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CS:GO - TOP 10 Less Known Skins

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Enjoy! ________________________________________________________ Music: Alan Walker - Force [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (14)
tomas loisotto (9 months ago)
i knew every skin
xCristiHD (2 years ago)
worst top 10... i am sorry about that but i think a lot of us just haven't known the first mac-10...
Status xBTz (2 years ago)
+xCristiHD I Thought the same I know all of the skins but the AK-47 WHAT EVERYONE KNOWS THE HYDROPONIC!
Yung Fury 夫 (2 years ago)
+xCristiHD He should've used weapon finishes that are old and not from cases:- Ak Jet set or something like that
xCristiHD (2 years ago)
I mean that a lot of us known all the skins except the first mac-10 (10)
Yung Fury 夫 (2 years ago)
...? That's the point of the video
DesolatePlays (2 years ago)
You should add me on steam we can do CSGO videos
Gingy (2 years ago)
mp7 is from office ^
Cemeren Cantaş (2 years ago)
P250|whiteout is from office collection
Minux (2 years ago)
song name?
Shadowstorm 2 (2 years ago)
Alan walker force, check desc
DesolatePlays (2 years ago)
Song name is Alan walker spectre
Minux (2 years ago)
thanks m8
Darude sandstorm

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