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Making My Own MatchMaking!

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Follow the progress & give your feedback here: https://twitter.com/ECL_europe Sources: ESL Wire: https://www.hltv.org/news/5301/esl-to-release-new-anti-cheat-tool
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Sacred Oleg (1 day ago)
ECL Major 2020
Ronny Dark (24 days ago)
so you did nothing but pay people?
Michelle (1 month ago)
I wonder if there is a way to link your steam account to the web site, say you get banned and switch to a smurf you would have to re pay the fee for the website (you could use this to double the fee of cheating from 15 to 30) i feel like if you had to pay more money per cheater account it would make the majority of them find some were else to cheat. You could make it a permanent subscription and I’m sure people wouldn’t mind that if it kept cheaters away.
Game Blog UA (1 month ago)
FOR FREE acc u can: provide additional locking account into hardwareNo (for no-multi-acc), and limit the number of matches per day/weak. for example - 1 match (encourages to pay. and makes take a responsible attitude to the match). Its "win-win" situation for everyone, think about it...
benjamin peterson (1 month ago)
means i ll have to play with sometimes toxic people ....itz fine man...!!
Berdy (1 month ago)
this video was just about being transparent? forsenCD
Deception (1 month ago)
good idea but what about the rest of the world. i know this is in a large are but allot off other major players and teams are in other countries. would you think about adding it
FastMotion (1 month ago)
will ECL bring back Aztec?
Hassan Chehab (1 month ago)
I like the idea im in when its done
felix macfie (1 month ago)
can we get different language options so when you soloQ you dont have to deal with other languages as in europe there are many languages
RedBloodLOL (1 month ago)
You should add a queue so you can queue for free if you dont have money to pay, it could be unranked and not anything.
ItzViZe (1 month ago)
Where is the nacl? :(
Florian Erbs (1 month ago)
I mean like jeff you made a good job with ecl and i tried it today for the first time but i will probably never play it again because im just shit
Inferno (1 month ago)
how to do this shit the easy way. Russian guy that speak london gud , votka Buy all the cheats you can get and search on google for plugins (you can find them) when the motherfuckers join the server he need to have the anticheat on or wont be able to join and get a 24 hours cooldown. nap time blyat sleep to much get a dedicate rack in a nice datacenter and host your servers that way. on each server will be 12 slots ( 5 vs 5 + one or two moderators that do this for free like overwatch) the cost /24/7/365 will be under 3$ for one server (you will need around 5000 so you can talk them dow do 1.5 -2$ or something , this game is dead dont fucking waste the money make a better cs
Luke Skywalker (2 months ago)
To solve the problem with players not able to pay: make an invite system where people who have paid can invite 1 person per month and if anyone they invited gets banned, they'll get banned, too.
JustSubAlready (2 months ago)
You could just set a minimum of 200h hours played, or minimum rank 30, or minimum silver elite skill group. I know you probably wont see this but it works, and keeps people from buying new accounts constantly. You could also ban the ip (just look at what fortnite did).
Demion (2 months ago)
I would love to play but am I able to from America
Arthur Devriese (2 months ago)
this is great, but pls make faceit anticheat for mac
AMV Projects (2 months ago)
Wild idea, why doesn't valve hire Jeff to fix and manage their Matchmaking service? Couldn't hurt having him on the development side of their game aswell.
Javier Valdes Jr (2 months ago)
what about people from u.s.?
SURB (2 months ago)
Best decision to hear so far the csgo community is definitely going down and I hope you can succeed so that we can all have a better matching making experience.
Wesley Bennett Official (2 months ago)
You should definitely start a Kickstarter campaign. I would donate even though I wouldn't be able to use the service since I live in America. Definitely have faith in your project though👍
Teknic Kallio (2 months ago)
stopped playing ecl. Its almost worse than mm
CybeR Official Clan (2 months ago)
You will probably never see this, but could you add a feature that you can only play with people who speak you're language because in the UK we get paired with a lot of non speakers
SurtyArtz (2 months ago)
I cant wait for this!!!!!
David Morris (2 months ago)
For one this is EU only. And the second thing is that we should get valve to fix their game and we should not have to pay for a third party client to play this game
alfred elg (2 months ago)
Make it so that you has to link your cs acount to the website acount to beable playing match making. If someone got a ban it will stay with both the cs acount and the website acount. There for if you would link your cs acount links to another website acount you wount still beable to play because your cs acount is band. That will make it so you has to buy another cs acount for using the service.
jacky chong (2 months ago)
How do you prevent smurf? Smurf is also a big problem in mm
Esdynu (2 months ago)
i think this is a bit too ambitious
pr0spect (3 months ago)
Maybe add a way to queue with 10 people to play comp against friends
Houssam Eddine Hamimid (3 months ago)
It is basicly a paying hub ! When you can have the same thing for free like frpl challenger !
Arnas Simaškevičius (3 months ago)
I really hope that there will be a free version of this
sooo do we make our accounts for ur website separately or do we use our faceit accs ?
Proxor (3 months ago)
btw jeff - you always say we should correct you: it's make mistakes - not do mistakes I'm really looking forward to inform my self about your ecl ;)
T-R-K (3 months ago)
the solution would be you need like 500 hours or 100 matches on faceit at least to join, just make it not open to anyone but you can apply so an admin checks your profile and the confirm or reject you
HO-Gaming Andrei CSGO (3 months ago)
aight i cant play this cuz its paid xD
HO-Gaming Andrei CSGO (3 months ago)
i love this idea i love csgo i wish there was a better matchmaking system i really want this to work but im not sure u will make much money cuz of csgo dying ( no offense just saying i still love this game)
Svante (3 months ago)
I'm not really a fan of paying for subscriptions within a game. Sadly won't get this
Zesto FMCF 2 (3 months ago)
I don’t like the team based queue
OfficialQuickify (3 months ago)
KingWIgz 1 (3 months ago)
Make russiians play alone pls atleast make em play aganist eachother, like I'm not racist or anything but I HATE russians and polish. Simple.
Francisco Bettencourt (3 months ago)
Can i play it on mac? Yes i use a mac for gaming ;-;
Tzoliko (3 months ago)
looks good, can you add Vertigo to the map pool
oehT (3 months ago)
Make it cheap
oehT (3 months ago)
This seems perfect for me. Mm is wack but when I tried faceit it felt to serious
Dakota Ricket (3 months ago)
Make unranked matchmaking free but charge a monthly fee for ranked
Li Alkalo (3 months ago)
pls include silver-tournaments
ツToxic (3 months ago)
That's not fair :(
Charles Neves (3 months ago)
go fund me?
tankdempseyhunt (3 months ago)
u can also make a 1 time free only if its possible on the ip u can only register 1 free account if ur going on ur smurg to (cheat/gried or what ever) u will have to pay
deejaype (3 months ago)
arent you talking about faceit?
MrWho (3 months ago)
csgo is dying
petran. (3 months ago)
Where are youuuu jeff?!?!?!?! Online at discord but no updates...
LionNetz 25 (3 months ago)
Jo amazing
Bruno Wanderson (3 months ago)
you literaly just discribed https://gamersclub.com.br but an europe version lol :v
bqh (3 months ago)
Maybe you could make it so people who are subscribed to some of the creators on twitch could get a free ECL subscription or 50% off the subscription fee.
CuddlyCalvin (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for doing this Jeff. I will gladly pay for this
Darx3 (3 months ago)
Lmao like anyone else except youtubers and famous people have a chance to be an admin
Nick 2nd (3 months ago)
why dont you do the same thing blizzard did, if anyone gets banned, they get banned fully with ur ip adress or hardware i forgot, im sorry but u get my idea
Nick 2nd (3 months ago)
can we please have a middle easter server? you'd be surprised of the amount of players back here in the UAE, Qatar or even Saudi Arabia
Nick 2nd (3 months ago)
I meant a different server for us to get lower ping and a different server for u europians u fucking retard
Georgee G (3 months ago)
Nick 2nd now ask. Europeans if we want to play with them )))
Zeno Arts (3 months ago)
This sounds amazing. I'm from USA though so it doesn't sound like I'll be able to participate based on the name of the league. Any plans on adding NA servers?
Skribst (3 months ago)
Your Ideas remind me of the League of Legens Ranked System... I like this
Daniar Svedlund (3 months ago)
make it free and if some one is using hax id ban from site if possible
BUSTED 121 (3 months ago)
What about Australia
Marvin Schicho (3 months ago)
Faceit is shit i was editing a cs map And got a fail ban cuz of the Software thanks faceit ac Client
Kokayyne (3 months ago)
you know in my opinion your idea is bullshit.. why would you first complain about valves mm .. talk so much about how you would like to have 128 tick servers, a good and improved anti cheat system and a better trust factor system.. and then you come up with this project that you call your own matchmaking.. this ist just bullshit dude.. not trying to be rude .. but why the hell do you use your knowledge and your range with your followers to create this new third party service... why do you not try to get the attention of valves devs..(of course.. the reason is - you want to earn a shitton of money ) but it would be better to get the actual game fixed .. its such a pain in the ass to play mm with so many cheaters etc.. and then we see youtubers that complain about all the bullshit thats going on in this game and then all they do is create their own third party service.. its nuts.. rly..
Joey Sofia (3 months ago)
Prizes seem not to be worth it because: Monetarily encourages cheaters Tacky Legal obligations Money burn
Marcell Várszegi (3 months ago)
What abuot BattleEye anti-cheat?
Weise Weiss (3 months ago)
it's written European but you don't need to be European to be able to play normally right?
Emiliyan Yankov (3 months ago)
na koi my pyka (3 months ago)
hey Do you have any smurf accounts i ask you becouse i was playing with the guy with the same name and the same picture ?
Hack Forall (3 months ago)
if it's paid, why wouldn't i go to esea where i know 100% it's gonna be pure gameplay?
El Craxo (3 months ago)
this is not gonna work
Fiftyy (3 months ago)
Why not just play faceit?
ScareBear TV (3 months ago)
this all sounds exactly like the different leagues there already are in faceit, like NPL (norwegian pro league) etc. almost identical
Alexisbos (3 months ago)
You know that if you make a new account you have to purchase csgo
k (3 months ago)
so, I bought esea 1 month ago, been happy to play on 128tick servers, started playing, after one game I deleted esea because I had like 70 fps instead of 300... "40% cpu usage: esea client". dont mine bitcoins, please.
Ivey Onine (3 months ago)
wow, what a project.. looking forward to this!! <3
sarkasmt2 (3 months ago)
I'd love the ability to matchmake based on language of choise :)
stattrak fedora (3 months ago)
just ip ban people i mean there are ways to make it free pls man i know i wanna play on your softwere but im not 18 so i cant buy it
samgk (3 months ago)
Great idea, love it! But why would I play on this with a smaller player base etc instead of paying for faceit premium? Essentially what's your unique selling point in comparison to esea and faceit?
Georgee G (3 months ago)
samgk cause faceitpremium is SHIT
UpSet 1 (3 months ago)
i know i say this too late but cant you make it free and for griefers cheaters etc just ip ban them
WaLDeNN (3 months ago)
So you're telling me, the faceit anti-cheat is good ? :D:D
Infamous YT (3 months ago)
Hey Guys I've just Made a few simple frag clips. Nothing amazing but Would Really Appreciate If you guys show some love <3 Thanks. link to the first one is : https://youtu.be/NbLY4T36HyU And the others are on the channel .
HELVETTE (3 months ago)
European Gamersclub, sounds great, best wishes, HOUNGOOEIELEJEBN!
Rackie (3 months ago)
For cheating, having battleeye and a system similiar to overwatch is good enough
Filip Andronache (3 months ago)
Nice idea Jeff, hope you will be successful. I will certainly play.
KreaD (3 months ago)
Frazzer951 (3 months ago)
so once you launch the facit version, once you start making money will you develop your own version and once it is done transfer everything over?
Arief Nugroho (3 months ago)
Asian server?
rumbi (3 months ago)
How about watching ADs while in queue for a match?
Ziamangry (3 months ago)
I would allow regular queues to have the regular amount of people, just add a system where you could report someone for not talking
Ali (3 months ago)
Just use ELO bot on discord for matchmaking and ladder.... its free and good. No need for a site or being worry about getting hacked
SainteyDavey (3 months ago)
I'm really supportive on it mate. Community is literally why i quit cs:go. Since the trust factor went live it has been even worse. I got an idea tho for you. What about letting people play your league for free, but with restrictions? Ex. Only unranked matched? (I will personally pay tho if it goes live :>)
Hans Hoffmann (3 months ago)
so basicly you can cheat in ECL without a Problem, and you only pay for friendly teammates?
Aakash Mash (3 months ago)
i really like it ECL will be a bang it will keep cs:go alive dont put ranking system it sucks
Aakash Mash (3 months ago)
it will be great as european players cant able to play on faceit even we get its very high ping
Born Boy (3 months ago)
i play for fun. is this for me ?
Carmine (3 months ago)
he said look with paid - think and he said I'm not greedy
Nana (3 months ago)
If you can choose country to play within, to avoid lag and to find easier nice teamates <3

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