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bhop_vanilla | Nofail by JORDAN^^ | 5:56

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completed on 100tick 100aa fps_max 300
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Text Comments (68)
you know this map better than your house
cory allen (5 years ago)
the level of skill here is ridiculous.. that whole last section too... damn
matt levine (5 years ago)
why so many dislikes?
subhanjalal123 (5 years ago)
i know i didn't look in the description but nice songs, names plz, will be appreciated ty oh and also, did u do this with a jump macro?
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
No it doesn't, never hold crouch unless you need to make it to the next block or u need to go under something Never just hold it.
subhanjalal123 (5 years ago)
depends on the situation, if ur on a bhop map, actually why am I bothering with this the post is 9 months old >.<
Syed Mohammed (5 years ago)
Good job.
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
how is this bhop hack? i don't get more than 600 speed anywhere...
nookyy22 (5 years ago)
nice video but. bhop hack and sv_ai... 999
DER BaueR (5 years ago)
Nice MAP
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
boostedgorillahuehue (5 years ago)
You Sir,have been around too long
cl_ lefthand (5 years ago)
no reallife dude ä
Clip Tycoon (5 years ago)
colcolx (5 years ago)
your skills failed :o
LittleTips (5 years ago)
don't say :O
mONEyGaming (5 years ago)
Ale Djurkic (5 years ago)
wich one program you using to record the gameplay?
CallMeFreeway (5 years ago)
Settings (5 years ago)
Bhop is what everyone should do..
reborN (5 years ago)
1st song?
Onlyyy705 (5 years ago)
p0nkki (5 years ago)
first song, please?
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
Drama Jr. (5 years ago)
Um.... Sir. Yes. you JORDAN^^ what do you do with your life?
Mac Lobster (5 years ago)
finally gave up on wrcps eh
Axel Sul (5 years ago)
Skilled Nice agility :D
Zka011 (6 years ago)
skils :)
Silas Lenihan (6 years ago)
Miu Amaha (6 years ago)
danx breh niec roon on da map btw mang so brave mang
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
Deep Focus - Heavy Metal
Mato Kuroi (6 years ago)
2nd song nao Jordan you scrotum :) -pa
Dylan Seymour (6 years ago)
New CSS.
alicex (6 years ago)
are you hopping in old or new css ?:)
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
No actually it doesn't on most servers.
sikari (6 years ago)
Sure you don't. Cause when you join a server with a new name the record holders name will change and your name is still on the script records =P
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
i don't even know what that is.. please stop talking. just because you are shit doesn't mean everyone else has to be
sikari (6 years ago)
You still use krolek lol.
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
i am JORDAN^^ you fucking idiot, seriously how fucking dumb can you be? i just told you i don't play on HG all of the records there are set by king kucki using my name......................
Lockness (6 years ago)
Nice skill
Mato Kuroi (6 years ago)
nice run jordan
Clip Tycoon (6 years ago)
At least i play 300 fps :P
SnikyBeaver (6 years ago)
mr fabio im so sorry i hurt you you are a phenom of a bhopper and i dont doubt you are great love snky
SnikyBeaver (6 years ago)
49 or 52 or sum shit is best lol dont listen 2 jordan
TheAngeber (6 years ago)
were you bind jump? O.o
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
dont hold crouch
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
this isn't cs 1.6.
JP V (6 years ago)
Pan32 (6 years ago)
ur choice
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
100tick or 200?
Pan32 (6 years ago)
then speedrun it s0n
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
that map is too easy
Pan32 (6 years ago)
y u no do a run in arcane?
JoVi []_[] (6 years ago)
JoVi []_[] (6 years ago)
so theese comments need confirming?
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
um i don't really bhop anymore, i play competitive css and a bit of surf
natster1994 (6 years ago)
haha I go by Triple Skull Hammer Blow on Steam, where do you go for Skillsurf now or do you only Bhop?
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
Yeah, i still play :) who are you by the way? sorry i just don't recognise you by your youtube name.
natster1994 (6 years ago)
Nice JORDAN^^ haven't seen you since illi went down, do you still play?
Niko Lähteenmäki (6 years ago)
Pretty fkn insane ^^
Mikel Moraes (6 years ago)
mouse sensibility??
Jonathan (6 years ago)
Very nice indeed, good job there mate! :D
dersebo (6 years ago)
William Galloway (6 years ago)
Video inspired by me! Kitt
김범식 (6 years ago)
Blumenrocker (6 years ago)
too much climbing
MakmakHD (6 years ago)
Good work lurz!

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