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DayZero | Berezino Shootout

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On our way to get some weapons we come across a bandit holding down Berezino camp..he wasn't alone Social Media -------------------------------------- Follow ----- http:www.twitter.com/captainskepy Follow ------http:www.twitch.tv/captainskepy Like ---------http:www.facebook.com/captainsk­­­epy Buy games -http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-Ca... use promocode Skepy5 for 5% off already discounted games Visit our site - http://www.midnightgaming.tv -- www.twitch.tv/captainskepy/c/2821076&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=captainskepy&utm_medium=youtube
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Text Comments (5)
DigitalPrime (3 years ago)
The good old days.
Skepy (5 years ago)
Thank you very much
HarryThaHobo (5 years ago)
Dude nice video you really should get more subs :0
Skepy (5 years ago)
yea....we are moving so it is chaos around
starkistuna (5 years ago)
good concentration with all chaos around , you.and i mean your kitchen area.

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