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Counter-Strike: Source - Zombie Escape Mod - ze_random_v10_fix - EUFrag

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CS:S zombie escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the Interstellar, classic, carpetm final boss modes on the ze_random map played by Silas on the EUFRAG server Friday 04th April 2014. I will continue trying to record this on PlagueFest, GFL or I3D as it should be far more enjoyable. [PLAYLISTS AVAILABLE] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Mod/Escape http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTHrLlIhgeg5oGXFGZv_lAhrdTkN91ssE&feature=view_all Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Escape http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTHrLlIhgeg7BTcYPOylVXGGvlkNTvIf9&feature=view_all Check my channel for other ze map playlists. [GAME, MOD AND SERVER DETAILS] Game: Counter-Strike: Source Mod: Zombie Escape Map: ze_random_v10_fix Map Size: 59MB Map Creator: RelaxingWalls Map Download: http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/170453 Type: ze random levels Levels: Interstellar, Classic, Carpet and Zombie Murder Host: EUFrag Server Name: [EUFrag.com] Zombie Escape 24/7|FastDL Server Location: Europe Server IP: Slots: 64 slot Zombie Escape Server Slots Used while recording: 50 + players Application: Steam In-Game Status: Valve secured I do not take any credit for the game, the music or the map that is being recorded. This game Counter-Strike: Source is owned by Valve. I do not own any in-game features, sounds, skins etc. The map ze_random_v10_fix was created by Relaxingwalls for the Zombie Escape mod for the game Counter-Strike: Source. The game Counter-Strike: Source is community ran and I have no control what is included in the maps, the mods, the servers or the way people act in-game. I do not play this game illegally as a free download version of Counter-Strike: Source. My copy was bought as a retail copy that came with HL2 and Day Of Defeat in 2004 and then 2007 on a new account and was activated through Steam. I play online on servers with the VAC Secure status enabled. I do not condone piracy downloading on video games especially ones as good as Counter-Strike: Source so please do not ask me where can I download the game. The game is available to purchase on the Steam Store and requires a Steam Account and an internet connection to play online on the secure servers. [SITE DETAILS] Website: http://eufrag.com/ Steam Community Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/eufrag [OTHER INFORMATION] Resolution: 1920x1080 Video Quality: 1080P HD Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen FPS: 30 FPS Video Advanced Ingame: Max Day: UK Friday Date Recorded: 04th April 2014 UK BST Time Recorded: 16:18PM [STEAM/YOUTUBE CONTACT DETAILS] Steam Account Name: The_Destroyer_revenge431 Steam In-Game Name: Silas Steam Community: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ApplaudTheGreat/ Played By: S.O.A.D/Castiel/Silas In-Game Names. Youtube ID: SoadY1991 Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SoadY1991?feature=mhee [CUSTOM SKINS] Background: http://css.gamebanana.com/guis/29519 HUD: http://css.gamebanana.com/guis/28785 Sleeves/Gloves: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/92941 Knife: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/119080 Hegrenade: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/118044 TMP: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/82077 Fiveseven: http://css.gamebanana.com/skins/131070 [SOFTWARE USED] Recording Software Used: Fraps Rendered Software Used: Windows Movie Maker and Handbrake [HOW TO JOIN IN] To play Zombie Escape all you need to do is load Counter-Strike: Source, click on the internet servers tab, once that has finished click on maps, go down to ze/zm and click on the server you would like to play. You do not need to download the ze/zm mod separately. The server downloads what you need as you join. [SOME POPULATED ZOMBIE ESCAPE SERVERS ON COUNTER-STRIKE: SOURCE] PlagueFest - Zombie Escape - United States of America - GFL Clan - Zombie Escape - United States of America - IbisGaming - Zombie Escape - United States of America - EUFrag - Zombie Escape - Holland/Netherlands - Europe - i3D.net - Zombie Escape - Holland/Netherlands - Europe - [Computer Specifications] Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit CPU: Intel Core Ivy Bridge 3770 @ 3.40 GHz RAM: 16 GB Dual Channel DDR3 @ 667 MHz Corsair 2 x 8 GB Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Z77X -UP4 Monitor: Syncmaster 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Samsung Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 290 4.0GB Memory HDD 1: 932 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD 2: 932 GB Western Digital HDD 3: 932 GB Western Digital SSD: 250GB Samsung Evo Power Supply: XFX 850 W Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013 Mouse Mat: Razer Goliathus Control Keyboard: Advent [Random] ze_random ze_random_v10 ze_random_v10_fix Random Zombies
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Text Comments (123)
RAKU (3 months ago)
Soad tu nunca mueres,buen video amigo like y sub
Lady Kasumi (4 months ago)
Where and how i can play this CS ? Any Download link and Tutorial to play it ?
[ff0000]lik [0000ff]hula (5 months ago)
i never fell what pc gamer fell, im just a fcking mobile gamer i never play csgo gta v and other game in my life but i still love how pc gamer play😪😌
paola llanos (7 months ago)
D Malabongs (9 months ago)
Soady1991 your are a king of counter strike
JλcKyCromPo (10 months ago)
I miss the old days when I was playing ze servers in css but now I play in csgo ze servers cuz my ping in ze css servers are like 200+ while csgo is 50+
Joel Aguilar (11 months ago)
Juego lo tengo yo
eres un maldito crac
Ryad B (1 year ago)
name of the music 4:54 please
Papyrus The Skeleton. (10 months ago)
Ryad B your ex
Marsh (11 months ago)
Karan Parneria (1 year ago)
how to download thismod?
kareem ahmed (1 year ago)
pleas anyone give me IP this server :)
divine (1 year ago)
This map sucks always die in boss fight
_divine_ (1 year ago)
This map sucks i played it and always die in the boss
inocrackZz YT (1 year ago)
ase más vídeos porque esta regueno
Вот америкос отлично снимает искейпы)
kokito gutierrez (1 year ago)
Dj YT (1 year ago)
Z Film (1 year ago)
Z Film (1 year ago)
BOZKURT GAMİNG (1 year ago)
plase ip
Ndnd Lam (2 years ago)
Stick Channel (2 years ago)
what is version
Tik-_- (2 years ago)
ты лазурный ааа???
Ngee Chuang Goh (2 years ago)
Does anybody know the song that plays at  0:34 ?
Ngee Chuang Goh (2 years ago)
thanks m8
SoadY1991 (2 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCI9PJfsOTA that seems to be the one used.
SoadY1991 (2 years ago)
Galaxy Express 999 Opening Instrumental.
FD Gamerz (2 years ago)
i subscribe you soadY your video is always cool
siham sino (2 years ago)
koktal map hhhhh
David012186 (2 years ago)
random photos of white people lol
how to turn it off
its steam or no steam?
Lawl (2 years ago)
they are having different kind of servers like bunnyhop, surf, zombiemod, zombieescape
SoadY1991 (2 years ago)
+ANDRES HD The server at the time allowed NoSteam users. My copy of the game has always been Steam only. The server has undergone so many changes in ownership I have no idea who or what they do these days.
Frank Play (2 years ago)
this map look cool
WTF a moving box
George Lungu (2 years ago)
Baieti puteti sami spuneti cum sa descar cs sorces
Lenox (3 years ago)
wtffffffff amazing
Mr.Bootleg (3 years ago)
Watch this while listening to Loopzilla on repeat. It's pretty trippy.
gian halomoan (3 years ago)
gian halomoan (3 years ago)
Damn i miss CSS :'( SO BAD
Paulette Grant (2 years ago)
+Mc Dragon his phone
gian halomoan (2 years ago)
+Mc Dragon I sold all of my Computer stuff, pc, laptop. xD
no60fps (3 years ago)
nice skin
The Crafter (3 years ago)
My profile pic is hitman minion
Below Me (3 years ago)
+The Crafter who cares?!
ElManu Gato (3 years ago)
those vids are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X zombieSS X Xd (3 years ago)
i love all ur video that u hav made  love it so much............... nice game play
Where I can download this pack for weapons?
val valdrin (3 years ago)
how to record please ?
Ricson's (3 years ago)
hay love your vids sooo much :3  but i dont know were to get the texture for the zombies thats why i only have a error
TrubliX (3 years ago)
what's blue mod? LINK? PLS! Hungary / Mi az a kék betűtipus mod neve ? UI:. Tanuljatok meg magyarúl!
Gyurcsány Ferenc (2 years ago)
+TrubliX Xd
TAC 9 F O r R ea l (3 years ago)
It nosteam sever man!!!!!!! Iplay this sever tooooooo!
inocrackZz YT (1 year ago)
inocrackZz YT (1 year ago)
candy charm (3 years ago)
slenderman 8:29 pause see no face
ATLAS _ (4 years ago)
Can this be downloaded on a mac?
Ruanfelipe Santos (4 years ago)
8:29 - 8:32 slender ?!
DNQ (3 years ago)
витёк рулит (4 years ago)
я одинешенек Русский это смотрю?
lenny face is love (11 months ago)
блеять ты не имеешь дела к кс еуфраг этак что конечно,я одинешенек
Jessi Rise (1 year ago)
CoRTeZ (2 years ago)
Нет Чувак не лишь ты!
Opix DK (4 years ago)
css are the best csgo are some shit
NJOOSHY (4 years ago)
is that Skin MOD from yours or Server? can i have that one ?
NJOOSHY (4 years ago)
ohhh thanks btw i got the skin on gamebanana already :D GG i wish i can play with u but i have Pirated version LOL 
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
+Njosh Squadz Ha, I don't download custom CT / T skins. They were server only skins.
NJOOSHY (4 years ago)
+SoadY1991 im talking about skin ct /t invisible pack :( 
NJOOSHY (4 years ago)
ok :D
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
I have downloaded them from Gamebanana. The links are always included in the description. If you respond and need any further assistance it may take a while for me respond, I'm really busy with work at the moment.
Achka (4 years ago)
Nickelas Silvandi (4 years ago)
and in the last place youll here a sonic 1or20r3 song from the last boss in space
Nickelas Silvandi (4 years ago)
woah in the egyptian place the background song is the desert place song from sonic 06 but you have to listen closely
Muny Srun (4 years ago)
You almost got 100,00 subs. keep it up! :)
Terror Shark (4 years ago)
way better than him at this zombie escape, but nice parkour skillz m8
houssem H&S.M (4 years ago)
Your Good
bilal badache (4 years ago)
vré good    <3 <3 <3
fatsby (4 years ago)
galaxy :D
Nikita1992Forever (4 years ago)
Johnson Sarah (4 years ago)
nice parkouring bro
Витя Ходыка (4 years ago)
Jordan Guzman (4 years ago)
Snakedmmv (4 years ago)
sonic 3 & knuckles final boss song XD
BurstO (4 years ago)
nice Game, Pal
Kangerkong9 (4 years ago)
u and Jan Doedel make the best zombie escape videos
Krystian Pulkowski (4 years ago)
It is fantastic
iamlucy2011 (4 years ago)
MBisME (4 years ago)
Ryan Stewart (4 years ago)
He's gotta have a texture pack my CSS looks nothing like his
VBrickStudioz (3 years ago)
+zNoteck lol
zNoteck (4 years ago)
heard of skins from gamebanana? a place where you can download skins for your weapons and models for many games
Gedvinas Saldys (4 years ago)
Hello, can someone help me ? My Counter Strike Source doesnt have required folders for mods, why ?
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
I have a video uploaded showing the very basics of installing the custom skins. If you like the look of any of the skins that I use you should check the description on that video. The video should help you understand what to do folder wise. Even more complicated skin installations are easy if you remember to check the folders.
hfehzu (3 years ago)
Calig is flying as usual
cha nayh (4 years ago)
Zaris Atif (4 years ago)
Is cs go have skin too?
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
Gamebanana has a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins section. I have never tried or tested any of these skins in my game, and don't think I will.
Kurt Senpai (4 years ago)
lol nice server man, haha wow!
Kung Lao (4 years ago)
Nice I see you played on Eufrag.  The problem is the mics are always muted on that server by the admins so no one talks most of the time.  Idk why but the admins and members hate when ppl talk lol...
AkmaL 2001 (4 years ago)
How can you be the admin knife party ??
AkmaL 2001 (4 years ago)
I always play on EUfrag Server
AkmaL 2001 (4 years ago)
I know you knife party my name is AkmaL1991
Hex0087 (4 years ago)
I always play EUFrag when the Aussie server is quiet, easily my fav backup server.
Tirkiz (4 years ago)
+TheGabriel YTFTW  Mics are off by default, if you see admins online, ask them to turn it on.
Dave. CZ (4 years ago)
this is my favourite server :D
AkmaL 2001 (4 years ago)
+MatiasKiller21 - Tutoriales PC i know u matias u change ur name to me AkmaL1990
AkmaL 2001 (4 years ago)
Ryan Stewart (4 years ago)
Dave. CZ (4 years ago)
you are playing on this server
MiGueL457 (4 years ago)
mine too :D
MiGueL457 (4 years ago)
Xu Nguyen (4 years ago)
Be a zombie

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