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FREE 3D Game Template - Make it Your Own Then Upload to the App Store and Google Play Store!

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In this video, we are giving you a free game template that has never been seen or used before! We teach you how to add levels to the game and make it unique so you can upload it to the app store or play store as a game of your own. Download Link: https://nikuploads.s3.amazonaws.com/free/Free3DGame_03_NumberJump.bbdoc Buildbox Javascript API Link: http://download.buildbox.com/buildbox/assets/documentation/api- Be sure to check us out on our other channels: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buildbox/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buildboxofficial/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/buildboxcom/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/buildbox-engine Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/buildbox/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Buildbox/ Discord: https://www.buildbox.com/discord/ Brought to you by Buildbox.com
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Text Comments (24)
Jhon Celestin (9 days ago)
after using buildbox for two months now i say its worth it if you don't know how to code. my second App so far with buildbox https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.juicecupstudios.moneylong
Doary (10 days ago)
Please make a complete video on how to make an APK from your buildbox game - there is so little information on this. It's one of the most important things too. I am getting so many error messages with android studio its ridiculous
steve tube (10 days ago)
Can you make a video showing us how to submit our games to Google play store
Alexander Deutsch (11 days ago)
Unity and C# Rulz
معتز محمد (11 days ago)
U gave me an good idea And in 11:19 what is this program? And where can i get it? Also do u use buildbox 3 beta or different version?
walid saliane (11 days ago)
So I have a character in 2D template and I want to add a joystick in the game so I can move the character freely in all direction is that possible and please do a video about it
luilui89 (12 days ago)
Hey Zack, meanwhile I’m developing my second game on BB2 while I wait for a more stable version of BB3 and with ads. When do you think will be the next big update for BB3?
how do i can ad admob ads on this ??
Jonathan 6 X (12 days ago)
I have like so many ideas for this game already that can be added.
Henri (12 days ago)
Hello, I would like to purchase your EBook but I currently can’t use my CC. Is there any way to pay using PayPal? Thanks
《ellis》 (12 days ago)
its so difficult to upload it to app store i get loads of errors
Cody Caro (12 days ago)
First I would like to say nice prototype! Secondly what is up with the clickbait/salesman titles? Thirdly, do you guys really want to tell everyone to upload a template AS IS to the stores? BB already has a bad rap as being a clone/template flipper engine. Why would you want this to continue by telling people to take your unfinished and unpolished prototype and upload it straight to the store?
luilui89 (12 days ago)
Buildbox well said :)
Buildbox (12 days ago)
Hey thanks man, and I see what you're saying, but I feel like I kinda do have to use them sometimes and there is no getting around it. My responsibility is to get the video watched as much as possible ya know? And good content alone doesn't do it. Sometimes, I'll work my butt off on a great video and it will tank. Like no views man. Heartbreaking stuff haha. A lot of times it takes a clickbait title or some crazy thumbnail to draw your eye in and actual click my video instead of the 20 other options and that's just the unfortunate reality lol. I get it, though, I totally do. It's a dumb title, but hey, at least the content hasn't changed and is pretty good. I'm still trying hard to teach and help out. You notice in the video I'm not saying over and over again, make money, or quick buck. It's just the title, because that's what actually gets the video seen. I'm still all about encouraging growing and learning and I'll try and keep emphasizing that in my actual video content, you might just have to deal with the titles man haha oh and yeah, this isn't an argument or anything. We are just discussing the finer points of using clickbait titles. ;)
Cody Caro (12 days ago)
+Hamzah Kirmani No one is getting owned by anyone, it is called a discussion.
Cody Caro (12 days ago)
+Buildbox I get that clickbait titles work, but it doesn't mean you have to use them. I remember this channel was all about teaching and providing knowledge for fellow gamedevs and now the past two videos I have seen have been "MAKE MONEY" clickbait titles. Just would hate to see this channel turn into another one of those. To be honest, there isn't a problem with uploading it as it, especially if someone just wants to learn to process of publishing a game to the store, but when you plant stuff into peoples minds with these titles "UPLOAD THIS TO MAKE MONEY" then people will take it, infest it with ads and publish just in the sake to make a quick buck and not actually learn something, then again to each their own I guess. Also, of course, someone can work on it, improve it, polish it up and release it and that would be amazing, but your titles just don't encourage doing it for the sake of learning and growing as a game developer, but rather as a way to make a quick buck. Trust me I know I have seen and know some boxers that have created great things with the software, but it is almost a double edge sword with the ease of use of BB. On one hand, it makes it easy to create clones or flip templates, but on the other with someone that takes to time to grow and learn they can create something really unique that they may not normally have been able to do and that is why you guys have got to encourage growing and learning over making money. I am also excited to see the software grow and where it will be in the next year to come. Just remember that we are here to enjoy your content and not your titles ;). Keep up the good work.
Hamzah Kirmani (12 days ago)
you got owned by Zack! hehe
Haitham Thabt (12 days ago)
Interesting. Thanks Zack
Buildbox Bro (12 days ago)
wow this video gives me an idea for a new game. Thanks a lot Zack
Samy (12 days ago)
I wouldn't have thought of something so easy but so fun. Thank you very much for that!
VortexGamingHD (12 days ago)
I wish I could continue to use BB
VortexGamingHD (12 days ago)

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