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just got the best of his time, sorry for the unordered list のlinks! の M.A.M.E.32 https://mega.nz/#!DctTUCKa!ryIRgmCodteBI5Q-sy2TTjEwgmiEr8JfM4BKJaCLdMk -------------------------------------- clave cifrado! !ryIRgmCodteBI5Q-sy2TTjEwgmiEr8JfM4BKJaCLdMk problem solution of directory roms!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaTNWd85abg juegos clasicos arcade mame32 juegos pc pocos requisitos . m.a.m.e32 clasics games
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Roberto Moscatelli (10 days ago)
Do you know 80s' ?
ruboyhsv (30 days ago)
im 43 and i feel like im 15 again in 1990 hanging out at the shops with my girlfriend playing arcades yea!!! todays generation just wouldn't understand...
BlackViper Games (17 days ago)
I do the same thing wearing a leather jacket with a white top on the inside followed by skinny jeans in our nearest mall
ZENO SAMA DEL FUTURO (1 month ago)
Qué coincidencia, justo estaba viendo Ranma, esto no es normal eh
oleost (1 month ago)
Steps needed now ( Works on 6.0.0 aswell ) Download and put on SDcard: https://gitlab.com/2168/zerotwoxci https://github.com/shchmue/kezplez-nx/releases https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate Load payload included in the hekate CTCaer mod files. dump fuses and tsec_keys. ( Both located in console info ) Restart switch into Reinx, open up kezplez-nx and run it. Now you are ready to install files through zerotwoci.
Facundo Herrera (1 month ago)
Genial BRO.like
LInk Ricardo (1 month ago)
steet fither ex2p ?
Yunier Viada (1 month ago)
Thank you for this!!! ^_^
alan reis (1 month ago)
Chris Monvel (2 months ago)
When videogames used to be art
Michel Santos (2 months ago)
encontrei o jogo que tava procurando "Carrier Air Wing" valeu !
John Rambo (2 months ago)
All working arcade games you an find here - - - www.romsformame.com
Jeffrey Lewis (2 months ago)
I agree, they're mostly side scrolling fighters and bottom scrolling shooters. You only need one of each because they're all the same. I've had MAME for almost 20 years now, and can attest this list is lame and leaves out all the good games.
Blim The Toolman (3 months ago)
top best 150... shut the fuck up you didnt include any nintendo roms
Randy Pate (3 months ago)
What was that cyborg football game from back in the day? I spent quite a few quarters on it but was never really good. Fun game though. Hopefully it’s on MAME.
Master Zed (3 months ago)
My 150 first arcades download ... You never went to the arcades right? How old are you ? 15?
Noemi Luna (4 months ago)
super sidekicks
Gonzalo Loredo (4 months ago)
Metal Slug 23:26 good old days...
perfectos no hay nadamas que decir reto a cual quier milenial que dice que se acaba cualquier juego que termine el vendetta con un solo juego o el castlevania de arcade
christopher hayes (4 months ago)
Fully downloaded. 83% is just PNG files the rest is KB size games...and quite a few are missing chd filed.. Mmmmhher as fk..... OK I'll look through the mame PNG files to try see what I don't got but 83% fkn PNG and some missing chd's.... This as to be the lamest boast of mame ROMs ever 1.60gb of a joke and the seedr's for the torrent was 3...... It took me 18 hours to torrent this.
jose domi (4 months ago)
i cant run these games
José Barboza (5 months ago)
Top 20000 mame games
Misterioso Duke (5 months ago)
Meu coloca o Shinobi 1 pvf
Nagi Retro (5 months ago)
Where's Tekken 3? Samurai Shodown and Violent Storm? It's unforgivable
Marcos Pachuly (6 months ago)
Cabeza me parece que te faltó el Final Fight!
김홍구 (6 months ago)
제갈공명과 조조의 승상은 불교의 해우소와 나의 국민은 빈민은 손 빈의 민이고 상류층은 상은 학술탐사선과 코끼리. 류는 풍년이 개발하고 생산하는
Tu Profe Fav (6 months ago)
Muy buenos juegos y muy buenos tiempos.
ngravesnathan (6 months ago)
Pal no cu do Bolsonaro. Nazista mal caráter, corrupto moralista sem moral. Só porque é um moralista não deixa de ser um covarde, corrupto e neo nazista de merda.
David Saber (7 months ago)
So once you download this, how do you actually play them? It says there are 150 rom set with it and the files are there but nothing I click on will work. I've tried an audit and all that but I must be missing something obvious. I have a basic idea about mame and even tried unzipping all the rom files and made sure they were in the right folders but nothing plays but pong. Anyone help me out?
Centurion (7 months ago)
Great games and not even one of them is working
dede Silva (7 months ago)
Tem em cd ? Me contate
Christos Kalampoukas (7 months ago)
The most of them does not work
Mario Juarez (8 months ago)
Los arcades, la época de los beat em up y los crossovers
ItsJR516 (8 months ago)
none of the games work says im missing files for every game
Manuel Ramirez (8 months ago)
Cannot download 2gb file from Mega unless you got a paid account. Split it in smaller files, dude, otherwise you are not offering more than an ilusion
roberto la piana (8 months ago)
<a ="http://www.goaltycoon.com/bestfootballgame/Spruzzo78" title="Join Goaltycoon
نبيل السعيدي (8 months ago)
Mvc2 is not working on mame emu
Trang Tien (9 months ago)
Link dowload please... thanks.
SR. NATAN (9 months ago)
E 2gb muito pesado
testing games (9 months ago)
im sorry i wanna help too 5 gg mame google drive https://youtu.be/fRJlJcAlUP4 you can secrh right here
ZR Channel (9 months ago)
Link ngọc rồng trong video
TUGAMO (9 months ago)
Great Games, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz8x5Teq-j8
luis castillo (10 months ago)
Did any of you guys ever played a game where you are a bull that uses guns,i loved that game so much,hope somebody can help me with its name please :)
Roman Olech (10 months ago)
Blip & Blop Is The Best Game In 21st Century :)
Responde-me (11 months ago)
To me this mame has worked perfectly for me, in any case thanks for your contribution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2i7j4pTdfA&t=8s
ryu hollande (11 months ago)
how many games in totally are released in MAME ?
Aleksandar Dereta (1 year ago)
joustick setup?
AVLRECORDS (1 year ago)
Sofie Prvni (1 year ago)
Which website with Mame games is best ? For me it is romsformame.com because there are only tested and workinf roms. And for you ?
Parkour Ninh Tran (1 year ago)
15p40s game is .... ????
Radim Hanák (1 year ago)
hi guys, over 500 tested mame roms you can download here www.romsformame.com, for me best arcade web !!!
Games Digitais (1 year ago)
Meu chapa este vídeo ficou show de bola, eu curto mesmo jogos antigos.  Se alguém  mostrar interesse, conheça o nosso canal, pois falamos muito de fliperamas antigos. É saudosismo puro.
Chai Mason (1 year ago)
good work
Azim Ameno (1 year ago)
Where is combat school? Bad lands ?
Alejandro Ramos Rueda (1 year ago)
`black dragon??
Erebe Olorunsan (1 year ago)
Minha infância 😉
Erebe Olorunsan (1 year ago)
Maravilha 👍😄👍
Dave Gorman (1 year ago)
a lot of those were crap
BaresarkSlayne (1 year ago)
I just got MAME working on my Raspberry Pi and was looking for a list of good games. I put all my favorite Capcom fighters on there as well as the likes of cadillacs and dinosaurs, but this list is great.
No funciona tira un error de que faltan archivos
Ali Bahaa (1 year ago)
Half of the games don't even work
Kaneki (1 year ago)
Eu vou baixar
Luis Gomez (1 year ago)
Está muy grande la clave del cifrado
LOL Central (1 year ago)
excelente pack, y sin publicidad, sin acortadores, se agradece ya no se encuentran descargas asi. gracias
jemihendri (1 year ago)
i love them all
Carlos R V (1 year ago)
Gracias por tu aporte
One Love (1 year ago)
nice set of game s
clive mccabe (1 year ago)
heres a mame iso file you can burn to a blank dvd or mount in windows 10 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4ScPsMzc_qsN21MZnl1bWNSVjg 1000's of roms :-)
FunGames4u (1 year ago)
i love these games
Camilo Gaviria (1 year ago)
These CANNOT BE the best 150 MAME games at all.
greeneye1001 (1 year ago)
great work!
Alejandro Mendoza (1 year ago)
Hola amigo Nesesito de.tu ayuda.busco un juego Antiguo trataba de 2 loros o pericos que lanzaban Tornillos y jitomates en esenas como del espasio Llevo años buscandolo sin exito !!
COSMIC SOUL (1 year ago)
after looking for years and years I finally found the game I had been looking for.. Pang(12:50) I don't know why but I used to enjoy playing that game on the arcade machines down in Mexico, and also a game similar to Gals Panic but it would be naked females that would be revealed instead of whatever that was on here.
COSMIC SOUL (1 year ago)
and Snow Bros holy shit I forgot all about that game lol.
Mikael Guggenheim (1 year ago)
Lol Best games list by someone that love fighting games :P Awesome to put it together, to much games that's just copies of each other, but that's me and doesn't make your list any less great, it's your own taste after all.. :)
simehong2000 (1 year ago)
game apa ya saya lupa namanya, tentang pesawat tempur dari perang dunia 1 terus musuh2 nya dinosaurus
Aggelos Tokazoglou (1 year ago)
τρομερα games τα μαμ
Renaldo Cavral (1 year ago)
MAME32 or plus?
Wrestlefest baby, yeah.
Gracias por poner este catálogo me devuelve a mi infancia sobre todo hay un juego en especial gang wars
edoart20 (1 year ago)
thank you guy i give you a kiss hahah i have been ssearching a game and thanks to you I found it. Thank you thank you.
Erik Mcc (1 year ago)
funcionan en retropie?, works with retropie?
Oscar Matome (1 year ago)
all games are not working
A2ex (1 year ago)
Yiorgos Halkos (1 year ago)
I stopped watching at B, when I realized you haven't included Bubble Bobble.
samnang sou (1 year ago)
games are not working at all
Priest Morrison (1 year ago)
damn, Capcom DOMINATED
Varotto (1 year ago)
i've been looking for a game i played a lot when i was a kid, the gameplay is similar to ghost n gonblins but set in japan or china, the intro scene is a flying duck being hit by an arrow and some kind of ninja catching it as it falls
carlos miranda jr (1 year ago)
Varotto kid nikki..i think..awesome game..classic
Sebastian Flores (1 year ago)
son todos los juegos que bienen en el link?
jedm33 M33 (1 year ago)
can u add the dinosaur fight
Philippe M.A (1 year ago)
Inpossible make dowload for Mega please insert link for torrent . i want play Killer Instinct Arcade you has /?
Vivre Simplement (1 year ago)
OldSchool game, No save game, No unlimited lives, but a lot of motivation and perseverance !!! OldSchool game, yeah !!! ;-)
Anonymous Hackers2005 (1 year ago)
Sunny Pyun (8 months ago)
Anonymous Hackers2005 i
marcelo colaso (9 months ago)
Rorschach (1 year ago)
no mames wey
Joseph Winborne (1 year ago)
Anonymous Hackers2005 jajajaja
Stefanos Konsta (1 year ago)
jojo's, gaia force battle circuit riot robo army samurai showdown 5 shaodw force
OgreOfTheDeadLand (1 year ago)
please if some one know i need a help , before 25 30 years ago i was playing a bideo game. i can just explain game but i cannot remember the name :( i have a 5 yo boy now and i really want him to play it !!!!! it was a platform game playing arrow keys A and B buttons. a classic attack b jump and when u use A+B there was a dog or wolf something like that was coming to fight with u. it was a platform game and i was so young to remember anything about it. i start to learn english many years later so there is nothing about the name of the game. if someone can help me i will be really so happy. i hope some one can
Takey 23 (1 year ago)
is it about ninjas ? i was also looking in the last 4 years for a game that I played 20 years ago, and last week some random guy in youtube comments section helps me, so keep looking dude you will find it
Warm snake (1 year ago)
bi_yorumda_benden might be Shinobu 3 shadow dancer I think
sopedromunoz gmail (1 year ago)
hola. cómo se abre este mame? ya lo he descargado pero no veo el archivo que lo ejecuta : (
Estoy buscando un juego de Taito creo que es, trata de un como príncipe que tiene que rescatar a una princesa y el primer nivel es en un bosque como de noche y avienta bolas de fuego, alguien que sepa cómo se llama que me pueda ayudar.
maria talavera (1 year ago)
César Alejandro Licona gousth n goblins
Nicolas Dittloff (2 years ago)
se me pianto un lagrimon
Edinson (2 years ago)
emulador meme con 16:9 hay?
david22xt (2 years ago)
Friend I want to download but in MEGA I get error everytime I try to download. Why will You do not have the link in TORRENT
Kleber Fonseca (1 year ago)
im braziliam an do not speak inglish usualy, but i use megasync, this solve your problem
renato martins (2 years ago)
kof 2001, 2003 e aniversarity extra plus ?????????????????

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