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【CS:BTE】Zombie Mod 1

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Thanks For Your Watching. We Are CS:BTE Team. If You Have Any Question,You Can Ask Us.
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Text Comments (21)
桐人 (4 years ago)
Minhhieu Nguyen (5 years ago)
Thang loz choi ng chua tung thay
Ignacio Madariaga (6 years ago)
bueno el que juega y armas buenas tambien
レグ (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
RSDWang (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
OK,I See.
レグ (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
dykiller75 (6 years ago)
but how to i change?
IIoNamDe (6 years ago)
Can You give me the link download ... I can't find the link download it ... Please :D
レグ (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
You Can Change Mode
dykiller75 (6 years ago)
how do you play zombie? i only can play the normal mode please reply me fast!!!!
レグ (6 years ago)
殭屍1沒有所謂的精準射擊。 之後的殭屍3才有
Jim Chang (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
@kopq61002 i
レグ (6 years ago)
@Clay93145 沒有
Kuznetsov Lee (6 years ago)
レグ (6 years ago)
@genesisLV9999 不會,謝謝您的支持^^
レグ (6 years ago)
@genesisLV9999 謝謝,明天韓服新模式我們決定製作了

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