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Call of Duty: Little Shit on Black Ops 2

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Click here to Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1aDh830 Check out my friend's awesome channel ► http://bit.ly/1E3EihB What's up everybody! Long time no see eh? I was very busy with school, and it won't be the last time I'll be busy. Although I'll try to upload whenever it's possible. Stay tuned for part 2 and take care! YUUU :D
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Text Comments (39)
Królgier PL (2 years ago)
lemme play w/ u
dᴉʞpnɯɯɐᴉ (3 years ago)
make more vids
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
+ʎxoℲ ɯoʇuɐɥԀ Just 2 more weeks of exams, and then I'll be making videos again! ^^
SEA-MASTER (3 years ago)
Nieuw filmpje?
Existential Crisis (3 years ago)
What is that cat doing at 4:32??? LOL
PURRPTV (3 years ago)
Can i have this youtube account ;D
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
+PURRPTV Nice try, but no ;DSequel on this episode is on the way. Who do you think has won, me or Hannibal? hehe
EnricoUniverse (3 years ago)
Leuke video weer :D
SEA-MASTER (3 years ago)
allesio wanneer komt er een nieuw filmpje?
jack dougy (3 years ago)
so many orgasm noises
TheAsianCheetah :P (3 years ago)
I am Emmis cousinn
TheAsianCheetah :P (3 years ago)
+TheBelgianBro not that good as you though
TheAsianCheetah :P (3 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
Nice to meet you! ^^ I see you have a channel as well, I'll subscribe right way!
Zeldri (3 years ago)
Are you french or do you speak French ?
Zeldri (3 years ago)
+TheBelgianBro Whoo
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
+ZeldriGaming Je parle Français, le Néerlandais et l'Anglais! :D
Zeldri (3 years ago)
Ah ba ouai tu parle français ! xD jvien de voir
VeXGaming (3 years ago)
Why m9
Bullhead (3 years ago)
acept me on steam seu desgraçado! :v
Tom Finnell (3 years ago)
What is your steam and minecraft username?
theRPGmaster (3 years ago)
+TheBelgianBro Are you the one playing Dota 2?
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
Steam: Monsieur Pepsi Cola Minecraft username: Spartan_Alessio
juststeve (3 years ago)
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
Hahaha bedankt :D
Chedo Manifest (3 years ago)
Dude just upload again please
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
I'll do my best! ^^
Zedaclese (3 years ago)
Do u use fraps if not how do u record your videos
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
Lol no problem at all :D
Zedaclese (3 years ago)
Thank u for the response 😄
TheBelgianBro (3 years ago)
Sorry for the late response, I was very busy with school! I just save the clips after I played a game (with the CoD theatre), afterwards you can rewatch it, then render it, and upload it to Youtube through Black Ops. (Just go you the CoD Theatre)
Brecht Biesmans (3 years ago)
Kind sir, would you please consider uploading more TWD videos soon???? Very soon??? Like right about now????
Brecht Biesmans (4 years ago)
btw, what's hannibal's channel?
Brecht Biesmans (4 years ago)
ommmmmmg, CS;GO IS THA SHIZZZZZ, i'll reeeeeeeeeeeeek global elites 1337/666
Marnik Panter (4 years ago)
plz 1vs1 me 
streetmagnet (4 years ago)
ur good with knife bro
Semuel Schalter (4 years ago)
05:53 loool!!!
TheCrazyBurger (4 years ago)
yeah i "HHHHHHHAAAAAAAADDDDDDD" this game ^^ 3:59, and i will "PHONE" you, and i will kill you :D 2:15
Vintage Choco (4 years ago)
OMG!!!! Y u no play CSGO!!!?????

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