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The Only Thing Stopping You From Being Great At CS:GO

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Use the code 'GUIDES' and Recieve a free $0.50! https://csgoempire.com I’m sure you, like many other players in this game, have dreamed of playing in the pro circuit and reaching a level of skill that many would not think imaginable. Hitting insane shots and competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars would feel amazing, right?! Regardless of how badly you want to be great, you seem to play and play and are not going anywhere. Your rank is stagnant and you can’t seem to break through to that next level. There is an aspect of this game that all pro players have mastered in order to get to where they are at. This is the one thing keeping you from being extraordinary in CS:GO. What I’m talking about is your mindset. Today we are going over the differences between the average player and the best of the best, and deciphering what exactly differs in their mindset that causes this huge skill gap. In this video we talk about: cs go tips and tricks Counter Strike Pro Guide 10 CS:GO tips csgo awp ak47 tips ▼ STAY CONNECTED! ▼ Follow Us on Social Media! ★ Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UltraGuides ★ Discord: https://discord.gg/ultra ★ Twitch: http://Twitch.tv/UltraGuides Sources (exact video name - Creator - Link) EMS One Katowice 2014 through the lens - wwwHLTVorg - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixyoXta_o9g Stewie2K: Stream Life (Highlights) - Stewie2k - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpQdiD8u6dg CS:GO Player Profiles - GeT_RiGhT - Ninjas in Pyjamas - Valve - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCkdYUTajhk Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer - Valve - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edYCtaNueQY ___ That just about does it for this video guys, if you liked The Only Thing Stopping You From Being Great At CS:GO, hit that like button, if you want to see more videos like this as they are made public, subscribe. If you want to enter in some sick giveaways, you can follow us on twitter @UltraGuides. If you wanna hang with me and the other UG members, you can join our Discord server. Thank you so much for staying till the end of the video. Stay amazing, and we will see you, in the next one.
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Text Comments (927)
DESSUARSKA (2 days ago)
Bad teammates wich doesnt allow me to level up. I know not all teams are bad but you can't rank up with 1 win and 4 loses :d
f1re (6 days ago)
DURAZI (20 days ago)
You are awesome 😎 Useful vedio for me👍🏻
SpanishTextbook (23 days ago)
With this helped but I’m naturally dog shit
Robloxporn (25 days ago)
I think this video is pointless, most of us play for fun and just want to get better, not best, so I think that you should instead give tips on how to get better. Not best. And yes I know best is also better but for us that just want some easy tips to use to get better for fun does this video not really help.
EV0LVY FPS (1 month ago)
I did already know this, i just needed to hear it again, its important to remember everything about mindset
Shut up and shoot people stop making everything gay
Zoogles (2 months ago)
"Keeping a cool head" *KennyS drops AWP out of frustration*
KoreanClown (2 months ago)
the things that stops me from ranking up i dont understand how the match making works i dont know if my enemy hacks or if i can beat a hacker (is there even hackers on silvers) also is my enemy smurfing? also my ping is around 90 does that matter alot?
Bellamy-Reganson (2 months ago)
300h MG
Fritz Kulern (2 months ago)
Having a older brother playing the game
jafasnakes (2 months ago)
How to get global Read more
Bradley Firby (2 months ago)
Shit I thought this video was new
The Champ (3 months ago)
I dont even have a gaming pc :(
uuamenator (3 months ago)
A better question would be. WHY would you want to be more skilled at CS:GO? If you are not going for being a professional CS:GO player, it doesn't matter what your rank is. You can have fun at any skill level, that is exactly why there is matchmaking. If you seriously want to hone your skills, why not do it in your chosen profession irl? CS:GO is only game, why you hef to be mad?
jonathon ya man (3 months ago)
this is why I play critical ops
Saundis (3 months ago)
...is lack of skill.
aDm (4 months ago)
Alright i'll prove to you by the time i'll have 10k hrs i still wont be at global
Vironix (4 months ago)
You cant get better when your team are one armed russians
DSVerified (4 months ago)
I only played 100 hours but im still too bad, i think im not that patient
derpy gamer (4 months ago)
yoo dude try csempire i just won 5 dominus *straight guys i swear try your luck
Dark Star (4 months ago)
That DJ Khaled Cameo tho.
Čuti i Prićaj (5 months ago)
You are missing one important segment and that is, reaction time, without good natural reactions you can't be good at fps games. This is genetic and cannot be improved by much, only about 10-20%. So don't lie to kids that they can improve with time, because reaction time gets slower after age of 16 and keeps getting slower forever.
Liam Crosby (5 months ago)
right before watching this i bought a bloodsport so i was scared
Ace Shyjan (5 months ago)
What do all Pro players have that I don't? A gaming chair.
Jonde (5 months ago)
7 minutes of BS and 7 seconds of "you need to play a lot, like really a lot"
Cat-Chan (5 months ago)
Hey this was uploaded on my birthday
djpgamer7 (5 months ago)
1. Esea, 2. Play FACEIT to verse higher level people, 3. Find a team of people you like and play with them and not ransoms.
SpicyMemeHoarder (5 months ago)
Here’s the difference between the average counter strike player and a pro. 10s of thousands of hours of practice.
tuto and tech (5 months ago)
My best pc plays cs go on all low 480p dust 2 20 fps i can t play any map
Lord 37 (5 months ago)
After 800 hours im still s4. Despite the lot of wins i got in the game. Im good. But idk why i cant rank up
Tony Kristi (5 months ago)
my skills are average but, it's my gaming setup that makes me can't aim
I have 3.8k hours at cs im supreme already and my family is talking to me cuz im so bad at school and the thing is that im only 15 i will be 16 this summer june i cant get into that pro zone man something tells me to give up but i dont want to i said i wanna become an holywood actor or an proffesional csgo player i wont give up no matter what nick HEXER i gotta get in the pro zone !
Bob Ross (6 months ago)
My dudes everything he says is true... especially the last one👏 Naturally i am really good at aiming and hitting and all that but my friend plays day in and day out and hes alot more better even though at first i was the better
Chris Zimmer (6 months ago)
I guarantee every pro team has 1 guy cheating. With all the cheaters out there how do pros keep high ranks? Cheating duh.
RamFromYoutube Uten (6 months ago)
I can simply say, that solo gaming is harder than team gaming. So, if you want to rank up quickly. You simply have to look for 4 of your friends that are maybe better or simply, as good as you. Then team up with them, because.. In solo, you can see shitty ass mothafuckas all over the place.
Ortund (6 months ago)
Taco I hope you've figured out how to read your script more organically since this video so that it doesn't sound like you're reading from a script
Ashwoof (6 months ago)
And don't try to play in a college dorm because the 1000 ping doesnt work well
Epicscore Eu (6 months ago)
Don't forget that the pro's surrounds them self with the best players. (hance they are in pro teams) /7k hours played should be a minimum for any members you play with... unless your a casual
maxwell sope (6 months ago)
whats different is the equipment hardware and your internet connection, after that all it takes is about 6 months of playing csgo regularly everyday and I 100% guarantee you will be at least double ak or above. I play with a disposable 1$ mouse and 4 mbs internet connection and I can play better then most Novas. There is almost no skill required in this game. There is an initial skill requirement to play on different maps and servers but other then that it all comes down to your internet connections ping and hardware. A game that still uses 64 tick servers after 5 years requires just about as much skill as a COD pro mod sniper rifle.
x (6 months ago)
My rank on my main is dmg, i want to get my second account way higher but on that account i want to tryhard only. Now I am silver two on the second account and I just can't get to a higher rank just like my main. I drop 40 kills but I just really want to get that account as high as my main. Plz someone give me tips because I don't get it why I can't accomplish this while my main is dmg.
Jack Spedicy 2 (6 months ago)
I want a Supreme skin for an AK, that would complete my life
jellyboom (7 months ago)
The thing that keeps me in shape is high tier skins
Enum (7 months ago)
gambling is for idiots...
Yogkhast X Vlogg'z (7 months ago)
Maybe on Expert bots we can do better?
Țaran Mihai (7 months ago)
Your name is darko or doc oh?
krystof koncitek (7 months ago)
300 hrs and I'm so bad at it, maybe it is because it my first shooter on pc :(
sk0sH (6 months ago)
hey dont worry man, we all start somewhere. I remember playing 1.6 as a kid, like 11-12yo. I sucked. But at that age I could play cs basically all day.
Trueborn Gecko (7 months ago)
Thanks for this captain obvious, i was hoping for aim tips not the obv difference between me and a pro..
正體字好! (7 months ago)
#1: ur mum
Nelson Lou (7 months ago)
Title says "only". Instead gives you 10 facts.
CSGO AGENDA (7 months ago)
true, true.
Nj Ako (7 months ago)
I mean im just having fun
FISHURMOMBALL (7 months ago)
Matchmaking system is broken. The games do not get progressively more difficult. Just give losses a fixed elo decrease so at least if you are hard carrying the game you don't lose elo points due to shit teammates.
Ciulik (3 months ago)
sk0sH you said you can handle very high ranks almost up to global so its basically the same and you said you were currently silver elite master so you are playing the game right now stop talking bs man just admit you are a bad silver who blames his mates for losing
sk0sH (3 months ago)
your ego is massive I would work on that tbh. also I never said I could handle globals. Read my posts. Lol.
sk0sH (3 months ago)
Ciulik I'm not obsessed with the game I don't care to do a 1v1, much less play the game anymore lol
Ciulik (3 months ago)
sk0sH hahaha and there we go another silver who thinks he can handle globals give me your steam id then we do a 1vs1
Erick Maier (6 months ago)
sk0sH 4k every round IN SILVER
Renzo Setoe (7 months ago)
How does one get past mge?
Bryan Chong (7 months ago)
9 fps
Jacob M. (7 months ago)
Tforce Sims (8 months ago)
Hackers and smurfs there is youre answer
John Rider (1 month ago)
Tforce Sims exactly
Malcom Morgan (8 months ago)
1000 hours and I’m silver elite. Makes a smurf account and bam I get put in gold nova 2 right off the bat. System is fucked
Moe janis (5 months ago)
Same with me except i got it at gn4 and ended up getting it to mg2
sk0sH (6 months ago)
i think point being, is now he can be matched against higher ranked players and climb ranks above silver. I have the same issue. I don't feel like grinding up my alt to level 21 though. So tedious.
ThatsPrettyGay (7 months ago)
Brainiax260 3 ranks. I repeat, that is not a lot.
Brainiax260 (7 months ago)
Matic Koren kinda is
ThatsPrettyGay (8 months ago)
Malcom Morgan Thats not a huge difference...
Marijuana scrub (8 months ago)
The only reasons That Holds me Back is school.. if i played this game on 2012 everyday and i dont go to school I can even knife kill them all
Meral Irkan (8 months ago)
You forgot rage
АСОХА (8 months ago)
Skins. Should. Be. 1. St. Place.
Insan3 (8 months ago)
I bet its gambling
R Y S J (8 months ago)
"You're not using your time wisely enough". I thought he was gonna give me advice on how to lead the perfect life, having my dream job, married to the woman of my dreams, living in a dream society. Guess this is the wrong video to look at.
ZyonicTV (9 months ago)
Lol and i was blaming the crosshair/viewmodel and the game looking Imao
ZGamingGallery (9 months ago)
sounds bullsh*t to me. One needs to play casually until his aim becomes godlike, then analyze his skills on competitive level, track errors and eliminate them. More hours (which this video is all about) won't do sh*t if you're not doing the right thing. Playing DM while your aim is okay is WASTING your time, you should develop your game sense prior to over-perfecting aim. Analyze all the maps so you won't get rekt, and never blame the map.
Russian Rush B (9 months ago)
I can't play because I am skipping school
thatcher johnson (9 months ago)
Investing in headphones helped me play
sectumsempra (9 months ago)
yeah i tried my hardest for 3 years untill i gave up. i dont believe how someone who runs with his ak and has 0 gamesense gets more kills than me, with a higher rank as well.
VitaliiDaGamer (8 months ago)
Negan it's ok friend, but I never give up, because cz75 dropped from teammate and self bought armor is hella op
None Ofyours (9 months ago)
Why am I watching this..? I should be practicing
Predatorz (9 months ago)
U forget 1 thing, slins
Ward Pearce (9 months ago)
Okay, Valve Guides you legit have zero ideas what you are saying. https://youtu.be/cZu5pS8VLbk?t=199 "Too Many Factors" Title on video "The Only Thing Stopping You From Being Great At CS:GO"
jay inot (9 months ago)
Actually it's my SHITTY INTERNET CONNECTION that's holding me back... If only i have a good connection i can play in faceit or esea without having any problems.
Dumitru Vank (9 months ago)
And there are still people like me that dedicate at the game even with a 50 broken dollars computer... very sad story... :(
Aakash Mash (9 months ago)
Wht about Smurfs and our teammates??
Herowig (9 months ago)
Imma try it
SaVaGeY (9 months ago)
Said by Taco (Gold Nova 1) Said by Me (Legendary Eagle Master)
Leonardo Uhlir (10 months ago)
Ranks dont matter at all you should start playing faceit and see how far you get there (global,faceit level 9)
Enzo (10 months ago)
i'm using mouse home or office use and now i can be fer(s)
ComieSinc (10 months ago)
*Skins = Skill*
Suviet Onion (10 months ago)
3:00 Damn, and I thought Rito's animations were good.
Bacon Gaming (10 months ago)
Sup brah finally legendary eagle here and today we scam u with cases hope u enjoy lol
Dixie Shumway (10 months ago)
Ya gave me hope, thanks.
Cardboredem (10 months ago)
is your name really taco because that's a epic name
PeKee (10 months ago)
I woul play 50.000 hours but I dont have time :(
NotFBI (10 months ago)
Its funny how Fer doesnt practice or play nearly as much as every other pro yet he is still one of the if not the best at the cs go
Toxic players slow down my ranking. After 30 hours i yet dont have a rank, but ill think ill get a silver 3 Edit: I mistyped sorry
I mistyoed 3000 hours it was suppose to be 30, and right now i have 120hrs and in gold nova 2
ThatsPrettyGay (8 months ago)
Dahooper 21 And you also played back to back for 7 hours after replying to my comment....interesting.
ThatsPrettyGay (8 months ago)
Dahooper 21 So you got 3 ranks in 7 hours huh? Smells fishy but ok. Thats still not impressive.
Dahooper 21 (8 months ago)
Matic Koren lol 261 hr mg now played right after I made that comment get on my lvl pussy I’m only 15 😂😂
ThatsPrettyGay (8 months ago)
Dahooper 21 gold nova master in 180 hours.
AmericanRusty (10 months ago)
I don’t wana be that great at CS:GO because I play casually for fun, but I atleast want to get to like the Gold Nova middle ranks. I have 200 hours and my best rank is Silver Elite but my current rank is Silver 4 and ive been Silver 4 for months );
Dahooper 21 (9 months ago)
AmericanRusty use p90 lmfao it’s cancer but it’ll get you out in one game i did it and ranked up next game
IG Tech (10 months ago)
But I'm already global ?
TDCmaster (11 months ago)
i quit cs go
Dux& Cone (11 months ago)
1090 hours Supreme!
VitaliiDaGamer (8 months ago)
Dux& Cone 1200 hours and LEM, legit just blessed with video games, wait... Lemme get started streaming.
Red Darkrai (11 months ago)
How is this 1 thing..
Juan Miguel Rioflorido (11 months ago)
Well i want to be an esports player in the future
achmad arvie (11 months ago)
First time playing csgo on competitive got silver elite master then play some more and get global elite just in 117 hours
DaltonTheMaster 2005 (11 months ago)
I want a new command "Sv_enable_russians 0"
limmyjimmy (11 months ago)
Having a life.
Katmazter76 (11 months ago)
#1 you are a US player.
SaVaGeY (11 months ago)
I play ESEA though? I play with Pro's all day and have 8301 hours on csgo
Jimmy Ardianto (11 months ago)
Valve guide pls help, my friend is silver elite and he won 14 comp matches but i have 80 comp matches and still silver 2
Dahooper 21 (9 months ago)
Jimmy Ardianto it doesn’t matter how many wins it matters about your score
Henry YT (11 months ago)
Thank u I subscribed luv u😘
Flimsy AIm (11 months ago)
How to be dedicated when I can't play much due to studies How to be determined meeting toxic people who troll And therefore, how to be patient with all these factors, and also always having to carry? Just gimme my rank up, valve.

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