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CS:GO Tutorials: How to Idle for Item Drops

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THIS VIDEO IS ONLY PUBLIC FOR THE SAKE OF THE PUBLIC. THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS WILL NOT BE MADE ANYMORE. *READ* This should not get you banned since it is not hacking or using a third party program in anyway, it is only an exploit, BUT it is a possibility for a VAC ban or watch-list. Using this method will lower your K/D ratio, so beware of that when using this. The max amount of drops per week are 2 skins and 2 cases. CS:GO Idle Servers: Don't forget to hit that LIKE button! - Subscribe for more Videos/Gameplay - http://bit.ly/TjBAl6 - My Twitter - http://bit.ly/WIY0YT - My Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1139SXS My settings for CS:GO including FOV and Rates: http://csgo.gamebanana.com/gamefiles/3188
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Text Comments (287)
Izaac Goudreau Reloaded (5 months ago)
In tf2? Plz kill me
RiZe Scrappy (5 months ago)
Does this level you up too?
Mathias Graf (7 months ago)
How come drop
R1X1 (11 months ago)
does this work still in 2017?
Outlaw 667 (1 year ago)
Where do you go to join the server? Where do you put the ip
Clashing Apple (1 year ago)
did he say that's how you idle in TF2?
Neon GlocKz (1 year ago)
can you get banned for this?
Kristo Saakpakk (1 year ago)
i afked 7 hours in that server an i didnt get any drops :/
J0riS (1 year ago)
Back when the m4a1-S cost only 2900$
Kontorted 黒田敦士 (2 years ago)
I love how he says he doesn't use this method when he does.
Mithersparkle (2 years ago)
did they patch this or can I still try this
CTI (1 year ago)
XFuzeionsX 11 (2 years ago)
XFuzeionsX 11 (2 years ago)
what is tfu
L3g3nD (2 years ago)
more skins for afk?  http://kickback.com/invite/-Benni-
Hired Turret (2 years ago)
fucking idiot m8 said "tf2", go get a life lmfao
☢MoreiraPlays☢ (2 years ago)
gold medal hacks... nice my friend, did u know u can get banned?
KNAIFU WAIFU (2 years ago)
435 ping lmao
Marinide (2 years ago)
Nice video settings ! Mind if you give me the fov and fov of your gun?
Afalan1 (2 years ago)
04:01 in tf2
Googol (2 years ago)
So how to farm if you have to clilc conntinue at the stat of every round?
DiamondHunter44 (2 years ago)
make a bot
Canadian Meme (2 years ago)
"And thats how you idle in TF2"
AdrenT (2 years ago)
tf2 is for noob like you
AdrenT (2 years ago)
you are playing csgo not tf2 boy
2222222222 222 (2 years ago)
+AnDreW2k no shit
AdrenT (2 years ago)
lol tf2
[WSG] Oka (2 years ago)
server name??
James Maxwell (2 years ago)
if i idle, i get drops? if i kill? will i still get item drops?
captdad (2 years ago)
Mr.Pewder (2 years ago)
I like how he says "And that's how you idle in TF2" 10/10
TheSheepCraft (2 years ago)
How do you connect to a certain IP.... I can only search for names
CTI (1 year ago)
suNshiNe (2 years ago)
+Oka1712 #Norsk gaming Just type in console connect and ip.
[WSG] Oka (2 years ago)
+TheSheepCraft same here
smeefo (3 years ago)
3:58 "TF2"
Camron Stewart (3 years ago)
u said tf2 wtf
Gottfried von Bouillon (3 years ago)
silver xD
Ömer Ergün (3 years ago)
Is it cause of VAC Ban???
Koos (2 years ago)
gold leo (3 years ago)
he said and this is how you idle on tf2 >_>
And That Is How You Idle In TF2
Kim kallestad (3 years ago)
Your inventory sucks
Pingu (3 years ago)
+Kim Kallestad That's all you got? sad.
Alex Shadrake (3 years ago)
+Kim Kallestad OOH KILL 'IM
Kim kallestad (3 years ago)
Pingu (3 years ago)
2013 kid.
Alastair Turner (3 years ago)
*this is more "How to level up your stattrack kills"
GamesArePlayedHere (9 days ago)
Alastair Turner 5
Dimitris Tsimbris (1 year ago)
Alastair Turner just no they are bots..
Lorran (3 years ago)
idle , can be banned?
+TiboRGames No you can't it's an exploit but it's completely fine too use.
+Lorran zz no, its an exploit but its not bannable.
Alec Hoffman (3 years ago)
Lol silver elite master with 23 wins I got silver elite master with 11 wins XD
devilofdarkness (3 years ago)
das lohnt sich ja dan null wenn man nur 2skins und 2 acses pro woche griegen kann:(
HH Gamerek (3 years ago)
connection failed after 10 retries
Voil (3 years ago)
People it doesnt work !!!!! I played on 10 idle servrs with full of players and i seen no one got drops !!! So this video is full waste of time
basicaneer (2 years ago)
+elari vtorov These aren't cs:go official servers though, and you won't get kicked from the custom ones that last 3 mins.
Voil (2 years ago)
I get timed out or kicked
Voil (2 years ago)
I never idle on cs go servers
basicaneer (2 years ago)
+elari vtorov That's so people don't get kicked for being AFK or 'idling' as you will. 
Voil (2 years ago)
That's the problem
Rouben-Productionz (3 years ago)
What did he write to change view
BluntDancer (3 years ago)
Does it still work?
PopcornOffender (3 years ago)
What did you do to minimize the Hid With your hands and stuff
Unknown (3 years ago)
does it still work?
Gentlespy Gameing (3 years ago)
lol he said and that how u idle in tf2
GIANT DAD THE LEGEND (3 years ago)
Is the same
Nigel Meierotto (3 years ago)
bread (3 years ago)
How to vac ban idlers so that they-retards play the game how its supposed to be played!
Mark Mansour (3 years ago)
If this adds to your Stattrak weapons (I think it does) then this is a very good way to boost your kill count very quickly too. By the way can you get banned for this? Isn't it boosting?
Ben Ryder (2 years ago)
+Mark Mansour Lol you can only ever get banned if you install cheats on your PC and run around aimbotting people
alazCRAFTpl (2 years ago)
+Mark Mansour this isn't boosting :)
asdf wright (3 years ago)
Why 417 ping
rilbomb (3 years ago)
how do you have a win % of 122?
Catman (3 years ago)
+rilbomb it even says rounds played 5135 and rounds won 6311
Chan Pong (3 years ago)
And that's how you idle in tf2!
Can you get banned?
Perry (3 years ago)
will i still get drops if i don't click the OK button when joining?
Floyd Keim III (3 years ago)
Isn't this bad for your PC. Is it really worth it ?
Alamut (3 years ago)
no its not bad for your pc, just for your feelings beacause you get all that archivements and stats this way
Joonas Iso-Möttönen (3 years ago)
My friend idled for like 8h and he got like more than 20 skins and cases
CHIEF KEEF (3 years ago)
on wich server he was? can you write wich idle server it was...
Carmine (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but if u use any exploit you get VAC BAN for sure.
Melancholic (3 years ago)
+CrazyPro Gaming (CRAZYPRO) last comment was a week ago before I commented.
Team AERX (3 years ago)
+PhoenixFireBlaze Well I could be a nerd too you never know and plus your continuing a conversation that started a month ago so I would be quiet if I where you and delete your comment so this could be over.
Melancholic (3 years ago)
+CrazyPro Gaming Wow. Somebody can't make original insults or use grammar. And yes. I am a nerd if you want to call me that. Just means I have a greater intelligence than you. Also saying "went through their period" is idiotic, because first, I didn't show any signs of aggression. So please. Learn before you speak.
Team AERX (3 years ago)
+PhoenixFireBlaze wow somebody went through their period fucking nerd.
Melancholic (3 years ago)
+CrazyPro Gaming (CRAZYPRO) Admins can't vac ban... It's not within their power you imbecile.
The_Feared Nightmare (3 years ago)
Gotta be a smurf sE and only won 23 comps
MarGaZeaS (3 years ago)
that lagg
TJ (3 years ago)
Ive heard this is VAC bannable....
Teagan Whealon nope
JohnDoe (3 years ago)
How? VAC is for programs
Crowley (3 years ago)
Nope, isn't.
gitlitwitit (3 years ago)
A-W-P not aup
FLATRONOTTO (3 years ago)
ah this guy thinks he is good:p hahah, then he buys an aug lol
Maxim (3 years ago)
Free Keys At 4:18
Dino (3 years ago)
as you can see...
sup sup (3 years ago)
None of those servers in the description are responding...
Tik Tak (3 years ago)
he have Silver Elite Master and have 23 win koompetitivs
Lyf (3 years ago)
How do you make no-spread and no-recoil in the server?
LegendarioIván9 (3 years ago)
Chris Chan (3 years ago)
in the end you said dat's how you idle in tf2 xd
Davro (3 years ago)
This TF2 tutorial was very helpful.
mylittleisland (3 years ago)
laki fus (3 years ago)
but if i alt+tab out of csgo and the match ends it will not get in automaticly
Claws (3 years ago)
Put borderless-windowed mode on and its fine
Dkjdjdjdjdjd (3 years ago)
ur not a fagit u r a spood all not subsrkrieb 2 spodermen is fagit
PapaWhisky (3 years ago)
suk my ass
ALS GO (3 years ago)
cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 No ads. :)
Bjaerne-Bo Schneider (3 years ago)
Haha guys i promiss you ... let your pc work the whole night for idling is more expensive than buying that crappy skins that you drop there ... they are like 0.03€ or something like that worth ...
google plus raped me (3 years ago)
+martyfriedman666 I bought a cheap voltage meter for my computer. It costs me about $1-2 to idle for 20 hours (2 nights). Usually 2 nights per week and I get all my items.
martyfriedman666 (3 years ago)
+google plus raped me ah i see, yes i understand what you mean. thanks. was thinking about doing it. I unboxed a stat trak ak47 vulcan in factory new. probably the most valuable skin i will ever own! lol so i wondered about selling it on the market and buying csgo keys with the money and idling the accounts. I thought on sale i might get 40-50 accounts. might be worth it but im not sure it is worth the effort. lol. thanks for the information.
google plus raped me (3 years ago)
+martyfriedman666 I use a program called Sandboxie. The free program only lets you run 2 steams at once. I have the paid version. I don't really know all the technical stuff. Its as if I'm running 15 computers at once. And I made a virtual link for steamapps and copied everything else. Because steamapps is big.
martyfriedman666 (3 years ago)
+Dong Donger how do you idle on 15 accounts at one time? virtual machines running in parallel (same time)? or just do them serially (one after the other)?
Luke Corrall (3 years ago)
+Dong Donger no it isn't
Jupiter06 (3 years ago)
I cant enter in those servers someone help me *_*
Jinnee-Сhannel (3 years ago)
Skidz Yeww! (3 years ago)
pretty sure u can get VAC banned for this
NarcFX (3 years ago)
4:00 And that is how you idle in tf2....
Swagmcbacontits (3 years ago)
What is the best to stay afk or acctualy killing the afk pepole?
Yuşa Nuh Uslu (3 years ago)
1:10 what did u write ?
Hey guys i think i deserve some credit. I have spent the past month trying to make a csgo duplication method and its now available. Please check it out :)
stätti (4 years ago)
And thats how u idle in TF2 :DDDDDDDD
ClassiC (4 years ago)
is this legal?
Fulvic (3 years ago)
+Killa Gorilla D:
BONELESS PIZZA (3 years ago)
+Fulvic And im also cumming
Fulvic (3 years ago)
+Killa Gorilla m8 am in illuminati prizon
BONELESS PIZZA (3 years ago)
+Fulvic Fuck you.
ClassiC (3 years ago)
i have boner ._.
sIGH ' (4 years ago)
how do u use the ip in the search options?
gomo746 (4 years ago)
Can you tell me how to make my crosshair like your? I would like to know it. :)
David Garethson (3 years ago)
I don't know precisely but you can find some crosshair guides and commands (requires developer console, crosshair_size 8 ect)
HaileN (4 years ago)
2:49 totally got me
iZock4You (4 years ago)
Can i get VAC banned for killing them?
BONELESS PIZZA (3 years ago)
No. But you might go to prison.
Micah Daranciang (4 years ago)
 KDR does not matter. Only teamwork matters.
hans hyooman (4 years ago)
"i care about my stats" has a 122.90% win chance played 5,1k rounds and won 6,3k silver elite master with 23 wins and all achievements SEEMS LEGIT
Mr Dickenson (3 years ago)
+Norbert Racs I agree on russians, they should get their own server. but smurfs aren't so hard to deal with, and you wont be up against one each game
Norbert Racs (3 years ago)
+Liam Stridsman or russians...or smurfs
Mr Dickenson (3 years ago)
+Arif Arifov dude after my 10 first i got gold nova master.. cs go is not a "hard" game, just if you're stuck in silver, there's one possible reason.... You're bad
Norbert Racs (3 years ago)
+Arif Arifov skill maybe?
Arif Arifov (3 years ago)
but how u get this with just only 23 wins ?
JCCSGO (4 years ago)
anyone have a dragon glock for trade [i dont have much at all]
WoodiesHoodies (4 years ago)
dude you got braces
nmherr93 (4 years ago)
dont work anymore my cs go cant find the servers anymore
Martee (4 years ago)
dude all of the servers didn't respond man
SKY MONSTER (4 years ago)
uato lipo (4 years ago)
you said tf2 in the end instead of cs:go XD
Alex Eskenedi (4 years ago)
What cfg did you used? It looks pretty good how it improve weapon
Hubble (4 years ago)
It keeps telling me i got disconnected because i do not have the map..?
Julian Mascarelli (4 years ago)
what did you type in the console? what is that for?
tha Priesta (4 years ago)
its connect "server ip" like connect
johnnyyyf1 (4 years ago)
When the server reloads, it doesn't enter automatically. Can someone help me to put it enter automatic?
ShakamotoKyoujyu (4 years ago)
silver elite master? GIT GUD?!

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