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Shroud roast S1mple graffiti, Twitch Clips, Pro Plays, Stream Highlights Leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed! Business e-mail: syntvcs@hotmail.com cs go streamers featured in the video: https://twitch.tv/fl0m https://twitch.tv/s1mple https://twitch.tv/s0mcs https://twitch.tv/esl_csgo https://twitch.tv/tenzera https://twitch.tv/jdm64
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SynTV CS:GO & More! (23 days ago)
Rush good AWP, Skadoodle good AWP, Tarik good AWP, Autimatic good AWP C9 Best AWP team???
Tigro (2 days ago)
U wanna call them a awp team and best? nah i dont think na could reach that kind of level
Poketale (16 days ago)
GD Johan (16 days ago)
+ s1mple inhuman awp
Alban Gamer (22 days ago)
No ever heard about that guy penniS?
Djarlian (23 days ago)
Guardian inhuman awp, KennyS inhuman awp
gado (1 hour ago)
Where can I watch these Grayhound matches from 4:24 Ah it was IEM Sydney
eetu lehtonen (5 days ago)
valve has fired back at shroud
StealthIMO , (6 days ago)
STEWIE2K 100000000000 IQ BREATHING 16-0 32 KILLS 100000 IQ WIN
Richard1234 (6 days ago)
1:50 such a cringe fake laugh
Dank Rellos (10 days ago)
song at 10:02 ??
K Mon (10 days ago)
CS is a shit COD and that's bad lol
Viktor Wangen Friberg (12 days ago)
Vik4o0 (12 days ago)
10:05 whats the name of this youtuber?
Andhika Aray (8 days ago)
Vik4o0 jasonR
Fastzaza Need2playz (12 days ago)
Bluehole also lazy no bug fixing
Random- (13 days ago)
Guy has lock on at 9:35-9:40
Brick Stone (13 days ago)
Cs is dead
DerFettePanda (14 days ago)
As much as i like shroud, just look how long source and 1.6 lasted without a proper Pro/esport scene. It will take a long long Time for csgo to die.
Songsaboutjane (15 days ago)
Oceano lol I remember being an angsty teenager.
doddy (15 days ago)
1:23 when u have a trash computer and play csgo with horrid graphics
izzdaizznichtda ! (3 days ago)
doddy ???????????,
stxrm (15 days ago)
RUSH WH For sure what a fggt, thats why stew left
Szpion Detector (15 days ago)
Says csgo is going to the wrong way, plays pubg :DDD
Torben Peddus (15 days ago)
2:50 i don't think he likes the color green
Erik Andersson (16 days ago)
We went from 200 iq to 300, to 400 and now we are at 9'000. Maby put unlimited iq in the title next time ._.
Anders Priebe (17 days ago)
Device looks like he’s cheating and is just good at hiding it
Vkoziol (17 days ago)
RonnyWho (17 days ago)
4:38 wtf was that
Koty Holdorf (16 days ago)
RonnyWho normal angle watching
Sean Stenberg (17 days ago)
0:00 just build lol
AltijdOmar (17 days ago)
trevor1317 (17 days ago)
They needa put cerq on a treadmill.
SpringZ Has Resurrect (18 days ago)
3:00 how can they have these colors?
Koty Holdorf (16 days ago)
Go to the community workshop and look at the most popular maps one of them should be a crosshair map where you can find a bunch of pros crosshairs also you can make your own also you can make different crosshairs with console commands
JBR (18 days ago)
CS:GO battle royale is the next cs step. Trust me, its coming
Rex (18 days ago)
Cs is dead
Mos'ab abumarzouk (18 days ago)
Shroud would know a thing or 2 about lazy
InfinityReptar (18 days ago)
what is the outro song?
InfinityReptar (16 days ago)
David Georgiev thanks fam
David Georgiev (17 days ago)
Bow Down - Born of Osiris
温厚力 (18 days ago)
Why jdmarzano's graphic so low how to do that
Savage Pepe (18 days ago)
Cs is dead game
IncognitoMom (18 days ago)
All valve has to do is upgrade there servers qnd invest more into development of anticheat and the game itself
WittyC ArtTV (18 days ago)
Meh, nothing special about the graffiti. Although he himself is nuts.
techsimmons (19 days ago)
Something tells me Valve never intended for graffiti to have any tactical benefits.
I Am GROOT (19 days ago)
Rush so underrated
HangyaFing (19 days ago)
5:36 crosshair?
Allahu Lifehacks (19 days ago)
Song at 3:27?
Allahu Lifehacks darude - sandstorm
GAME OVER (20 days ago)
NadE (20 days ago)
1:23 how do you get up there?
Sean Thomas (20 days ago)
2:27 He pushes him crosshair before "Sico" appear
Alfian Nino Syahputra (17 days ago)
The way his crosshair moving is so smooth lol. I had play this game 2 years, I don't give a shit with my aim. Not like that
TontsaPlayer (20 days ago)
he can hear him running
Abades MAD (20 days ago)
0:55 shroud TRUE!
FirstWorldProblem (11 days ago)
i hate how shroud pretends he knows everything about games and its development when all he ever says about them is "its going to need a lot of work"
Agustin Cerezo (12 days ago)
Rofl it's specially funny when a dude playing pubg says that cs go is dying, pubg is already dying and it'll die by next year
jasper bakker (14 days ago)
and people are on a skill on csgo that is hard to get better
jasper bakker (14 days ago)
no man they are to lazy to fix easy things as hitboxes better anti cheat system. People will always play it but it will not really grow anymore it will only increase people starting to like other games Csgo gambling is gone so that will increase the players to
Memori (14 days ago)
oh rly ? the funny thing is that cs go will only die when some1 make a new fps that will be better than cs go, well 18years past from 1.6 and no1 did that, now if you take survival,br games infestation survivor - dead, dayz - dead, h1 - dead, now pubg and fortnite and fortine has already more players than pubg so you can think what will come next ... its like wow they went from 12m subs to only 6m is it dead ? no cuz ppl will still play it no matter what, because there is no better mmo
Mouizaa (20 days ago)
can someone who is really rich, buy cs. and hire motivated and active develepers please?
Isaacplaysgamez (21 days ago)
Why does there games all look so different?
CL KL (12 hours ago)
Isaacplaysgamez oh no
Putte (21 days ago)
Shroud roast S1mple graffiti????!
Carl Boucki (21 days ago)
how did s0m get upthere
Predrag Radovanovic (21 days ago)
Blue (22 days ago)
shitwell lmao 8:40
safwan zarith (22 days ago)
Csgo will never die lmao. Shroud going crazy. Yh sure valve is shit. But csgo has always been run by the community.
WHYPQ (22 days ago)
SuperCarlGamer (22 days ago)
2:40 *KennyS got KENNY'D*
Laker :v (22 days ago)
Garybaldo (22 days ago)
Can someone name the song at the end? Please :D
Garybaldo darude sandstorm
Anthony Johnson (22 days ago)
*Valve is lazy
Minesme (22 days ago)
what is the song at the end?
Kagutsuchi (22 days ago)
nisse26a (22 days ago)
wtf look at jdm at 2:46 i couldn't see him blink once!!??
pxvrs (18 days ago)
TontsaPlayer (20 days ago)
lol wut
Hai Le Hoang (22 days ago)
8:40 and they abandon shoxie for HIM!!!
Cripso (14 days ago)
Hai Le Hoang shox benched himself, quick reminder
LIHD (22 days ago)
Feels good watching some of these plays live before syn gets to them xD
Eric Ta (22 days ago)
Nice English in that thumbnail buddy.
Davis1337 (22 days ago)
ahsan amin (22 days ago)
Order played pretty well tbh :) GJ Liazz god
Timo / RonniRatz (23 days ago)
Why not "C9 RUSH TOURNAMENT SAVING 1V4 CLUTCH" in the title? Oh yeah, Rush isnt as popular as other C9 players like Stewie or Shroud so you dont have to put him in the title
Noah Carson (17 days ago)
Timo / RonniRatz not the channels fault rush doesn't get views
D4ka (23 days ago)
shroud stfu
Noah (23 days ago)
I saw Astralis against mousesports #DENMARKlikeaboss
Goosfraba (23 days ago)
yeet (23 days ago)
should valve and pubg to make a better game?
Misa (23 days ago)
Cerq aint better than zerk xd
Plebtile (23 days ago)
Well he's not wrong...
Yankee The hawk eye (23 days ago)
"Valve are lazy" , This click baited doesn't even know grammar. I'm cancelling my subscription.
Blink (22 days ago)
lol you're one to talk
Mira (23 days ago)
How does his game look so orange at 2:52?
General Moon (23 days ago)
Mira High digital vibrance.
Potato (23 days ago)
fns sucks dick
A teammate (23 days ago)
AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! the amount of aussie plays in this.... *oz*
flawless pencil (23 days ago)
Are you a kid because the thumbnail has no grammar.
1:22 I may not play League anyomore, but that's why I still prefer Rito over Valve <3
Shortcut (23 days ago)
s!mple looks like he gained a few pounds, i like it, he looks real nice and thicc
angelo (23 days ago)
Shortcut gay
valentin metodiev (23 days ago)
Who is shroud ? NO ONE just shity cs player ohh wait he is playing pubg oh shit
Justin Gomez (23 days ago)
What was so smart about that graffiti?
akash whovian (23 days ago)
Justin Gomez simple baited himself so his teammate could trade kill
Snap Doggie (23 days ago)
At 5:20 what is hazed playing on???
TheRussianSpy (23 days ago)
i like shroud but when he sais shit about csgo i cry
Womanly Manface (23 days ago)
5:40 low fov aimbot
Womanly Manface (22 days ago)
Alban Gamer who?
Alban Gamer (22 days ago)
Mg cuck spotted in comment section
Womanly Manface (22 days ago)
Ursiwave you don't know how yo use quotes clearly. Also it's not LAN...
Ursiwave (22 days ago)
Aims at truck "omg aimbot even though it's at LAN"
Womanly Manface (22 days ago)
flux (23 days ago)
It’s not really a roast it’s just facts i mean shroud has a huge point and csgo won’t even last now I mean even the update why can’t they just fuckin listen to their players
Luis Guillermo (23 days ago)
shroud roast ?? hes just saying the true
Juan (23 days ago)
subtitles are cringe
Watersight (23 days ago)
Hans Snah (23 days ago)
Astralis.... boring ass clan
ELT¡0 C4SP3R (23 days ago)
2:33 how to make smoke?
EPIC_ NiNJA (23 days ago)
4:26 If I was guardian I would legit uninstall 😔😔😔
Jordan Michaelli (23 days ago)
4:32 FOV settings plzzz
Samet Boss (19 days ago)
X 1.6 Z -2 Y 2 Fov 68
Rainterr (19 days ago)
So what is it?
Jordan Michaelli (21 days ago)
Thank you guys
Samet Boss (22 days ago)
X 1.6 Y 2 Z -2 fov 68
niroSg0d CSGO (23 days ago)
try x 1.5
RarestJeff (23 days ago)
he's right
SebasGames Hd (23 days ago)
shroud bring it back? csgo is not dead at all lol
Agustín Tauber (19 days ago)
thats so bullshit lol
Bob Tom (22 days ago)
General Moon because everyone has about 5 smurf accounts and accounts they hack on which makes it so unplayable
General Moon (23 days ago)
Lol, last time i checked 3rd top game by player count isn't "dead"..
Skull (23 days ago)
SebasGames Hd CSGO is waaay on the decline
Castle _361 (23 days ago)
What is the song at the end of each video?
Castle _361 darude - sandstorm
Juggler Rune (23 days ago)
How the hell did s0m get up there?
Justin Wong (20 days ago)
Juggler Rune nadeking made a recent video on it, it was called 10 insane tricks or something. You junp from default box to the corner of the ledge
Juggler Rune (23 days ago)
TheInserritiveOfaThousandStars TheHalostylFamily never Seen that before. But i tried just jumping up there from stack, and it worked like 1/20 times.
Juggler Rune a boost
slizer pro (23 days ago)
Polen is the cz master
happy noob (23 days ago)
slizer pro CZ:GO :D
steven van der Velde (23 days ago)
Rush is an awper?
Ri-San (23 days ago)
Shroud's insane, *wakes up , kills someone and got back to sleep*
Daniel Arnold (23 days ago)
Rush Clutch King 😍😍
Marcus Claesson (23 days ago)
Pako3 (16 days ago)
Gamenalsnl (23 days ago)
so after SHROUD stops with cs go it suddenly turns into a shit/dying game?
hakers (23 days ago)
what s0ms crowsshair
A Random Guy (23 days ago)
Imagine Dick Stacy naming his child "Chadwick Stacy"

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