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ALL New Gloves Gameplay! (Clutch Case CS:GO Glove Skins)

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Text Comments (11827)
McSkillet (6 months ago)
WINNERS: https://gyazo.com/0bd6b4c939a32261d9a27f92055ffba6
farsokellos (21 days ago)
+xXyellow_ JacketxX nop
McSkillet ))
xXyellow_ JacketxX (22 days ago)
+farsokellos no he is actually dead.........D...E.....A......D .....DEAD he died in a car crash
farsokellos (22 days ago)
+xXyellow_ JacketxX ahahaha yea he is banned
xXyellow_ JacketxX (22 days ago)
Rip mcskillit
TOP Liker (4 days ago)
R.I.P McSkillet
Seán Kemp (9 days ago)
The video took a while to make, but killing yourself & that Mother and child didn't. Fuck you, you rat.
kinezo1961 (11 days ago)
Finley the Betta (13 days ago)
Murdering shitbag
lu kongchong18 (14 days ago)
rip mcskillet
Ninjas Hyper (17 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet and the mom and daughter well you lost over depression sad
HF IG (19 days ago)
Fuck McSkillet enjoy your life ban lmao
CHRRYZ (19 days ago)
u can sucky sucky on my dicky dicky
Ey Lmao (20 days ago)
he got banned after the double kill
PureSaltiness (20 days ago)
r.i.p the mom and the 12 yr old, i don't give a shit "you cant control yourself when you have depression, Why the fuck would he be doing that anyways. Fucking done, But still R.I.P McSkillet
battqveloc (20 days ago)
After a long day of hardwork, mcskillet drove a mclaren like a mcasshole on the mchighway then apparently he crashed into an innocent car and he is mckilled, his body turned into mcdestroyed what a sad day for him such a mclul
vompattimies (21 days ago)
Moto gloves slaughter
Reed SS (21 days ago)
martin (21 days ago)
fucking murderer
nameless (21 days ago)
Barack O. Llama (22 days ago)
Rest in peace man.
seniorgo (15 days ago)
hes a killer
Bboy Quest 9 (22 days ago)
GoFundMe for the victims https://www.gofundme.com/aryana-amp-aileen-memorial-fund oh and check me out while your at it. www.YouTube.com/bboyquest9
Harry Osgood (22 days ago)
Fucking cunt
XxSlayerxX XxBossxX (22 days ago)
Its sad that Mc skillet died...
Velocity HD (22 days ago)
Scum bag killed a 12 year old and her mother!
Odess (22 days ago)
*Mcskillet banned REASON FOR BAN: 2 team kills in a extreme explosion super fast BAN LENGTH= PERMABAN
GamerTach F (22 days ago)
McSkillet Died...
Dumlek (22 days ago)
And they say that 3 kills where added to all his statreks
anomaly xd (21 days ago)
1st you motherfucking cunt! Its StatTrak its not stattrek 2nd fuck your family 3rd its not funny to make jokes about people deaths. 4th i hope your family will die from cancer.
Ayman Hajji (22 days ago)
Rip brother Fuck all this people who saying this shit rip to all the people who get murder dont not talk shit guys be in his place end you family see this type of video end some shity comments i feel bad fir his family
AquZ (21 days ago)
Those people were INNOCENT. He couldn't handle his family issues and didn't think before killing those two people. Seriously, how could you not see this?
Seppä (22 days ago)
Ayman Hajji turpa
Jamie GamingVlogz (22 days ago)
Fucking bellend
YahTranz (22 days ago)
When a guy does somebody terrible trying to kill himself and 2 other following people, But if he survived they would want him dead. But If He did kill himself and 2 people they would want him alive to let him suffer. Y'all crazy fucks are funny. Very. Very. Funny.
YahTranz (22 days ago)
Rest well, Some random guy I heard off from ' Briefing. '
Game breaker (22 days ago)
Fuck you you dick
Jhon Jhonson (22 days ago)
Rip Mcskillet
Gucci Mane (22 days ago)
His steam profile , is no more trade banned and is private , some of his steam skins will be sold .
Jason Neymar (22 days ago)
Damn. A lot of you people love to hate on a person once they’re gone but were kissing their ass, following them, subscribed to them before...
Jessica a (22 days ago)
Ok cut the slack guys If he was ending his life it was a terrible way to do it because it ended up with two others dying as well But can we all pay some respect I get what he did was so wrong But what must of been going through his brain at that time him knowing he’s going to die His mum ok think of his mum If your down here commenting awful stuff how will his mum feel She just lost her son Someone who she looked after protected was proud of through everything She won’t get to see him or text him no more I get he did that so wrong ending two beautiful ladies lives and I pray for their family but I also pray for his He is dead and all of youse can’t even say RIP Like come on If he did actually do it because he wanted to end his life can you show some respect He couldn’t handle life anymore And I bet he didn’t mean to kill those people But he was that hurt and his mind was that blurred he ended his life in a horrible horrible way which must of been very very painful His mum that day wondering round hoping to get a call from him saying how she is but se got a call form the police okay I get we’re all mad and confused as to why he did it this way And the fact that he killed to innocent people But you got to show some respect If that was you And your mind was so blurred you ended it like this Think of your mum how she would be right now And here you are commenting mean stuff Imagine your mum and dad and all your family crying hurt and confused and then comment something mean RIP MCSKILLET🙁💜
ISuckAtGames (6 days ago)
May his and their soul rest in peace
hi - (15 days ago)
+ElliotBM why you like your own comment
HF IG (19 days ago)
*Disconnected* You have been suspended for a lifetime
the guy third account (21 days ago)
+Neporian The fact that you even mentioned Hitler in that question shiws that you're taking this whole incident out of context. Stfu mate.
Jessica a (21 days ago)
Neporian Hitler didn’t have mental issues
Emrik (23 days ago)
If you check instagram memes on #mcskillet you find some mother fuckers who try to make the situation funny.
Plugins (23 days ago)
II LAME II (23 days ago)
Can i have your account while you are in a lifetime ban
zozo makd (23 days ago)
So sad that he has passed rip mcskillet
Luke Cuesta (23 days ago)
You guys shouldent talk t like that, all your doing is putting curses on your selfs
Joe Hostile (23 days ago)
Next time just hang yourself.
baikolio (3 days ago)
+CGY in his next life
Rapid _ BrotherSpy (13 days ago)
Void Core (15 days ago)
First thing you dhouldnt convense someone to not kill himself by this but by other way like would you like me to tell you hang yourself for disrespecting the dead Also once you die there is no coming back.. no second chances
seniorgo (16 days ago)
+ON-fire i wish he just hung himself. dont defend a murderer
ON-fire (17 days ago)
Stfu fucking nerd
Bboy Progress (23 days ago)
It's hard to sympathize with the fact you took two others with you..
Dionathan Apestegui (23 days ago)
eu queria que ele estivesse vivo ainda tao falando da morte do mcskillet
Wendys Tiddies (23 days ago)
r.i.p. to a csgo legend
Rafe (23 days ago)
Wendys Tiddies he deserves to burn in hell
Charles Cochran Music (23 days ago)
Fucking Piece of SHit
Amack (23 days ago)
Gappie Al Kebabi (23 days ago)
McSkillet >>🚘 [DOOM]Nigga420 McSkillet >>🚘 inn0c3ntwh4m3n McSkillet >>☠ McSkillet
Thanh Nguyen (16 days ago)
AngelPandaEarth (23 days ago)
Guys, McSkillet is dead because he was struggling with depression (like I pretty much am). I know when he died, he took two others, which happened to be a mom and a daughter. But just because he killed two others, who had a life ahead of them and yes, he probably might be sent to hell for that, please do remember, before he died, you guys would enjoy his videos and subscribe to him. Don't let his killing of two innocent lives change that.
Rafe (23 days ago)
AngelPandaEarth it shows that he is a monster. That is enough for me.
LayMon Zlone (24 days ago)
DJ 420 (24 days ago)
mc skillet u dead selfish bell end go fuck yourself poor mother and daughter u killed what an arsehole......... truth hurts what a fucking muppet
NorsiXa (24 days ago)
Hahaha he died as a virgin, typical gamer.
clive taylor (24 days ago)
How did this boring fuckwit get a McLaren ???
payker cottrill (24 days ago)
nice gloves
Ak tony ES (24 days ago)
Burn in hell mother fucker 🖕🖕🖕🖕
John (24 days ago)
You're a fucking piece of shit and I hope you died slowly
Sara Bieber (24 days ago)
I cant believe how many comments there are in here that makes fun of your death, oh god dont yall have hearts RIP McSkillet.
Sara Bieber (20 days ago)
Rafe who the fuck said im defending! Thats called sympathy man, i have sympathy on the fact that he killed himself and had to deal with mental illness why the fuck are you being rude to me lol
Rafe (20 days ago)
Sara Bieber I can’t stand you lmao. You responded to my comment.. Now that I proved you wrong you start acting up. This dude is a murderer and deserves no respect whatsoever. “Because of guilt” how did you come up with that bullshit anyway lmao. Stop defending a murderer. Plain and simple.
Sara Bieber (20 days ago)
Rafe thats not even my point of commenting, all i said is that people shouldn't make fun of him being dead Open your mind before you talk.
Rafe (20 days ago)
Sara Bieber he drove on the wrong side of the road at 100mph and had a frontal crash with a car, he also drove through a fence of a school and almost hit 2 administrators. He killed 2 people in the car and injured 8 people. Do research before you talk
Sara Bieber (20 days ago)
Rafe i didn't know he did, but if he really did end his life that means he did because of the guilt he was feeling, people shouldn't make fun of him being dead, they shouldn't make fun of anyone's death... may he rest in peace.
Ludacrits (24 days ago)
*McSkillet has received a lifetime ban*
Void Core (15 days ago)
Fucking disrespectful dumb fuck hope you go to hell
Impact iRush (19 days ago)
Ludacrits fuck everyone, that shit was hilarious 😂😂😂
Awesome Guy (21 days ago)
v1be I literally have depression, you can control yourself if you do. He now took away the future of a 12 year old girl and her mother can’t see her other kids grow up now.
Odess (22 days ago)
v1be you can you retard I had it from grade 9 to 10 stfu you wouldn’t know 😂😂😂
Ludacrits (22 days ago)
Viktor S. Why, because I think he’s a piece of shit person to commit suicide by driving into innocent people like a 12 year old? You his boyfriend or something?
troll ing (24 days ago)
pos killed a kid burn in hell
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
Ive seen child predators get less hate then this jesus.
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
R.I.P Mcskillet I really liked your content and you seemed like a nice guy. I don't know the whole story yet so I will not be biased I hope more news will come out saying if he actually did it on purpose or something happened idk
seniorgo (23 days ago)
hes a murderer
Electro Asphalt (24 days ago)
R.I.P Have fun in hell :)
Enrique Ruiz (24 days ago)
I hope you burn in hell and someone kills your family. Your family should be scared. Karma is a bitch
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
his family didnt do anything cmon
Conrad Wolf (24 days ago)
Fucking cunt. Glad you're dead. Murderer. Hope your hole family suffers horrendous attacks by the public.
Gameplay International (24 days ago)
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
bruh people die everyday why are they setting up a go fund me lol its just cause hes a youtuber there getting money
ZypheREvolved (24 days ago)
Killer McSkillet gets thumbs down for killing those innocent people with his motor.
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
dang thumbs down! o no what will he do when he sees this!
Nipes :D (24 days ago)
Rekt in Piece
Ayşenur Hasırcı (24 days ago)
I miss you now :( <3
Kel DoLL (24 days ago)
I am so sorry to hear that you’re gone too soon 😭😢 God be with your soul 💯💋💕👏🏼👍
nima tony (21 days ago)
Kel DoLL he is a killer why u feel sorry to hear he died he killed a mother and a daughter
Godly Llama 420 (22 days ago)
+packett_ ok, dickhead. You dont need to be that harsh on him. What he did was awful. If he felt life wasnt for him. He could have taken his own life in a much easier way and not killed others. But yet his family is suffering too and here you are saying he deserved to die. I believe he doesnt deserve to rest in peace. But he doesnt deserve this kind of response to his name. That just isnt fair. He will be in hell. The mother and daughter shall rest in peace. My condolences for both families.
Blue Bushido (23 days ago)
Kel DoLL Fuck him
Ni7ro (23 days ago)
Yes im crying too😢😢😢😢
Enrique Ruiz (24 days ago)
He is a murderer
Max Bui (24 days ago)
When you didnt get the gloves/skins that u wanted so you kill a mother and child
gatsbye53 (24 days ago)
Amit alfonta (24 days ago)
r.i.p. to the mother and daughter :( 💔
ianthemagus (24 days ago)
Can't believe people actually pay money for some basic skin mods. That's why this country is going down the toilet, people pumping shit tons of money into untaxed "products" with literally zero production cost instead of putting money into the actual economy. All so some little candy ass can get a fast car and have a suicidal tantrum.
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
That turned quick
Genskiel (24 days ago)
Gage Gaming (24 days ago)
R.I.P McSkillet
Raul1313h gaming (22 days ago)
Pushy Lemon (22 days ago)
NorsiXa he got the car before his depression because he hasn’t been uploading for 5 months but yeah he is super autistic
NorsiXa (24 days ago)
He in hell bruv, in hell, not in heaven where peace lays. Just like all autistic gamers that make money out of being an autist behind a cam, they shouldn't be allowed to make money, let alone buy such car and give such instable autistic person a license to start with. Receiving a license shouldn't only be because of doing a car drive test and a theory test, it also should be a mental/psychio test. But yeah, by the look of your name you are clearly a 24/7 gamernerd aswell with autism, seems like gaming is life for you too hu?
packett_ (24 days ago)
Are you fucking serious? HOW CAN YOU SYMPATHISE. He killed a child and her mother, he is a killer.
Siege (24 days ago)
Jesus Herrera (24 days ago)
Omar really I thought it was an accident that surprised me 😮
Omar (24 days ago)
Siege dude he killed 2 people. He doesn’t deserve a RIP. It wasn’t even an accident. He was driving on the wrong way of the highway so he could kill him self.
DaddyDjent/InSovietCS (24 days ago)
sharp.swf (24 days ago)
Herv Cnnr (25 days ago)
Bob Johnifer (25 days ago)
Glad you’re dead. Sack of shit. How the fuck did this guy afford a Mclaren with only 876k subscribers? This dude must’ve had tons of sponsors ..
sharp.swf (24 days ago)
Fuck off mate 😂
Happy Nigga (24 days ago)
It's not about YouTube its a out skins that gave him so much money. He invested his YT money into skins and earned ton of money and he created also gambling site. About 800k lost. He earned more money than everyone of us are probbably never gonna earn of lifetime. And yeah he was just 18yo..
Ricky Onate (25 days ago)
Drive slower
thewes4 gt (21 days ago)
Ryan George (22 days ago)
You're talking about having feelings for someone who drove into people and killed them.
zach cummings (23 days ago)
Ricky Onate that's a bit insensitive
Corey Gatz (25 days ago)
Ola Rasmussen (25 days ago)
This piece of shit does not deserve sympathy. He murdered 2 innocent people. Everyone who says RIP to this guy is stupid.
Jake Ω (24 days ago)
Robyn Jones (25 days ago)
I cannot understand anything he is saying.
Loxki (25 days ago)
Naughty TBear (25 days ago)
piece of shit
Josh Paulen (25 days ago)
Have fun in hell
Plarage (19 days ago)
+T.C no u
+v1be Yes you can. I have clinical aka major depression. im 14 and i know what its like. You CAN control yourself.
v1be (23 days ago)
Josh Paulen He had depressions and u cannot fucking control ur self when you have depression u retard
Assumed Name (23 days ago)
Blazer how is he unaware? It’s his belief dumbass...
BakedTopato (23 days ago)
This isn't a time to express religious beliefs gosh that is so selfish
Hatt Hay (25 days ago)
Fucking scum
YahTranz (22 days ago)
+_StillAlive_ And He killed himself too with them, FUCKING GET OVER IT. And actually rant over a real problem in this world.
Hatt Hay (22 days ago)
v1be kid is a spineless piece of shit and will be remembered as such.
Hatt Hay (22 days ago)
v1be yes you can. The fuck? “Oh he had depression boo hoo” fuck out of here. Want fucking depression? Go to a third world country and see how fucking perfect your life is compared to them. Soft ass people wouldn’t last a week
_StillAlive_ (23 days ago)
v1be (23 days ago)
Hatt Hay He had depressions and u cannot fucking control ur self when you have depression u retard
Jules Hancock (25 days ago)
Murderous scum
Rapid _ BrotherSpy (13 days ago)
Jules Hancock your a scum you don’t know what it is like to be depressed
Jules Hancock (22 days ago)
+stranger_dtd how and why is irrelevant. The result is final and taking lives is irreversible. Who cares if he was a mental. Boohoo a kid with bulk money looses his major income stream. Get fkd mate. Mcskill was a dick and will be remembered as a dick. Fk him to hell brah. And fk all these teens who's parents pay their electricity bill typing shit bout 'you can't understand depression' it's irrelevant. He killed a child and her mother. He's out man. VAC banned.
Damjan (22 days ago)
+v1be I feel you but Gosu is an example. He had depression and didnt kill anyone , he's a role model. It is mental illness though so you can't put the entire blame on mcskillet.
Chandler Hendrichs (22 days ago)
v1be should have offed himself instead of killing other people
Itsrass Rasmussonsss (22 days ago)
i still like his videos
El Guey Chido (25 days ago)
Fuck this guy
AssanPanda (25 days ago)
Idk why u killed urself u had fukin 800k subs on YouTube pretty dumb if you ask me.
AssanPanda (11 days ago)
Farbod Za (25 days ago)
There are probably other reasons. But killing yourself is not the way to go. Especially if you take other's lives while doing so.
Joshua Stahlkopf (25 days ago)
Glad you're dead! You worthless piece of shit! I hope you suffered!
Spicy (25 days ago)
Nigga really died
Free Shipping Always (25 days ago)
He was a shit stain . May he be torn apart for eternity and suffer.
KingChitas (25 days ago)
This guy sounds like stimpee
Coba Cola (25 days ago)
go burn in hell
Rafe (23 days ago)
Nicolas Sousa (24 days ago)
trick top yeah, now that i had time to think, what he did was messed up, but i still feel like its wrong to wish he burns in hell,
trick top (24 days ago)
Nicolas Sousa he killed a 12 year old child and his mother for him not being able to handle his problems how can you feel bad
packett_ (24 days ago)
+Nicolas Sousa Mistakes? He killed a mother and her child.
Played Out (26 days ago)
What a retard if your going to kill yourself you should really just kill yourself, and not bring random innocent people with you.
FreddyHD (26 days ago)
RIP McSkillet😔😔😔
Computer_guy_93 (25 days ago)
this is so sad, can we hit *120mph*
R3KTbySPID3Y (25 days ago)
U really shouldnt feel bad for him but the family that died bcos of him
Ossi (26 days ago)
Rest in piece!
Romeo Ge (26 days ago)
Rydoholic Rishi (26 days ago)
RIP :(
Herr Yeee (22 days ago)
rest in hell
szechuan sauce (24 days ago)
trick top true tho
trick top (24 days ago)
He killed a mother and a 12 year old child RIH is a much better way to put it
Enrique Ruiz (24 days ago)
He is a killer!!! You idiot
Mr Luis (28 days ago)
give me knife
Jefferson Soriano (1 month ago)
Bro make a video for horizon case . Thanks have good day :)
Swaraj Nair (25 days ago)
Too late he is gone

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