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CS GO map - de_subzero

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I spoke with FMPone about his latest map, Subzero, and we collaborated on this video. Check out the site here: https://activatesubzero.com/ Download the map from the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1318698056 David Randall's music here: https://youtu.be/FUG5sYhk0dE Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Ryzen 1800X, 32 GB RAM, Geforce 1080
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Text Comments (1973)
unknown; (3 days ago)
Love the map :)
Graham (7 days ago)
This map can't be in the arctic circle. The trees are too big. All trees in the arctic are dwarfed or nonexistent. The scene labeling the location at the north pole is also inaccurate; the north pole is located on sea ice. There are no mountains at the north pole. Poor attention to detail..
LewTay (12 days ago)
Who's here after it got added to official MM with Biome today? :)
Lukas Held (13 days ago)
And today... it got a real comp map :)
Andrew (13 days ago)
competitive playlist now
Mtndewgang (18 days ago)
Would be funny if it had a borealis easter egg.
olly hp (24 days ago)
why the hell valve didn't use these skin models for T side i have no clue, they are rather cool looking at fit the environment, but valve has gone with the normal dust 2 models which are set in the boiling middle east. They have their sleeves rolled up for fucks sake, it looks wrong.
Super Dot (27 days ago)
I really REALLY want this to be added into competitive because I've been playing this in casual and getting pretty good at the map.
The Video Detective (1 month ago)
they did it boys
ReeceAUS (1 month ago)
Did valve pay fmpone for the map? Considering it’s now been added to csgo it seems like he deserves some $$
Gucci Dan (1 month ago)
Anyone know where to get museum map?
svahn (1 month ago)
Great to see this added in to the game! I just hope we can play it in competitive soon.
HamPolice (1 month ago)
So guys we did it
NoMansOne (1 month ago)
ah... victory
Stingy (1 month ago)
This map would be great for pro play
Радо Иванов (1 month ago)
And its now added to cs go :p
Michael Couturier (1 month ago)
It's Soo laggy tho
Dikel Berry (1 month ago)
The Freemankiller (1 month ago)
I really gotta watch this since it may become a competetive map soon
PlutoTheMLGPlayer (1 month ago)
Leon Weber (1 month ago)
Lasse Liang Hansen (1 month ago)
A lot of the places can be really powerful, but often involves a drop, so it is a risk, as u cant back out again.
Crackers0106 (1 month ago)
It looks like a map from Half-life 3.
Fateek (1 month ago)
here we are 7 months later.
undi (1 month ago)
Anyone here after the official addition of the said map?
Nagib (1 month ago)
7 Months later and the map got finally added. I hope it gets in mm
Akira Ishu (1 month ago)
it made it!
MIKEL Celebi (1 month ago)
Sub zero was in counter strike beta 5.1
fishypeter (1 month ago)
doesnt have the custom terrorist models though
olly hp (24 days ago)
I know its ridiculous, they look super cool on here and fit the environment, but they are using the normal middle eastern boiling hot countries models, like wtf, they have their sleeves rolled up in the middle of the antarctic, its looks stupid.
Brine (1 month ago)
1:04 - 1:05 It's MINECRAFT :V
3pants (1 month ago)
GamingBros5117 (1 month ago)
I’m so happy this map was added because it’s so good
GamingBros5117 (1 month ago)
not really
Nils10Ip (1 month ago)
did you sleep good
Cloudog (1 month ago)
Now it's in the game for those of you that live under the rock
tom y (1 month ago)
Luminous (1 month ago)
It is finally added!
Ethan Gindy (1 month ago)
And now it’s in the game*dab
Casual map👏
ZachaBlyat (1 month ago)
Well now its in official in CSGO
G-Man (1 month ago)
GG FMPone, GG!
Arslan1337 (1 month ago)
And this map is now in casual ...
BasteeK (1 month ago)
Guess which map got added into CS:GO yesterday.
MTG TV (1 month ago)
in my time the map has been added lol :D
SavageLasso (1 month ago)
Who else is here after the release of this mad map?
Murtaza Hussain (1 month ago)
accepted :)
Some Random Brony (1 month ago)
Geuss what, update this. This is now an actual map in gameplay.
Lasse Liang Hansen (1 month ago)
and since u havent done a biome only video, boost for biome: both A long boxes. ofc T into B heaven, and a 3 man T boost over the entrance wall to B, the CT can do a boost here as well (watch the edge on top, u cant hug the wall). T can boost over the wooden plank in mid towards CT connector. A the back room, can do a cheeky boost over. B on site, u can boost on all the boxes, and back into heaven (maybe runboost only) u can get stuck in the entrance room to A, next to the little stairs.
Lasse Liang Hansen (1 month ago)
boosts: T from mid to green/toxic room, T can boost through the glass into the bunker. CT 3 man boost into vents (unconfirmed) and from vents back into long A. Also you can boost on the A box next to drop room and look into vents (also possible from the truck on A). And u can boost on B, next to the bunker, looking into the B lane and the T boost on bunker. The second mid (between green room and vents) u can boost onto the box, and u can wallbang the upper vents from greenroom. U can get stuck on some of the A long centerpieces.
Witek Nowacki (1 month ago)
Its in game now <3
WHY (1 month ago)
Mamma Mimmi (1 month ago)
Subzero is very nice
MrBlueBulbasaur (1 month ago)
VALVE ADDED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is getting a spike in views now lol
Ahmed Raza (1 month ago)
Finally Valve added it! Great Job FMPONE
Damian (1 month ago)
I'm still waiting for Aztec ._.
Zendor Graphics (1 month ago)
Yay it got added to cs!! :D
Evan N (1 month ago)
It's out now
Nightmare (1 month ago)
I got this in recommended after it got added to csgo xD
Tristamii (1 month ago)
Alex Olejarz (1 month ago)
We did it boys
David M (1 month ago)
I’m exited it was added to comp!!!
Kristaps Kronis (1 month ago)
But it was only added to casual
The Average Churro (1 month ago)
B E G O N E (1 month ago)
UPDATE: Valve has added de_subzero to Casual
Chillest Bill (1 month ago)
Valve... Still too lazy to make their own damn maps....
The Umbrella Stories (1 month ago)
And it's in boys!
Jauhar Alaudinsyah (1 month ago)
Can't wait to try this map!
JMove (1 month ago)
Finally it arrived :D
Kevin Feng (1 month ago)
now it's actually here
Deniss Nazarovs (1 month ago)
Now in Casual available
Torm Endor (1 month ago)
Please dont put the autotranslation in your videos title and desc... that's just messed up and weird.
Nacho Taso (1 month ago)
I come from the future, this is added
John Vu (1 month ago)
Just got added
Topaz' Reality (1 month ago)
MadLipz cz/sk (1 month ago)
How do you know
MasterSam85 (1 month ago)
Well gg FMPONE and thanks Philip, looks like Valve eventually recognized the awesome amount of work put into this map ! Now officially released into the vanilla game ! :D (October 9th 2018)
MR PANDA (1 month ago)
yay now added
Mr. Dirt (1 month ago)
Congrats to FMPone. 👍
350Z boi (1 month ago)
So guys, we did it. This map has reached it's goal to get featured by Valve in official CS:GO servers.
Katarina Karpe (26 days ago)
So guys we did it we reached a quater of a million subscribers
Yuval (1 month ago)
350Z boi we got em’
Der Fuhrer (1 month ago)
WOLF HD (1 month ago)
Just made it on haha
Chad Aga Abinguna (1 month ago)
Unfortunately the terrorist models never made in.
tehFozzeY (1 month ago)
Honestly knowing the track record of valve at this point I did not even consider this a slightest possibility.
I wear sock to sleep (1 month ago)
Well, SUBZERO is now officially in CSGO :D
Deleted Videos (1 month ago)
LordGapik (1 month ago)
And here we are. Playing subzero after 7 months
b0gl extra (1 month ago)
looks like a cod map
RPBXD (1 month ago)
Back here cuz it's finally officially added
ZedSP -Spitfire (1 month ago)
It just got Added to official casual matchmaking minutes ago!!!! The map is sooo sick <3
Dilpickle88 (1 month ago)
Hurrah got added to the game!!!
Dab-a-tron (1 month ago)
As of 10/10/2018 this map is in casual. Hopefully it will be added to competitive!
Brobro8 (1 month ago)
Daaaaamn, it's now official
Meh Eggs! (1 month ago)
Looks like it paid off BOYSSS (in csgo now)
crispo gaming (1 month ago)
Jest i ona
Adam Will (1 month ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, we got it added
AsHes Cs (1 month ago)
New map!!!!!
DisgustedCheese \[T]/ (1 month ago)
The madman actually did it
Pancakesandsyrup123 (1 month ago)
Just released on csgo today for casual mode!
Saneep Samra (1 month ago)
Nitro Blast (1 month ago)
I'm acatually really happy this is in the game now. It's not in comp yet, but it is available in causal. Try it while you can!
SzaKaL (1 month ago)
8-Kit (1 month ago)
JealotGaming (1 month ago)
Official map now!
BlazΞ CS (1 month ago)
And now it is in csgo

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