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Breaking Point | Patience is Key | Squad wipeout (Stream highlight)

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On the way out of Cherno we hear a chopper coming in for a ballsy landing on triple yellow industrial building, what happens next is insane ----------------------------------------­------------------ Social Media -------------------------------------- Follow ----- http:www.twitter.com/captainskepy Follow ------http:www.twitch.tv/captainskepy Like ---------http:www.facebook.com/captainsk­­­­­epy Buy games -http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-Ca... use promocode Skepy5 for 5% off already discounted games Visit our site - http://www.midnightgaming.tv
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Text Comments (8)
iBooze (5 years ago)
Good as usual.. :D
Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
thanks for the comments guys, i was sweating the whole time thinking, "What if someone logs in behind me"
Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
Capt Skepy (5 years ago)
thank you
Chaz - FUN & GAMES (5 years ago)
amazing work skep - Chazurp
OneGenericName (5 years ago)
GoingCrimson (5 years ago)

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