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Stormborn - Game of Thrones (Season 2)

4721 ratings | 963770 views
The second chapter of the Dany Saga. Daenerys is Played by Emila Clark.
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Suresh Koli (2 days ago)
Suk My Richard (2 days ago)
damn, i studied Valyrian at school, not Dothraki
Milica Adamovic (2 days ago)
I LOVE 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Ahmed Gbr (5 days ago)
봄제인 (11 days ago)
Putri (11 days ago)
The hair of daenerys should be like in season 1 & 2, not blonde like season 3 up
Musa kabir Yusif (13 days ago)
I am happy
Nadeem saifi (13 days ago)
plz yaar hindi m dala kro
Richard Dekker (18 days ago)
Video with age limitations. How sick.
msnoahxlukefan (15 days ago)
+Richard Dekker Uh, I'm white british? And female?
Richard Dekker (15 days ago)
+msnoahxlukefan Probably a follower of the phaedophile prophet who married a 5 year old, Aicha.
msnoahxlukefan (15 days ago)
Naturally a video with nudity should include an age limit. Obviously.
Mbik Plekuntik (20 days ago)
Uh ah uh ah
Aliyah's Commentary (21 days ago)
Question. Does she call the girl at the end a cunt or does she say come?
Trever Belmont (23 days ago)
Where are my subtitles
Nadi Sewdarsan (25 days ago)
Lemwell Canoog (26 days ago)
Love watching all the seasons
Nelson Walker (27 days ago)
Thank you for posting this
You want a good laugh? Watch this scene with Closed captioning 33:50
Fjukahag yup i just said F**k in dothraki!
Joe Leon (30 days ago)
"Im No One"
bond 169 (1 month ago)
Small ship
athena go (1 month ago)
Shes so brave. I love her 😍
soyon manlai (1 month ago)
Dany is awesome but season two was just boring.
Remolien Sterlande (1 month ago)
lunga Nganisa (1 month ago)
I've always loved this story it's fascinating
Henry Statitovski (1 month ago)
That comet though... such foreshadowing. The different interpretations all come true.
Surabhi Chavan (1 month ago)
Is there a single man around dany that doesn't want her?
msnoahxlukefan (15 days ago)
Tyrion Lannister?
Karen M. (1 month ago)
A paraphrase of her sending the risers. --- Blood of my blood. You will each take a 🐎, one rides South. One East, and one North. What are we looking for ? Anything, cities, people, water the great sea, anywhere hospitable. ( in the book they find something different than the show) ______ Then the one rider ( has been with her from the start?) Says I hope I will not let you down. She says, you never have. He says, bad time to start now (letting her down)
chinitz nitzzz (1 month ago)
I got hooked because of khal drogo and daenery's dragons and of course john snow. Its so sad they killed drogo's character..😭
Rapika Bakkara (1 month ago)
ZHK Blue Rose (1 month ago)
wow she meet her husband and son
ZHK Blue Rose (1 month ago)
wow her dragons baby did it :*
ZHK Blue Rose (1 month ago)
:( so sad
Tín Lư (1 month ago)
Film very. Maybe i don't understand because i talk Vietnamese
Azhar Ahmed (1 month ago)
the part were the dragons are kidnaped and brought to a tower is kinda like repunzel XD
SHITY SHIT (1 month ago)
Tbh droko was best thing that happened in season 1
สามารถดูตอนต่อไปได้จากไหนค่ะ หา youtube ไม่เจอค่ะ
นั้นจิ อยากดูพากไทยด้วย^^
Manoj Kumar Ray (1 month ago)
Sanjukta Singh (1 month ago)
I love her
Ellen Kehoe (1 month ago)
Press the youtube subtitles button on and when they speak Dothraki its hilarious!
Notmatt (1 month ago)
I don't like how they painted Doreah. Doreah's supposed to be a pure women who has a fascination for dragons and knows a thing or two about pleasure. She was supposed to die in the Red Waste from starvation. She never betrayed Daenerys, nor did she allow the dragons to be kidnapped.
eudia olalle (1 month ago)
they had to introduce the other lady. forgotten her name. it wouldn't have worked well with both of them at her side. just my opinion though
Bb Rocks (1 month ago)
What a sentimental moment when klessie see her son and the husband it made me cry..plus journey of a woman from not being strong to the strongest woman who can defeat and conquer others .
Darryl Jackson (1 month ago)
Her confidence grow very much after she discovered her power with her dragons she changed and became a true Queen.
j luis Lora (1 month ago)
zoya zoya (1 month ago)
Anyone pls tell me how to get hindi move game of thrones pls....I am waiting
zoya zoya (1 month ago)
+Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 this is no way I surch ego but not get hindi version
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (1 month ago)
Mpm Vido (1 month ago)
Where is the next part ?
Mpm Vido (1 month ago)
Philip Walker which one is best illegal platform ?
Philip Walker (1 month ago)
U have to download it illegally onto a memory stick I tried all legal options
Nounou Houhou (2 months ago)
Nicole H (2 months ago)
Nicole H (2 months ago)
Umm... translation?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (2 months ago)
Don't you speak Dothraki?
Mark Banggay (2 months ago)
Nice movie
Kajakas777 (2 months ago)
Another dumbass broke nigga trying to screw white girls
Sourabh Ekka (2 months ago)
*I love her* dragon 💝
Sourabh Ekka (2 months ago)
*I love her dragon* 💝
Thanpari Hnialum (2 months ago)
Who else??
Thanpari Hnialum (2 months ago)
Joffery is the reason im watchin got... Im a fan
dragom2009 (2 months ago)
turn on the subtitles when they speak, it´s so fucking fun.
Nabanita Kundu (2 months ago)
Dany is the person i watch GOT for❤❤❤
eudia olalle (1 month ago)
i watch got because of dany, john snow and of course my all time favourite the badass arya stark
ali afzal (2 months ago)
One of my favorite...
Liquid Piss (2 months ago)
Also known as the "where are my dragons" super-cut
Hắc Tường vi (2 months ago)
😅😅😅 nghe chả hiểu j nhung vẫn xem
Rasid Shaikh (2 months ago)
Game Of thrones season 2 hindi kab aane walahe.
music time (2 months ago)
you should give english subtitle that will help to understand
brooke cherie (2 months ago)
12:03 i didnt even realise cockatoos(white bird) exsist in the land of game of thrones
Lumthaipou Kamei (2 months ago)
What the hell do you think we would understand without subtitle?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (2 months ago)
I did it to hear crybabies whine:)
Noor Ali (2 months ago)
Season 2 Hindi mai kab aga
Rajan Sonu (2 months ago)
Mahesh Kumar Sharma you
Sarwar Khan (2 months ago)
What language is this except english? Any one can help me thanks
Hemant Sahu (3 months ago)
प्लीज़ इसे हिन्दी डाब मे भि दे
Thomas Cawley (3 months ago)
Who was the woman who had the mask on who warned Jorah ?
Das Staley (3 months ago)
GamingPad (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot
Jennevieve Mae Doromal (3 months ago)
Gary Lin (3 months ago)
Cartavoooshabib avarapacaoooodaofalaka lattunabsusdakaoo if you don’t like this comment you don’t speak Dothraki
Dave Lilu (3 months ago)
Why does zis thing has no translation
Sacolyia Lawson (3 months ago)
I❤ Dothraki reason why I watch.
Tiny feet (3 months ago)
Hi Walter o/
Jhazel Pablo (3 months ago)
Verry nice this movie
edrian enfermo (3 months ago)
no subtitle
Zozo Hime (3 months ago)
Don't pretend y'all didn't cry when she told Jorah that the dragons were the only children she would have. 😭
SHITY SHIT (1 month ago)
+shithead shithead shut up
shithead shithead (2 months ago)
Niobesnuppa (3 months ago)
"It's a Koi Koi!"
Shruti Singh (3 months ago)
The most saddest part when khaleesi met her husband and child 😞
Sergio Argueta (22 days ago)
Arif Awan (1 month ago)
Dias Ruruh (1 month ago)
Kylee Skilbred (1 month ago)
Then don't even comment next time.
Annette Morgan (3 months ago)
Where are the subtitles?!
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (3 months ago)
you dont know Dothraki?
pankaj navik (3 months ago)
please language hindi
Nayem Ahmed (3 months ago)
Fantastic movie
Ikrar Siddiqui (3 months ago)
I love game of thrones
Sk Mustak (3 months ago)
hindime kab ayega
Wolf_LIZZY143 Gaming (3 months ago)
black dragon (3 months ago)
Rajarti Ghritlahre (3 months ago)
Hindi dubbed me plzz dalo
Sonu Sonu Nishad (3 months ago)
Supar muvie
Mr.Hathiram Ram (3 months ago)
Sent me link please
deepak nishad (3 months ago)
Thnx bro
Laura Hoke (3 months ago)
I'm that annoying girl at a party that if you tell me wisdom or a prophecy, Ima gonna be chasing you down allllll night 😂😂😂 so this G.O.T. tell me me something then run off would never work on me lol
Rizwan Akram (3 months ago)
Sk Mustak (3 months ago)
season2 hindi me kab ayega
Chioma Velma Anelo (4 months ago)
I’ve always wanted a consolidated story of Daenerys. Thanks.
Matthew Senavitis (4 months ago)
I want to see it all from the beginning 👎👎👎👎
Ly Chi (4 months ago)
Trò chơi vương quyền mấy con rồng đáng sợ thật
Rosa Santana (4 months ago)
International Jujuman (4 months ago)
4:10 Dany: may i bash your teeth, may i has your teeth
Itz Ranky (4 months ago)
I love this movie
Iftikhar baloch (4 months ago)
Is this whole season 2??
Tiffany Gomez (4 months ago)
Until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east... Im wondering if Danny will see drogo again
daenerys targaryen (4 months ago)
Jon snow ı love you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Lanesters hate😬😬😬😬😡😡😡😡😠

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