4 months ago)
Beautiful. But he didn't really transform it, so much as build a lambo. Just sayin
sonny arengo (4 months ago)
The last two pics is the real Reventon.
Q Man (4 months ago)
Called out yet?
Luke Luke (4 months ago)
WOW!!!! Better than Lamborghini. That’s what I call an artist, the guy deserves ALL the credit.
Unique vision06 (4 months ago)
I love that
G S W (4 months ago)
Can I pls have that car😀😭🤘
Albert Jonker (4 months ago)
Nice car
R Robinson, 3rd (4 months ago)
Hey man, I have a 1991 Chevy lumina, that you can transform into a Lamborghini! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 For real though, you have hella talent! Awesome job!👌👌👍👍
Viivi Heller (4 months ago)
Im from Switzerland and the Picture at 1:24 is from Roland Garage in Switzerland. The video is fake!!!!!!!!!     *_*      : (      : (      : (
Herp Derp (4 months ago)
Careful, those damn things caught fire.
Duro Drkafon (4 months ago)
and how many Horsepower has this LABO?85ps?........
Ed Irwin (4 months ago)
nice work on the salvage title!!
04dram04 (4 months ago)
This shouldn't be compared to the real thing. Its art to fabricate this.
04dram04 (4 months ago)
cool car but man it must be heavy. Why not use fiberglass kit?
80sCats&GunsAddict (4 months ago)
I woulda kept it a Fiero and dumped a shit ton of money in to restore it. I still LOOOVE those cars. An 88 GT with the five speed manual from the 3.8 supercharged Grand Prix GTP...HELL YAHHHHHH.
Camaro SS (4 months ago)
Firstresponder 45 (4 months ago)
I'd like to see the final product instead of you trying to pawn off the last few pics as your own. It seems you put a lot of tine and effort into it .
abhishek shankar (4 months ago)
Nope I ain’t buying that shit
Stan Moody (4 months ago)
Not even close
Illuminati Dream (4 months ago)
I think this is more to prove their artistic abilities. But.. why don't they build one from scratch?
Worst music. Cool!
Cheryl Cold (4 months ago)
Almost identical. I think that may a slightly over ambitious statement
Mraws Eno (4 months ago)
Sharon Bones (4 months ago)
Its smaller.....shorter....and sound like a 350 engine american car
Cotanka world (4 months ago)
Todd (4 months ago)
Nice homosexual, black penis sucking music.
Todd (4 months ago)
But hey, at least this replica isn't made of WOOD !
Garageless (4 months ago)
I love my fiero... checkout GARAGELESS for some fiero and conquest content
Geo Thomas (4 months ago)
If this car ever hits a marshmallow it will disintegrate. But I do appreciate the hard work and ingenuity.
David C. (4 months ago)
Thats a good job the car looks amazing alot of thought, time and labour has gone into this car would like to see better close ups of the car in the video
Newbee One (4 months ago)
Ugly as shit... The car at the end was a real lambo
Jonas does stuff (4 months ago)
Hmm I wonder if I could do that to my atv some how
Jim Borghini (4 months ago)
The Reventon shown in this video is an actual Reventon. Please show us the kit car.
Gianfranco Iannotta (4 months ago)
The last 3 pic was a real Lamborghini not yours
Zeg Zezon (4 months ago)
This is *not done yet.....*
Matthew Rider (4 months ago)
The people who build such knockoffs are incredibly skilled (as is their finished product); HOWEVER, I have always wondered why they wouldn't just design their own "original supercar" body (even if the design was inspired by other supercars). I think it would be much cooler to say, "I designed the car I drive", rather than, "I made a Lamborghini replica".
andrew chan (4 months ago)
thats why theres a lot of homeless american. wasting money
Meat? ? (4 months ago)
New porsh comming out
Ashley Carrington (5 months ago)
So then it’s a real lambo right? Even a real lambo is just metal pieces
Michael Sanders (5 months ago)
Great fabrication most the haters on here probably dont have your talent. This video would make for a great resume when you walk into a shop for a job.
Nathan York (5 months ago)
I just can't believe that car was only 60 bucks
They also have Lambo kit cars that use many different power plants from Chevy and so on. Some use a VW chassis. I'm curious as to how much this actually cost to do?
MindDezign (5 months ago)
Awesome work awesome video kick ass build pure talent
Ronald Major (5 months ago)
Now that is awesome
LA drake us (5 months ago)
that's nice as fuck, but I would put my own name and logo on it
MeanMuggin79 (5 months ago)
you know how heavy this shit would be.😂
Bradley Franklin (5 months ago)
Terrible music choice for a car build vid.... Just saying.... Other than that cool build
Jorge Perez (5 months ago)
It's funny because it really looks like an actual Lamborghini but when you punch it probably sounds like a Ford escort. Great job though.
the midsizegiant (5 months ago)
Thats a aventador based lambo
Jiaen Guo (5 months ago)
I MEAN itz good enough(dont take it to a car show)
Sissy Girl (5 months ago)
It's great if you had a shop but most people buy them.
Edgard Serrano (5 months ago)
One question . This is not legal right , making your own lambo i mean what about patents laws . It would be horrible getting sue by Lamborghini ( Volkswagen) for making and designing your own lambo
Zero Sleep (5 months ago)
xSavag3bl0x Offical (5 months ago)
Ricer’s car.
Marcus Martin (5 months ago)
98% of these lames have never seen one in real life. I have a real one & I think you did a damn good job
titaso91X Ramirez (5 months ago)
It was great to see it but the last 4 photo you try to fool me but you miss some parts and it was not the same, sorry but you should put the last finish then the last fake 2 photo
Thunder 101 (5 months ago)
Clickbait,least 3 photos were from the real one.reporting this fake peace of crap
CODY STEBNER (5 months ago)
that things is so heavy that motor would need 3000 hp to make it kinda fast lol. good fab tho
Thecrazeecow (5 months ago)
You ruined it congratumalations
Anonymous User (5 months ago)
Transformed into a fake piece of crap!
Kyle Kallies (5 months ago)
Dam that’s a shit ton of metal work
SirWegro (5 months ago)

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