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Assassins Creed 3 Trailer Demons by Imagine Dragons)

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This is just the trailer for AC3 that I added Imagine Dragon's song, Demons to. I felt that it was a good fit for the trailer. Let me know what you think. Again, this video is just the original AC3 trailer. I did no editing other than adding the song to it. Would honestly love to hear your feelings on if this was a good choice or not for a song for the video.
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guys on 7th december 2016 on UPlay will be Assassins Creed III for free forever
toy chica (2 years ago)
every time I hear this song it reminds me of my classmate Evan Hutchins
Oh Yeah Yeah (3 months ago)
Was he a fucking badass?
lxLON3 WOLFxl (1 year ago)
toy chica cool
I really wish they had added this to the game. I would have been content watching this.
Jonah Absher (3 years ago)
Jk my friends b-day
Jonah Absher (3 years ago)
Hey this was published on my b-day
Oh Yeah Yeah (3 months ago)
Jonah Absher happy late birthday since it was a few days ago.
Colton Chew (4 years ago)
Raj Rana (4 years ago)
You only showed the Trailer, and added the song to it, no visual or audio editing. But keep trying :)
laney johnson (7 months ago)
Raj Rana shut up
quinton bryant (4 years ago)
i like this demons

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