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This is why soloing can be interesting - CSGO MM #2

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It's really hit or miss. Guess this one wasn't too bad. Audio still blown out, it's fixed in the next video. Sorry! Also yeah, I stopped editing. Happens. Cant find good editing software. Got suggestions? Leave a comment My twitch Page: https://www.twitch.tv/desyncthe Twitter: https://twitter.com/DesyncThe
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Edniel Lee (7 months ago)
Dude can i play csgo with you I'm Nova 1 I would like to play with you since your really good at the game is that ok with you?if you want to anyway
Desync (7 months ago)
Edniel Lee sounds good dude. Night/morning
Edniel Lee (7 months ago)
Desync I would love to add you and play you seem like a very fun person to play with but we could also play seriously sometimes and casually I'm.more serious though we could also play other games as well if you like I'll add you tommorow good night or good morning to you
Desync (7 months ago)
Up to you bro. I mostly play for fun and not particularly to win sooooo
DrabHD (8 months ago)
Like your channel 👍 and do u have tips for my channel
Desync (8 months ago)
Thanks! And just make stuff. Just to make stuff. Not for money or views. Idc if anyone watches my stuff I do it to do it

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