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How to Install Windows Steam Games on Mac (UPDATED JULY 2017)

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All necessary files here: https://goo.gl/FxWQop SUPPORT MY CHANNEL http://solomacosxinenglish.blogspot.com.co/p/donate.html Check the apps and videogames library for Mac: https://goo.gl/NlkXRr SUSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE https://goo.gl/0qkE4Q VISIT MY BLOG http://solomacosxinenglish.blogspot.com/ MY MAIN CHANNEL (In Spanish): https://www.youtube.com/solomacosx MY FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/solomacosx/
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Text Comments (473)
Julia (4 days ago)
A really great guide, but my steam won't let me install games for some reason :( Says it can't reach content servers, not sure why.
Nicola Draghi (11 days ago)
Hi guys, does this procedure still works? Btw I am stuck at 19:34 cause I don't know where to find the SteamSetup.exe on my Desktop. Where can I find it?
Guilty Clown (17 days ago)
thanks for the video :) By the way, I can't watch the wineskin tutorial... can u do something about that please?
kalo tik (19 days ago)
Stephany Chan (26 days ago)
For those getting the infamous cdrive issue, check if you finished instaling xquartz after downloading the dmg. lol I didn't...
Cameroni (1 month ago)
hey m8, can you help me with this error; after i click create blank wrapper on the .tar.7z file it says it was corrupted or wasn't installed correctly
Kevin Hernandez (1 month ago)
does this work for PUBG?
Natasha Bentivoglio (1 month ago)
hi ! i closed my steam app and now it won't open again ! what can i do please ?
Sandrine Tremblay (2 months ago)
HEEEEEELP. I'm in the "test run" step, and i followed all of your instructions, but when i click on test run, it says "ERROR, tried to run command debug when the wrapper was already running. Please make sure the wrapper is not running in order to do this." SOMEONE ????
Jeremy Parnell (1 month ago)
I'm getting the same
sutter kane (2 months ago)
Hi Thanks for tutorial, but i have an issue when i get to the test run at 20:56 of your video. When i click test run i get an error message starting "ERROR, tried to run command debug .....". I have followed your video to the letter including making sure i was using 2.0.2 engine, i have put the "-no-cef-sandbox" command in EXE Flags box. Windows EXE is set to "/Program Files/Steam/Steam.exe". I have Xquartz installed and running, and restarting does not cure the issue. Can you help please
Sandrine Tremblay (2 months ago)
Don’t work for me ... thats weird
sutter kane (2 months ago)
as stated above. instead of typing "-no-cef-sandbox" in the EXE Flags box i typed "-no dwrite" obviously without the quotes and it is now running and connected to my steam account
Sandrine Tremblay (2 months ago)
how did you solve it ? I have the same problem...
sutter kane (2 months ago)
forget that problem solved. wrote "-no dwrite" in EXE Flags box instead still, this is an awesome video and would not have been able to get as far as i did without it.
sutter kane (2 months ago)
part of the error message says, "Please make sure the wrapper is not running...." the wrapper was not running at the time of the error
glowstonetreez dx (2 months ago)
Hi, I have managed to get Steam running, but I can't install any games. I get the error "An error occurred while installing [Name of game] (content servers unreachable)". Did anyone else encounter this problem and have managed to find a way around it?
Blobfish Person (2 months ago)
I just did everything in the video, but now it says in red on the top of the steam window, "Steam will stop running on Windows XP in 155 days." What do I do?
Elyse McClure (1 month ago)
I would like to know, too. It says that Steam will stop supporting Windows XP at the end of the year. Can you upgrade the wrapper?
Ka Po Lai (2 months ago)
Does anyone can tell me where to get that version file?
Michael Original (2 months ago)
Are the publishers of these programms ok or they have put any sort of virus in the programms ? I want to know before i download them in my computer,thank you
Benjiffe Glenno (2 months ago)
Installed fine but when I downloaded and purchased pubg won’t let me play it
Jasmine Bennett (2 months ago)
So steam says it'll stop working on Windows XP in like 120 days... Is there anyway we can trick steam out of that?
F K (2 months ago)
Hi, i followed the guide and everything wokred till i got to steam wrapper. whenever i click it. it says cannot run application please help
elhussain mustafa (2 months ago)
when I try to download a game through steam, I get the following error message: 'content servers unreachable'. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
Sajieed Shaikh (2 months ago)
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Samorio Suni (2 months ago)
Hi- I can't access the steam setup when it is in the C drive when I'm asked to do downloady stuff, I'll be more specific if needs be but I can't remember the exact terms
Pulkit Sangal (2 months ago)
I am done with all the above steps. Now when I am installing the game it show low space. Please empty some space and try again.
Pulkit Sangal (2 months ago)
what to do?!?
Rounak Singh (2 months ago)
Hello buddy . I have successfully done everything but now when I open my library . I have already purchased pubg . But I don’t see any option to install . ! What am I suppose to do now . M stuck
ethanbro247 (3 months ago)
I can't find portable-winehq-stable-2.0.2-osx.tar.gz in the website
soloMacOSX in English (3 months ago)
Use 3.0.2 instead
Matt Davies (3 months ago)
I get an error when selecting the steam exe which says oops no new executables found
soloMacOSX in English (3 months ago)
M D (3 months ago)
I got an error message while attempting to install a game from steam "An error occurred while installing The Forest (content Servers unreachable) this error message shows up for any any i try to download Any solutions? Thanks
M D (2 months ago)
+Larry Yang thanks alot! big help
Larry Yang (2 months ago)
MarkedQ5N (3 months ago)
hi i speak worst english than you XD im from mexico
william goode (3 months ago)
you are a fucking champion 1+ like and sub for you! you taught me how to get age of empires working again :) muchos gracias senor!
Octocumber (3 months ago)
will this slow down the preformance of games?
Javen Hasegawa (3 months ago)
I've installed my game but whenever I click play it tells me that the content servers are unreachable, so I change my download region to the nearest one and restarted steam but it still doesn't work. I've tried restarting it again with different regions but most of them still don't work. I've done it with all the states in my country but the error keeps popping up
Ralph Aldover (3 months ago)
Hi Please help me, I am already in the part where I am Test running it, and then went up to the point where I already have logged in, although when I press log in, nothing comes out. and it is just stuck there. Nothing comes out. Please please help me. Thank you.
Dulla Bills (3 months ago)
Easier Way / UPDATED VERSION Use WineBottler. U'll only need one app which is this https://winebottler.kronenberg.org/downloads TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0lddZcC9PE
Connor M (4 months ago)
And can I also add for anyone wondering Metro 2033 works in Wine too on a 2011 27 inch iMac.
Connor M (4 months ago)
Hey great video thank you! For anyone having the steam error 'no content servers available' there is this fix which worked for me: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329#c4 Hopefully this helps someone out!
Chai (4 months ago)
hi, tried this again (using a new computer) and steam wont connect. says it has trouble connecting to servers, and due to this, i cannot install new games or update them. what do i do?
Brandon Atwood (3 months ago)
thanks, I found it by viewing the package contents on the icon
Matt Davies (3 months ago)
go to finder and search for drive_c then go through system etc and you should find a steam folder I think :)
Brandon Atwood (3 months ago)
where's the configuration file? edit: comment 4 https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329#c4
Matt Davies (3 months ago)
I found a fix its the configuration file that needs editing, under the CM line paste this "CS" "valve511.steamcontent.com;valve501.steamcontent.com;valve517.steamcontent.com;valve557.steamcontent.com;valve513.steamcontent.com;valve535.steamcontent.com;valve546.steamcontent.com;valve538.steamcontent.com;valve536.steamcontent.com;valve530.steamcontent.com;valve559.steamcontent.com;valve545.steamcontent.com;valve518.steamcontent.com;valve548.steamcontent.com;valve555.steamcontent.com;valve556.steamcontent.com;valve506.steamcontent.com;valve544.steamcontent.com;valve525.steamcontent.com;valve567.steamcontent.com;valve521.steamcontent.com;valve510.steamcontent.com;valve542.steamcontent.com;valve519.steamcontent.com;valve526.steamcontent.com;valve504.steamcontent.com;valve500.steamcontent.com;valve554.steamcontent.com;valve562.steamcontent.com;valve524.steamcontent.com;valve502.steamcontent.com;valve505.steamcontent.com;valve547.steamcontent.com;valve560.steamcontent.com;valve503.steamcontent.com;valve507.steamcontent.com;valve553.steamcontent.com;valve520.steamcontent.com;valve550.steamcontent.com;valve531.steamcontent.com;valve558.steamcontent.com;valve552.steamcontent.com;valve563.steamcontent.com;valve540.steamcontent.com;valve541.steamcontent.com;valve537.steamcontent.com;valve528.steamcontent.com;valve523.steamcontent.com;valve512.steamcontent.com;valve532.steamcontent.com;valve561.steamcontent.com;valve549.steamcontent.com;valve522.steamcontent.com;valve514.steamcontent.com;valve551.steamcontent.com;valve564.steamcontent.com;valve543.steamcontent.com;valve565.steamcontent.com;valve529.steamcontent.com;valve539.steamcontent.com;valve566.steamcontent.com;valve165.steamcontent.com;valve959.steamcontent.com;valve164.steamcontent.com;valve1611.steamcontent.com;valve1601.steamcontent.com;valve1617.steamcontent.com;valve1603.steamcontent.com;valve1602.steamcontent.com;valve1610.steamcontent.com;valve1615.steamcontent.com;valve909.steamcontent.com;valve900.steamcontent.com;valve905.steamcontent.com;valve954.steamcontent.com;valve955.steamcontent.com;valve1612.steamcontent.com;valve1607.steamcontent.com;valve1608.steamcontent.com;valve1618.steamcontent.com;valve1619.steamcontent.com;valve1606.steamcontent.com;valve1605.steamcontent.com;valve1609.steamcontent.com;valve907.steamcontent.com;valve901.steamcontent.com;valve902.steamcontent.com;valve1604.steamcontent.com;valve908.steamcontent.com;valve950.steamcontent.com;valve957.steamcontent.com;valve903.steamcontent.com;valve1614.steamcontent.com;valve904.steamcontent.com;valve952.steamcontent.com;valve1616.steamcontent.com;valve1613.steamcontent.com;valve958.steamcontent.com;valve956.steamcontent.com;valve906.steamcontent.com"
Chai (3 months ago)
nope, unfortunately :C
Gabekhp (4 months ago)
///ENGLISH/// Thanks so much for your thorough help! My issue is that when I try to play my game a message comes up that says "An error ocurred while updating "game" (content servers unreachable). Can you help me with that?
rechevik (4 months ago)
Hello! Helped me: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329
Gabekhp (4 months ago)
///ESPANOL/// Muchisimas gracias por su ayuda completa! Mi problema es que cuando trato de jugar el juego un mensaje viene que dice "An error ocurred while updating "game" (content servers unreachable). Me puedes ayudar con eso?
Shop Of Tricks (4 months ago)
Hey Man, I have completed the installation of the wrappers and am able to access steam but am unable to get/play any of my windows games as I get an error message, is this to do with a steam update?
Shop Of Tricks (4 months ago)
it gives me 'INVALID PLATFORM'
Samorio Suni (4 months ago)
Hi! First of all, thanks a whole bunch for this it's really helped- but I can't get past the "Install software" stage, because it keeps telling me pretty directly that it can only work in "C Drive". I'm not sure what that is. Other than that it's all been exactly as you've got it there, do you know what I need to do? Or does anyone else know please tell me if you do
Việt Phạm Đắc (2 months ago)
same question!
Sherry Miyano (4 months ago)
Thank you for this most interesting video! I have been thinking about getting a mac of my own after I had to work with one at my workplace, but I really fancy getting the new ANNO (1800) that is due late this year which is only available for Windows, naturally. Has anyone got any experience with playing ANNO on a mac? Thanks in advance!
Jackson Goldman (4 months ago)
I'm having trouble with config.vdf. it keeps resetting itself whenever I fix the coding to make sure it doesn't say "content servers unreachable"
rechevik (4 months ago)
take this: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329
CorrosiveApplesauce (4 months ago)
Hi, Thank you for the tutorial, steam works perfectly. However I'm getting an error message saying "content servers unreachable" whenever I try to install any game. I'd really appreciate a fix, as there are fixes for this error but they're for different engine versions. Also I'm not tech savvy, so I'd need a visual tutorial or very explicit instructions.
rechevik (4 months ago)
its work! https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329
Matthew Kendall (4 months ago)
Great walkthrough. Everything worked fine for me, only that when I try to download a game, steam gives me an error (content servers unreachable). I changed my download region several times, and cleared my download cache, but neither of those made a difference. Anyone else run into this issue?
Matthew Kendall (4 months ago)
Found the solution here: https://www.reddit.com/r/wine_gaming/comments/8r0gh6/steam_in_winedevel_content_servers_unreachable/
artificialdelusion (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the solution for "An error occurred while updating Mini Ghost (content servers unreachable)? I did everything else correctly, and this is the only thing stopping the game from starting
Faruq Chevalier (22 days ago)
Tbh I'm having the same problem myself. I'm trying to download Disciples 3 Renaissance and it says content servers unreachable. Have you solved it in any way?
will (4 months ago)
when I try to download a game through steam, I get the following error message: 'content servers unreachable'. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
Steve Carver Jr. (5 months ago)
Great video, really helped, but I've got a problem. I can't seem to download any Windows games. Every time I try, it gives me an error message that says "content servers unreachable. I can browse my library and the store perfectly fine, but it won't download games. Anybody have a solution to this?
rechevik (4 months ago)
take this: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45329
frøg (5 months ago)
Hi, when I start a game it works but there is no text at all. Please help someone?
CloneFromKamino : ROBLOX (5 months ago)
thank you. It works really well.
JinkDawg (5 months ago)
Just after I install steam.exe i get the "Busy..." window that says "Wineskin is currently busy, Please wait..." but the wheel just keeps spinning and doesn't progress. And if i check the Force Quit Applications window, (Cmd, Opt, Esc), Wineskin is Red and not responding. Any ideas what is going on here? Im running Mac OS X Yosemite, 10.10.3 (15-inch, mid 2010) W/ Upgraded Ram and an SSD
AvalancheG (5 months ago)
I get up to the point where it says at 20:59 and its says ERROR! ERROR, tried to run command debug when the wrapper was already running... do you know whats happening?
Adventures With Eli (5 months ago)
Marcus Armel (5 months ago)
this was an excellent video. if anyone is having trouble just delete everything and redownload it. then follow the video step by step
Times New Roman (5 months ago)
I have problems with Age of Empire II Hd, when I try to open the game it goes to close instantly
Juan Alcubierre Mendez (5 months ago)
This saved me when I really wanted a game but noticed it was for windows.
Darkbon 179 (6 months ago)
normal Wine and Steam setup exe is better
Elyse McClure (1 month ago)
Didn't work for me. This worked.
Iñigo B (6 months ago)
eres mas español que salmorejo
qwpanda (6 months ago)
do i need to buy the windows game?
TheLoving Devil (6 months ago)
soooo slowwwwwwww
Eiraphemia Kuze (6 months ago)
For those experiencing problems with an error message when trying to install SteamSetup.exe saying, "Oops! No new executables found..." Go to Finder and search "drive_c". Move Wineskin Winery and Steam (and SteamSetup.exe for good measure) into this folder (there should only be one), then move the folder to the hotbar on the left side of the screen for easy access. Now try to choose SteamSetup.exe, and it should work. Hope it does.
Stephany Chan (27 days ago)
how? You can't select it after you put it in. I put them both in... then i also tried copying them into the drive_c folder sigh
penguin dude (6 months ago)
how did this got me adware??? I am worried now I can't get rid of it
Jake Vegas (6 months ago)
when I open steam and go to strore I cant see any games or search any its just black what do I do to fix it ?
Aditya Kuche (6 months ago)
I have installed Dirt Rally from steam (Game compatibility: PC/MAC) on windows. But now I have to run the game on MAC without having to download 30 gigs again. Can I just transfer the files from PC to MAC, will it work?
Cordrell Colbert (7 months ago)
This is the Second Video I've used of yours and i love them man!!! I Played two of my favorite games on Mac that I thought i would never see: Rivals of Aether and Cuphead! keep up the awesome content and I'll keep coming back!!!
Lw 2004 (7 months ago)
At 19:45 while It was loading, I encountered the message: Oops No new executables found! Maybe the installer failed...? f you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too. All software must be installed in C: drive. I dont know what I am suppose to do. I have followed every instruction in the video correctly up until this point. Plz help, thank you.
Matt Davies (3 months ago)
same issue but this doesn't fix it
Eiraphemia Kuze (6 months ago)
Edit: I have found a solution to this problem. Go to Finder and search "drive_c". Move Wineskin Winery and Steam (and SteamSetup.exe for good measure) into this folder (there should only be one), then move the folder to the hotbar on the left side of the screen for easy access. Now try to choose SteamSetup.exe, and it should work. Hope it does.
O’ Yaldson (7 months ago)
this is shady af
acdclife94 (8 months ago)
i get the error message saying my file is corrupted and i compressed the USR folder in keka. I dont know what else to do please help thank you
Jeremy Parnell (1 month ago)
I hadn't installed XQuartz. After I did that it worked.
Jeremy Parnell (1 month ago)
Same here.
Donatas Averkinas (8 months ago)
I get Error when need to Create a Warpper. Error text is "The engine WS9Wine2.0.2 is corrupted or opened incorrectly. If this error continues next time you try, reinstall the selected engine". What to do ?
Wesley Alonzo (8 months ago)
Thank you for this video! i've gotten to the point at 14:46 (https://youtu.be/ciOb5NkTCaA?t=14m46s) where you say to follow the first video on how to use wineskin, however it appears that video was removed. will you be reuploading that at any point? I do not have a Wineskin folder in my application support folder.
Alex Roller1st (8 months ago)
god demt! 60 minutes loosed with that stupid video
Alex Roller1st (8 months ago)
Test Run also not work
Alex Roller1st (8 months ago)
at 20:26 it makes error :  No new executables found! Maybe the installer failed...? If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too.  All software must be installed in C: drive. Also you not say that must be installed PLAYONMAC
A A (8 months ago)
Thank you!!!
TheDankHank (8 months ago)
"failed to create direct3d device " how do i fix that?
Alex (8 months ago)
Hey man I am trying to play FFVIII on my mac through steam and this video worked for me but every time I try to play the card game it freezes as soon as I accept someones challenge. Do you think its the wrapper and maybe its settings? Oiga estoy intentando de jugar FFVIII en mi mac por steam. Esta video si sirvio pero cada ves que trato de jugar el juego de targetas es congela el juego y se cai el juego. Cres que es el wrapper y que puedo hacerle? Gracias
Jason Freeman (8 months ago)
You can’t open the application “SteamSetup.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS. This is the message I am getting once i click on Install Steam, can anyone help????????????
canuckete (8 months ago)
So for every pc game that I wanna install, I have to create separate wrappers?
André Drew (8 months ago)
Great Work! Thanks a lot
Queen Zahra (8 months ago)
Mexicandude18 (8 months ago)
tu ingles esta de la verga
666Spectrum (8 months ago)
. whats the point?!?!?!? my wifi is shit every few soconds *I GOTTA RESTART THE BICTH*
lamekidclub (9 months ago)
Can I delete the other files when I finish?
Summer's Horizon (9 months ago)
Omg!!!! Ive been looking up how to run windows games on mac for months but all of the old methods never have ever worked. Im someone who is always the one running into errors that prevent me from doing anything on computers and its not just this instance. Fortunately, i finally can do this!!! Thank you so MUCH! IT WORKS!!!! :D
Eddie Brock (9 months ago)
The game i want to play only works with 1.8.5 but they dont have that build ... can you send it to me please ?
Leandro EC (9 months ago)
FiInally! After years I got it! It is working!!! Thank you so much!!
Anton Mifsud (9 months ago)
Where the fuck do I get version
Kakakarot Cake (9 months ago)
quite simple, go to FINDER after you download the WINE ID TEXT file , click on it (on wine Id text file), click it again on the paste that will show up and you should find VERSION in there (still on finder) , then just move the icon to the home page.
Frip (9 months ago)
Hi, I have an issue, I follow all the steps and everything went well just as showed in the video but I tried to install dragon ball fighterz and not only the option was not there but when I right clicked it to see the install option and selected it I got a message saying something along the lines of : installing error, invalid platform. Any advice or help to solve this?
Frip (9 months ago)
yikes, I actually managed to install it by using a 64-bits wrapper but now when I click play I get a RED-Win64-shipping error
riley kopinski (9 months ago)
When I go to the Home section I don’t have a library idk what to do
Tom Bober (9 months ago)
38 mins! can someone give me a shorthand?
Liam Buchan (9 months ago)
no. You literally have to listen to every step of the video.
Nealer (9 months ago)
Perfect! I do not actually need Steam on Mac to "run" Windows games, I just need it to be able to download them. I have internet just as slow as yours, so I have to carry my laptop to places where I can get faster internet to download large games. I only have a Macbook and a laptop I installed Linux on right now, and I wasn't able to get Windows Steam to run under PlayOnLinux, at least not where it could install the larger modern games
Insane Fortnite Clips (10 months ago)
my game crashes any help?
Berch Sports (10 months ago)
I have done everything and tried to log into steam, once I did, the window no longer appears and does not show. I have not gotten up to the point where they will send a code to my email. What do I do?
Berch Sports (10 months ago)
@solomacosx I am currently on 22:00 of the video
Andrew W (10 months ago)
When I try to make the wrapper my wineskin winery says that the application is not responding
sexy girl bot (10 months ago)
it worked!!!!!!!!
Salshan (10 months ago)
When I start a game its say "Failed To initialize Battle eye service:Windows Test-Signing Mode not supported" What can I do ?
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
Games with software antihack doesnt work on wine
Sukas Sandmann (10 months ago)
At 20:25 i didnt get the question of choosing the executable. So in 20:49 at " Windows Exe" there is no File link. I have absolutly no clue, what to do. I did every step exactly like you did.
Sukas Sandmann (9 months ago)
Ok, I´m losing my mind. It´s impossible to play the game. Impossible on my Mac and also on my moms old Windows PC -.- My problem with the Mac version: Im starting Steam via Wine. Steam runs and I was also able to download Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD. When I start the game, the first "ingame" window opens, i click on "Play". After that the window closes. Thats it, the game doesn´t start. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THIS FU**** GAME AND NOTHING WORKS -.-
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
+Sukas Sandmann install xquartz first on your Mac
Sukas Sandmann (10 months ago)
Now it finally works Like the Comment said, i had to install the whole thing in the c drive.
Sukas Sandmann (10 months ago)
Watched your first video and tried to understand wineskin. Where do i have to install the steam.exe? At 20:07 I tried my desktop as address and also the wineskin steam app, both didnt work. Thats the answer: No new executables found! Maybe the installer failed...? If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too. All software must be installed in C: drive.
Belgian beer Lover (10 months ago)
my game on steam needs VC Redist Package, what do I do??
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
+Nico Janssen use winetricks and check forma documentation on the winehq webpage
Belgian beer Lover (10 months ago)
When not working go to the wineskin advanced configuration and click on the Use Start.exe. it helped for me
Yourboyfibs (10 months ago)
How do I make the wrapper 64 bit
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
Yourboyfibs see the new tutorial for creating 64bit engines its on my Channel
horny man (10 months ago)
The game wont start for me
FatherAndy (10 months ago)
whats ur insta or snap
FatherAndy (10 months ago)
dude im trying to do this for vrchat too and it's pissing me off because I need help
horny man (10 months ago)
soloMacOSX in English vr chat, you can play on desktop mode, which basically means you dont need a vr headset, but it doesnt give me an option to select desktop mode
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
I dont think vr apps are supported by wineskin
horny man (10 months ago)
soloMacOSX in English vr chat
horny man (10 months ago)
After i press play, the game doesnt open up
Bagelbrush (10 months ago)
I have a problem. I've been waiting for a while now but after I entered the code and it unlocks my steam account, the app itself won't open but Wine is still running. Help?
Bagelbrush (10 months ago)
Ahhh k, thanks!
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
Open Steam DoubleClicking the Steam icon on the menu bar
Zachhhh (10 months ago)
Installed Tower Unite, there's no play/install button even there., like it doesn't even exist. When I right click on the name on the left, it says invalid platform and stuff, any ideas?
Zachhhh (10 months ago)
all in all though thanks so much for the tutorial, actually helped me a ton. Could finally play FNAF which I bought a while ago!
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
Its so weird, may be is a bug from the Steam server, you could search on Steam forums.
Zachhhh (10 months ago)
What are you talking about? I installed a windows only game on it, and instead of there being a download/play button, there's nothing. This is ON the windows steam, and the wineskin stuff that I just did for an hour.
soloMacOSX in English (10 months ago)
See the video. Its not MacOSX Steam

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