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Shroud roast S1mple graffiti, Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Business e-mail: syntvcs@hotmail.com cs go streamers featured in the video: https://twitch.tv/fl0m https://twitch.tv/s1mple https://twitch.tv/s0mcs https://twitch.tv/esl_csgo https://twitch.tv/tenzera https://twitch.tv/jdm64
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SynTV CS:GO & More! (5 months ago)
Rush good AWP, Skadoodle good AWP, Tarik good AWP, Autimatic good AWP C9 Best AWP team???
Mads Svender (2 months ago)
Skadoodle best
Daniel Martins (3 months ago)
Fallen + Coldzera + Stew2k
Jran Alberto (4 months ago)
No, me good AWP 😂
Tigro (4 months ago)
U wanna call them a awp team and best? nah i dont think na could reach that kind of level
Poketale (5 months ago)
1MAGE (5 days ago)
polen is legend xD
beshjs (13 days ago)
xist faze clan wtf
Shobit Joshi (1 month ago)
som's laugh makes me uncomfortable
Voidler (1 month ago)
7:54 he reacted in 3 frames that the enemy was there??
jabertcul 123 (1 month ago)
The awp is sooo shit to watch. No skill compared to the ak amd m4
Topher J (1 month ago)
What will the IQ levels be in say, 2025? Because 2010 = 200 IQ. 2018 = 9000 IQ.
magnetisem playz (1 month ago)
Wonder if rush hacks?
magnetisem playz (1 month ago)
Valve please Nerf new mp5
Jaden G (1 month ago)
9:05 um what?
TheRocco's 7u7 (1 month ago)
6:59 he died or not?
Ethan Clarke (16 days ago)
Novalaki (1 month ago)
**shroud says something not positive about valve or csgo** CS:GO Channel - *SHROUD FUCKING HATES VALVE!!! (STARTS YELLING AND SAID HE WILL NEVER PLAY CS AGAIN!!!)
asd asd (1 month ago)
CyberNET без NET (2 months ago)
What is the console command,that shows your shots and dealed damage ??
Ахахахаха • (2 months ago)
400+ Graffiti
xLatency (2 months ago)
I'm not sure but i think jdm likes green
Leandro Da Costa Dutra (2 months ago)
shroud is just butthurt he was benched. Peace uuut
Leandro Da Costa Dutra (1 month ago)
You can feel the butthurtiness everytime he makes fun of cs go... :) its ok tho. Just watch the interview where stewie watchs dazed talking about it, stewie agrees that shroud is the 3rd man to enter and tries to clutch and that's how he plays. That's is useless in a team, is not totally unefective but is not enough to win tournaments. He knew he was gonna get benched and left before they could.
He was never benched he wanted 2 leave himself
2:53 how do u make ur screen colours like that?
Clag (3 months ago)
Clag (3 months ago)
Ismail Israfilbekov (3 months ago)
OMG half of the plays are still with aim and vision assist...
EveryoneDip (4 months ago)
Shroud didn't even roast valve
Steve Zero (4 months ago)
lol shroud's talking about valve not giving a shit about their game while playing pubg? ironius maxima
therealforestelf (4 months ago)
I just love the VOM sounding outro <3 so sexy all the time :D
Lakim17 (4 months ago)
5:43 aimlock?
gado (4 months ago)
Where can I watch these Grayhound matches from 4:24 Ah it was IEM Sydney
eetu lehtonen (4 months ago)
valve has fired back at shroud
side xd (4 months ago)
STEWIE2K 100000000000 IQ BREATHING 16-0 32 KILLS 100000 IQ WIN
Richard1234 (4 months ago)
1:50 such a cringe fake laugh
Dank Rellos (5 months ago)
song at 10:02 ??
K Mon (5 months ago)
CS is a shit COD and that's bad lol
Viktor Wangen Friberg (5 months ago)
Vik4o0 (5 months ago)
10:05 whats the name of this youtuber?
Andhika Aray (4 months ago)
Vik4o0 jasonR
Fastzaza Need2playz (5 months ago)
Bluehole also lazy no bug fixing
Random- (5 months ago)
Guy has lock on at 9:35-9:40
Kjeld Vloemans (5 days ago)
Brick Stone (5 months ago)
Cs is dead
DerFettePanda (5 months ago)
As much as i like shroud, just look how long source and 1.6 lasted without a proper Pro/esport scene. It will take a long long Time for csgo to die.
Songsaboutjane (5 months ago)
Oceano lol I remember being an angsty teenager.
doddy (5 months ago)
1:23 when u have a trash computer and play csgo with horrid graphics
Fizz Main (1 month ago)
doddy je just plays 4:3 streched like lot of Pros so the player model is bigger
Brosfight (2 months ago)
doddy bullshit
izzdaizznichtda ! (4 months ago)
doddy ???????????,
stxrm (5 months ago)
RUSH WH For sure what a fggt, thats why stew left
PHP_DEVELOPER (5 months ago)
Says csgo is going to the wrong way, plays pubg :DDD
Afrologge (5 months ago)
2:50 i don't think he likes the color green
KitKat X Robloxian (6 days ago)
Yeah I don't think he like too.
Snusmumriken (5 months ago)
We went from 200 iq to 300, to 400 and now we are at 9'000. Maby put unlimited iq in the title next time ._.
Anders Priebe (5 months ago)
Device looks like he’s cheating and is just good at hiding it
Vkoziol (5 months ago)
RonnyWho (5 months ago)
4:38 wtf was that
chiken da gr8 (1 month ago)
Koty Holdorf They were talking about the faint noise.
Koty Holdorf (5 months ago)
RonnyWho normal angle watching
Sean Stenberg (5 months ago)
0:00 just build lol
AltijdOmar (5 months ago)
trevor1317 (5 months ago)
They needa put cerq on a treadmill.
Ƶєяσ (5 months ago)
3:00 how can they have these colors?
Thomas Pratley (1 month ago)
they have their digital vibrance cranked up in their graphics card settings, there's a bunch of tutorials online for how to do this
Ƶєяσ (2 months ago)
I wanna say, screen colors, it's flashy and cool
Koty Holdorf (5 months ago)
Go to the community workshop and look at the most popular maps one of them should be a crosshair map where you can find a bunch of pros crosshairs also you can make your own also you can make different crosshairs with console commands
JBR (5 months ago)
CS:GO battle royale is the next cs step. Trust me, its coming
Rex (5 months ago)
Cs is dead
Mos'ab abumarzouk (5 months ago)
Shroud would know a thing or 2 about lazy
InfinityReptar (5 months ago)
what is the outro song?
InfinityReptar (5 months ago)
David Georgiev thanks fam
David Georgiev (5 months ago)
Bow Down - Born of Osiris
温厚力 (5 months ago)
Why jdmarzano's graphic so low how to do that
Savage Pepe (5 months ago)
Cs is dead game
axante (5 months ago)
All valve has to do is upgrade there servers qnd invest more into development of anticheat and the game itself
WittyC ArtTV (5 months ago)
Meh, nothing special about the graffiti. Although he himself is nuts.
techsimmons (5 months ago)
Something tells me Valve never intended for graffiti to have any tactical benefits.
I Am GROOT (5 months ago)
Rush so underrated
HYBRID NOLEN (5 months ago)
5:36 crosshair?
Allahu Lifehacks (5 months ago)
Song at 3:27?
Allahu Lifehacks darude - sandstorm
GAME OVER (5 months ago)
NadE (5 months ago)
1:23 how do you get up there?
Pathetic Gamer (3 months ago)
NadE hacks
Sean Thomas (5 months ago)
2:27 He pushes him crosshair before "Sico" appear
Alfian Nino Syahputra (5 months ago)
The way his crosshair moving is so smooth lol. I had play this game 2 years, I don't give a shit with my aim. Not like that
TontsaPlayer (5 months ago)
he can hear him running
Abades (5 months ago)
0:55 shroud TRUE!
Alex Sanchez Molina (3 months ago)
Abades MAD d
TJ (4 months ago)
People complaining about hitboxes while they're just fine. Most of the time the players with bad movement think the game is broken lel. And vacnet is working great.
Ian Moran (4 months ago)
Abades MAD I
FirstWorldProblem (5 months ago)
i hate how shroud pretends he knows everything about games and its development when all he ever says about them is "its going to need a lot of work"
Agustin Cerezo (5 months ago)
Rofl it's specially funny when a dude playing pubg says that cs go is dying, pubg is already dying and it'll die by next year
Mouizaa (5 months ago)
can someone who is really rich, buy cs. and hire motivated and active develepers please?
Isaacplaysgamez (5 months ago)
Why does there games all look so different?
CL KL (4 months ago)
Isaacplaysgamez oh no
Putte (5 months ago)
Shroud roast S1mple graffiti????!
Carl Tchiama (5 months ago)
how did s0m get upthere
Predrag Radovanovic (5 months ago)
Blue (5 months ago)
shitwell lmao 8:40
safwan zarith (5 months ago)
Csgo will never die lmao. Shroud going crazy. Yh sure valve is shit. But csgo has always been run by the community.
WHYPQ (5 months ago)
Austronic (5 months ago)
2:40 *KennyS got KENNY'D*
Gabriel C.C. (5 months ago)
Garybaldo (5 months ago)
Can someone name the song at the end? Please :D
Garybaldo darude sandstorm
Anthony Johnson (5 months ago)
*Valve is lazy
Minesme (5 months ago)
what is the song at the end?
Kagutsuchi (5 months ago)
nisse26a (5 months ago)
wtf look at jdm at 2:46 i couldn't see him blink once!!??
Itz Aprem (2 months ago)
nisse26a when your into a match you might not notice that’s your blinking
pxvrs (5 months ago)
TontsaPlayer (5 months ago)
lol wut
Hai Le Hoang (5 months ago)
8:40 and they abandon shoxie for HIM!!!
Peavii (4 months ago)
Hai Le Hoang shox also _abandoned_ them, quick reminder edit: Oops, necro
Cripso (5 months ago)
Hai Le Hoang shox benched himself, quick reminder
LIHD (5 months ago)
Feels good watching some of these plays live before syn gets to them xD
Eric Ta (5 months ago)
Nice English in that thumbnail buddy.
Davis1337 (5 months ago)
ahsan amin (5 months ago)
Order played pretty well tbh :) GJ Liazz god
Timo / RonniRatz (5 months ago)
Why not "C9 RUSH TOURNAMENT SAVING 1V4 CLUTCH" in the title? Oh yeah, Rush isnt as popular as other C9 players like Stewie or Shroud so you dont have to put him in the title
Mr. Kebab (2 months ago)
lmao triggered clown9 fanboi
Noah Carson (5 months ago)
Timo / RonniRatz not the channels fault rush doesn't get views
Daka (5 months ago)
shroud stfu
Peavii (4 months ago)
-The next 'game' in the Counter-Strike series is a modification of CSGO remastering 1.6 -Counter-Strike will never be at the top after GO & it's go'ing to be replaced eventually. -What shroud said isn't just his comment on the matter, it's repeating what many other people have already said.
Noah (5 months ago)
I saw Astralis against mousesports #DENMARKlikeaboss
Goosfraba (5 months ago)
niken (5 months ago)
should valve and pubg to make a better game?
Misa (5 months ago)
Cerq aint better than zerk xd
Plebtile (5 months ago)
Well he's not wrong...
Yankee TM (5 months ago)
"Valve are lazy" , This click baited doesn't even know grammar. I'm cancelling my subscription.
Blink (5 months ago)
lol you're one to talk
Mira (5 months ago)
How does his game look so orange at 2:52?
Jason (20 days ago)
Mira plus tv Color mode
General Moon (5 months ago)
Mira High digital vibrance.
Potato (5 months ago)
fns sucks dick
A teammate (5 months ago)
AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! the amount of aussie plays in this.... *oz*
flawless pencil (5 months ago)
Are you a kid because the thumbnail has no grammar.
Suviet Onion (5 months ago)
1:22 I may not play League anyomore, but that's why I still prefer Rito over Valve <3
Shortcut (5 months ago)
s!mple looks like he gained a few pounds, i like it, he looks real nice and thicc
angelo (5 months ago)
Shortcut gay
nightmare (5 months ago)
Who is shroud ? NO ONE just shity cs player ohh wait he is playing pubg oh shit
Justin Gomez (5 months ago)
What was so smart about that graffiti?
samurai ii (5 months ago)
Justin Gomez simple baited himself so his teammate could trade kill

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